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Here's some Challenges I thought while reading and watching some Fics, Anime, Manga and Light Novels (Btw PM so i can help you with the Plot) and near below my Profile is a Mechanics on how The Naruto-verse and Nasu-verse Magecraft and Jutsu works


(126)High School DxD x Fate Grand Order Crossover

-After the singularity of Fuyuki has been destroyed/solved the DxDverse and Nasuverse accidentally merged

-The Humans of course of the current timeline in DxDverse are extinct

-The Cast of DxDverse are thrown in the different Singularities

-Gaia and Alaya's influence affect the DxDverse cast too or Gaia and Alaya's influence doesn't affect the Nasuverse cast

-Servants can only make contract with Humans, and they can't make contract with the Supernatural Beings of DxDverse but it's possible if their Human

-The abilities of both verse work as intended meaning something like Gae Bold's reverse casualty will pierce even Sirzechs heart in his Humanoid Power of Destruction Form

-The MC must the the MC's of Fate Grand Order


(125)Halo x Real World Crossover

-The MC is a die hard fan of Halo transported to Halo-verse as an Ancient Human

-The MC survived the Ancient Human vs Forerunner war with a lover or a pocket of Ancient Humanity

-The MC has a Shield World on his own since he created it knowing that Ancient Humanity will fall

-The MC's Tech must be hybrid of Ancient Humanity, Forerunner and Precursors

-The MC must be really high standing/status in AH Empire and very well known in the Forerunner Empire due to his achievements in Ancient Human vs Forerunner war

-The MC must appear at the beginning of the Covenant War or at the Battle of Earth vs Didact


(124)Marvel Comics x High School DxD Crossover

-The MC is a OC with Tony Stark's memories

-The Memories of Tony Stark must be from a version where he can fight cosmic beings on regular basis meaning the MC can defeat Great Red if he has enough time to build his power armor that can fight GR

-The MC must create a serum/tech. that allows human to live and strong as any supernatural being

-The MC must create an faction that aims on protection of supernatural beings meaning no half-human in the faction only pure humans

-The Human faction's fighting force must be all wearing Power-Armor

-The MC must build his faction from scratch, has financial problems and has problems acquiring the elements needed to synthesize things like Adamantium and other indestructible metals and overwhelming power-source to prevent curbstomps

-The MC's group must have protection against hypnotism and magic like making them immune to memory manipulation and lessen the affects of Magic

-The MC must have tragic past like his/her family is killed by a supernatural beings fight that made him want to kill all supernatural beings


(123)High School DxD x Negima Crossover

-After the Great War a magician named the Mage of Beginning created the mundus magicus

-In mundus magicus where magically aware humans live along with other magical race

-Their type of magic is the name as Negima and only the residents of mundus magicus can use Negima-verse magic

-Humans in mundus magicus evolved to the point that their body is equal to a supernatural being (meaning they can't be one-shot by a supernatural being like Cao Cao)

-Mundus magicus is protected by a massive and complicated barrier that even Ajuka can't comprehend so no one can entire mundus magicus other than the known gate entrance

-After thousands of years living in Isolation beings of mundus magicus decided to return to earth and investigate the current situations of the other faction

-Some arrogant Devil killed one of the ambassador without his/her being one sparked a war with the Biblical Faction

-The DxD-verse is already at the point where the Devil, Fallen Angel are allies

-Beings from mundus magicus must have it's own Top-Ten Strongest that are Equal to the Top-Ten Strongest of DxD in terms of Power and Skill

-The Mage of Beginning transcended to the point his equal to Great Red in Power

-2/3 of the population of the mundus magicus must be immortals but vary in levels of immortality (see UQ Holder for info on levels of Immortality) and the known race that has the strongest regeneration are Vampire (different from the DxD-verse Vampire's), Werewolfs, Gods (different from DxD-verse Gods), Demons and Monsters (some humans are immortal too)

-Other magical race from mundus magicus like Gods, Vampire and Demons are different from their DxD counterparts and they don't share the same weakness

-All residents of mundus magicus must be Magic or Ki users (btw all magic and ki users must be able to use Shundō, Kokū Shundō (mid-air version), Magical Barriers' (like the one Negi or Fate uses), Augmentions via Magic or Ki and lastly able to fly)

-All residents of mundus magicus uses Western or Eastern Magic or Ki spells and technique's of Negima-verse

-With a different Magic system from DxD-verse the Negima-verse has two defense which is aura like magic resistance and magic barrier which can even make the Dividing Gears ability to Divide a Negima-verse magic user useless if used directly to the body of the target (magical attacks can still be used)

-The war must have escalated too fast and large to the point peace talks are pointless or cannot be done with out someone from their own faction rebelling

-The MC can be Issei, Negi or Touta


(122)Naruto x Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Crossover

-After the events of the movie Naruto and Hinata left Konoha and went to Uzu where they rebuild the Uzumaki Clan

-A catastrophic event happen and the Elemental Nations lands shift and re-arranged like the lands of Earth

-Due to extensive trainings and innovations of the Uzumaki Clan they were able to use Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Iryo-Jutsu without hand-seals

-Hundreds of years after the Elemental Nations was destroyed Ancient Magic appeared

-Uzu become part of the land of the rising sun or japan

-Uzu is protected by a barrier that is impossible to breach by magical and conventional means (Also it's impossible to infiltrate)

-After learning the potential of Magic the Uzumaki Clan took the strongest Mage into their Clan

-Thousands of years of selective breeding and integrating the strongest Mage's the Uzumaki Clan evolved and they gain a Magic Circuits

-Every Uzumaki Clan member always have magic circuits equal to their tenkentsu and they merged making it one

-Every Uzumaki Clan members has high resistance if not out-rite immune to mental manipulations like hypnotism and illusions

-They are also have Magic Resistance (Works like Magic Resistance of Nasu-verse where it cancels Magecraft) making normal Magicians useless to them (Meaning Tatsuya can't one-shot any member of the Uzumaki Clan with Mist Dispersion but if his using his Material Burst it's possible)

-The Uzumaki Clan is a very illusive and mysterious Clan that no one knows their full capability (Everyone only knows that every B-Rank and Higher Magicians of the Uzumaki Clan is a Strategic Class Magicians) and all members starts even a baby is at C-rank in Power-alone

-Every Uzumaki Clan members has the Byakugan and can use the Six Path Sage Mode or Tenseigan Chakra Mode (Each members can use one of this modes)

-Their are members of a Uzumaki Clan on every high positions of Power in the planet Aka making them the Shadow Rulers of the Earth

-All members of the Uzumaki Clan retains the standard feats of the Shinobi's of the Elemental Nations (meaning hypersonic (mach. 5 -25) travel, combat and reaction speed at minimum)

-All members of the Uzumaki Clan can use and expert at minimum in Fuinjutsu

-All members of the Uzumaki Clan have a long life-spans like a Millennium and everyone knows this

-All members of the Uzumaki Clan don't use CAD's and the Magic/Ninjutsu of the Clan uses imagination and creativity to mold and activate a spell/jutsu

-The MC is Naruto be it Immortality or Reincarnation if Reincarnation Naruto must retain all of his Memories


(121)Arpeggio of Blue Steel x Halo Crossover

-A menatl model was thrown into Halo-verse by accident

-The mental model arrived in Reach when the covenant attacked

-The timeline where the mental model come from is where their allied to humanity

-The mental model has her battleship body intact and helped repel the covenant

-After repelling the covenant the mental model give the fog tech. to humanity (meaning the next battle with the covenant is where humanity has klein field, laser weaponry, super gravity cannon and corrosion missile)

-Using a bybrid halo/fog tech. for A.I. to prevent rampancy

-Spartans with A.I. has two shielding (meaning they have klein field as main shielding and hard-light as the secondary)

-Spartans use Thanatonium engine/drive (you know that one that is used by the fog as a power source only small enough to be fit in a Spartan armor)

-The Spartans also have personnel laser weaponry

-After upgrading humanity it would proceed to halo events with a few twist if possible


(120)Naruto x Mass Effect Crossover

-Kaguya was not sealed and accidentally travelled to ME-verse timeline

-Upon appearing in ME-verse Kaguya hibernates to recover from the fight with Naruto and Sasuke

-ME-verse is the future of the Naruto-verse

-Kaguya was found by the Council during the middle of the ME-1

-Due to the superiority complex of the Council and Kaguya hated to be looked down she went berserk and decided to teach the Council Race a leasseon by blowing their Planets

-Kaguya can go FTL on her own and she's faster than any starships on FTL or starships using mass relays

-Kaguya's Byakugan/Tenseigan can has a quarter of the Galaxy radius

-Kaguya can ignore any attacks that isn't powered by Chakra

-After Kaguya destroying few Asari, Solarian and Turian Planets and Colony the Uzumaki Clan re-appeared

-The Uzumaki Clan went to hiding after the fall of the Shinobi System

-All Uzumaki Clan members are has the Six Path Sage Mode and Rinne Sharingan and Tenseigan and Tensaigan Chakra Mode

-They can also breath and survive on space and can go FTL on their own though their half of Kaguya speed

-The battle with Kaguya must last longer until the event's of the ME-3

-Due to the threat of Kaguya the Uzumaki Clan give or awaken Chakra again on the normal Humans even though they hate it

-Chakra using Humans not the Uzumaki Clan must be Mach. 1 at minimum

-Chakra is poisonous to all race other than Humans and this is absolute

-Naruto and Hinata can be immortal and the Elders or Clan head of the Uzumaki Clan


(119)Mass Effect x Absolute Duo x Halo Crossover

-All of Humanity are users of Blaze

-Each user of a Blaze can switch into two forms a melee and guns

-The Blaze guns fires both energy and shell based bullets

-Levels are used for military rankings where the level 1 is a foot soldiers and where the highest levels are the admirals (Note I don't think I should say the difference of the combat ability of each levels and if possible don't nerf the Blaze users)

-Blaze are hereditary but they start at level 1 no matter the level of the parents

-At this point of history a Blaze user doesn't need to undergo a Sublimation and they only need to train their body and mind to level up

-At level 3 and higher a Blaze users can manifest an armor made out of Blaze to protect themselves an operate in space

-At level 5 and higher the user gains a wings attached to their Blaze armor allowing them to flight in air to space

-The Blaze armor allows the user atmospheric re-entry and those with wings can go to space with their person alone

-Blaze is the most guarded secret of Humanity (meaning Citadel Race will not have a Blaze and they only have an rough idea what it does hell if possible they don't know about it at all)

-The Citadel Race are at war with the Covenant for years before Humanity found them

-Citadel Race are more superior in numbers of star-ships, colony and troops than the combined might of Humanity and Covenant and they have along with their agile star-ships meaning their quantity based (Note their tech. is the same as cannon ME)

-Covenant are more superior in tech. in both star-ships, weaponry and ftl than the combined might of Humanity and Citadel Race meaning their quality based

-Humanity are both somewhere in between of the Citadel Race and Covenant in both quantity and quality though Humanity are far more superior in ground combat with their Blaze

-Tech. level of Humanity is a hybrid of ME and Halo with the addition of Blaze even then their still technologically inferior to the Covenant and fewer numbers than the Citadel Race combined

-The Citadel Race, Covenant and Humanity are having a three way war

-There are not Reapers only the Flood

-The main Antagonist are the Flood and the remaining Forerunners except the Librarian who like the Humans


(118)Naruto x High School DxD Crossover

-After the 4th-Shinobi-War Naruto died and reincarnated as a Kitsune in DxD-verse

-Naruto is born five centuries before cannon and has all of his cannon abilities along with the Rinne Sharingan

-When Naruto hit 17 years of his life he has 12 tails now named after Inari

-Naruto invented a Seal that becomes hereditary and it filters the ill-intent of the world when Youkai's use Senjutsu and allows increased healing ability close to regeneration

-Over the years Naruto has given the Youkai's loyal to him a Chakra/Ki Circulatory System (Think about it how a simple Chakra Circulatory System can give a Human of the Naruto-verse making it's standard Shinobi's equal to standard Supernatural Being with my calculation a Low-Class-Youkai is equal to a Mid to High-Class-Devil)

-Naruto must not be the second coming of Jesus here like his cannon counterpart and he must be jaded with war and betrayals of his original home

-When Naruto hit's his prime he challenge Great Red and both acknowledge each other as equal's (But the battle must be unknown to anyone other than Ophis who would attach to him like a leech so that he would kick Great Red out in the Dimensional Gap)

-The Gododama can negate any magical energy, can turn someone or something into atomic level, pierce natural durability and temporarily negate regeneration and it's only weakness is Senjtusu users of the highest level and brute force of the highest level

-Naruto also invented a seal that manage the lay-line of Kyoto so a Kyuubi doesn't need to be bound in Kyoto

-Youkai's can use Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and Iryo-Jutsu like the one's in Naruto-verse though without hand seals and the most common one used is the Elemental Armor's like the Raiton no Yoroi

-The Youkai's also learn how to use the Sage Transformation/Six Path Sage Mode but without the Gododama

-They can also fly, walk in tree and water

-When Kuroka went berserk killed her Master an heir of the remaining pillars of the underworld the Devils went to exterminated the Nekoshou's which Naruto noticed and the War with the Devils and Super Youkai's later the Devils, Fallen Angels and Angels against the Super Youkai's which the Biblical Faction is losing due to Naruto's presence

-Naruto took Shirone and Kuroka and turn Kuroka back to a pure Nekoshou and turn both of them into Super Youkai's

-After years of battle the Biblical Faction lost and their all stranded on their own home (Meaning the Underworld and Heaven) and the Youkai's destroyed anything related to the Biblical Faction like Church

-Naruto and the other High-Ranking Youkai's invented the Fūzetsu where they battles of the Biblical Faction and Youkai Faction takes place

-Years after the war of the Biblical Faction and Youkai's Faction cannon Issei along with all of the DxD Team was sent to this universe temporarily and learned that Japan is ruled by the Super Youkai faction and the near destruction of the Biblical Faction

-Pairings are Naruto x Yasaka


(117)Naruto x Infinite Stratos Crossover

-After the 4th-Shinobi-War the Elemental Nations was destroyed and only Uzushiogakure was left

-Naruto and Karin are the only Humans left on the now ruined Elemental Nations

-All of Naruto and Karin's descendants inherited all of Naruto's Six Path Yang Mode Powers (especially the Flying Ability)

-The Uzushiogakure in under a massive Genjutsu that make it undetectable by Tech. and no one can go near it

-The Uzumaki Clan develop a Full Body Armor with Shielding via Fuinjutsu

-The Uzushiogakure was found due to the battle of Silver Gospel near Uzushiogakure

-Their the Modern Humans learned about the Ancient Humanity and how overpowered the Ancient Humanity are (meaning a minor or major battle with an Arrogant IS users or Country with the Fully Armored Shinobi's)

-The Shinobi's must be superior to any IS meaning the weakest Shinobi is Mach. 1 at speed and the strongest is Mach. 999 (weaker than Naruto)

-Naruto must be reincarnated

-Pairing is up to you


(116)Kakumeiki Valvrave x Mass Effect Crossover

-Homo Sapiens Novus (HSN) have Eternal Youth via Regeneration, Increase in Physical Feats, Body Swapping, Rune Absorption/Manipulation and have Enhanced Intelligence (I find them dumb and weak even their supposed to be superior to Humanity)

-The HSN can use Runes to to Fly and Create a Shield to protect themselves (Required a very low amount of Rune)

-After Haruto forced the Dorssian Army to flee and the People of JIOR manage to be rescued but by purpose the Students was left in the Sakimori Academy

-Knowing that their government left them the Students banded together and learned about the Valvrave's true purpose and after a week all students awaken their Homo Sapiens Novus form

-Salvaging the Dorssian Tech. and adding it to JIOR Tech. to improve their chance's of survival while keeping the masses about the Magius and Homo Sapiens Novus a secret

-Month's of Wave after Wave of Dorssian Attacks the Sakimori Academy keeps improving thier Tech. and Module become a Fortress and have self sustaining food while mining Material in Asteroids (Remember they have Enhanced Intelligence meaning every students become Geniuses after awakening their as the Homo Sapiens Novus)

-A Homo Sapiens Novus can live without Absorbing a Rune for a year so long they don't received fatal wounds or Piloting the Valvrave

-The Students get their Runes on the Captured Dorssian Soldiers (Yeah they become cold and merciless to their enemies)

-Years later and after settling on Mars and their Module as their Capital the HSN created the Novus Empire (Lame name right?)

-Humanity still being manipulated by the Council of 101 the Novus Empire is fight Old Humanity for Centuries (Due to Old Humanity has Numbers)

-HSN manage to liquefied the Runes and synthesize it though it's less efficient than absorbing Runes of a Intelligent Organism and they also manage to Crystallize the Runes to act as the Power-Source of the Valvrave's (Btw due to advancement they manage to Eliminate or Increase the Time Limit of the Valvrave's Operation Time)

-Their is no Prothean Ruin's on Mars

-In the End the Novus Empire won but sadly it lead to the Extinction of Old Humanity

-Synthesizing Runes with Material's allow the Materials to become a lot more stronger and Resistant to Energy and Kinetic Attack's and Allow Regeneration of Material (Meaning Regenerationg Hulls of Star-Ships to Personnel Armors to Structures)

-Runes are are used in every Tech. of the Novus Empire

-The size of the Novus Empire's Star-Ships are no bigger then Three Kilometres and their Power-Source are Crystallized Runes and their Shielding are based in Runes too (Btw Crystallized Runes are Self-Replenishing Power-Source)

-Novus Empire are Ruled by a Council (Maybe 10 Members?)

-Their FTL is up to you

-First Contact can be War or Peace

-Pairing are Haruto Tokishima x Saki Rukino


(115)Kill la Kill x Mass Effect Crossover

-Life-Fibers are not Aliens but Organism that evolved with Humanity in Earth

-Ragyō Kiryūin mistaken with the Life-Fibers being Alien and their purposes

-The Real purpose of the Life-Fibers are to merge with Humanity and Evolved together

-Humanity are now Half Human/Life-Fiber

-With the Life-Fibers Humanity now are all have Superhuman Strength, Agility, Endurance, Durability, Regeneration and have Longer Life-Spans (One Millennium to Three Millennium)

-The Life-Fibers can also be combined with a Material like Metal in Armor/Hard-Suit's and Star-Ships making the Metal used increase in Durability and Flexibility several times stronger than normal (Btw their resistant to Kinetic and Energy Attacks) and Material fused with Life-Fibers are able to regenerate

-COVERS are Half-Synthetic/Life-Fiber look like Fairy in size and appearance (They have wings too and can fly) and they are the A.I.'s of Humanity and used in Star-Ships and Building to manage anything in it

-A Life-Fiber soaked in Eezo and shaped in a Giant-Ball's (Or Small as a Marble) are the main Energy Source of Star-Ships to Weapons and as a evolved form of a Life-Fiber can give Large Amounts of Eezo to Power-Up Large Star-Ships to Weapons and it can produce it's own Eezo making it able to supply Near-Infinite Eezo if you use it wisely (Btw It's main factory for making A Life-Fiber soaked in Eezo (ELF) is in Mars)

-Humanity manage to eliminate the static electrical charge problem by converting or directing it to be used by the Star-Ship as Extra Power

-The Level of Tech. of Humanity is the same as Cannon Humanity but without the limitations and problems of static electrical charge and the stock pile of Eezo (Since they have unlimited of it in Mars due to the ELF) and had more Durable Armor Platings in All Structure's and Star-Ships

-The Tactics and Strategy of Humanity is Space-Battle's are the Same as Cannon Humanity but on Ground Humanity prefer to use Melee or Close-Quarter-Combat using Katana's, Broadswords, Shortswords and Dagger's since they have Incredible Strength and Able to jump two to three stories building and a Anti-Tank Weapon needed to pierce their flesh and Armors that can take three shots from a Anti-Tank Weapon before failing/broken? and bodies that can move at Supersonic Speeds and extremly hard to kill due to the Regeneration and they have Handguns and Weapons for range Combat's but extremely rarely used

-All of Humanity have Basic Weapons and Combat Training but less than One Percent of the Total Population of humanity Joins the Military and in exchange dreadnought's as large as Ten-Kilometres or more and has Star-Ships Military or Civilian no smaller than One-Kilometres

-Route One - Total War with all ME Race (Here The Total Population of Humanity join the Military at the young age of 15 to 20)

-Route Two - Small War with one of the ME Race and sign for peace later and follow Cannon ME Storyline

-Route Three - Ally with One or Two ME Race and went to War with the Terminus System Race or Citadel Race


(114)Warhammer 40k x High School DxD Crossover

-This fic is Pre-Cannon and AU

-DxD-verse Earth is Warhammer-verse Holy Terra

-The God-Emperor (GE) is the MC here

-The GE emerge earlier than Cannon-Warhammer and rally Humanity due to the constant battles of the Supernatural Beings

-GE and his 20 Primarchs spearheaded the extermination of all Supernatural Beings of DxD-verse

-The War with Human vs Supernatural Beings start after Issei become a Humanoid Dragon and return to Rias

-The GE Faction has all Ground-Air Tech. of Warhammer-verse (No Space Tech. since their not space fairing yet)

-GE and the Primarchs are what they are stated in the Warhammer-verse Godlike Beings and Powers (meaning the only Threat to the GE is Great Red I think)

-The battles are primarily just the Primarchs and Space Marines or Adeptus Astartes and the GE limits his Powers if his fighting along with his Primarchs and Space Marines so they won't die for the backlash of his powers

-Space Marines are at least half or quarter strong as the Primarchs

-The Last Battle must be with GE and Great Red

-Later follow Cannon Warhammer but without Horus Heresy

-Pairings are non and put one if you want


(113)XCom Series x Naruto x Mass Effect Crossover

-The XCom manage to find a preserved corpse of Human from the Shinobi Era

-After performing autopsies and using MELD the XCom Agents gain a Chakra Circulatory to enhance their Physical Capabilities beyond Human Physical limits along with enhanced sense's

-Later they learn how to Tree, Wall and Water Walking long with Basic Elemental Manipulation

-By Crystalizing Chakra and combining it with Elerium made the Elerium produce 10x more power

-A Psi Soldier that has Chakra has a Psionics 3x more stronger than normal

-A Psi Soldier that has Chakra gains a Psionic Barrier that halves if not nullifies Magic and Scientific attacks to their person depending on how powerful the Psi the Psi Soldier is

-A skilled Psi Chakra Soldier can fly after gaining enough mastery in both powers

-Melee weapons gain life after the XCom agents gain the ability to use Chakra

-Using the Hyperwave Beacon as a base allows the XCom to build a radar to predict and detect the Attacks of the Ethereals

-Due to many MELD and DNA's being used an XCom Agent now can live for Millennium

-After the defeat of the Uber Ethereal, Humanity gaining the Elerium/Chakra based Tech. and making it their main Tech.

