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Well there's not much to say but I love to read fan-fiction and post on others stories (When I can) and from everyone's stories I've read have inspired me to keep writing. I have a few stories that I'll be posting soon so when I write them I hope you enjoy them... Oh... and it's mostly about Inuyasha and Kagome and I was just thinking these things over before I even start to show them on this site.

Things to know (IMPORTANT)Please Read!:


Major Update!!!- I just want to apologize for not updating any of my recent stories, I've been caught between a writer's block and work... It has just made me extremely busy and I unfortunately have not had the chance to try to re-read the stories to make the next chapter's so what I can tell you is that I now have a wattpad account and I'm working on trying to update from this site as well.. If you want to follow any of the stories, my name is still the same: DarkKora. Let me know if you have any ideas in mind and I will do my best to write when I can. Thank you for the support and I'll be eagerly awaiting for your input :) See yah!!


-(MAJOR IMPORTANT) I am so sorry that I have not been on in awhile and I am back now but to let you guys know as of 10/21/2013, yes I know this is very late in the year, I am continuing my stories, right now I have a few stories that I am posting right now if you want to look at them and I will get back to updating them every single chance I get, even the minute I get home, I was having a difficult time trying to handle some personal things... and I should have continued these, so forgive me, I am back on now, that is all guys, thank you for the patience...


Hey guys, sorry that I haven't been able to get to writing my stories yet but I guarantee that over Christmas break I will definitely be writing as much as I can cuz I will have the time to now... Just only a few more days till the weekend and then I will write so there is a delay in story writing and I apologize completely... I am very glad that you guys are patient enough to wait a bit longer or I would be in trouble... XD but anyway thank you so much!!!!!


Oh and Just to let you guys know... I am very happy and I am getting married in two years on the fourth of July I became officially engaged on 3/18/2013 but I didn't get my ring until 10/30/2013 so yeah I have a wedding to plan too :P thank you guys for everything and I'm glad that you were there to make me smile as much as I am able to do the same for you.. :3


Just to let you guys know it is my 19th birthday today and I have plans to continue writing more of the story, The True Identity. :) I know that I haven't been able to anything until now becuz I have been studying alot and that never gave me a chance to write anything as much as I wanted to so yeah... But today I get to spend time with my fiance and it's funny becuz he was the first one a 12 o'clock this morning to tell me "Happy Birthday" lol I was so happy becuz I finally get to spend my birthday with someone besides my family that I love... I love him so much... I find it funny how he convinced me to continue to write more stories :P I mean I'm just so happy becuz things are looking good for me, I have my life in order and I don't have to worry about stressing anymore :D I also have to thank my friend xxoikilluoxx becuz she also became the reason for me writing again and my fans who loves these stories I write, I really appreciate the support everyone has given me it means alot to me...Thank you for being who you are and the person to encourage me to write :)


Hey guys sorry about not posting the other chapter like I promised I would do on my birthday but I forgot and my fiance did not want me on the computer on my birthday cuz he was gonna do something for me on that day... I am so sorry... T.T but I will make it up to you and I will try to do three chapters this weekend since it is a 3-day weekend for me, I guess that gives me enough time to get at least two chapters done then I will try to get another Chapter in but if i don't then I owe you guys big time... Well the thing is that today is my 1-year Anniversary with my fiance Now if you guys want any updates to the stories, then PM me and Please let me know so I can get it done. I love you guys and happy Valentine's Day to all the people who have someone and those who don't I hope you find a special person on this special day :) Happy Anniversary to me and My fiance, I love him so much!!!


Hey guys again,

Sorry about not working on my other story "Death of my Love" I just haven't had the chance to work on it as much as I have and from that point I haven't actually thought of what is going to happen next... Plus I'm also working on the other stories as well :P I'll keep you updated as much as I can but with all this studying I'm doing it's kinda hard doing multi-tasking... :P I apologize in advance and it would help me if you would PM me idea for that particularly story, thank you guys for being patient with me :)


Hey guys sorry about not doing anything today I just had alot of things going on and I got married today I just haven't had the chance to talk to anyone becuz of how busy I was but it's like in the middle of the night and I am now officially a Collazo :D I love it so far even when my husband is being an ass sometimes (lol) but it's all great so far, I don't plan on having a honeymoon until next year when I have the real ceremony which will be next year I have had plenty of fun today but if you want to message me then I will give you a link to show you the wedding photos... unfortunately, I gained alot of weight within that past year :P but I think Everything turned out awesome :) Thank you guys for being so patient with me and I promise by this weekend I'll have at least one maybe two chapters done for ya'll :)


Hey guys sorry about the late post Just to let you know that I got the results and I will be working on the Short one shot for "Waiting for Superman" by Daughtry but I haven't had the time to actually start on it and I am going to try to work on it this week but I can't make any promises becuz I have FCAT and ACT testing on both the 9-10th(FCAT) and the 12th(ACT) and I have to really study this week though that is what I have been doing which is why I haven't been able to get anything done :P and I have alot to make up for school cuz I couldn't go to school on Friday... I was having car trouble, it sucks but I managed to get it fixed, thank god -U- *wipes sweat* I am so tired... but yeah I will try to work on it and if you guys want then you can give me some suggestions for it so I can work it out from there :3 Just pm me and let me know what you want in it and I will work out the kicks... Write now I owe some people at least 2 chapters of The True Identity v-v T.T sorry guys... XP


Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been able to get anything done becuz I was so tired from the testing… I really was trying to work on what I could but I have a lot to do as a now wife as you guys know… Doing everything at once wears me out XP and I try to get some time in-between then but it didn't happen within these past few days… Though you guys would really be doing me a favor if you could help me in PMing me and letting me know how you would like the story to go on “Waiting for Superman” If you want then here is the link for it and after that maybe you can give me a brief description on what you think should happen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbT3uvOl3Dk

But that is really all I can say and I will work on what I can and I know that now