-10 years after the Ethereal invasion a new invasion begins and the invaders are named BETA's (Btw BETA"s and Ethereals are two different Factions)

-During the early years of the BETA War Humanity is United

-Building TSF's to combat the massive size's of the BETA's

-Using the Elerium/Chakra as the power-source TSF's has Psi Shielding and Energy Weapons

-At the middle of the war with the BETA's a rapid using of MELD to create a Psi Chakra Soldier since 1 Psi Chakra Soldieris equal to a battalion on how effective they are

-Nearing the end of the BETA War 70 Percent of Humanity are now a Psi Chakra User

-After Defeating the BETA's and colonizing planets Humanity found a Prothean Beacon

-Due to the discovery of the Prothean Beacon Humanity is once again divided with the Older Generations who want to make the Protheans and other Aliens Extinct and with the Younger Generations who want to co-exist with the Aliens

-While tensions are great to the two factions no violence erupted betweem the two

-After few Centuries of Peace and colonizing dozen upon dozen Planets and Humanity making a great Empire Humanity once again experienced War

-Humanity meet a Krogan fleet attacking them (Btw the Solarians wasn't able to make a Genophage effective and infective to the Krogans

-Due to the invasion of the Krogan's the Younger Generations was forced to accept the Older Generations logic about the Aliens even reluctant

-Even being outnumbered by the Krogans Humanity didn't join the Council and humanity fought alone and winning against the Krogans due to their Energy Weapons and Psi Chakra ability

-After winning against the Krogans and turning them into a Client Race Humanity turn their sights to the Council Race and attacked them and the Council Race too lost to the Might of Humanity

-Years later Humanity again faced a new threat the Reapers


(112)XCom Series x High School DxD Crossover

-A Psi Scientist was sent to the DxD-verse along with some of the Ethereal Tech. after near-death situation not before unlocking the Secrets of the Ethereal Tech.

-Learning about the Supernatural World and some of them abusing Humanity some being turn into slave and he did what he always did protect Humanity

-Gathering his new friends and got funding from one of the Major Countries S/He started the New XCom Organization

-After getting many corpse from few Supernatural Being and using the MELD to give the Humans of the New XCom equal Physical Capabilities as Supernatural Being along with the Original MELD Upgrades

-The Psi Soldiers has Psionics similar to StarCraft meaning Psi Soldiers has Zerg, Protoss ,Terran and Ethereal Psionic Skills

-The Energy used by Psionics is equal to Mana or can be called Psi Mana like Demonic Mana of the Devils and Holy Mana of the Fallen/Angel

-Even the weakest Psi Soldier is equal to Middles-Class Devils in Energy

-Psi Armor standard armor of the New XCom and it triples the Psi Effectiveness and Duration of Psi skills without increasing the Energy requirements

-Due to the advancement of Psi the Psi Soldiers can emit a invincible Psi Barrier that halves if not nullifies Magic and Scientific attacks to their person depending on how powerful the Psi the Psi Soldier is

-The Psi Scientist manage to create a Device similar to the Ethereal Device allowing Psi Soldiers to obtain a High-Class to Ultimate-Class Energy Level

-The New XCom base is protected by a Psychic Radar like the one in Red Alert to detect attacking units

-All Personnels of the New XCom are all Psi

-With how slow the Plasma Range Weapons to hit the Supernatural Beings they develop the Plasma Sword to Combat the Supernatural Beings

-Using the Hyperwave Beacon as a Base the Psi Scientist manage to create a radar to detect the Supernatural Beings

-With the use of Psionics a Psi Soldier can fly

-Psi Soldiers has a limited form of precognition and using it to predict enemy movements

-The Psi Scientist developed an ability to turn their body into pure energy for a few microseconds allowing them to move at lightning-fast speeds and all Psi Soldiers can use this and it can be used in mid-air too

-The New XCom is slowly uplifting Humanity with MELD and Psionics and by the time of the DxD Cannon 70 Percent of Humanity are now can use Psionics and has MELD and has Physical Capabilities equal to a Supernatural Being

-Main plot of the story is to kill or banish all Supernatural Beings on Earth


(111)Naruto x StarCraft Crossover

-Naruto was sent after a mistake in the Sealing of Kurama

-Baby Naruto appeared in the Zerus at First Swarming Pool and become a Humanoid Primal Zerg

-Kurama was absorbed by the Primal Zerg Naruto and he can only use the Bijuu Mode and Bijuudama (So that he can fight Large Opponents)

-Naruto's arrival in Zerus is before Amon enslaved the Overmind

-Overmind and Naruto become Brothers or Friends after decades of fighting each other

-Naruto has both Psionics and Chakra

-He can only use Chakra as a enhance his physical capabilities and use raw nature manipulation and Fly

-Naruto later gain the ability to spawn a Humanoid Brood only

-Naruto must struggle to live in Zerus

-When Sarah went to Zerus she meet Naruto and he offer his help to kill Amon

-Pairings is your Choice


(110)Demonbane x High School DxD Crossover

-The MC is an OC

-MC's family died due to the battle of the Biblical Faction

-The MC is Pure Human

-The MC gains a weaker version of a Shining Trapezohedron and gains a weaker powers of the Shining Trapezohedron

- Sealing: Shining Trapezohedron's slash can cause space rupture and open the gate the Court of Azathoth, anything that get slashed by it will pulls into the gate and forever trapped inside Court of Azathoth while being tortured by every deities inside, either the manifestation or a normal slash of Shining Trapezohedron alone change the entire universe into an otherworldly world.

- Banishing: Shining Trapezohedron can reject the existence of a target of the universe where it summoned to oblivion and outside of causality. Alternately, it can erase every traces and the very existence of a target from reality forever with a direct stab, when it did this a black hole will appear from points where it stab and consumed thus open the gate to Court of Azathoth in progress, also the damage did by this is permanent and eternal, overruling every forms of restoration and ignore the nature of the opponent regardless if they are immortality, abstract or non-corporeal being, once it hits the opponent is no longer a part of Creation and Chaos.

- Consciousness: Shining Trapezohedron have its own will and for most of the time it was summoned in Zanma Taisei, Kurou and Al was controlled by it and thus Kurou use it to slash Belzebuth without realize it and almost killed Nero if he was not able to hold it back in time. Although Kurou and Al was able to completely mastered it after they regains all of their memory from Klein Bottle.

- Distress Call: Shining Trapezohedron growing light out of itself after the poem was finished and release all of its seals, thus by slashing it, it will open the gate to Court of Azathoth and reveal the truth of the myth and calling the Elder Gods.

- Fusion: Shining Trapezohedron, through the absorption act of its user, the energy and power of the oppose Shining Trapezohedron will merge and fuse together, thus coating Demonbane with golden particles all over its body and the shape of Shining Trapezohedron change into a long sword and warp Demonbane with Elder Sign, this so far only being did by Daijuuji Kurou and Al Azif.

- Barrier: Shining Trapezohedron generate and create an invisible and intangible barrier around the user, it is an impenetrable barrier that protect the wielder from all forms of manipulation such reality warping, causality erase, time and space manipulation to an absolute level, to the point Nyarlathotep would not try to intercept or do anything against anyone possesses the Shining Trapezohedron, the power of the barrier was proven again by the clash of two Shining Trapezohedrons, infinite universes and worlds were born from and destroyed by each of them and yet the barrier casually tanked all the damage and show no sign of weakened.

- Reflection: Shining Trapezohedron's surface twisted after release the seals, from it, infinite universes, stories were reflected by its light, infinite legends and universes indwelling inside it are unfolding simultaneously and materialize, coming to existence.

- Shapeshift: Shining Trapezohedron itself has consciousness and the was destroyed, healed, created and changing itself through the infinite time and space across Creation and Chaos as well as being did the same thing by its creators, its true form is a golden black crystal held up by the seven pillars with infinite red lines ran through them.

- Release: Shining Trapezohedron's seals lifted up by its users, through a forcing data extraction from Nacaal Code and using Lemuria Impact to create a black hole to send unseal authorization to the Shining Trapezohedron with the power of Cor Leonis, the Shining Trapezohedron release the power of Court of Azathoth, awakes every deities inside it and Azathoth's consciousness, through their power Creation and Chaos, infinite and finite were boiling together and were under Demonbane's control completely.

- Confine: Shining Trapezohedron contains itself the Court of Azathoth and by turning all of its parallel universes into an outer barrier of the prison universe inside it to locked away and sealed off every deities' power inside it and cut off them from Creation and Chaos completely, as it was not enough, Shining Trapezohedron also having an infinite series of universes like the ones inside Klein Bottle expect much bigger and another infinite universes were chained together, implied to be created by the madness of Outer Gods (save for Yog-Sothoth and Nyarlathotep) and deities inside it and yet these universes were only on the farthest side of Court of Azathoth.

- Court of Azathoth: Shining Trapezohedron contains inside itself a terrified thing that would make Creation and Chaos trembling, the original universe - Court of Azathoth, the place where all Creation and Chaos, infinite and fine are one, melt and boiling together, a universe that beyond and create every concepts in existance and oblivion and even infinite series of multiverses are just on the farthest side of it, it is also impossible to destroy this universe as it is eternal and was existed in the dawn of Creation and Chaos, it took all worlds and universes from the previous dream and myth of Azathoth in order to sealed it inside Shining Trapezohedron.

- Demonbane Athleta Aeternum: Shining Trapezohedron's ultimate attacks and eternal poem, after Kurou and Al finished its poem, it and together with Demonbane sings the infinite tales with Nero, calling for every Demonbanes from all Creation and Chaos, the infinite war host of Elder God Demonbane and the Elder Gods respond to the call and the infinite tales "Demonbane Athleta Aeternum" arise.

-The MC also can summon a Demonbane look alike Armor and use all of Demonbane's abilities

-The MC also gains a Grimoire (Any kind of Grimoire's so long it's from Demonbane-verse)


(109)Mass Effect x StarCraft Crossover

-An Female OC from our World was sent to the ME-verse as a Rachni Queen/Primal Zerg/Overmind Hybrid

-The OC is a survivor of the Rachni Wars

-OC and her Swarm has an ability to use Biotic and Psionic

-OC use a Crystallized Eezo as a Power-Source and it's Self-Replenishing and they can synthesize Eezo

-The OC and her Swarm as an Organ that give's them a Passive Psionic/Biotic Barrier (They have Hardened Shields as an Upgrade)

-The OC managed to Eliminate the Weaknesses of ME

-The Tech. of the OC is Par to the Collectors or a Rank Lower than the Reapers

-After a Century passed the Rachni War the OC wage a war to the Citadel Race's


(108)Mass Effect x Hyperdimension Neptunia Crossover

-Gamindustri accidentally Merge with the Past Earth (I think somewhere in the Medieval Era or before that)

-Every Human now can access a Menu like in the games where they can put Item, Weapons, Food and many more and this Menu can also be used to manipulate the persons stats and Level Up by taking Quest and Fighting Monsters, Bandits or Alien Race (Meaning if the person is really high level like level 100 or higher she/he can survive a planet exploding with minor wounds )

-Skills are learned through repetitive action or learning (Btw once learn a Human can't forget their skills unless they delete the skill in the Skill Menu and they don'y suffer skill atrophy)

-The leaders of Humanity are the Four Goddesses Neptune, Noire, Vert and Blanc (Btw the four goddesses must be a bit more mature here or it can depend on you)

-Every Humanity can use HDD though it's weaker than a Military or Researcher HDD and a Military or Researcher HDD is infinity weaker to the Goddesses HDD (Btw The Four Goddesses in their HDD Form they are Godlike or God Beings)

-Humanity has a standard Military Armour that can be summoned like the HDD Form of the Goddesses (Only Ranking Officers has a Custom HDD)

-Even a Human with High Stats are limited to Human Limits Though it varies in Limits and it depends on the Humans Size like Height and Weight though in their HDD Form they can Break Physics and Human Limits

-Their Shielding is Plasma Shielding (StarCraft Protoss Shielding)

-Star-ship size it can be bigger or the same size as ME-verse Star-ships

-A Person's Menu can be only open by the said Person (Btw This Menu System can't be copied since it's tied to the humans in Genetic Level and to the Goddesses)

-Humanity has an A.I. they look the same size as Histoire and it's sitting on a open book (Btw the A.I. looks like a Tiny Human)

-Sharicite is the Main Power-source of Humanities Personnel Tech. to Star-ship Engines (Btw it can only be Harvested on Earth and her Inner Colonies that are Heavily Protected and It's Self-Replenishing)

-In HDD Form Humans can can breath in Space or Vacuum of Space

-Humans to Star-ships has HP making them indestructible and cannot be one-shot unless you depleted their HP and Shielding's (Since where going to follow Cartoon or Game Logic meaning a Human to Star-ships doesn't show damage even being bombard by many weapons and when their HP and Shielding depleted they would be destroyed and become Pixels and dispersed though the pixels of an Organic would be transferred to Earth or her Inner Colonies to be Resurrected)

-First Contact is a War with the Turians and Humanity proceed to conquer the Citadel Space and the Humanity would make a Council where Each Race has can Vote or has a Voice in the Council and Humanity don't see Other Race as a Second Class Citizen but a Equal though humanity still has more power in the Council

-There is no Cerberus in this Fic

-The Reapers are more advanced than their Cannon Counter Part and they have Barrier can Block Energy and they also have Energy Weapons

-The MC can be one of the CPU's and CPU Candidates or Shepard


(107)Naruto x Halo Crossover

-FemNaruto become a Primordial Goddess of Chakra, Life and Ceation after she defeated Kaguya and stealing her power

-Kaguya on her last drop of her powers sent FemNaruto to the Halo-verse

-After Ur-Didact de-evolved the Prehistoric Humanity (PH) and left them in Erde-Tyrene FemNaruto appeared weakened remained dormant in her Shinju form of a decade

-Due to the ability or Chakra produced of the Shinju it coated Erde-Tyrene like a Shield World making the Forerunners unable to enter it no matter what they do (Btw they cannot monitor the surface or PH in Erde-Tyrene)

-With the influence of the Shinju the PH gained the ability to use Chakra

-After a decade of hibernation FemNaruto awaken and learned what happen to the PH and told them what she is and gathered the PH around the Erde-Tyrene into a single continent (Btw FemNaruto give an Eternal Youth the Engineers of the PH until they advance enough that they Tier-4 or Tier-3)

-FemNaruto made time went faster in Erde-Tryene (One Day outside Erde-Tryene is One Year in Erde-Tryene)

-After 30 Millennium in Erde-Tryene or roughly 90 Years outside Erde-Tryene the PH become Tier-1 again

-PH based their Tech. from Chakra (Btw Forerunner part is what they can salvage from the Forerunner-Flood War while staying hidden)

-Erde-Tryene was forgotten after a year or two when the Forerunner-Flood war begun

-Their Star-ships are the same design as the Old PH Star-ships the same can be said to their size

-Their Main Power-source in Star-ships, Building, Vehicles and Personnel Shielding and Weapons is a Crystallized Chakra (Btw it's self-replenishing)

-Their Shielding is based in Space/Time it coats the Star-ships, Building, Vehicles and Personnel by Bending Space to absorb Kinetic and Energy (Btw how it coats them is like Hard-Light Shielding of the Forerunners) and it also has a time dilation that slows time (Works like Kiritsugu's Time MAgecraft) but it eats large amounts of Energy so they don't use it to much

-Their FTL is still Slip-space and par to the Forerunners in speed

-Their Weaponry is fire's Plasma, Energy Beams, Condensed Lightning, Fire, Wind and Water for many purpose

-The PH can also use Fuinjutsu but rather than Ink and Blood they use a Liquefied Chakra to Strengthen the Armour's of Star-ships, Building, Vehicles and Personnel and it is also self-repairing and many more

-PH manage to create a Organic A.I. that looks like a Pixie in terms of Appearance and Size

-After becoming space-fairing Race again the PH manage to increase their life-spans by Millenniums

-PH plants a Mini-Shinju's in their Star-ships, Buildings, Military and Research Facilities and Planets (The Planet Ones are big but it's still inferior to the Shinju in Erde-Tyrene)

-Planetary Shinu's are used for Military and Research Facilities, Shipyards and Planetary Shielding (Btw the Military and Research Facilities and Shipyards are build in the Planetary Shinju except the one in the Erde-Tyrene)

-FemNaruto can't leave Erde-Tyrene but she can create a clone strong as a Chakra Enhanced PH

-The PH Personnel Armour looks like the Cannon Spartans (Btw even in their Armour they can still Walk in Walls, Tree's and Water)

-PH can use Ninjutsu but can only use large-scaled Elemental Manipulations without Hand-signs and each PH can only have a single Element

-After gaining and colonizing 10 thousands for less than a Millennium they waged war to the Forerunners and the Flood (Btw the Battle of the Forerunners and he Flood lasted for more than a Millennium and the Halo's are still being build along with the Ark)

-FemNaruto's existence is keep heavily secret


(106)Naruto x Fate Stay Night x Mass Effect Crossover

-FemNaruto become a Primordial Goddess of Chakra, Life and Ceation after she defeated Kaguya and stealing her power

-Kaguya on her last drop of her powers sent FemNaruto to the Nasu-verse

-FemNaruto killed Gaia and replaced her and manifest a World Tree's or Shinju's in the six points of the world

-With the overflowing of Mana and the disappearance of Gaia the Magecraft become more stronger, effective and easier to use

-FemNaruto revealed the Magecraft to the world and stated herself as the last remaining Goddess alive

-Few years after the revelation and due to the influence of FemNaruto every Human become a Hanyou like Half-Human/Cat or Half-Human/Dog and more (Everyone as a increase in Physical Abilities and Sense's and increase life-span which it a few millennium)

-A decade or so after everyone become a Hanyou they gain a Magic Circulatory (It's a Merge of Magic Circuits and Chakra Circulatory)

-The new Humanities Technology is largely based with Chakra or Magecraft

-The Main power source of Humanity in their Tech. is a Crystallized Chakra or Od (Which is self replenishing)

-FemNaruto cannot leave Earth since she's the Earth itself but she can create a vessel that can leave but it's only as strong as a average new Human (So that FemNaruto cannot curb-stomp everyone)

-Humanity plants a Shinju to the Planets they colonized and the Shinu act's as Planetary Shielding, Military Outpost or Facility and Research Facility and Shipyards for Star-ships (Btw the Shinju is near-indestructible and to destroy it you need to destroy the Planet that the Shinju was planted or bombard it until it depleted it's Chakra or Od since it uses Chakra or Od to repel an the damage it was supposed to receive)

-Humanities Personnel, Building and Star-ship Shielding works like the Magical Girls of the Fatekaleid liner Prisma Illya Anime or Manga

-The Star-ships are as big as Halo Preshistoric Humanity and Forerunners (Meaning 10km to 100km or more) but there numbers are quite low compared to ME-Races

-Humanity doesn't confirm and deny the existence of FemNaruto to the other Alien Race's

-Illusive Man is not indoctrinated and the Cerberus Organization works for the betterment of Humanity even it cost other Alien Race's extinction

-Humanity is at war with the Zerg, The Flood or The Tyranids and their being pushed back or beaten back unless their in their Inner Colonies where a Shinju is present

-Humanities FTL can be the same as FTL of ME but more advanced or they use an Alternate FTL

-Magecraft and Ninjutsu's are only 1/2 or 1/3 it's strength and effectiveness on a place where a Shinju is not in place (Meaning place's like the Citadel, Asteroids, Star-ships, Space Stations and Planets without a Shinju makes their Magecraft and Ninjutsu's weaker)

-There is a Mini Shiju in all of Humanities Star-ships and Space Stations

-The Crystallized Chakra or Od used as a power-source does not weaken even there in a Asteroids, Star-ships, Space Stations and Planets without a Shinju (Since Humanity was able to eliminate that weakness in their Tech.)

-Humanities Star-ships weapons are Kinetic and Energy based and the Personnel weapons fire condensed bullet like lightning for piercing and stunning, condensed bullet like wind for piercing and stealth, condensed fire for explosion and burning (I don't know what Water and Earth are used for and Personnel Weapons use Crystallized Chakra or Od used as a power-source )

-The Shinju does not look like the Cannon Naruto Shinju but it looks like a Yggdrasil Tree a Majestic one or has an out of this world beauty that captivates all Sapient Race's

-First Contact is Hostile (But they must be a Pirates)

-Humanity manage to create an Organic A.I. (Btw they looked like an Pixie or Fairy and their small as a Pixie or Fairy)

-The Reapers must be more Advanced than Cannon and they have Energy Weapons and the Shielding can Block Energy Weapons too

-Chakra and Od are the same-thing

-MC is FemNaruto and the Pairings are up to you


(105)Halo x Galaxy Angels Crossover

-By some accident the White Moon was sent to the Earth Halo-verse

-Due to the transfer the dimensional transfer the data or memories of Eden and Val-Fasq in the White Moon was wiped out

-Humanity reverse engineered and based their Tech. on the White Moon especially the HALO System with an A.I. (Btw they have Shielding too)

-Their main FTL engine Chrono Drive

-Their trump card is the Chrono Break Cannon

-Their Power Source is Chrono String Engine


(104)High School DxD x The Gamer Crossover

-An OC gain the power of The Gamer when he/she was a Child

-Through this power he/she learned about the existence of the Supernatural World

-The OC's parents was killed by the battle of a Devil and Fallen Angel (thus he/she hates the Biblical Faction oh he/she hates the Angels too)

-The OC as a child trained, learned and exploited his/her powers

-When the OC gain enough power and his/her teenage years too revenge to the Biblical Faction and she hunted every Devil, Fallen Angel and Angel he/she can find that she can defeat

-His/Her stats go like this and each point is equal to a peak human and when he/she have 10 points to all his/her stats would make him/her equal to a average supernatural being

-Strength - Measures your striking and lifting strength

-Endurance - Measures your stamina and how much damage you can withstand

-Agility - Measures your quickness and reaction speed

-Dexterity - Measures your hand-eye coordination, balance, accuracy and body control

-Senses - Measures your five senses on how sharp it is as well your instinct

-Intelligence - Measures your IQ and your ability to learn, think and solve things

-Energy - Measures how potent and large your Ki, Chakra, Mana Etc...

-Luck - Measures how Lucky you are and your ability to defy fate

-With the Powers of The Gamer so long the OC has HP his/her bones would be unbreakable


(103)Zero no Tsukaima x Negima Crossover

-When Louise tried to summon a Familiar it exploded and she was transported to the Negima-verse

-She was found by Eva and took her as a disciple and made her into a Loli Vampire like her

-Her Personality and fighting style changed and know similar to Eva's

-Mastering Eva's Magic and apprenticed by her for Centuries she left her wing to travel the world

-Louise found a Dragon Familiar

-The Plot can follow Cannon Negima with Louise in it

-After the final Battle a green portal appear before Louise as swallowed her

-She appeared back to the ZnT-verse on the day she tried to summon her familiar

-With her new Personality Louise caused Havoc in the ZnT-verse


(102)Code Geass x StarCraft Crossover

-Just after the invasion of Britannia Lelouch and Nunnally found a buried Protoss Tech.

-Nunnally can see and she's not naive like her cannon counterpart

-Lelouch and Nunnaly meet Rai, Naoto and Kallen but they become friends

-Lelouch hybridize the Protoss Tech. with CG-verse Tech. (Meaing Lelouch Knightmare Frames has a Plasma Shielding and Weapons and new Power Source)

-Lelouch, Nunnally, Rai, Kallen and Naoto created the Black Knights

-The Black Knights are loyal to the Founding Five

-Majority of the BK has Psionics and Hybridized Tech.

-Lelouch doesn't have a Geass

-C.C. is an ally of Lelouch and he manage to take the Code out or destroyed it

-BK Tech. must not be replicated of other Factions or Country

-Pairings are Lelouch x C.C. x Kallen


(101)The Gamer x StarCraft x Mass Effect Crossover

-An OC Girl died in our world and reincarnated in Zerus as a Primal Zerg

-OC is retained her Humanoid form and gain a power similar to The Gamer

-She must be a Otaku of StarCraft Series

-She must gain an ability to spawn troops Similar or Humanoid Primal Zerg (You can also give her the ability like Sarah or the Overmind to ability to speak Psionicly to her troops though she and her swarm does not suffer anything if their connection is severed and her swarm must be different to the Zerg units)

-The OC's Psionics can be replace Biomass, Vespane Gas and Minerals to spawn her swarm

-Unlike the Others the OC's can gain the Memories of her prey

-Set few years before Amon left Zerus with the Overmind (This would allow the MC to grow stronger)

-She can join Sarah when she arrive in Zerus to fight Amon

-The OC must consume an Terran, Protoss, Zerg and Xel'naga Essence or DNA (Though mostly engineers)

-After defeating Amon one way or another the OC was sent to the ME-Verse with a khaydarin crystals

-The OC and she swarm appear around 5 millennium before Cannon

-The OC spawn the Broodmothers (They would become her Council and Governors of the Colonies)

-They created a Tech. based in khaydarin crystals (Btw their FTL is the one in Starcraft-verse and uses Wormhole to travel long distance but their sub-light is similar to ME FTL but without the weakness of the ME FTL)

-The OC's Tech must be a Hybrid of Protoss and Zerg (The Ships are like a Organic Living Steel Ships and this also applies to the structures, armours and personnel weapons)

-They must not gain ME Tech.

-The OC must be subtlety influencing Humanity to use khaydarin crystals Tech.

-The Humanities Tech. must be a Hybrid of Terran and Protoss

-Humanity develop Psionics and didn't gain Biotics

-The OC and Humanity must be Allies

-The OC and Humanity must use Kinetic and Energy Weapons on Star-ships and the Personnel, Vehicles and Airships weapons are mostly Kinetic and very few Energy Weapons

-Like the Protoss the OC and Humanities Military troops to buildings to Star-ships had Plasma Shield and enhanced with Hardened Shields

-The Reapers are still Powerful than the OC and Humanities Star-ships and the Reapers had Advantage of Faster Star-ships and Rapid Fire of MAC


(100)StarCraft x Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers Crossover

-Set after the Strikers and a Primal Zerg (PZ) with a powers of the Overmind and can spawn Larva that can morph into Zerg units of the Game was sent to the Nanoha-verse

-The PZ appeared in an world full of Magical Beasts (The one the Wolkenritter hunts in Season 2)

-Linker Core can be consumed by the PZ and it also gain the memories of it's prey

-Mana can replace the need of Vespane Gas and Minerals and it also accelerate the growth of the Zerg units

-All Zerg units can use Psionics of Zerg, Protoss and Terran of the Game (meaning All Zerg has Psionic Barrier with Harden Shields)

-All Zerg Units can use Magic on instinctual level and the PZ can use it at will

-PZ and it's Zerg units has a Barrier the smarter the unit the more layers of Magical barrier it has and it's similar the Last Boss Monster of the end of Season 2 (Meaning the PZ is the smartest and it has dozen upon dozen of Magical Barriers layered together making the PZ the toughest enemy and even cannon fodders like the Zerglings has a Barrier)

-After consuming all organism in the planet the PZ landed a Human expedition team saw it

-After consuming a Human PZ manage to locate a Human Worlds and proceed to invade it (Btw before the invasion the PZ has already has a Linker Core Rank far surpass a Dozen upon Dozens of Triple S Rank Mage)

-AMF or Anti Magilink Field has little to no effect to the PZ and it's Zerg

-PZ must be Humanoid and standing on it's two feet rather than four


(99)Halo x Mass Effect Crossover

-A small fleet of Prehistoric Human (PH) star-ships containing Billions civilians and soldiers manage to scape the Forerunners (Of course Forerunners don't know about them)

-The fleet travel to Galaxy to Galaxy until they stumble to the Earth of ME Humans

-Their they settle and colonize and named it after their home-world Erde Tyrene

-There is no Mass Relays in the system of Erde Tyrene

-Prehistoric Humanity didn't encounter or see a Mass Relays on their way to Erde Tyrene

-Thousand Years after settling to their new home and colonizing the Shanxi they saw their first Mass Relays

-The PH encounter the ME-Race in shambles and being attacked by the Reapers and losing

-The Reapers are a lot faster than PH star-ships and have numerical advantage made the Human-Reaper War didn't become one sided or more in equal or stalemate

-After years of fighting the PH become the Rulers of the ME-Galaxy and the ME-Race become their subordinates though their are not second class citizen

-PH integrated the ME Tech. and improve it and eliminating the weakness of the ME Tech. (Oh btw PH manage to Create a Artificial Eezo)

-Years of expanding the Empire of Man they caught a information that the Kin they left to fight the Forerunners are Devolved and Risen back to the stars and they are at war and losing

-Preparing for war to help their distant Kins and they arrived just before the beginning of Halo 2

-Helping the Reclaimers in their War and giving them few Tech. to help them (though mostly Forerunner and ME Tech.)

-With the help of the PH they manage to repel and push back the Covenant-Race back to their systems one by one

-After defeating the Covenant the ancient foe Ur-Didact appear and wage war to the Reclaimers and PH

-A year after the battle with Ur-Didact an another foe emerge the Flood that left the Galaxy before the Halo fire return and the PH and Reclaimers are at war again with an ancient foe


(98)StarCraft x Fate Stay Night x High School DxD Crossover

-A Primal Zerg (PZ) was accidentally sent to the Nasu-verse

-Magic Circuits can be consumed by the PZ

-The PZ has the Power of a Overmind and can spawn Larva that can morph into Zerg Units of the Game

-The more Magus or Magic Circuits consumes the PZ the stronger it's Magic Resistance (It must be Higher than Rank A before it leaves the Nasu-verse)

-The more sapient and smarter the PZ consumes the more sapient and smarter the PZ is

-The PZ can use Magecraft of the one it consumed or instinctual use Magecraft to power-up it self or use it on it's enemy (Oh the PZ's Swarm to must be able to instinctual use Magecraft to power-up it self or use it on it's enemy)

-The PZ was able to get the regenerative powers of the Dead Apostle Ancestors

-The PZ must have the Second True Magic

-After absorbing many skills and abilities of Nasu-verse the PZ was banished to the DxD-verse or after conquering the Nasu-verse the PZ went to the DxD-verse

-The PZ laid low and consumed many Supernatural Beings (SP) for years

-Consuming a SP with Magical Power 10 and an another with Magical Power of 20 would make the PZ's Magical Power to 30 and the same applies to all power source (The consumed SP's Magical Power Stocks btw it also increase the PZ's Magic Resistance)

-Magical Power or Od is use as a substitute to Vespane Gas and Minerals

-The PZ must gain an ability that accelerate the Swarms needed time to mature

-The PZ and it's Swarm has all Psionics of the Zerg, Protoss and Terran and all of them have Magic Resistance

-The PZ and it's Swarm also has Psionic Barrier with Harden Shields

-After gaining enough power near Ophis or the belong to the Top-Ten the PZ must have amassed thousands upon thousands of Zerg Swarm and the PZ wage war to all Factions (Of course one Faction at a Time btw near the end the PZ must have enough power to rival Great Red and the two would fight)

-PZ must be Humanoid and standing on it's two feet rather than four


(97)Prototype x StarCraft x Mass Effect x Warhammer 40k x Halo Crossover

Continue from (96)

-The BZHT travel to the Galaxies unopposed and they meet the Flood

-The BZH Allied with the Flood and merged they merged Race

-The New Blacklight Zerg Human Tyranids Flood or BZHTF went to war with the Prehistoric Humanity, Prehistoric San 'Shyuum and Forerunners

-Earth and Erde-Tyrene are two different Planets

-The BZHTF destroyed the Halo Stations and made the Prehistoric Humanity, Prehistoric San 'Shyuum and Forerunners fought the BZHTF for many Millenniums and losing


(96)Prototype x StarCraft x Mass Effect x Warhammer 40k Crossover

-Continue from (95)

-After Conquering the Galaxy the BH found out that about the Emporium of Man

-The Terra and Earth (Where BZH come from) are two different Planets

-The BZH and Tyranids meet and they become Allies and Merged they Race Together (BTW the Chaos can't corrupt the BZHT)

-The New Blacklight Zerg Human Tyranids or BZHT went to conquered all Race of the Warhammer one by one


(95)Prototype x StarCraft x Mass Effect Crossover

-An Zerg Larva found itself transported to the Prototype-verse

-The Larva found Alex Mercers dead body and tried to eat it but Alex eat the Larva instead

-Alex Mercer gain Psionics and he also gain an ability to spawn Zerg Troops

-Alex also become a new Overmind

-Alex used the Zerg to conquered the Earth and eating all organism

-The consumed Humans become part of Alex like a Hivemind

-A Human Conciousness can become a Broodmother but still loyal to Alex

-Years after conquering the Earth Alex turn his sights to the stars

-Alex and his Zerg must be using Organic Tech. with Psionics only like the Cannon Zerg but more advanced (Thy use Biotics to move in Air and Space faster)

-With the Blacklight Virus Alex bypass the time needed for the Zerg to mature and allowing him to spawn troops instantly

-The Organic Star-ships of Alex is a lot Larger than the ME Star-ships even the Reapers

-The Organic Star-ships are weaker in terms of range weapons (This will stay like this until the Reapers appear) but make up with their Shells and Psionic Barriers that even stronger than the Reapers (Btw The Organic Star-ships hulls are made of Organic Metal that can regenerate)

-Alex can form a Zerg troops by using Biomass, Water, Minerals, Metals or Gasses (Like the Gas Planets) and the Sunlight can be used too albeit weaker than the other materials

-First Contact are with the Turians, Asari and Solarians or

-Quarians are friends and allies with the Geth and their not part of the Citadel Race and they become a Isolationist Race

-The Genophage didn't make many krogan die in stillbirth but still made 9/10 of the total amount of female Krogan give birth die but they still mange to push the Three Council Race back and they become Isolationist Race too and allied with the Quarians and Geth with Wrex as the leader of the Krogans

-The Geth become a true A.I.

-There are Two Routes

-One. Blacklight Zerg Humanity or BZH has a three way war with the Turians, Asari, Solarians and Quarians, Geth, Krogans

-Two. The Turians, Asari, Solarians, Quarians, Geth and Krogans allied together and fought a war with the BZH


(94)Mass Effect x Terra ForMArs Crossover

-Humanity become united after they killed all Humanoid Cockroach in Mars

-Humanity gain the Ability of both Humanoid Cockroach and the Female Commender with Ant DNA in her and it become it come a standard capabilities of all Humans (But they perfected it meaning all Humans has a Cockroach and Ant DNA in them and they have their Physical Capabilities but no outward changes in appearance and this also mean that Humanity is far more Superior Physically to all ME-Race)

-Due to genetic engineering Humanity can live for five centuries

-Humans never found the Prothean Cache in Mars

-Few decades after killing all Humanoid Cockroach in Mars Humanity accidentally found a Rogue Reapers within the Sol System and it attacked Humanity killing 2/3 of Humanity before they destroyed them

-After recovering from the Human-Reaper Humanity become Xenophobic

-Humanity reverse-engendered the Reaper Tech. (This allows Humanity to be par to Collector Tech. meaning Humanity eliminated the weakness Mass Effect Tech like the Static Buildup of the Engines)

-After few hundred years of exploration and colonizing worlds the Humanity gained an Empire 1.5k light-years in diameter

-Humanity meet a combined exploration fleet of Asari, Turian and Solarian

-An warmonger Asari or Turian in the exploration fleet fired at the Human ships (which lead to a war of Asari, Turian and Solarian vs Huamnity for decades)

-Cerberus is a Pro-Human or an extreme Xenophobic group that hell bent of killing all Aliens


(93)Naruto x High School DxD Crossover

-Naruto died when he seal Kaguya in him

-Naruto must be manipulative and evil

-He is reincarnated as a devil along with his previous powers(any devil clan so long it's not a bael or gremory clan)

-He is reincarnated in the current maou's era

-The Elemental Nations is part of the dxd-verse but hidden like the heaven or underworld

-Naruto's main role is to troll all dxd characters except Great Red and Trihexa/666

-Pairings are Naruto x Grayfia x Others (your pick)


(92)StarCraft x Halo Crossover

-A Psychopathic Nerd who is a die-hard fan of Starcraft and Halo series dies due to an unfortunate accident he was reincarnated as a larva in the SC-verse.

-Months after his reincarnation the nerd gain all the knowledge of the three race in the SC-verse and how to make the tech of the Prottoss and Terran.

-At the end of the events of the Wings of Liberty the Nerd was thrown to the Halo-verse after the events of the Halo series and merged with a Gravemind.

-The Nerd created an army and only found out by the UNSC after the Nerd infested and colonize an entire Solar System.

-Humanity and it's allies fully reversed engineered the Forerunner Tech. and they already recovered from the War

-After Gaining enough troops the Nerd wage war to the Humanity and it's allies (a war for extinction hell yeah!)

-The Nerds army is a hybrid of Zerg/Flood and the Zerg/Flood can use Psionic and can build Prottoss and Terran Tech. too


(91)No Game, No Life x Mass Effect x Warhammer Crossover

-After the Great War only the War-beast survived the War (other race are killed by the war and only packets of war-beast survived and also meaning Shiro and Sora didn't come to Disboard since Tet is dead here)

-After many millenniums the Miko united the War-beast and they advanced and prospered.

-War-beast Tech. must not relay on Eezo or Mass Effect Tech.

-War-beast's Star-ships has energy weapons and energy shieldings (there ftl must be different than ME-verse and DoW-verse)

-The War-beast never manage to create a portable or personal energy shielding (since i highly doubt that any ME-verse weapons except laser and star-ships MAC and Missle can kill them so if you want to give them energy shielding that's up to you)

-Many hundred years of traveling the stars and opening mass relays they were found by a overzealous Turian and Asari admirals that shot them on first contact.

-The War raged till the ruling race was extinct along with the Batarians (other race can join the War-beasts as their client race or become on of there new council)

-Humanity in the ME Galaxy doesn't exist (Dah we need them in the DoW Galaxy)

-After years of the unification the War-beast ruled ten galaxy before meeting the WH Galaxies (Seeing the Humans of DoW don't tolerate Xeno's the War-beast would wage war to the Imperium of Man

-War-beast's life span should be few millenniums and if possible no OC's pls use known names of No Game, No Life x Mass Effect char. for char. for the war beasts prominent char.

-The MC must be based on Sora or Shirou's personality or hell why not just go with a Sora or Shirou's born in Disboard and as a War-beast but they must retain there personality.


(90)Naruto x StarCraft x Warhammer 40k Crossover

-Naruto's personality is dark and manipulative

-After the Shinobi war Naruto has all the Eyes of Kaguya and he defeated Kaguya but nearly cost his life and on the last ditch to kill Naruto she opend a portal to rip him apart but unknowingly sending hims to Planet Zerus and swallowed by the first swarming pool turning him into a Primal human/zerg overmind (Though he can leave his body if he want's too)

-Naruto has an Ability to spit a Larva and he still has his Chakra

-After eating and gaining new Essence Naruto also gains the Prey's Memories

-During his few centuries staying in Zerus Naruto grown powerful and and meet kerrigan and join her in her quest to defeat Amon (I don't know much about Amon since i only went as far as the heart of the swarm and never read the LN or Books)

-During his stay with kerrigan enormous knowledge of Zerg, Prottoss and Terran Biology, Psionic's and Technology

-After defeating Amon Naruto create a one time portal and unknowingly sent him to the Warhammer-verse and parallel universe

-He appear in a medieval world field with Humans and Orc's

-The vespene gas and minerals can be substituted by Chakra and Chakra can be also used to increase the healing rate of the Zerg units and increase there physical stats

-Khaydarin crystals are used to drain the warp and cleanse the chaos in it and it is also to power-up the zerg units psionic capabilities like giving all zerg units a psionic shield with hardened shield

-With the Khaydarin crystals and connection to the Overmind the zerg can be currupted by the chaos

-Also with the Khaydarin crystals shards in all zerg units allows all zerg units to absorbs souls of the fallen and with enough souls allows that unit of zerg to evolved or level up like the "The Swarm of War by VexMaster"

-Kurama is complete here and Kushina is also here and Naruto made them his second in command

-Namikaze Minato must not be here in this fic

-The Zerg units must be larger to match the large units and star-ships of the Warhammer-verse

-Naruto, Kurama and Kushina has the Bykakugan, Eien no Mangekyou Sharingan and Rinnegan and units lower them only has the Bykakugan and Mangekyou Sharingan and units who cant give tactical capacities and only warrior and soldiers only have Bykakugan and Sharingan

-Naruto, Kurama and Kushina can use Sage Modes and all three of them are humanoids

-If possible it follows Zerg units like "The Swarm of War by VexMaster" and Naruto must conquer the Warhammer-verse


(89)Naruto x High School DxD Crossover

-After the 4th Shinobi War Naruto become the Second Kaguya or Shinju (Making him Par to Ophis but lower than Great Red or 666)

-Shinju is the Father or Creator of Izanagi and Izanami (Meaning the Shinju is the Origin of the Shinto Mythology but no one knows it other than Izanagi and Izanami and Great Red, 666 and Ophis )

-The Elemental Nations is an Another Dimension like the Underworld, Heaven or The Heavenly Plains of Shinto Gods

-Naruto become friends with the Original Satan's

-He Didn't participate in the Great War of the Biblical Faction

-Because his friends was killed by an Angel and Fallen Angels he hated them

-Before the Civil War erupted Grayfia meet Naruto and fell in love with him

-When the Civil War of the Devils erupted Naruto was away looking for a way to go to Heaven

-After the Current Satan's won the Civil War Naruto already took over the Heaven and Biblical Gods System

-Naruto took the Devils that is Loyal to Him to Heaven and Created a New Race the Nephilim's Half Angel/Devil's (Making them Superior than any Race of the Biblical Faction)

-He also alter the System that his Nephilim's have Advantage over the Other Race of the Biblical Factions

-He also Created a Resurrection System that allows his Nephilim's to be Reborn in Heaven if they died but they have to start and train from the beginning since there power is equivalent to the lowest Nephilim

-He also Altered the system so that his Nephilim would not fall making them a Half Fallen Angel/Devil even they have impure thoughts and doing impure things that would make an Angel Fall

-Naruto is now the new Biblical God and his second in command and Lovers are Gabriel and Grayfia (Naruto made Gabriel fall in love with him the Natural way to the point she was willing to betray her own Race and God)

-With an Army of Pseudo-Immortal Nephilim's Naruto wage war to the Fallen Angels and Devils (To Naruto the Devil in the Underworld are all Traitor to the Original Satan's) while he played God to them

-With Naruto being the new Biblical God he altered the System that any Sacred used against him and his Nephilim's would be useless and would not function if there in the presence of an Nephilim (Only Half Effective to the Artificial Sacred Gears or making the Artificial Sacred Gears function only Half it's power)

-The Pairings are Gabriel and Grayfia as the main and you can add more if you want so long as those two are the main girls


(88)Gurren Lagann x High School DxD Crossover

-Kamina was Reincarnated in the DxD as a Human after he died

-Story Stars a Decade or so before Cannon and if Possible Save Kuroka and Koneko and make them Kamina's Allies

-The Spiral Energy Evolved and can be used to Enhance the Users Physical Abilities and it also gives the user the ability to Regenerate depends to the users will on how fast it Regenerate's and the Larger the Spiral Energy The Longer the Users Life-span and the more Durable he/she is

-Those who just Awaken the Spiral Energy will gain a Body Rival a Low-Class Devil in Physical Stats and Durability

-The Spiral Energy can also be used to Enhance or Boost an Objects Power Many Times or Restore the Object to it's Prime and enables the User to Punch, Drill or Break through any Space and Time Techniques, Spells and Ability

-Upon Awakening the Spiral Energy this Power Grows little by little even the User Doesn't Train or Use it and This power Grows in Impossible Speed in the Middle of Combat or in Dire Situation's to the Point it can Match the Boosted Gears Doubling Ability

-The Limit of the Spiral Energy is dependent to the user's will and if the user believes that it has no limit then it would have no limit Hell if the use believes it can Surpass Infinity it will Surpass Infinity (Surpass the Impossible Right?)

-Those who Potential to Awaken or those who already Awaken the Spiral Energy must not have any Sacred Gear

-Kamina has a form the Resembles the Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann enveloping his entire Body with Ultra Super Condensed Spiral Energy can enables Kamina to Defeat or Overpower Great Red or 666 with it (This form can only be use with a Timelimit and will Appear later in the Story

-Only Pure Blood Humans and Normal Animals has the Potentially Awaken and Use the Spiral Energy (Meaning Supernatural Beings and Half-Humans doesn't have it)

-All Supernatural Race knows about the Spiral Energy but they don't know it's name and potential since they don't know how to Awaken and Harness it (Even Ajuka Beelzebub doesn't know to Awaken, Harness or Seal it)

-Kamina must not join Any Faction and he must Re-Create the Dai Gurren Team (Meaning All members can use Spiral Energy and OC's must be based in Anime, Manga or Light Novel Hell you can Reincarnate the Gurren Lagann Cast if you want )

-The New Dai Gurren Team is well known to all Race for being Ultra Powerful Group and the Leader (Kamina) has a Prophecy that he has a Potential to become a Existence Far Stronger than Great Red and 666 Combined but it was only known after he become strong enough to defeat his Enemies

-The New Dai Gurren Team has two Routes

-Route One, The Teams Goal is to Protect and Make Humanity Advance to the Stars and as a Being (So they won't become the One of the Weakest Race in DxD)

-Route Two, Wage War and Eliminate all Supernatural Beings to free Humanity from there grasp (Exception are those who ally to them)

-Pairings is up to you (Though it would be nice it you can pair Kamina with Kuroka, Ophis and Koneko (Shiroune) for the last two to make him a Lolicon for Laughs Since this is Probably Going to become a Crack Fic)


(87)Gurren Lagann x Mass Effect Crossover

-Humanity use Spiral Energy as a Power-Source to all of their Technology

-Grapearl's are Humanity's standard Tech. in Military (It's still works like the Gunman

-Humanity are Civilized like Cannon Humans but sometimes there pron to insanity like the Team Dai Gurren or Humanity of Gurren Lagann Anime/Manga

-Humanity must advance fast or in impossible speed to the other Race

-The Anti-Spirals are the Creators of the Reapers so no could Re-discover the Spiral Energy

-The Anti-Spirals are not all Humans but a vast Coalition of Race

-All ME Race has Spiral Energy but only Humans manage to re-discover it

-The Star-ships of Humanity are like the Star-ships of the Gurren Lagann Anime/Manga

-The Fic must not have a Super Robot larger than a Solar System and Milky Way

-The Reapers has a Lock or Limiter that make them as same level as ME Reapers unless there is a Race that Unlocks the Spiral Energy making them Several Times more powerful

-The Eezo or Mass Effect Tech. is a Counter Part of the Spiral Energy and making a Race than use The Eezo or Mass Effect Tech. suppress there Potential to awaken the Spiral Energy Especially those who has Boitic's

-Pairings are up to you


(86)Underworld x Mass Effect Crossover

-The Vampire's didn't enslave the Lycan's rather they become Allies and Comrades

-After Millenniums of interbreeding between Vampire's and Lycan's as result they all become Hybrids

-In exchange of becoming Hybrids the birthrate decrease astronomically and as a result the Hybrids Population barely reach Three Hundred Million

-Each Hybrids (Let's just call them Immortals) can change forms into Werewolf's like Michael or a Bat like creature like Marcus

-The Immortals relay on Melee (Meaning things like Sword's, Dagger's and such) and there Physical Abilities more than Modern Weaponry in Infantry Combat

-Due to the Immortals like to fight Melee they invented or Improve their Kinetic Barriers making them Superior or Par to the Reapers in terms of Defense

-They manage to Crystallize Eezo and that made there Star-Ships have near infinite Eezo Fuel

-They can revive as long as there bodies are intact

-They relay on Humanoid VI's or AI's to have manpower to build things

-The Immortals are ruled by a Council of Elders

-The Immortals become Space-Faring Race few Millennium before the Asari (It's Due to low birthrate and such the Immortals are quite slow at colonizing Planets that they didn't Meet any Race or Found the Citadel)

-Optional, They become a part of the Council before the Turians

-If they didn't join the Council The Immortals must have a Superior Tech. than any Citadel Race but Inferior to the Reapers

-They can turn Any Race into an Immortal but it has a strict rule's to do it

-They can drink any Blood of Any Race to Gain, Learn or Assimilate Memories or Knowledge from the Victims Blood willingly or not

-The Immortals are Paragons and don't like Violence unless they have to choice

-With the Help of the Immortals the Morning War and the Genophage was avoid (About the Genophage they only Restrict the Krogans Birthrate to 3 to 5 per pregnancy and the Geth and Quarians are Allies or Comrades)

-Pairings Shepard x Any


(85)Code Geass x Mass Effect Crossover

-After the events of R2 Lelouch was Reincarnated as a Geth in the ME-verse as a Punishment and Only few years after the Morning War

-Lelouch must Improve the Tech. and the Specs of the of the Geth and Turn them into a True AI

-He must know about the Reapers and there Mission

-Lelouch can build KMF's but it must not have a Laser Weapons

-He must Replicate CG-verse Tech. and adapt them to Geth Tech.

-He must Create the Black Moon (From Galaxy Angels Game)

-There must be not Heretic Geth and Saren's helpers are the Collectors

-Optional, Lelouch would change the Geth's appearance to look like his Zero Armor along with the Slash Harkin like things in it (It's from the Nightmare of Nunnally Spin-off of the Code Geass)

-When Saren was looking for the Conduit Lelouch would join Shepard on his quest to stop Saren and would give information about the Reapers and the Cycles

-Shepard must be a Paragon

-Optional, Lelouch and the Geth would replace the Kinetic Barrier of the Star-ships with Blaze Luminous

-The Star-ships of the Geth must look like the Ikaruga or the Avalon

-Parings with Lelouch x None, Shepard x Tali (Since i don't like other Girls aside from her)


(84)Sekirei x Mass Effect Crossover

-Two or Three Millennium Before the Cannon Timeline the Humans Invented or Created something that made a Human into a Sekirei

-The Sekirei/Humans joined or found Citadel a Millennium before the Cannon (Meaning Sekirei/Humans are part of the Council)

-The Sekirei/Humans is one of the two Military Race of the Citadel (Meaning they have the same number of ships as Turians)

-Sekirei/Humans don't have a ability to use Biotics but in exchange they can use Elements which are Five Fire, Water, Earth, Lighting, Wind to attack and defense

-The Sekirei/Humans are classified into three groups

-One, Those who can use Elements

-Two, Those who are Superior in Physical Abilities (As Strong the one in Anime and Manga)

-Three, Those who have powers to access and analyze any electronic device on a telepathic level (They can replace AI's or VI's if you want)

-The Sekirei/Humans manage to eliminate the some of the weakness of the Mass Effect Tech. and they manage to Crystallize an Eezo that can run forever as long the Star-ship is not on constant Long-Range FLT or in Battle

-Sekirei/Humans can live up to Three Hundred Years but if they bonded (Winged) with an Asari they can live up to a Millennium and if Bonded (Winged) to a Solarian They can extend to Solarian's life-Span to Three Hundred Years

-The Bonding (Winged) must be intentional and cannot be forced like in the Anime and Manga

-If a Female Sekirei/Humans mated with other Race the Child would be One Hundred Percent Sekirei/Humans

-The Sekirei/Humans Weapons and Star-ships are the same level as Humans in ME-verse but the Armor Plating and Kinetic Barriers of the Sekirei/Humans is Slightly Superior than the Reaper's (Btw Only the Sekirei/Humans has access to this and there Allies in Route One)

-Sekirei/Humans prevented the Morning War and the Quarian's and Geth are loyal to the Sekirei/Humans (So the Quarian's and Geth are Living together peacefully Btw the Geth are Full AI)

-There are Two Routes

-One, The Council is still fearful of AI's and a rift forced the Sekirei/Humans to leave the Council and build there own Council with the Quarian's, Geth and Krogan and the Council didn't like this and wage war with the Sekirei/Humans, Quarian's, Geth, and Krogan (btw the Krogan are Partially Cured since only Two to Three Children can only be born)

-Two, The Council Fully Accepted the Geth and AI's and Follows Majority of the Cannon

-Pairing Male Shepard x Tali (Since i like her)


(83)StarCraft x Mass Effect Crossover

-A Human accidentally evolved into a Primal Zerg Overmind (PZO) that can give birth Larva (The Larva can only evolved into many things like in the Game and Novel but after the PZO left Earth and settle in a different World but he PZO mostly use Human/Zerg Hybrid that looked like Shepards Collector Armor if there Carapace is protecting them if not they look Human with tentacle like hair like Sarah)

-This PZO evolved 90k to 100k years before the star of the Cannon and before the Prothean manage to establish an Empire and left Earth and Isolated themselves into a single Star-Cluster

-Zergs and more so the PZO is Resistant or Immune to Indoctrination due to the Psionic Powers of the Zerg and Some Human that awaken there Psionic Powers is somewhat Resistant to it too

-The Zerg has all Human, Zerg, Protoss Psionic Powers

-The Zerg manage to create an Organ that gives all Zerg Units to have a Kinetic Shields and the Leviathan can endure few dozen Rounds from a Sovereign-Class Reaper

-The Zerg also created an Organ that allows all Range and Human/Zerg Units to have a Mini Mass Accelerator and the Leviathan only has Mass Accelerator that has the same damage or specs as a Dreadnought-Class Battle-Ships of a Citadel Race

-Or the Zerg can adapt Technology and Science

-The Protheans found the Zerg but they were defeated but the Zerg never invaded the Protheans

-The Zerg Manage to defeat the Reapers in a battle of Attrition and forced the Reapers to retreat back to the Void (This also lead to the Reapers to be wary of Humans and Shepard if one of the Reapers saw him/her since the Reapers saw an Armored Zerg)

-The Zerg must be found after the Human and any Race joint expedition of an unknown life-form (Leviathan) and that's 5 to 10 years before Cannon

-When the Zerg found by the Citadel Race there reaction must be wary or distrust to the other race except the Humans

-The Zerg don't die in old Age and can live forever as long as there body is not destroyed

-The Main MC must be Shepard and he/she must be a Broodmother or Broodfather (a male equivalent of a Broodmother)

-There are two routes

-One, The Zerg would join the Humans only

-Two, The Zerg would wage war to all Citadel Race


(82)Harry Potter x Fate Stay Night Crossover

-On the night Voldemort attacked the Potters Lily died and Harry's brother become known as The Boy Who Lived

-Harry's is found as a Squib and was sent to the Dursley's

-Harry is a Girl and look like Lily down to the small details

-When she was five or seven Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg found her and awaken her Magic Circuits that could rival Sabers (All Witch and Wizards have Magic Circuits even Squib's)

-She has a A-Rank Magic Resistance when her Magic Circuits are Active when not it ranks down to D or C-Rank (So that High Level Curse or Magic can still her her if they took her by surprise)

-Harry must take her Mothers last name

-Harry must not Travel the Parallel Worlds before she finish Hogwarts

-Her Elements must be an Average One and her Origin must be related to Soul or the 2nd Magic

-One her ninth or tenth birthday Harry was gathering the younger Squib's she can find and Awaken there Magic Circuits and Teach Them Magecraft

-Harry was invited to Join the Hogwarts and learned there

-The Magecraft of Type-Moon-verse (TM) can be used by the Harry Potter-verse (HP) and TM-verse can use HP-verse Magic (But the HP-verse won't have the Magic Resistance of the TM-verse and Harry's group would be known from being Wandless Group)

-Harry's main goal is to liberate or give a better life for the Squib's and integrate Magic/Magecraft to the Muggle World or Combine the Two Worlds (So meaning there can be a war with Harry's Group and the Wizarding World after the War with Voldemort)

-If there are OC's for Harry's groups you must use Known Anime, Manga and Novel Characters

-Harry must have a Frail Body or Non-Athletic Body and she must be a Genius is Magic and Planning (Those who read the Vampire Juuji Kai Manga she must be a Genius Rival the MC there or some characters like Lelouch from Code Geass and L or Light from Death Note)

-The Pairings are up to you


(81)StarCraft x High School DxD Crossover

-I kinda feed up with the Devils are the Good Guys in the Cannon so i want them to be the Evil here

-The OC is already alive thee Centuries or more before the Cannon

-The Female OC's family was attacked and killed by a Devil or Fallen Angel (due to the OC is the descendant of the Enemy of the said Devil or Fallen Angel)

-Dying She manage to summon a portion of the First Spawning Pool and it evolved her and with no change in her outside appearance making her a Primal Zerg Overmind

-Now as a Primal Zerg she seek her families killer

-Upon Killing and consuming the Devil or Fallen Angel she manage to acquire the knowledge and powers of the Devil or Fallen Angel (Here the OC can gain her victims memories)

-If she consume an Devil, Fallen Angel or another Race she won't gain there Magical Abilities but only strengthen her Psionic Powers Ex. her Psionic Powers is equal to a Low-Class-Devil and She ate a Mid-Class-Devil and the Mid-Class-Devils Physical Abilities would Add to her own (Meaning Strength, Agility, Reflex, Durability and Regeneration) and the Mid-Class-Devil Magical Energy would increase the OC Psionic Energy and Level and without the Devils weakness meaning the more she consume the stronger she is

-She must have all Terran and Protoss Psionic Powers and she also has the Energy/Psionic Shield and Psionic Blades (dude don't tell me she needs more Powers)

-Upon Avenging her Family she found out that She has an ability to give birth to a Larva that can grow and look like a Human and has all her abilities but lower scale than her and very loyal to her (with this she can have an Army)

-Learning that there are more Supernatural Beings living in her World and with the Instinct of the Primal Zerg in her she Kill, Consume, Evolve as she hunted the Supernatural Beings (meaning her Main Goal is to Fight and Consume the Ten-Ten Strongest Beings in the DxD-verse) and her first Target is the Biblical Factions

-The Biblical Faction must heard of the OC and her hatred to the Biblical Faction

-When the OC's Swarm dies it Dies like the Protoss in the Game burning in blue flames

-The OC's Zerg can't be convert or Reincarnated as a Devil or Angel by the Evil Piece and Brave Saints

-The OC can create Zergs like the Novel and Games but she mostly prefer Human looking Zergs (but with the DNA's of the Supernatural Beings the Zerg troops in the Novel and Games are far more stronger in here)

-Lastly the OC must not join Issei Harem


(80)Code Geass x StarCraft Crossover

-When Britannia invaded Japan Nunally died and FemLelouch was washed into a inhabitant Island (btw is not the Kaminejima Island)

-FemLelouch found a frozen Larva (Broodmother) and she proceed to free it

-Upon evolving it into a Broodmother (She used Female Human body as a template) and she mainly looks like a Female Human (with the ability to give birth of a Larva)

-Evolving FemLelouch into a Overmind (btw it only made FemLelouch stronger and more smarter and made her able to use Psionic Powers btw FemLelouch still look like a normal Human and have a ability to turn on and off a Carapace and lastly FemLelouch has an ability to give birth of a Larva that can turn into a Broodmother)

-Vengeful FemLelouch created an Army (Female Human looking Zerg Only) and she use them to become Engineers, Mechanics and Pilots to destroy her motherland

-When she turned 17 she infested many Engineers and Mechanics to join her swarm and build her KMF's

-With Psionic Powers FemLelouch is very Resistant to Geass like the Cannon Lelouch, Rolo, Mao and the Emperor but still vulnerable to Geass like Bismark has

-With a Loyal Army of Human like Zergs at her side she would liberated Japan and proceed to invade Britannia

-Geass Cancelers can temp. disrupt FemLelouch connection to her Swarm

-FemLelouch must not be Zero and she won't create the Black Knights

-FemLelouch personality must be Evil or Zerg like Personality (probably like the Queen of Blades before her defeat at end the Wings of Liberty)

-Pairings are Yuri and that's up to you and hell you can even make FemLelouch a Futa


(79)Galaxy Angel x Mass Effect Crossover

-Roughly more than One Hundred Millennium ago a small group of People of Eden went to Colonize Earth but when the Chrono Quake Bomb was used and affected there Star-ships crush-landing in the sea and they lost all there Tech.

-The People of Eden on Earth become the Prehistoric Humans

-The Eden and Valfask Race was destroyed by the Reapers After the Valfask used the Chrono Quake Bomb (The White Moon escaped destruction btw the Chrono Quake Bomb only affects the Eden and Valfask Tech. because they use Chrono String Engine powered by Chrono Strings and the bomb disrupt's it so the Repears is mainly unaffected by the Bomb) With the exception of few People of Eden in Earth

-The Eden and Valfask are the same Race but diverge from each other from things like Ideals and much more and that lead to there War

-The Black Moon was Destroyed by the Valfask-Eden-Reaper War (Since they are still recovering form the Chrono Quake Bomb)

-The Knowledge to create and use the Chrono Quake Bomb was lost

-The White Moon appeared in the Orbit of Earth Roughly a Millennium or two after the People of Eden or Humans settle on Earth

-The White Moon camouflaged itself to look like the Moon (So it avoid the Detection of the Prothean and Reapers and can only be operated by the People of Eden meaning Humans)

-After the Humans reached the Moon the White Moon de-activated it's camouflaged and appear before the Humans and the Humans based there Tech. on the White Moon (Meaning Humans use the H.A.L.O. System and the Chrono String Engine as there main Energy Source)

-The Humans use the Chrono Drive as there main FLT

-The Humans has an Energy Shield and Beam Weapons (But MAC or Magnetic Accelerator Cannon as there main Weapon)

-The Chrono Break Cannon is only used in dire situations

-Elle Ciel-Class Ships can block One shot from Sovereign's MAC Before being destroyed and the Elle Ciel-Class Ships with H.A.L.O. System can block or shrug how many times the Sovereign shots it's MAC's and Win depending on the Power-output of H.A.L.O. System

-The Emblem Frames are the Main Force of the Humans (Meaning There Mass Produced)

-Humans must have a Protocol denies the Aliens or other Race gain Access to there Tech.

-The Nano-Technology is used to Increase the Life-Span of the Humans by multiple of Three (meaning 450 to 500 years)

-With the Data and Warning in the White Moon the Humans prepare for the War for the Reapers

-The Human's remove the Mass Relay from there Home System

-Shiva Transbaal is the Queen of the Human Empire

-The Humans Territory is known as the Transbaal Empire

-The Humans must have a Personnel Energy Shields

-Humans only has a minor population that can use Biotic if not None


(78)Naruto x StarCraft x Mass Effect Crossover

-A young femNaruto accidentally manage to summon a portion of the First Spawning Pool or just the fluids (After Sarah used it btw StarCraft and Naruto are two different verse)

-Naru evolved into a Primal Zerg Overmind (with a ability to give birth to a Larva) Though majority of her appearance is still the same

-Naru Assimilated Kurama after her rebirth making her gain a large amount of Chakra (Kurama must be complete here)

-After her Mutation Naru gain all Terran and Protoss Psionic Powers (It must be weak at first since it's no fun if she's OP) and Psionic Powers use Chakra when used

-Naru can use her Chakra to hasten the Evolution or Building of her Swarm (Operation Cwal from the first Game)

-With Naru or Kurama Chakra the Zerg has High Speed Regeneration

-Naru's Swarm can use Chakra to Temp. enhance there Physical Abilities Greatly

-Naru's Zerg can evolved to Humanoid Zerg that look like Infested Terrans in the Game (They can look closer to a Collectors of Mass Effect) and they are capable of Normal Human Mental Capabilities but extremely loyal to Naru (let's call it Infested Shinobi)

-Infested Shinobi can use skills of a Shinobi though limited skills set and there are four versions of Infested Shinobi (IS) and one is a Master of one Art but has average skills in the other Arts like IS-1 Kenjutsu-Kage, Taijutsu-Chuunin, Ninjutsu-Chuunin, Genjutsu-Chuunin and IS-2 Kenjutsu-Chuunin, Taijutsu-Kage, Ninjutsu-Chuunin, Genjutsu-Chuunin and so on

-Naru must defeat the Akatsuki and Wage War to all Nations of the EN

-The Reason of the War is Konoha's treatment to Naru and for the Five Ninja Village killing her Clan

-Naru must like Kushina and hates Minato (Kushina Hates Minato too)

-Naru has Few or Nine Broodmother's (Her Second in Command and they can look like the ones in the Game or they can look like a Humanoid like Naru with the ability to give birth to a Larva) and if the Broodmothers are Humanoid they can be based as a Naruto Character or other Anime/Manga Character.

-After the War Naru set her sights to the Star's

-Naru's Technology must be Pure Zerg Only (Meaning Naru's Base of Operation is the Leviathan)

-Naru's Leviathan must have a Byakugan to it can see few thousand kilometers to detect Naru's enemies or whatever it is

-The Naru and her Zerg's must have a Energy Shield or Psionic Shield (Meaning Naru's Leviathan can shrug Sovereign's MAC multiple times and along with it's hard Armor it can probably win against Two Sovereign's barely and the Leviathan can use MAC too but the fire rate is long arounf ten seconds interval per shot but the same level of firepower as Sovereign')

-All of Naru's Arial Zerg can use Mass Effect to increase their mobility in Air and Space (Btw i think you already knows this but Naru and Her Zerg has there own FTL the one use by the Zerg in the Game or Novel)

-The First Contact of the Citadel Race must be in Shanxi and it can be the combined Fleet of the Salarian, Asari and Turian Race

-There Are Three Route's

-One Naru Continued to wage war to the Citadel Race until their extinct

-Two After Few campaign's against the Citadel Race Naru Accepted the Peace between her and the Citadel Race

-Three Naru Prolong the War until the Time of the Reapers Re-appear Again and meaning Naru would be Fighting a Two Front War


(77)Katekyo Hitman Reborn! x Mass Effect Crossover

-The Millefiore and Vongola Family must be the leaders of the Humanity

-The Tech. of Humans must Hybridize Dying Will Flame and Element Zero (btw due to there main Tech. is based of Dying Flames Humans was able to Eliminate the Weakness of the Mass Effect Tech.)

-Their FLT must use Flame of Night

-The Wielders of the Tri-ni-set must influential peoples


(76)Muv-Luv Alternative x Mass Effect Crossover

-After Thousands of Years of War against the Beta the Humans manage to forced the BETA's outside the Sol System and reclaimed Earth

-After Pushing the BETA's out of the Sol System (Btw the BETA's Homeworld is within the Sol Star Cluster so no other Race meet them)

-Humans found the Protheans Ruins just after pushing the BETA's out of the Sol System but the Ruins was destroyed by the BETA's

-In response of the Laser BETA's Humanity created a different Barrier (Meaning Energy Barrier where it can block Energy and Kinetic Attacks so as Radiations)

-The TSF Advance and they have Energy Barriers too (They can be used to fight at Space)

-Human Star-ships main weapons are the EML-99X Electromagnetic Induction Launcher only Larger

-After pushing the BETA's out of Earth Humans united under one banner due to the treat of an Another possible Hostile Race when they found out about the Mass Relays and the Broken Ruins in Mars (There would be no Betrayals and Back-stabbing)

-Humanity is Xenophobic but they are trusting to those who don't attack them without warning

-Humanity Tech. must be different then ME Tech. since they build there own from scratch

-Cerberus are Pro-Humans who really hates Aliens with passion and Illusive Man is not controlled by the Reapers

-Humanity prioritize Absolute Defense and Mobility rather than Fire Power in there Star-Ships and Fire Power in there TSF's (Since majority if not all of the Human Star-ships are TSF Carriers)

-All Human Colonies and Worlds are heavily Fortified to the Point all Moons of the Colonies and Worlds of Humanity are full of Military Base's and Battle-ships

-The AI's of the Humanity are a Clone or like the 00 Unit of the Alternative IV Project (Meaning there Part Synthetic and Organic and had the same rights as Human)

-The BETA's also evolved in those Thousands of Years of War against Humanity (they now look like Zergs from StartCraft)

-The First Contact can be Hostile or Not

-If Hostile make it that the Humanity wage war to all Citadel Race

-If not make it that the Humanity appear or meet the Citadel Four Centuries before Cannon

-Pairings (M)Shepard x Any or (F)Shepard x Any


(75)Starcraft x Mass Effect Crossover

-A Broodmother was sent of the ME-verse by Accident

-The Broodmother wage War to All race of the ME-verse

-Set in Post-Mass Effect 3


(74)Demonbane x High School DxD Crossover

-At the End of the Good Ending Korou and Al-Azif was Reincarnated or Sent to the DxD-verse

-There power level must be a Portion or All when they are near the End of the Game (Meaning Top-Ten Strongest if it's a Portion)

-Korou must join the Khaos Brigade

-The Pairings are Korou x Al-Azif x Ophis (Hey Korou is a Lolicon you know!)


(73)Fate Stay Night x Mass Effect Crossover

-Humans and Type's went to War and the Humans nearly meet extinction

-Humans evolved due to the War and Experiments

-All Humans now have an average physical abilities of a Rank-E in Servant parameters

-Humans now can live up to 3 to 4 centuries

-Science and Magecraft become hybridize

-Main power-source of Tech. is the Kaleidoscope or better yet Kaleido-Gem (Meaning near Infinite Energy Source)

-There Main Barrier's are the same as the Magical Girls of FateKaleid Liner Prisma Illya (It applies to Military Personnel and Star-ships)

-There FLT is using a Partial 2nd Magic (Meaning as long as they have the Coordinates they can travel 1M Light Years if they want to in an instant)

-Humans must be ruthless on their enemies


(72)Mass Effect x Starcraft Crossover

Sue me but i want to read something like this

-The Protoss are Humans or Humans with Protoss Powers and Technology only (meaning no Terran Tech.)

-Humans must have the Life-span of a Protoss

-The Human with Protoss Tech. must be par to the Reapers Tech. (meaning the Citadel Race or any other Race that use Element Zero would be no match the Humans if they fought in even number and to defeat the Humans the fleet must be 1:3 or 1:5 ratio btw humans must be the 1)

-The Zerg can come after the Repears are defeated or in the Middle of the War

-The Human Empire First Contact the Quarian Race

-Humans Helped the Quarians (And with the Humans without A.I's would be the two would cooperate nicely) and Krogan's

-The Citadel Council Heard of this after a few years after the First Contact and sent a Fleet subjugate them

-The Rest can follow Cannon if you want

-The Pairings are up to you


(71)Arpeggio of Blue Steel x Infinite Stratos Crossover

I just want to read one

-The Fleet of Fog and IS meet and Battle


(70)Arpeggio of Blue Steel x Mass Effect Crossover

-Fleet of Fog Tech. must replace all Human ME Tech.

-Humans must not have Mass Effect Tech.

-All Star-ships must have a Mental Model

-There must be no Prothean Cache in Mars

-Humanity does not use Mass Relays

-Humanity must have their own FTL

-The Story must be similar to Alternate Humanity - The Fleet of Fog by Orez Lanrete


(69)One Piece x Campione Crossover

-When White Beard died He was Reincarnated in the Campione-verse

-He must have his Haki and Devil Fruit Ability (btw he can swim here)

-He become a Campione few decades before the Cannon

-He must search a way to return to the OP-verse

-The pairings your choice


(68)Infinite Stratos x Mass Effect Crossover

-Humanity was united under the banner of the Orimura Clan

-Males can use IS now

-The IS is must covered the entire Body rather than Parts of the Body like Arms and Legs (They look like a Human Size Gundam know)

-Ichika married Houki, Cecillia, Lingyin, Charlotle and Laura

-Ichika now is the Emperor

-Tabane invented a Machine (probably Nano-machines) to Extend a Humans life-span into a Millennium and increase the Reaction-Speed and Durability of the Humans (this is Tabane where talking about!)

-Humans must not have a Biotic's (They have IS so yeah)

-The Shields of an IS is two times superior than the Biotic's Shields more so on the Battleships Shield is three to five times Superior than any Citadel Ships

-Humans must not use Element Zero or Eezo on their Star-Ships

-Humans use the Power-Source of the IS to power there Star-Ships (Though it's More Advance here than the Novel and Anime)

-The Humans must invent there own FLT

-The pairings are Ichika x Houki x Cecillia x Lingyin x Charlotle x Laura


(67)Fate Stay Night x Harry Potter Crossover

Hehe i cant think much needed for the challenge

-At the End of the UBW Caster/Medea was reincarnated as a Female/Harry Potter

-The night when Voldemort attack the Potters Lily Potter died and Medea/Harry's brother become The-Boy-Who-Lived

-James given Medea/Harry to the Dursley a month or so after the attack

-An accident when Medea/Harry was still few years old made Medea/Harry recover all of Medea's Memories and Personality

-Harry being Medea plotted her revenge to the Potters and Medea/Harry replace her last name with Medea's old last name or Lily's last name


(66)Fate Stay Night x Negima Crossover

-Shirou is the son of Evangeline (She used her and Nagi's DNA to make or give birth to Shirou btw She created/birthed Shirou few decade before the cannon)

-He must look Human and with the Immortality of Eva (So he must not have any Vampire features)

-He was transported to the Nasu-verse due to Eva's failed Dimensional Spell

-The reason why Eva was stalking Nagi was to ask him to ask his friends to help her bring back Shirou (but Nagi thought that he loves him)

-Shirou was found by Gilgamesh and Kerei trained him

-He must have an Amnesia and he must regain all his memories near the end of the Holy Grail War or when he returned to the Negima-verse

-He must have a Superior Magic Circuits (probably Rivals Lorelei or Top-Tier Dead Apostle Ancestors)

-He must have the Personality of Gilgamesh minus the Arrogance

-He must have a dual Origin Sword/Perfection (meaning every sword he trace is a complete copy of the Original and the Shields is a complete copy of the Original too but the cost is still three times than the Swords)

-He was chosen as a Master due to him unconscionably wanting to go Home or Return back to Eva

-He must summon Saber/Jeanne d'Arc or Caster/Medea

-He must be Friends with Rin

-Near the end of the War Shirou, Rin, Jeanne or Medea was thrown to the Negima-verse due to the Holy Grail Granting Shirou's unconscious wish (btw this must be an AU/Route and The Holy Grail granted Shirou's wish due to him purging the corruption of the Angra Mainyu)

-At the End of the Battle of Negi and Chao, Chao used the Power of the World Tree to wish Shirou and Eva was reunited (Due to her being friends in the future and saw how Eva was really depressed to lost Shirou)

-Magecraft is Three to Five times for Stronger and Effective in Negima-verse

-The Sevants must reached or Reincarnated when they arrive in the Negima-verse (but they still has their Servant Abilities)

-The pairings are Shirou x Rin x Jeanne or Medea


(65)Fate Stay Night x Naruto Crossover

-When Gilgamesh was killed in the Holy Grail War he was Reincarnated as Naruto

-He must not remember his time as Gilgamesh but he still has all of Gil's Powers, Skills, Items and Personality

-Kushina must be Alive here (btw There Family name must be Uzumaki and nothing else)

-Gil/Naruto and Kushina must leave Konoha after the Sealing of Kurama

-Konoha must have been betrayed the Uzumaki Clan

-Kushina and Gil/Naruto must be out to Destroy Konoha and Unite the Elemental Nation under one banner

-The Pairings must be Gil/Naruto x Kushina


(64)Naruto x FateKaleid Liner Prisma Illya Crossover

-When Kurama was sealed into Naruto a Class Card was sealed into Naruto without anyone noticing it

-The Class Card is Assassin/Sasaki Kojiro

-Sasaki Kojiro abilities must flow into Naruto like Archer's into Shirou in HF

-Naruto must assimilate all of Sasaki Kojiro abilities before he become a Gennin

-He must Dislike Konoha and Minato and love his Uzmaki Heritage (Btw his hair must be Red)

-The Other Class Cards must be thrown into the Elemental Nations

-The Class Cards must be Own by Naruto's Enemies (The Enemies must be able to use the Class Cards)

-Their must be a Holy Grail in the Elemental Nations (A wielder of the Class Card must defeat everyone except himself in orfer for the Holy Grail to Appear btw the HG is not Corrupted here and can grant any wish)

-Pairings are up to you but no Konoha Girls


(63)Code Geass x Negima Crossover

-Upon Lelouch death he was transported to the Negima-verse

-He meet the newly transformed into Vampire Eva

-The Two traveled the World and become a notorious Dark Mage's (though it's not their fault since they only trying to defend themselves)

-The Two Separated after both are strong enough to defend themselves

-Eva was sealed in Mahora by Nagi (the reason why Eva is stalking Nagi is due she has a crush on him)

-Lelouch become a hermit and studied a Magic to return home and he later learned what happen to Eva and decided to help her

-Lelouch decided to teach Negi since he saw something similar to him when he was young

-Lelouch must be the same level as Eva, Nagi or Rakan

-He must be using Dark Magic too

-He must have the Code

-He must returned to his home world after the Magic World Arc (He indeed Return back to his world but in a different time when he was still a child, well you can make it a Parallel World if you want)

-The Pairings can be Lelouch x C.C. x Eva


(62)Code Geass x Fate Stay Night Crossover

-Lelouch found the Avalon and Excalibur when he was a child and exploring the Pendragon (Btw it's possible since Britain didn't fall when Arthur died and it's possible that his/her Knights put the Avalon and Excalibur in Arthur's tomb)

-He must grow-up with the Ideals of a Knight and a King

-He must be Athletic (At least Rank-C or B on Servant parameters)

-He must not have a Geass

-He must be Immune to the Effect of the Geass due to the Avalon

-He must have a Dragon Blood like Saber/Arthuria in Fate Stay Night

-The Eternal Youth of the Avalon must take effect when he turned Eighteen

-The World of C is the Alaya of the Code Geass-verse (btw Gaia must not exist here)

-The Codes must been made by the Alaya

-Magecraft is used in secret the most prominent ones are Geass Order (Btw some organization in EU and China use Magecraft too)

-The Pairings are Lelouch and C.C.


(61)Code Geass x FateKaleid Liner Prisma Illya Crossover

-Lelouch found a broken Kaleidostick named Sapphire when he was a young child (maybe after he was exiled)

-Using Sapphire Lelouch can transform into his Zero outfit with Physical Enhancements and Magical/Physical Resistance and He can create barriers too (but can be penetrated by the Radiant Wave Surger of Gurren and the VARIS particle rifle or Maser Vibration Swords of Lancelot)

-In his Zero outfit he can match an 9th Generation KMF in speed alone and can shrug off Weapons that use Shells and can block an punch of an KMF and Slash Harkens

-His Physical Ability is also increased par to Suzaku

-Lelouch must be weak like his Cannon Counterpart without Sapphire

-The Class Cards was scattered in the Code Geass-verse found by Lelouch Enemies and used it against him

-The Emperor must have the Card of Gilgamesh

-The Emperor need more power to destroy the World of C and That's where the Class Card Come's in V.V and Charles was able to make a weapon that can sure-fire kill the World of C but it needs Seven Class Card (so Lelouch must prevent Charles from obtaining more Class Cards)

-The pairings are up to you


(60)Fate Stay Night x Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's Crossover

-Shirou found the the Book of Darkness but due to the Avalons ability the Book was purified and become the Tome of the Night Sky

-Shirou's personalty/ideals is like the Heaven's Feel one not a Hero of Justice (like he would scarifies everyone to save his love ones)

-His Origin must be the 'Sword' (You can change it if you want)

-Kiritsugu manage to save Illya and she lives with Shirou

-The Einzbern Family was destroyed by Kiristugu after he rescued Illya

-Illya must have a frail body or dying at the age of 18 due to the experiments and Shirou knows this

-Shirou love'ss her sister too much so he can become evil for her (btw he loves and respect his Wolkenritter's too)

-Kiritsugu died a month after saving Illya

-Wolkenritter's knows a spell to save Illya but need to fill all the pages of the Tome of the Night Sky to do it

-Shirou's must be activated upon the activation of the Wolkenritter's

-The Wolkenritter's awaken two years after the 4th Grail War

-The Wolkenritter's trained Shirou after they awoken

-Kiritsugu must have destroyed the Great Grail so no more Holy Grail War

-Rin and Shirou are Friends

-Optional Rin and Illya can get a Device later

-Shirou set out of the other dimension is to the Gather enough energy to fill the pages

-TSAB stops or hinders Shirou's progress to collect and fill the pages

-One of the main Villains must be Gilgamesh

-Gilgamesh is the one who destroyed Ancient Belka with Ea

-Gilgamesh here can fight and overpower pretty much everyone in the Nanoha-verse

-Upon the destruction of the Great Grail, Gilgamesh is near it and he slowly but surely getting his true powers back (so by the time Shirou and Gil fought Gil is pretty much not a Servant Anymore his body is like the one he has when he was still alive)

-Pairings are Shirou x Rin x Illya x Fate x Nanoha x Signum


(59)Fate Stay Night x Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's Crossover

-Shirou is a Student of Zelretch

-He has a Kaleidostick and can transform him like the Counter Guardian Emiya's battle armor

-He meet Nanoha and the others he sense a Prana signature fluctuating in the Uminari City

-He confronted them and helped their cause after he insulted them to their biased opinion to the Book of Darkness

-Shirou must be able to copy the Device as long it's shaped as a Sword like Signum's

-Shirou in his transformed form must be at least S-plus or double S in Nanoha-verse rankings

-His Magic resistance can only be penetrated by attacks like Strom Falcon of Signum or Nanona's Starlight breaker (but theirs no way he would wait for them to finish charging it right? btw from what i know the Kaleidostick can give Physical Resistance too like the Barrier jacket of the Nanoha-verse)

-Pairings can be Fate or Nanoha


(58)Fate Stay Night

-Kiritsugu died a month after saving Shirou

-Shirou must be using his real Magic Circuits

-His Circuits must be at-least par or a bit inferior to Rin and Sakura

-Saber survived the 4th war and become a mother/father figure to Shirou

-Saber taught all her Skills to Shirou

-Shirou's personalty/ideals is like a Knight rather than a Hero of Justice

-He must be well versed in Archery and Swordsmanship

-His Origin must still be the 'Sword'

-Shirou must be able to completely trace the Avalon and the Excalibur

-Pairings can be Saber or Rin (you can add more if you want)


(57)Demonbane x Campione Crossover

-The MC must be Elder God Daijuuji Kurou

-Nyarlathotep is the reason the Age of the Gods is like that in the Campione-verse

-Korou appear in the Campione-verse before or during Cannon (your pick)

-He must become a Campione (really? he doesn't need to be one to kill a God right?)

-His main goal to to end the Age of the Gods in the Campion-verse and find Nyarlathotep

-Optional His second Goal is to peg-down the huge-ego's of the Campione's

-Pairings are Korou x Al Azif only


(56)Gundam 00 x Mass Effect Crossover

-Set a Millennium After the Movie

-All Humans must be Innovators

-They must have there own FLT (I think like Setsuna did near the end of the Movie and it's name can be GN Warp or Something)

-There Shield System surround the user with GN Particles to protect them from Kinetic and Beam Weapons (like the Gundam Pilot use to protect there Gundam from enemy Weapons)

-The Star-ships of the Humans must use GN Drive

-Humans must have a protocol that denies other Race to gain access to there Tech.

-Only Humans can become a Innovators

-Innovades are used as Military Personnel and Man-power in other facilities

-The Gundams are the main Troops or Weapons of the Military

-Veda must be hidden to the other Race

-The Cerberus are the Celestial Being's and They protect Mankind from the Shadows

-Humans only has a minority of Biotic User

-The First Contact must be a Battle


(55)Naruto x Sekirei Crossover

-The MC must be Naruto

-The three clans Uzumaki, Senju, Uchiha each has a sapling of the Shinju

-The Shinju bore an artificial being known as Sekirei

-The Sekirei main purpose is to become a life partner (mainly wife's of the Clan heads, Clan heir or any of the respective clans)

-They are treated with respect and care within the Clans

-A child of a Sekirei and Shinobi is very powerful and talented i.e. Madara and Hshirama

-A Sekirei can only give birth once

-Sekirei must be all female

-The Elemental Nations reached the stars with there technology

-Eight Ships full of Sekirei and few Shinobi's to colonize the other planets

-But when the ships reached the outer space a disaster happened (like what happen to the age of the dinosaurs)

-The Eight ships crashed the hibernated and killing the Shinobi's on board leaving only Naruto

-Seven Ships resurfaced and attempted to leave the planet but crashed again due to system malfactions

-Six found by humans and was force to fight each other due to the brainwashing of the humans (duh! there children and fetus there of course they were brainwashed to fight each other)

-The Seventh was found by Minaka

-The Eight ship found out what was happening to the Seventh so the went to Shin Tokyo to free them

-The Eight is where Naruto is aboard

-Naruto's Sekirei must be five at max (Btw the Sekirei's of Naruto can come from an other Anime, Manga and Novel)

-Pairings are up to you


(54)Campione x Fairy Tail Crossover

-Godou and the Gang must be in there younger years (at least five years after Godou become a Campione)

-They where transported to the Fairy-verse due to a failed experiment

-they appear when Acnologia attack the fairy tail guild

-There are two routes

-One, They join the fairy tail and follow the guilds adventures

-Two, They travel Earthland and defeat evil mage and beings

-Pairings Godou x his Harem x any (you can add more if you want)


(53)Cmapione x Percy Jackson and the Olympians Crossover

-Godou must be at least a century old (so his more battle harden and he does not have his pacifist personality)

-He gain a authority that allowed him to bind the lives of his wife's into him (meaning permanent Youth Authority and eternal life until Godou died)

-His Authorities must be no or very few restrictions

-Godou and his wife's must be summon by someone in the Percy-verse

-He must first go to the Half-Blood camp

-The Primordial Gods/Goddesses, Titan's, Gods/Goddesses must have the same aura like in the Campione-verse (Godou and the Gang know and sense them)

-The aura of each Primordial Gods/Goddesses, Titan's, Gods/Goddesses must be the same like there counter part in the Campione-verse

-He must learned the art of trolling

-There are four routes

-One, Godou kills all Primordial Gods/Goddesses, Titan's, Gods/Goddesses

-Two, He will help the Demi-gods and the Olypians

-Three, He help Chronos escape and kills all Olypians

-Four, His going to be trolling everyone

-Pairings Godou x His Harem x any (you can add more if you want)


(52)Naruto x Toaru Majutsu no Index Crossover

-Naruto must be transported to the Toaru-verse after the sealing of Kurama

-The Naruto-verse and Toaru-verse must be a different world

-He must not learn any Shinobi abilities only water/tree walking

-He must learn how to use the Sealed of Hatred Mode

-He must be skilled in hand-to-hand combat

-He must replace Sogiita Gunha as the number 7 level 5 gemstone

-Kurama must be complete here meaning he has both his Yin and Yang Chakra

-Touma's arm must be ineffective on the Seal on Naruto's stomach/belly

-There are two routes

-Route one, He would follow Toama's adventures (his personality must be like the Cannon happy-go-lucky, reckless and hot-headed)

-Two two, He would follow the adventures of Mikoto (his personality here must be cold, indefinite and possessive)

-Pairings Naruto x Masaki x any (you can more if you want but the main must be Masaki)


(51)Campione x Toaru Majutsu no Index Crossover

-Godou must be at least five hundred years old

-He must be transported by some-other means to the Toaru-verse

-The Campione-verse and Toaru-verse must be a different world

-The magic resistance of a Campione-works like Toama's arm (so Esper abilities are ineffective to him but Esper like Accelerator and Masaki's ability is somewhat effective if they use it while having a mouth to mouth with Godou but in Accelerator's case put his hand in Godou's mouth and use his ability)

-Toama's arm must emit an aura like a Campione's magic resistance

-When Toama has a physical contact with a Campione it makes the Campione unable to use his Authorities (but the Campione's magic resistance is still intact and the body is unharmed)

-Godou must not gain an Esper ability or learn Magic of the Toaru-verse

-There are three routes

-Route one, Godou can join the Magic side and mess with Toama

-Route two, Godou would become a student or teacher in the academy city and help Toama's adventure

-Route three, Godou would join Aleister Crowley and help him with his plans

-Pairings Godou x Mugino Shizuri x Shokuhou Misaki (yes i'm making Godou a Lolicon or cradle rubber here)


(50)Code Geass x Toaru Majutsu no Index Crossover

-When Lelouch died C.C. prayed for a miracle to happen

-Both he and C.C. was transported to the Toaru-verse regressed in age a bit

-Lelouch took Accelerators Place

-He must be close to Shokuhou Misaki

-C.C. must gain a ability similar to Rolo

-Pairings are Lelouch x C.C. x Misaki


(49)Code Geass x Fate Stay Night Crossover

-When Lelouch died C.C. prayed for a miracle to happen

-The two of them was reborn to a normal family as siblings

-The two meet a hermit magus and took them as his students

-They still has there Code

-The powers of a Code are (btw they can still grow to match there CG-verse age)

-One, Increase in physical abilities

-Two, Immunity to mental abilities such as hypnotism and compulsion

-Three, Generates Od (ths giving Lelouch and C.C. near infinite reserves)

-Four, Regeneration and Eternal Youth (they can only die if they are disintegrated or killed by a conceptual weapon aimed to neutralize immortality)

-Five, Mental link (Lelouch and C.C. can talk mentally to each other due to the Code)

-They must lost the ability to give Geass to others

-One of them must be picked by the Holy Grail as one of the masters

-There Servant must be Caster/Medea

-Pairings are Lelouch x C.C. x Medea


(48)Code Geass

I always wanted to read a Lelouch who helped his father complete the Ragnarok Connection or a Lelouch with a Geas like in the Nightmare of Nunnally

-NoN-Lelouch Reincarnated to the Original Code Geas-verse using the Sword of Akasha

-NoN-Lelouch took over OCG-Lelouch's body

-NoN-Lelouch must be the MC

-This is Lelouch's first reincarnation

-Lelouch's Geass must be the same in the Nightmare of Nunnally

-Lelouch has the Code but his body still grow to match his age before using the Sword of Akasha and its due to the Sword of Akasha why his still growing

-He can summon his Knightmare Frame and it must be Mark Nemo with Energy Wings

-There are two Routes

-Route one Lelouch must help his father to complete the Ragnarok Connection

-Rai must replace Lelouch as Zero or make him the leader of the rebellion of Area Eleven

-Rai must be a Sumeragi here

-Rai and Kaguya must be sisters or cousins

-His intelligent must be par to Lelouch and physical ability must be par to Suzaku

-Rai must know the existence of the Geass since he has one too (his Geass is the same in the Lost Colors but he conquered it like the Emperor so no rampaging like how the OCG-Lelouch did to Euphiemia) and the Sword of Akasha so he actively protecting the Geass Ruins

-C.C. must be Rai's Ally

-Pairings are Lelouch x Monica x Cecile x any and you can add more if you want

-Route two Lelouch was banished or exiled to Japan

-He, Rai and Kaguya must be close

-Rai here must smart but not par to Lelouch and he must be physically par to Suzaku or Rai is mostly an Knightmare builder here

-Lelouch created the Black Knights 2 years early

-He and C.C. must be allies before japan was invaded

-He must not spoil and too much adore his sister Nunnally

-Pairings are Lelouch x C.C. x Kaguya x any you can add more if you want


(47)Naruto x Campione Crossover

-The Elemental Nations is like the Netherworld but in different location

-Humans in the EN and are the same Level or Close to Obito, Madara, Hashirama and Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki are close to a level of a God Making them making them have a potential to become a Campione (so those four can Fight a Campione evenly but would ultimately lose due to the Campione's advantage's)

-A Jinchuuriki with a Bijuu Mode can Fight a Heretic God/Goddess and win against them thought the chance is 2 out of 10 or 3 out of 10 (being a Jinchuuriki give you a ticket to become a Campione but you have to earn it by Training and becoming strong though)

-Large scale Ninjutsu Jutsu of Madara, Hashirama and the Jinchuuriki/Bijuu's Bijuudama can hurt a Campione

-Normal Genjutsu to Genjutsu's like Tsukiyomi and Izanami is useless to a Campione

-There are many pocket dimensions out there created by Primordial Gods/Goddesses and the EN is one of them (The Juubi/Shinju is the creator of the EN)

-On the night of the stealing of Scroll of Sealing Naruto was transported outside of the EN and into the Earth

-Naruto was sent back to the past around 200yrs to 300yrs back cannon Campione and cannon Naruto

-He only knows few Jutsu they are the Kawarimi no Jutsu, Henge no Jutsu and Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (btw he knows the Water and Walk Walking and Chakra Chains, Rasengan too)

-There Naruto was adopted by a small time Family of Miko/Witches

-A God appeared near his home and by some miracle he manage to kill him and become the 2nd Campione

-The God must be Gilgamesh and the Authorities he gain are

-One is the Gate of Babylon (Any Weapons in the Gate has the ability to kill God/Goddess and while Naruto has it he doesn't use the Gate like Gilgamesh he use the Gate as a storage and use, wield the Weapons as an extension to his body)

-Two is Golden Rule (Same as the Nasu-verse but here it attracts Riches to the point it's not even funny anymore)

-The Enkidu must not be one of Naruto's Authority (lets face it it's a cheat code)

-Kurama become Naruto's Authority like Godou's Divine Beast the Boar (but Kurama always Manifests itself in the world in a small fox from btw with the cooperation of Kurama he can still use the Sealed of Hatred Mode and Bijuu Mode and Kurama here must be complete and Minato didn't seal his Yin Chakra)

-Kurama and Naruto must be friends and comrades

-Next God Naruto kills is Heracles and the Authorities he gain are

-Optional One God Strength (Gives Naruto a strength par to Godou's Bull)

-Two is God Hand (Gives Naruto 11 Extra lives and the cool-down to reset the Authority is twelve-days since adding 11 lives gives him 12 so yeah)

-Nest Goddess is Nyx

-One Parent of the Gods (all child that Naruto have is divine origin or all of them are demi-gods

-Naruto must be ether Liliana, Erica, Yuri or Ena's Great-Grandfather (Naruto would use this and appear as a child to tease Godou that he stole his sister to the public)

-He must be the Lover of Lu Hao or Madame Aisha

-The Gods/Goddess knows about the Pocket Dimensions but they cant enter it unless they are the Creator of the Pocket Deminsion

-Higher ups of the Magical Organization knows about the Pocket Dimensions but none can enter unless there a Campione or Campione is with them (btw the latter is optional if you want Naruto to have a companion on his return to the EN)

-Naruto's age is between Voban and Lu Hao

-There are Two Routes

-One Naruto must go back to the Elemental Nations after the three year training or the beginning of the shippuden

-Kushina and Minato must be dead in the route one (Kushina is already dead before Minato convince her to seal Kurama to Naruto in the Cannon and Naruto dislikes his father)

-Two Naruto returned to the EN before the Uzumaki Clan was destroyed and he helped them repel the Kiri, Iwa, Kumo invasion (in this route Kushina must be in the Harem)

-After the events of the Fourth Shinobi War or Naruto killing Madara or something he must return to the Campione-verse or Earth

-The Older Clans and Kages must know that they live in a Pocket Dimension

-The Bijuu's are Divine Beast and Juubi/Shinju is a Heretic Primordial God (that would explain why Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki couldn't kill Juubi/Shinju)

-In the Myth Juubi/Shinju is the Father/Mother of Izanagi and Izanami

-Naruto must not have the Sharingan and Rinnegan

-Pairings are Any Naruto girls but no Konoha Girls and Lu Hao or Madame Aisha


(46)Naruto x Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple Crossover

-Naruto-verse and the Kenichi-verse are the same world

-Naruto manage to rebuild the Uzumaki Clan (so he married an another Uzumaki)

-The Elemental Nations is Reduce to a small country name Japan

-The Uzumaki Clan is well known Warrior Clan who is neutral to theSatsujinken and Katsujinken

-Only Pure Chakra manipulation and Chakra enhancing jutsu are left and known by the Uzumaki Clan (so No ninjutsu and genjutsu)

-The Uzumaki Clan's Body is, heals faster than others, almost unlimited stamina and many times more durable than a human body

-Optional, Few Uzumaki Clan members are killed by a Satsujinken and the Clan was forced to side with the Katsujinken

-The MC is the Reincarnation of Naruto

-There are two routes here

-One, Naruto is a Disciple-Class and friend of Kenichi and Miu

-He must appear later at least after the Ragnarok Arc

-Two, Naruto is Legendary-Master-Class

-He took and trained few of Kenichi's friend/group

-Pairings are up to you preferably no OC


(45)Gundam 00 x Infinite Stratos Crossover

-MC is Setsuna

-A year after the introduction if IS the Gundam is appeared

-Gundams are the same size as IS but it covers the entire body like an Armor

-Gundams use GN Drive rather than the Black Box that Tabane invented

-It also have the shields of an IS plus with the GN shield

-Veda in hidden at the Dark Side of the Moon

-Setsuna belong to the group Celestial Being

-The CB's main operation is to intervene with the War and to dis credit the IS

-The main them of the fic is Gundam vs IS

-The IS is the Source of War in this fic

-There are thousands of not ten thousands of IS

-Only one out of a thousand men can use IS

-Pairings are Setsuna x Any it's up to you


(44)Negima x High School DxD Crossover

This is mostly a crack fic but you can make it a serious one if you like

-When Fate used the Grand Master Key sent Jack Rakan to the DxD-verse

-Jack appeared in the dimensional gap

-He challenge Great Red into a fight and won (since he is the Jack Rakan!)

-He then sought Ophis and challenge her into a fight and won again

-Jack was soon known in the DxD-verse as the strongest Human Alive! post meeting of the three factions

-He joined the Khaos Brigade to be with Ophis (since his a Lolicon here)

-He meet Issei and taught him his skills and made his cannon counter part paled comparison to his new pervertedness

-The Pairings are Jack x Ophis (since it would be awesome to see him as a Lolicon as a joke or gag)


(43)Negima x High School DxD Crossover

-Negi is at least a thousand yrs old

-He invented a spell that both him and Eva was transported in the DxD-Verse

-Negi and Eva's power level must be at the Top-Ten

-Negi must be a Pure Blood Devil and Eva is a Pure Blood Vampire

-The two must belong to the Khaos Brigade or they are Neutral

-Eva must be trolling the Biblical Factions and Negi was just tag along with her

-Negi must have Asuna's Magic Canceler

-The Pairings are Negi x Eva and Eva as the main Girl and you can add a DxD girl if you want


(42)High School DxD x Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru So Desu yo Crossover

Nothing else has to be said only few conditions

-Post Volume 14 in Novel

-The Gang has been invited to the Little Garden


(41)High School DxD x Fate Stay Night Crossover

I just want a non-pervert Issei with a Magic Circuits and has a Magic Resistance and with Noble Phantasms (Since i don't like Issei from Cannon, he relay to much with his raw power and i want an Issei that relay on his skill and wield weapons of concept btw i don't believe that raw power can defeat a concept)

-Issei was transported to the Nasu-verse at the age of eight due to him being near and caught of a two supernatural being fighting together

-He appeared the the Fuyuki Fire

-He was adopted the Kiritsugu

-Issei lost his childhood memories

-He went through what Shirou did (Heaven's Feel Route)

-The Archer of this war is the future Issei who never achieve more than a twice critical and never recovered his memories and never went back to the DxD-verse

-Issei who went through the HF manage to achieve to fully awaken his sacred gear

-He has Shirou's abilities and Origin so as the UBW

-His Servant in this world is Caster/Medea or Rider/Medusa

-Due to his dragon blood Issei has a magic resistance upon opening his magic circuits

-Unlike Shirou Issei opened his magic circuits when Kiritsugu taught him when he was a child

-Upon the last battle of the HF route He along his Servant was transported to the DxD-verse badly wounded regressed in age a bit (making him the same age as his cannon counter part)

-By some unknown means his Servant manage to gain an actual body

-His parents found them few days returning to his real world

-Pairings are Issei x Medea or Medusa as the main girl you can add a DxD girls if you want


(40)Persona 4 x High School DxD Crossover

-Narukami Yuu transferred to Kouh Academy after the last battle

-Yuu still has all his Persona's and his at max level (rivals an Ultimate-Class-Devil or a Seraph)

-Marie told Yu about the world and the supernatural beings in the Mythologies still exist

-Persona users especially the Wild Card Persona users are well famous in the whole DxD-verse

-All Wild Card Persona users who attained The World Arcana was gifted by a Campione-like Body without the magic resistance part

-Persona users can't be sense by beings weaker than them

-Yuu saw Issei getting killed by Raynare

-He fought Raynare and winning but caught of guard by an attack of Kokabiel

-Yuu died an reincarnated by Sona or Rias

-Optional Yuu can loss all his Persona and reset to level 1 after being reincarnated but his Personas won't be affected by it like giving all his Persona a weakness to Holy

-Pairings are Marie x Yuu or Yuu x Any except Rias and Akeno (i gotten tired of them being pared to the MC)


(39)Persona 4 x Fate Stay Night Crossover

-Narukami Yuu is the MC

-Yu transferred to Homurahara School as a third year student (he is older than Shirou by a year here)

-At the last battle Yu lost all of his persona except Izanagi-no-Okami

-Yu must not able to summon Izanagi-no-Okami except in Reality Marble or place that Gaia has no influence or place's like the Dark Hour and Tv World

-When Yu use his Izanagi-no-Okami his stats rises to match Izanagi-no-Okami (btw he can use all Izanagi's skills and spells)

-Yu must been caught in battle of Archer and Lancer

-Archer must know that Yu exist and going to the same school as Shirou but never encountered a parallel world where Yu was caught in the Holy Grail War except the one in the his in know

-Yu can fight a Servant in equal battle but he will lost due to his lack of the vast battle experience of the Servants have (no matter what you think a year of fighting can't caught up with the Servants decades or more years of battle experience)

-Some Gods must still exist but hides in an alternate plane like the Dark Hour and the Tv World

-To use the Persona and it's spells/skills does not need a magic ciruits but use an older system the one used in the Age of Gods so modern Magus can't sense a Persona unless they use the Persona's skill/spells

-Yu's magic defense is equal to a rank-a magic resistance and his physical resistance is one or two ranks lower than berserker God Hand (btw water resistance is included to the ice resistance)

-The Pairings are Rin x Yuu or Marie x Yuu


(38)Code Geass x Arpeggio of Blue Steel Crossover

-Leouch found the Fleet of Fogs (FoF) Base after the war

-He must be a child when he found the Base

-All Mental Models (MM) must be females

-MM's must be par to the Knight of Rounds in Knightmare Frames (KF) Combat and CQC's (but preferably all MM must be in there Ships)

-Leouch must no create the Black Knights but the FoF

-Before or After the war Leouch conquer the Sea's

-The Flying KF and Ships must be built after Lelouch conquer the Sea's

-The FoF must have a Flying Ship

-There must be no FoF in land aside for the KF's

-The Geass must be ineffective to the MM's

-The parings must be Lelouch x C.C. or any of Lelocuh siblings


()37Hidan no Aria x Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple Crossover

-Tohyama Kinji died on old age he was reborn in the Kenichi-verse

-Kinji is Kenichi's close friend

-He still has his HSS and he can activate it at will

-Kenji joined Ryouzanpaku a month or so before Kenichi joined

-the pairings is up to you


(36)Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru So Desu yo x High School DxD Crossover

-The Mc is Sakamuto Izayoi

-Few years staying in the Little Garden Izayoi returned home but he was sent to the DxD-verse

-Izayoi appeared in the Dimensional Gap and gotten irritated by Great Red ignoring him he fought him and won (btw i been PMing Feng Lengshun when he created the The Problematic Campione fic of his/her and told me about Izayoi's true powers so he can defeat GR if Izayoi is serious)

-He wen't to the Issei's hometown after the battle with GR (a year or two before the cannon)

-Ophis hearing that Izayoi defeating GR she actively try recruiting him and made him agreed after some time

-Upon hearing from Ophis that the Myths are real here he actively challenged every strong supernatural being making him a well known and feared by many

-The Pairings can be anyone but it must not be Rias and Akeno (i'm sick of them being the main girls)


(35)Persona 3 x Toaru Majutsu no Index Crossover

-Minato must be Reincarnated in the Toaru-verse

-He only recover his Persona's after becoming an Esper

-Touma hand can cancel of summoning of an Persona but ineffective to cancel the Persona's defense since Touma's hand and the Persona's defense works the same Concept

-Minato must not have the Universe Arcana (it could be sealed or lost)

-He must be one of the Eight Level Five's of the academy (or he can be the First Level Six)

-Touma and Minato must be friends

-The Pairings are Minato x Shokuhou Misaki


(34)Persona 3 x Sword Art Online Crossover

-Minato must be the MC

-Kayaba Akihiko along with the Kirijo group created the Persona Online

-The weapon skills are similar to Sword Art Online

-The stats of the Character must come from the Persona

-Persona's can't be summoned but only make the user able to use the skills and strength and have the weakness of the Persona

-To tame a Persona must work like the Devil Summoner (weakened the Persona then capture it but the Persona must be the same level or below of the user so a low-level user cant capture a high level Persona)

-There is a Skill called Persona Trigger that temporally boost the users parameters by 10 to 50 percent (depends on the mastery) and making a spectral Persona manifest behind the user

-The Reflect and Absorb defense must be taken off

-A character can only carry Three Persona's and the rest must be stored in a vault or something (but Minato is an exception since he can carry twelve at once)

-A character can sacrifice his/her current equipped Persona so that he/she won't die though the Persona would be lost forever

-Minato can be paired with one of the Persona 3 girls or Sword Art Online Girls


(33)Code Geass x Gundam 00 x Mass Effect Crossover

-Lelouch must be the MC and he must have the Code

-The Queen is ether C.C. or Kallen or Both with a Code (if both the two must have a Code Both)

-Lelouch must have united the Earth under the banner of Britannia

-The sakuradite must be replaced by GN Drive

-All Humans must be Innovators

-The highest soldiers must be the Knight or Rounds

-They must invent there own Faster Than Light or FTL

-Majority of the Humans must be naturally born Biotics (Around 70 to 80 percent)

-The KF's must be changed into Gundams

-Veda must be invented here and highly protected and well hidden (since it's the must important computer in the world)

-Create a crazy excuse that a Innovator can connect to the Veda and every Innovator can share thoughts if they wanted too

-Illusive Man must not exist here or he can exist but helps the Empire in the background or shadows

-Humans must call themselves Innovators

-There must be a bad Blood between the Innovators and the Council or the Other race

-The cast of Gundam 00 can be the members of KoR or other highly positions in the Military, Politics or Society


(32)Code Geass x Gundam 00 Crossover

-Lelouch and Setsuna are friends (Suzaku and Lelouch are still friends)

-Setsuna is a Japanese in this fic

-Rai and Setsuna joined Lelouch Rebellion after the war

-Lelouch, Rai and Nunnally found a scarped plans and technology of Aeolia Schenberg since it's technology impossibly to create Veda and the GN Drive at that time and the Group manage to create the Veda and GN Drive (Rai and Nunnally here are mostly a scientist here btw Nunnally is not blind here)

-The Knightmare Frames that Lelouch have uses GN Drive (of course the GN Drive must not fall in the hands of his enemies) and uses beam weapons too but only later of the R1

-Flying KF's and Ships must be later in the R1 or the start of the R2 (can be somewhere around when Avalon Appear)

-The Veda must be somewhere in the pacific ocean (of course too Veda must not fall in the hands of the enemies)

-Potential Innovators or Innovators must be somewhat resistant to Geass and must not be Immune to Geass

-Lelouch's Group mostly composed of Innovade's (Celestial Being is the name of Lelouch's Group)

-Lelouch and Nunnally's mother is Marianne Sumeragi but she changed it into Lamperouge and only the Emperor and Lelouch knows this (maybe Kaguya knows it too)

-Leouch kinda dislike his mother

-Rai and Lelouch are cousins and Rai is a Sumeragi

-The Innovade mus not betray Lelouch and the Group

-Lelouch must be skilled in piloting KF but not enough to rival an Knight of Rounds or Kallen's level

-Lelouch must no be arrogant and already faced humiliation in the seven years his in Japan

-Someone must take the Role of Zero and create the Black Knights (he must be unknown to Leouch and his group and he can be an OC or a Character in Code Geass like Hyuga Akito or Leila Malkal)

-Zero's group is the Original Black Knights (Ougi and Kallens group) and Lelouch group is mostly the cast of Gundam 00

-Optional The Britannia can have a mass produced Geass User like the Knight of Ones Geass or like the HSS but weaker than the HSS from Hidan no Aria

-The Pairings must be C.C. x Lelouch


(31)Persona 3 x High School DxD Crossover

-The Persona-verse and the DxD-verse are the same world

-After Sealing Nyx Minato lost most of his Perona

-Minato only has Thanatos, Missiah and Orpheus Telos

-The Universe Arcana must be sealed only released when Minato is about to die or he did die

-The legendary weapons that Minato has is close to the original ie Excalibur it's power is close to the Original about 9 or 9.5 out of 10

-Minato has the Omnipotent Orb and only pure dragons magical attack can bypass it's defense (About the defensive of elements of the Omnipotent Orb just make him immune to all attacks except dragon magical attacks)

-Minato's body changed to a body similar to a Campione from Campione Anime/Novel all except the magic resistance and it's due to the Universe Arcana's influence even using it for only a short amount of time

-His personality must similar to Lelouch from Code Geass without his arrogance

-Minato must be a master of all weapons to compensate for his lost Persona's

-His power level must rival the Ultimate-Class-beings but not enough to be at the Top-Ten Strongest

-He must be able to sense supernatural beings miles away but he lacks ability to sense supernatural humans (like the mages, witch and such being that has no supernatural heritage and as long the human is a supernatural blood like reincarnated devil or half-supernaturals he can sense them)

-Minato must ally himself to one of the three factions or become neutral

-Pairings are Gabriel, Serafal and a Fallen Angel (about the Fallen Angel you can pick which one though it would be nice if it's the blonde one in Raynare's group)


(30)Fate Stay Night x Naruto Crossover

-Archer successfully broke his contract with Alaya but on Alaya's last ditch of effort Archer was reincarnated as Naruto (only Naruto with Archers personality, powers, skills and Origin not Archer in Naruto's body)

-Archer/Naruto must have Archer's personality and abilities

-The new body of Archer/Naruto must have a 361 magic circuits and can produce an Ex-rank prana

-The Magecraft elements must be six Fire, Wind, Earth, Water, Lightning and Ether

-Kushina must be alive and dislikes her husband and they will use the name Uzumaki instead Namikaze (Since Minato married into Kushina's clan)

-The villagers and shinobi's are neutral to Naruto because they know that he is the son of there Yondaime Hokage (Though there are a minority that dislikes Naruto)

-Naruto must have a magic/chakra resistance

-An a-rank magic resistance is capable of neutralizing a a-rank jutsu and halving the effectiveness of the s-rank jutsu

-Kushina must have the same number of magic circuits as Naruto it can produce an Ex-rank prana too

-Naruto taught of all magecraft that Archer knows to Kushina

-One of the Pairings must be Naruto x Kushina the others is up to you


(29)Harry Potter x Fate Stay Night Crossover

-Harry must found a Book of Magecraft at the young age (Probably due to Zelretch)

-The Book must be only Basics, Elemental Spells and Boundary Fields

-The energy of the magical core must be the same energy as od (I don't know if know if this magical core exist but i read plenty of fics that has one)

-Harry must have a superior magic circuits (Probably rivals Rin)

-Harry can't use Magecraft with his wand and so as Witchcraft/Wizardry (HP magics) with his magic circuits (Since the two magic system is in compatible even they have the same energy needed to use Magecraft and Witchcraft/Wizardry spells

-Harry's magic resistance must nullify non killing spells and somewhat reduce the killings spells effect or delay it (spells that intended to harm or kill the target) and he must have very high resistance to Legilimency

-His personality must qualify him as a Ravenclaw or Slytherin

-Dumbledore must be manipulative and somewhat evil (Dumbledore and Harry must play a cat and mouse roles like Death Note where Dumbledore manipulate Harry and Harry must find a way to foil Dumbledore's plan btw the two must be a win and lose situation and it would be boring and dull if harry would always win and Dumbledore always failed to manipulate Harry)

-Zelretch can appear once in a while to make Harry's life more interesting with his pranks

-Optional Harry can have a Animagus form it could be a Raven or a Serpent hell if possible a Phoenix

-Harry's Origin must be related to Time (like Emiya Kiritsugu's ability to somewhat control time)

-Optional After the events of the HP Series Harry can you to the Nasu-verse (What Timeline is up to you)


(28)Naruto x Percy Jackson and the Olympians Crossover

-Juubi/Shinju is the Primordial Goddess of Creation and Destruction of the Elemental Nations

-Only Primordial Gods/Goddesses can travel dimensions so Gods/Goddess and Titans are ignorant of the another dimensions

-The traveling Primordial Gods/Goddesses must follow the rules of the Primordial Gods/Goddesses only

-The Juubi/Shinju wasn't defeated by Rikudo Sennin so there are no Bijuu

-The Juubi/Shinju is the Mother of Izanagi and Izanami

-Kushina is the Juubi/Shinju

-The Rulers of the Elemental Nations are the Shinto Gods/Goddess like the Olympians on Percy Jackson Book/Movie

-The MC must be Naruto

-He is the Child of Juubi/Shinju and Chaos

-There are three routes or start

-One is Naruto Allies himself with the Titans and help them destroy the Olympians

-Two is Naruto killing the Olympians and Crowning himself as the King

-Three Naruto is just playing around and toying the Demi-Gods and Olympians

-If there are no Pairings Naruto must be a Female if there one he must be a Male


(27)Fate Stay Night x High School DxD Crossover

-Shirou must be Ophis son

-When great red and ophis battled shirou was caught in it and was sent to the nasu-verse at the end of the 4th grail war with grievous wounds

-He must have an amnesia due to the wounds he receive

-Kiritsugu must taught shirou few days after he adopted him

-The od and shirou's magical energy must be the same

-He must follow the heavens feel and unlimited blade works route

-After destroying the grail shirou was sent to the DxD-verse along with sakura, rin, saber and rider so as angra mainyu

-Before they arrived at the earth they went through the dimensional gap and meeting great red

-Great red sensing ophis aura on shirou and told him about his mother

-The gang can join the khaos brigade or remain neutral

-The gangs main role is to kill angra mainyu


(26)Toaru Majutsu no Index x One Piece Crossover

-Accelerator was sent to the OP-verse by some means

-Last Order must be with him as well

-Accelerator must be healed and able to use his powers without his choker

-He can joined a crew of pirates or not at all

-He and last order must be mistaken as pirates

-He must cause havoc on the OP-verse

-Accelerator must at least kill few celestial dragons

-He must owe white beard a favor so he helped white beard at rescuing ace

-The pairings you can put a girl you like


(25)Persona 3 x Campione Crossover

-After Minato sealed Nyx he was given chance in a different world

-He has all his persona and the universe

-He must have a resistance rivals the campione

-He must appear a year before cannon

-Kouzuki Sakura must be Minato's lover

-Minato must be mistaken as a very powerful god

-The users of spirit visions must be overwhelm by the information if they use it on minato and the info they get is only about the persona his currently using not about his true origin

-He must be an ally of guinevere

-The pairings are guinevere, sakura and lancelot


(24)Fate Stay Night x Toaru Majutsu no Index Crossover

-Shirou must be in illya's body

-He must have illya's magic circuits along with his

-Shirou must achieve partial mastery to the 1st magic

-His traced weapons must have no reduction on rank

-Touma can't easily negate shirou's swords since its powered by a true magic

-Shirou must appear on the academy city a decade or so before the cannon

-His appearance must not change and remain small and petite body of illya

-He can be a teacher in touma's school

-If his a student he must be a level 5

-His name must be Emilya von Einzbern

-He must be friends or intimate relationship with Masaki (the one called mental out)


(23)Naruto x Fate Stay Night Crossover

-Naruto died at the end of the 4th shinobi war

-He was reincarnated two decades before the 4th grail war in a small magus family (about 2 or 3 generations old)

-His chakra must be converted into od

-His chakra circulatory must be converted into magic circuits

-He must retain majority of his skill and experience

-Naruto joined the 4th grail war

-His summoned a caster or saber (Naruto can replace Kiritsugu's existence)

-He must able to fight some Servant on even terms

-The pairings are caster or saber (who she is depends on you


(22)Naruto x Code Geass Crossover

-The uzumaki clan was restored by Naruto and few surviving uzumaki after the 4th shinobi war

-The uzumaki clan must have survived till the current era

-The MC must be the reincarnated Naruto

-The clan must hide somewhere unreachable by normal means in japan

-After the invasion of Britannia the clan salvaged and invented a Knightmare frame

-The KF they made must be powered by chakra and fuinjutsu and weapons must use chakra and fuinjutsu

-The Jutsu are mostly lost except the fuinjutsu, taijutsu and kenjutsu and very few nenjutsu and the genjutsu are completely lost and they also still have the basic academy jutsu's

-The clan must know the existence of the Code and Geass

-The clan invented a fuinjutsu to be immune to the geass after their nasty encounter centuries ago

-The clan must be a major resistance of japan but their operation is quite low since their still in a stage of invention and arming their amry until a month before the cannon

-Naruto and Lelouch must have a bad blood first since the clan saw Lelouch use the geass but they still keep it hidden

-The clan must somewhat or completely hate the geass users but somewhat neutral to the code bearers

-The pairings are Kaguya, Euphemia or Kallen potentially C.C.


(21)Naruto x Sekirei Crossover

-Naruto must have an eternal youth or reincarnated at the era when the first seven sekirei ships landed

-If reincarnated by some means Naruto managed to prolong his life span

-He must at least par to a single digit sekirei

-He must have one of the eighth jinki

-He must be one of the original ashikabi's of the first seven ships

-His sekirei must come from Anime, Manga and Light novel

-His main goal is to collect the rest of the jinki

-Naruto's sekirei must clash with the current sekirei

-One of his main goal is to kill Minaka Hiroto

-Nartuto's sekirei's must be all single digits and the max of 9

-He can take one or few of the current sekirei's

-The pairings are up to you


(20)Naruto x Fate Stay Night Crossover

-Naruto must be female

-She must be trained by Zelretch at young age

-She must have inherit Zelretch personality and she must be gray and dislikes her father and konoha

-Her magic circuit must merge with her chakra circulatory giving her a magic circuit's that doesn't get stop growing

-If the magic circuits are spiritual nerves the chakra circulatory is the physical nerves

-Chakra and od must be the same with just with different name

-Nature chakra and mana is the same with just with different name

-Her Origin must be Spatial Movement or Move Target the same ability as Shirai Kuroko or Musujime Awaki of Toaru Majutsu no Index

-She must be partially learned the 2nd true magic until the climax of the 4th shinobi war

-Ninjutsu, genjutsu, iryoujutsu, fuinjutsu and the ability of the rinnegan and sharingan are the same as magecraft

-She must have a high magic resistance

-An a-rank magic resistance is capable of neutralizing a a-rank jutsu and halving the effectiveness of the s-rank jutsu

-Genjutsu must be two ranks higher than the targets magic resistance to take effect

-After the war she must go to the Nasu-verse and maybe troll the people or beings their


(19)Naruto x Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's Crossover

-The Elemental Nations is the Ancient Belka

-Naruto is the King at that time

-His Linker core must be off-charts

-Naruto somehow prolong his life after the 4th shinobi war by accident

-After the Fall of Belka Naruto was by some means frozen in time

-Naruto somehow ended in Earth and meet the child Nanoha in his he de-aged state

-He must be weakened at the Arc of the tome of the night sky

-Naruto must known the Book of Darkness original form

-He must fix the tome of the night sky at the end of the Arc so that Reinforce and Reinforce Zwei can exist

-Naruto must be at full power at the Strikers

-The Pairings must be Fate, Signum and Shamal you can add more if you want


(18)Naruto x Campione Crossover

-Naruto is a Campione

-The Elemental Nations is like the Magical World in Negima in case of mars the one used here is the earth

-Ame no Hitotsu no Kami/Shinju or Juubi is the one Created the EN

-After becoming a Campione Naruto was thrown out from the EN to earth

-Naruto must be the Great-grand-father of ether Erika, Liliana, Ena or Yuri

-Naruto's authorities must be mostly from Ame no Hitotsu no Kami/Shinju or Juubi

-He must be a lover of Luo Hao, Madam Aisha or Annie

-One of Naruto's main objectives are to tease, train and mess up Godou's life

-One of Naruto's past time is to disguise himself as a child and tease Godou that he stole his sister (though it's his Great-grand-daughter) to the public

-Naruto must train Sakura to further tease Godou

-Pairings are Luo Hao, Aisha or Annie


(17)Naruto x High School DxD Crossover

-Naruto is the Ame no Hitotsu no Kami/Shinju or Juubi

-He must be par to Great Red and Ophis

-Shinju/Juubi is banished by Izanagi and Izanami to the Elemental Nations

-The EN is part of Earth but the same time is a different dimension like the underworld or heaven

-After the 4th shinobi war went to earth and become the leader of the Shinto and Yokai Factions

-The EN is the safe sanctuary of the Yokai's that has been hunted by the other race

-Kuroka and Shirone/Koneko must follow Naruto as his servants, concubine or wife

-Yasaka is Naruto's wife and and the father of Kunou

-Pairings are Yasaka, Kuroka and Shirone/Koneko if possible Gabriel and Serafal


(16)Naruto x Infinite Stratos Crossover

-Naruto is has an eternal youth or Reincarnated (btw his last name must be Uzumaki since i hate the name Namikaze)

-He is friends with Chifuyu and Tabane

-Naruto and Tabane are the creators of the IS

-He went missing 1yrs after both finnished the IS

-1yr before Cannon Naruto finished creating a machine that rivals IS (lets call it Gundam not really original right?)

-The Gumdan is miniature around the same size and height as humans (i guess it's the same as Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 suits)

-Gundam's use Chakra as it's energy source

-All genders can use Gundams

-Only physically fit people can use Gundams since those who train has enough Chakra to power it up

-IS academy is divided into two those who use Gundam's or IS's

-IS and Gundams has the all most the same function since both Naruto and Tabane are the creator of IS

-Pairings are Tabane, Chifuyu and Maya


(15)Code Geass x Toaru Majutsu no Index Crossover

-After Lelouch's death he was reborn in the Index-verse

-He must be a Gem stone

-His must have the abilities of Sakamaki Izayoi of Mondaiji

-He must be physically fit

-He must be the Lover of Shokuhou Misaki


(14)Code Geass x High School DxD Crossover

-After the events of R2 Lelouch was reincarnated as a Devil

-Code Geass-verse and DxD-verse are not the same world

-Lelouch must be born as one of the 72 pillars

-His powers must be related to blood like Rai from Noblesse or the Black Blood from Soul Eater

-His blood must have a regenerative abilities one-rank lower the Phenex Clan

-Kuroka and Koneko/Shirone must be in his peerage

-Lelouch must be in Serafal and Sirzechs generation

-His combat style must be caster type or wizard type

-The rest of Lelouch's peerage must be taken in the Anime, Manga, Light Novel

-The Pairings are Serafal, Kuroka, Koneko/Shirone


(13)Persona 3 x Fate Stay Night Crossover

-After Minato Sealed Nyx he was given a chance to live again

-Minato only has Thanatos, Missiah and Orpheus Telos

-He can't summon his Persona but he can use their spells and skills and summon his persona's weapon

-When equipping his Persona his parameters will become like his Persona

-All of Minato's Weapons for i.e like the Excalibur and Lucifers Blade must be one rank lower than the Original

-He doesn't have the Omnipotent Orb

-The Persona-verse and Nasu-verse are not in a same world

-Minato was reborn in a small Magus Family (probably making him a 2nd or 3rd generation)

-Minato must have par or superior magic circuits than Rin and Sakura

-He transferred to the Fuyuki City 1 or 2yrs before the war begun (don't know the name of the School)

-He joined the 5th Grail War

-Minato summoned Caster/Medea or other Casters like Tama-no-mae (did i write her name right?)

-Pairings are Rin or Caster


(12)Persona 3 x Fate Stay Night Crossover

-After Minato Sealed Nyx he was given a chance to live again

-Minato only has Thanatos, Missiah and Orpheus Telos

-He can't summon his Persona but he can use their spells and skills and summon his persona's weapon

-When equipping his Persona his parameters will become like his Persona

-All of Minato's Weapons for i.e like the Excalibur and Lucifers Blade must be one rank lower than the Original

-He doesn't have the Omnipotent Orb

-The Persona-verse and Nasu-verse are not in a same world

-Minato was born as an affair of Matou Kiriya and Tohsaka/Zenjou Aoi making him the half brother of Rin and Sakura and the cousin of Shinji

-Minato is at least 5 or so years older than Rin, Sakura and (Shinji close to the same age of Taiga)

-Kiriya left Minato to his trusted friends only learned what happen to his father 1yr after the war

-Kiriya must only told Minato his mothers maiden name

-Minato must not know that he has two half sisters before the war and he can only know during the war (i think when Rin mention her mothers maiden name)

-He went to Fuyuki 1 or 2yrs before the war

-Minato must have par or superior magic circuits than Rin and Sakura

-Minato must have summoned Rider or Caster

-The Pairings are Rin, Sakura Caster or Rider


(11)Negima x Naruto Crossover

I'm been wondering what impact will Bring if Rakan is in the Naruto-verse

-Jack Rakan must be the MC

-When Jack Rakan was erased by Fate he was reincarnated as Naruto's Twin

-Naruto must not retain Cannon Naruto's personality

-Rakan must Retain his Cannon Personalty

-He must only retain his original Power near the 4th Shinobi War making him not too much OP

-He must retain his skills

-Kushina must be Alive and took Rakan and Naruto from Konoha

-Rakan must told Kushina and Naruto that he retain his previous life's memory

-He can be Paired with any Girls in the Naruto-verse except Kushina since she will be Paired with Naruto

-He must teach Kushina and Naruto Magic Spells and Chi Jutsu's


(10)Campione x Zero no Tsukaima Crossover

I'm been thinking isn't the Tsukaima-verse a bit arrogant on their Magic? why not put summon who's immune to mortal Magic?

-Godou must be the MC

-He must be centuries older and must be mature too along with his Harem

-Erika, Liliana, Ena and Yuri must be alive due to one of Godou's Authorities

-Godou must be summoned first and Godou did something an Authority or Magic that allowed Louise to summon Saito

-He must summoned his Harem Later but no later than the Love Potion Arc

-The Halkegenia must be a world that was created by a Primordial Goddess of Earth or something

-The Halkegenia must be located parallel to the Earth

(like the one in Negima like the Magic World is located in Mars at the same time it's not)

-You can only enter Halkegenia through the Lunar Eclipse, the Gates protected by the Elemental Spirits, Being summoned the The Void or being summoned by a Campione who is in Halkegenia

-Gods/Goddesses, Divine Ancestors or Divine Beast Cant enter Halkegenia without being summoned

-You can add Girls in Godou's Harem but the limit is only 2

-He Must have a Authority that gives him the ability to Attract Riches or an Authority like the Rule of the Underworld in Marcus Galen Sands fic


(9)Campione x Fate Stay Night Crossover

Well it just hit me with i was re-reading the God Slaying Blade Works by Marcus Galen Sands it's something about Illya being in the Campione-verse so i'm going to post it as a Challenge

-When Sakura's was saved the Souls of the Heroic Spirits went to Illya

-Upon closing the Gate Illya was Thrown to the Campione-verse

-Their are three ways for Illya to get a power up

-One By some unknown means Illya was Able to Kill Angra Mainyu who was thrown with her and Become the Eight Campione or something

-When Illya was Reborn as a Campione the Souls of Saber, Berserker, Archer, Lancer, Caster, Assassin or Gilgamesh was stored in her she must leave her body

-Two when Illya arrived in the Campione-verse one of the Heroic Spirits merged with her and she can use it temporarily to become a Goddess and it's Medea's soul must merge with her making her the Heretic Goddess Medea and the other souls will become her Servants with the power of the God/Goddess

-Three when Illya arrived in the Campione-verse one of the Heroic Souls merged with her but only one must merge with her

-If you pick Route Three you can pick witch Heroic Spirit will merge with her

-If you pick Route Two Illya must caught the other Campione's Attention on how a Human was able to become a God/Goddess temporarily

-Illya's Main Goal is to return to her world and reunite with Shirou thus her traveling

-Illya must retain her cruel personality here

-Preferably no OC's


(8)FateKaleid Liner Prisma Illya x High School DxD Crossover

I don't know if it's the influence of the Manga or Anime but i'm taking liking of Illya of the FateKaleid Liner Prisma Illya especially the Card System

-At the end of FateKaleid Liner Prisma Illya 2wei! Illya was able to save Miyu but both she and Miyu was thrown to the DxD-verse

-Illya and Miyu was found by ether one of the three Factions or the Khaos Brigade

(Though i prefer that it's Serafall who found both of them with the two being Magical Girls)

-All the Class Cards was in Illya and Miyu's possession

-Illya has Ruby and Sapphire with the two

-The Higher Form of the Magical Girl from must be double edge

-Their Main Goal is to return to Illya's home world

-Illya, Miyu and No one in the DxD-verse must not learn how to use the True Magic

-Preferably no OC's

-The one of the Villains must be the Girls who tried to kidnapped Miyu

(i forgot the name of the two Villain Girls)


(7)Valkyrie Profile x Campione Crossover

I'ts one of the Idea i though when i was reading a Valkyrie Profile x Fate Stay Night Crossover months ago though i must admit i don't know the story will go will it be a her goals is to return to Midgard or how Valkyrie will live in the Campione-verse

Valkyrie must reincarnated as Kusanagi Shizuka or Kouzuki Sakura

-Shizuka or Sakura must been caught in a Magical Incident where Valkyrie was woken up

-Valkyrie must be a one of the Stronger Steel that can kill a Campione in One-on-One battle

-Valkyrie must be only a singular Deity not a combination of few Goddess in many mythology

-Shizuka or Sakura must have a portion of Valkyrie's personality upon Valkyries awakening

-Valkyrie must be one of the Goddess that makes Godou's life miserable or She helps him or she's doing things like Athena


(6)Campione x Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Crossover

I was thinking why theirs no Campione x Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS crossover? well anyway here's a challenge for one btw logically theirs no one in the Nanoha-verse can defeat a Campione no matter how strong they are since their Magic has no Divinity logically since i gotten tired on how everyone make the Nanoha-verse too strong in the Crossovers

-Upon returning to the present Madam Aisha made a mistake and sent Doni in the Nanoha-verse

-Doni being Doni Challenge a strong looking Mage and him mistaken as a Criminal

-The Nanoha-verse must know little or legend about the Campione-verse

-Godou and the Gang followed Doni

-Godou and the Gang must be mistaken as a Criminal too

-Erika, Ena and Liliana is a S-Rank or Higher in Nanoha-verse

-Doni must be causing trouble everywhere in the Nanoha-verse

-Godou and the Gang's main goal is to bring Doni Back to their World

-While the Gang is in TSAB they found and use the Divice's

-No OC's


(5)Valkyrie Profile x Campione Crossover

I'ts one of the Idea i though when i was reading a Valkyrie Profile x Fate Stay Night Crossover months ago though i must admit i don't know the story will go will it be a her goals is to return to Midgard or how Valkyrie will live in the Campione-verse

Valkyrie must reincarnated as Kusanagi Shizuka or Kouzuki Sakura

-Shizuka or Sakura must been caught in a Magical Incident where Valkyrie was woken up

-Valkyrie must be a one of the Stronger Steel that can kill a Campione in One-on-One battle

-Valkyrie must be only a singular Deity not a combination of few Goddess in many mythology

-Shizuka or Sakura must have a portion of Valkyrie's personality upon Valkyries awakening

-Valkyrie must be one of the Goddess that makes Godou's life miserable or She helps him or she's doing things like Athena


(4)Negima x Campione Crossover

Is Asuna's Magic Canceler similar to a Campione's Magic Resistance Right? anyway it's one of my favorite Manga but it has almost no Crossover with Campione so here's a Challenge

-After Asuna's 100yr hibernation she was Awaken in the Campione-verse

-Asuna can be a Regular Human or a Campione

-Asuna must be at least Jack Rakan's Level of Power

-If Asuna is a Campione her Magic Resistance and Magic Canceler is compatible is makes her more fearsome to her Opponents

-If Asuna is a Human she must be often mistaken as a Divine Ancestor due to her power

-If Possible she must ally herself with Guinevere and Lancelot or other Divine Ancestor

-Like always Asuna's Main Goal is to return home to the Negima-verse

-Asuna must have some form of Eternal Youth

-Asuna must Appear in the CAmpione-verse a Decade or more before the Cannon

-No OC's


(3)Naruto x Zero no Tsukaima Crossover

I been waiting for a crossover like this but no avail no one even think about this kind of idea in this Crossover

-Naruto must be reincarnated as Louise Twin

-Naruto must have majority of his ability

-Naruto's element can be any but he must be at least triangle class at it

-If you pick Void the familiar's ability is about the Eye like the Eye's of God and it the familiar must be female

-He must not be arrogant like the other nobles and his twin

-He must be at least proficient at Taijutsu and Kenjutsu

-He must be popular with the Servants in the Academy

-About Naruto's familiar must come from Anime, Manga or Light Novel and not a self-created OC

-The pairing can be Tiffania, Henrietta or Tabitha/Charlotte


(2)Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai x Fate Stay Night Crossover

Just thinking what would happen if Keima was summoned as a Servant

-Katsuragi Keima must be summoned as the 4th Grail War as Caster

-Keima must able to summon a Anime, Manga, Light Novel and Eroge Girls as a Noble Phantasm

-He must only able to summon 3 Girls at Full-power anymore than that weakens his summoned Girls but his max summon is 100 but their only 1/10 of the Originals power

-He must have a Independent Action must be Rank-EX enable Keima to fight even without a Master

-Upon Summoning Keima must kill his Master

(forgot the name of the Killer)

-He must be able to recover Prana on his own due to the Independent Action

-Keima must cause problems to the other Masters and Servants


(1)Naruto x One Piece Crossover

I like Naruto x One Piece Crossover's but no did this like my idea so here well and the story can start at the reverse mountain and Naruto's goal is to find the One Piece i guess since his already old and probably boredom did it's job to him and hearing about the OP made inspire him to find it

-The Elemental Nations is part of the OP-verse

-Naruto must be the MC

-He may have a Sharingan or Rinnegan

-He must or learn have all Three Haki

-He must have an Eternal Youth

-He must be the Emperor of the Elemental Nations

-It's been at least few dozen millenniums after the 4th Shinobi War

-The EN must be floating like the Skypiea and only around the Granline or The New World

-The EN residents are only the Uzumaki Clan

-All of The Uzumaki Clan has Chakra Chain that is Naturally coated by Haki to capture or hurt a Devil Fruit User but it's unable to suppress the Devil Fruit Users

-All Uzumaki Members has a long Life-span and have a very strong body so every wants them so that their descendants have long life-spans and have a very strong body as well

-Few members of the Clan come down for the EN and become pirates and their all Big ones but all of them are dead or return to the EN

(btw The Uzumaki Clan basically has no purpose in the Story other than make the Clan instill Fear or Wary to the People of OP-verse their like the One Piece we don't know what it is or what it's purpose but everyone wants it but only exist their to inspire new Pirate's in this case instill Fear so just saying that your a Uzumaki makes almost all Pirates and Marines become wary or fear you and takes you very seriously)

-The Devil Fruit must come from the Shinju

-The Shinju must be in the EN

-Devil Fruit Users must be Immune to Genjutsu and some Ninjutsu like a Fire Devil Fruit User is immune to Fire Jutsu's even Magma Jutsu's

-If a Member of the Uzumaki Clan Eat a Devil Fruit is has no effect to the Uzumaki

-Naruto can only be as strong as the Yonko or the Admirals but he has Versatility

(was it? i forgot the word)

-Chakra and Nature Chakra doesn't have an effect like Haki or Sea Stone

-Sea Stone don't have effect on Chakra


Note for the Naruto fics

Please do not name Naruto as Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. Its Naruto Uzumaki (if you want to use the western way). Reason being, unlike western cultures where the woman take the name of the man, its is not so here because a person pretty much marries into a family and whether its male or female, they would take the name of the family they married into. Unless the two clans are equal then the woman may get the man's name, however when one clan is of higher standing, eg Uzumaki, someone who is from another clan would take that name as they are now a son of that you want an example of this, you can check out bleach, Byakuya's father was not born a Kuchiki, his mother was. the Uzumaki clan has quite the standing in the shinobi world, unfortunately, shinobi are not ones for politics so unless so since naruto was pretty much one of the last Uzumaki so therefore not much power, however, the name of Uzumaki was still well known. Its more a matter of the more powerful clan has higher standing, and in the shinobi world those are kekkei genkai clans, clans with dangerous physical abilities (Uzumaki and their life force and there Fuinjutsu) and clans with long traditions of certain kind of deadly and specialized hijutsu (Nara, Yamanaka and Akimichi)


An another conclusion i get why i like Kushina and hate Minato

Minato sealed Kurama in Naruto to protect Konoha from Obito not to protect himself

The time of Naruto and Pain fight where Naruto all most turned into a Nine-tails state

He called Naruto by his name and never called him son and never said that he love him

Further more his ideals is to prioritize Konoha over his family and from this facts i conclude

That Minato see's Naruto as a Weapon not his Son

Kushina on the other hand protested Minato to not seal Kurama in Naruto

When Kushina and Naruto meet she told him that he love him and regretted that she was never their

To raise him she is one of the only two people in the Naruto-verse that said that he was loved by someone

can you get what i mean here?



Another thing i hate/dislike in fics is where the MC tells his/her life story to some he/she just meet and who is stupid enough to do that?


Mechanics on how The Naruto-verse and Nasu-verse Magecraft and Jutsu works

-Od and Chakra are the same
-Mana and Nature Chakra is the same
-Chakra Circulatory is a alternate or pseudo Magic Circuits
-The Naruto-verse is in a pseudo-Age of the Gods
-The Naruto-verse has no Gaia so Magecraft is three to five times more stronger and effective
-Jutsu's are Magecraft in Nasu-verse
-Chakra can be converted to Prana by a Magic Circuits
-When someone activated there Magic Circuits it would merge to their Chakra Circulatory
-The merge Chakra Circulatory and Magic Circuits are called Chakra Circuits
-The Converted Prana of the Chakra Circuits is 50 to 100 percent more stronger and effective than ordinary Prana from a Magic Circuits
-The Jutsu and Magecraft that are powered by Prana from a Chakra Circuits is 50 to 100 percent more powerful and effective
-If Magecraft is three times more stronger and effective and with the Prana from Chakra Circuits it would be like 450 to 600 percent more stronger and effective
-Repeative use of a Jutsu with the Chakra Circuits will ingrain the Jutsu in the Chakra Circuits would lead to not needing to use hand-seals to use the Jutsu
-Those with Chakra Circuits are highly Resistant to Genjutsu's
-Those with Chakra Circuits that have Magic Resistance will also have an Resistance to Jutsu's like Ninjutsu and Genjutsu
-A Jinchuriki with a Chakra Circuits has a near-infinite reserves can use an many Jutsu and Magecraft they want though the limit is how much their Chakra Circuits can last


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A young Naruto grew up with little to no friends and because of this he developed a love of video games. Little did he know it would result in him waking up with the ability to view life as one. Naruto had no idea what to make of this, but after discovering the perks decided to go with the flow. But will life be harder or easier remains unseen? AU. Naruto/The Gamer/Solo Leveling.
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 19 - Words: 214,300 - Reviews: 6911 - Favs: 14,073 - Follows: 16,288 - Updated: 2/17 - Published: 7/16/2011 - Naruto U., Ino Y., Hinata H., Anko M.
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When you have Plot Bunnies that simply will not go away, what do you do? Write a chapter and bung them here. If anyone wants to adopt a story from this archive, just PM me. Unless specifically mentioned, these are all crossovers with Worm. If you want second chapters of any story, PM me.
Crossover - X-overs & Worm - Rated: M - English - Chapters: 176 - Words: 624,176 - Reviews: 4995 - Favs: 2,451 - Follows: 2,603 - Updated: 2/14 - Published: 7/14/2016 - Skitter
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In a world in which blood is used to give mortals power through divinty, the line between men and monster becomes more and more permeable. Greed and thirst for fame, hunger for revenge and power eats away any hope for justice and peace. This story is about humans reborn into monsters, who are far more heroic than anyone in this world.
Crossover - Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darou ka & Code Vein - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 10 - Words: 158,607 - Reviews: 271 - Favs: 811 - Follows: 992 - Updated: 2/9 - Published: 11/20/2019 - [Io, OC] Hestia
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The Four Great Races once watched over thousands of worlds… but only one species was destined to inherit their place. Now, as an ancestral enemy rises from the ashes and threatens all life as we know it, humans from two different universes must learn to overcome their differences and stand together to reclaim the Mantle of Responsibility. Set shortly after the events of Spartan Ops
Crossover - Halo & Stargate: Atlantis - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Adventure - Chapters: 27 - Words: 167,306 - Reviews: 278 - Favs: 500 - Follows: 510 - Updated: 2/9 - Published: 6/1/2013 - Master Chief/John-117, C. Halsey, Cortana, John S. - Complete
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After a three-year long journey through FTL, Young and Rush are awakened by Eli only to receive some very distressing news. But just when all hope seems lost, a group of newcomers comes along who claim to be allied with the SGC—and capable of restoring Destiny. Too good to be true? Only time will tell. (Written in collaboration with AdmiralWhiteFang)
Crossover - Halo & Stargate: Universe - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Drama - Chapters: 4 - Words: 39,883 - Reviews: 25 - Favs: 106 - Follows: 141 - Updated: 2/9 - Published: 9/22/2019 - OC, Eli W., Dr. N. Rush, Col. E. Young
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Worm/Gamer: When you trigger, it's usually not with a good night's sleep and a letter from ROB, nor do you get turned into a mana construct without permission! What gives? - - - A Leviathan survivor immigrant in Brockton Bay is given Gamer Powers. An OC(SI) narrator, teaming up with Taylor. Contains depictions of violence, use of profanity, and extreme munchkinry.
Crossover - Worm & Manhwa/Korean Comics/만화 - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Humor - Chapters: 60 - Words: 137,982 - Reviews: 888 - Favs: 2,913 - Follows: 3,485 - Updated: 2/4 - Published: 2/10/2017 - Gamer/더 게이머, Skitter, Tattletale, OC
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"With swords that aren't yours, with skills that aren't yours, for dreams that aren't yours. Your entire existence is a lie!" - "Then I'll show you that even fake dreams can become reality." A different choice, a different path, a different FATE. Shirou/Multi
Fate/stay night - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 59 - Words: 451,216 - Reviews: 6874 - Favs: 11,902 - Follows: 12,539 - Updated: 2/3 - Published: 12/21/2011 - Shirō E., Caster
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This is a Crackfic, meaning the story is not intended to be taken seriously. Ancient Legos is written for laughs and humor. A Self Insert story, Weldon is a teenager living in Brockton Bay on Earth Bet. Somehow without triggering, he starts getting... Ideas. Features Lego Spaceships. T because of light, Worm-style swearing and a comfy chair joke.
Crossover - Stargate: SG-1 & Worm - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 19 - Words: 84,612 - Reviews: 448 - Favs: 1,535 - Follows: 1,748 - Updated: 1/31 - Published: 10/28/2017
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Worm - Rated: T - English - Fantasy - Chapters: 22 - Words: 68,707 - Reviews: 174 - Favs: 807 - Follows: 1,002 - Updated: 1/29 - Published: 6/15/2019 - Skitter
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There were many things I expected, but being dropped into another world and given various powers and Female Servants. Without being asked, certainly wasn't one of them. (I would have said yes if asked.) SI/OCxHarem. This story is a Megacrossover. Many Genderbend characters and very alternate Universe. Bleach/Fate/DxD/Marvel/DC/HP/PJ/Sekirei/Digimon
Crossover - Bleach & Fate/stay night - Rated: M - English - Supernatural/Fantasy - Chapters: 36 - Words: 120,583 - Reviews: 414 - Favs: 1,707 - Follows: 1,800 - Updated: 1/27 - Published: 9/16/2017 - Ichigo K., OC, Medea, Attila the Hun
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Humanity is gone, eradicated by the White Chlorination Syndrome. Only Machines and Androids, locked in eternal combat, remain. That is, until A2 stumbles upon the remains of a secret facility and the last vestiges of humanity resting within. (A2 x OC, Yuri)
Nier - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 32 - Words: 183,474 - Reviews: 127 - Favs: 510 - Follows: 552 - Updated: 1/23 - Published: 1/14/2020 - [A2, OC] Devola, Popola
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Jon Snow lived his life. He lived to a ripe old age and then he died with only a few regrets. But upon meeting a supposed god, he's given a chance to right a few wrongs. What's in store for Jon when he goes back in time and finds his life is turned into something called a video game? Rewrite of my story Gamer's Grimoire. All credit goes to G.R.R. Martin, D&D, & any known others.
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On his deathbed, Shirou was paid a visit by Zelretch. Offering him a chance to escape eternal servitude to Alaya the fake hero takes it to avoid a future like EMIYA. Waking up, he finds himself in a strange new world. Now living in the virtual world of YGGDRASIL, Shirou meets and befriends an unexpected individual. "Huh, never thought I would be friends with an undead." UBW!Shirou
Crossover - Fate/stay night & Overlord/オーバーロード - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 19 - Words: 479,130 - Reviews: 3157 - Favs: 7,083 - Follows: 8,099 - Updated: 1/14 - Published: 11/14/2018 - Shirō E., Ainz
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Dying at the tender age of nineteen sucked. Being reborn In a doomed future. With a Pair of Rinnegan eyes, and an apocalypse bearing down on me. Sucked even more. And being born on Mindoir certainly didn't help matters. (Rated M for extreme blood and gore as of chapter ten, read at your own risk. Possible OCXFemshep.)
Crossover - Naruto & Mass Effect - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 21 - Words: 77,598 - Reviews: 518 - Favs: 1,219 - Follows: 1,573 - Updated: 1/6 - Published: 9/8/2014 - Shepard, OC
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Crossover - Halo & Stargate: Atlantis - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Adventure - Chapters: 17 - Words: 141,950 - Reviews: 167 - Favs: 370 - Follows: 444 - Updated: 1/1 - Published: 4/7/2017
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Things aren't always as simple as they seem. Just because he found himself in a new world, Naruto shouldn't have forgotten this. Now he must deal with angel, fallen angels, devils, perverts and god, all while maintaining a relationship and running his store. Things can never be simple for him.
Crossover - Naruto & High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 44 - Words: 267,663 - Reviews: 6696 - Favs: 12,055 - Follows: 10,707 - Updated: 12/25/2023 - Published: 7/8/2015 - Naruto U., T. Koneko - Complete
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Crossover - StarCraft & Worm - Rated: M - English - Drama/Crime - Chapters: 40 - Words: 126,021 - Reviews: 259 - Favs: 1,717 - Follows: 1,955 - Updated: 12/21/2023 - Published: 12/8/2017 - Skitter, Bitch/Hellhound, Danny H. - Complete
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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 143 - Words: 654,788 - Reviews: 13699 - Favs: 14,863 - Follows: 15,999 - Updated: 12/17/2023 - Published: 11/9/2019 - Naruto U., OC - Complete
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Crossover - Fate/stay night & Rising of the Shield Hero/盾の勇者の成り上がり - Rated: M - English - Chapters: 20 - Words: 79,714 - Reviews: 1987 - Favs: 6,906 - Follows: 8,544 - Updated: 12/16/2023 - Published: 11/11/2019 - Shirō E., Naofumi I., Raphtalia
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When you're a Black, you're a Black and nobody gets to hold all the cards except you. Not a Dark Lord with a grudge, not a Headmaster with a prophecy and certainly not the world's most influential Mafia Family... Dorea is as much a Black as a Potter and she is not about to let anybody walk over her! A Fem!Harry story. Slow Build.
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He refused to believe in reincarnation, but that was long ago, in another life, in a distinct universe. Sent in a world where the strong survive, and the weak perish, made his skin crawl. Luckily, he knows this world—he knows the board, and he knows the pieces. Time to make a move. [Self Insert]
High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 54 - Words: 731,320 - Reviews: 2086 - Favs: 4,288 - Follows: 4,801 - Updated: 12/12/2023 - Published: 5/9/2017 - [OC, Valerie T.] Diehauser B.
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Naruto didn't plan on spending his life in a brand new dimension. He didn't plan on becoming the head of a former criminal organization. And he sure as hell didn't expect to have a daughter that was always butting into his love life. However, it was his life and he wouldn't change it for anything
Crossover - Naruto & High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D - Rated: M - English - Romance/Supernatural - Chapters: 10 - Words: 91,011 - Reviews: 1379 - Favs: 5,261 - Follows: 5,784 - Updated: 12/1/2023 - Published: 4/23/2019 - [Naruto U., Venelana G., Griselda Q.] A. Asia
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Crossover - Halo & Mass Effect - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Adventure - Chapters: 46 - Words: 802,179 - Reviews: 1344 - Favs: 1,946 - Follows: 2,328 - Updated: 11/9/2023 - Published: 6/8/2018 - SPARTAN-B312/Noble Six, Rookie, Shepard
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Crossover - High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D & Worm - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 21 - Words: 100,229 - Reviews: 134 - Favs: 1,208 - Follows: 1,432 - Updated: 10/31/2023 - Published: 12/4/2018 - [Skitter, Panacea] [Miss Militia, Danny H.]
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IT all started when I fell into the marvel cinematic universe...literally and by literally you know what I mean..I saw the Infinity stones and before I knew it I was I made plans like any other hero would..well hero because I have something which others dream of:The gamer ability..and I will make full use of it to live my life awesomely..and do help protect the world..
Avengers - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 10 - Words: 38,002 - Reviews: 307 - Favs: 1,824 - Follows: 2,247 - Updated: 10/24/2023 - Published: 3/9/2017
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Illya loves her family. Everyone in the Emiya Household was precious to her and she'd do anything to be with them longer. However, that wasn't something that her dying body would allow. So instead, Illyasviel's last wish was to at least play a certain game with Shirou, Sakura, and Rin – her favorite game – Elder Tale... So why are they waking up in the ruined streets of Akihabara?
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Code Geass - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 53 - Words: 437,942 - Reviews: 1474 - Favs: 2,124 - Follows: 2,306 - Updated: 7/18/2023 - Published: 12/11/2013 - Lelouch L.
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Will be rewritten
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Summary: Hikigaya Hachiman, shortly after an odd Valentine's day, finds himself in a new world filled with magic, monsters, and gods. Though he knows not how he got there, he knows that the only way back to his home is through the Dungeon. Also posted on Spacebattles and RoyalRoad.
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Stark born, silver eyed, a boy who lived and died. He will be the Snow Prince, the Winter King, the Final Hero come again. Only the unbowed Princess will stay him, unbent Summer Queen heal him and unbroken Dragon hold him. He will be the blade that will shatter the world and remake it in ice and fire. This is his story. Harry/Multi.
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Abandoned fic, currently being rewritten as of 25 June 2024. Assimilation Effect is a pre-ME2 fanfiction about a contemporary human inserted into the body of a geth platform, armed with naught but his wits and the ability to assimilate any inorganic matter he touches. If you're going to read this, I recommend reading My Immortal first so this fic doesn't seem as bad in comparison.
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Worm - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 4 - Words: 17,276 - Reviews: 19 - Favs: 129 - Follows: 157 - Updated: 12/20/2020 - Published: 11/14/2020 - Skitter, OC, Dragon
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Deicide. n. Deicide is the killing (or the killer) of a god. The concept may be used for any act of killing a god, including a life-death-rebirth deity who is killed and then resurrected. A man from earth makes a deal with a god in exchange for a second life. It does not go as expected. SI. Dark Fic. No, really. Probably the darkest thing I've written - and that's saying something.
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Crossover - Fate/stay night & High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 22 - Words: 65,946 - Reviews: 646 - Favs: 2,175 - Follows: 2,743 - Updated: 10/3/2020 - Published: 11/8/2018 - Archer, T. Koneko, Kuroka
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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 14 - Words: 152,037 - Reviews: 3477 - Favs: 8,956 - Follows: 9,342 - Updated: 9/20/2020 - Published: 3/18/2015 - Naruto U., OC
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RWBY - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 44 - Words: 172,297 - Reviews: 2967 - Favs: 8,512 - Follows: 9,815 - Updated: 6/29/2020 - Published: 4/19/2017 - Roman T., OC, Neo
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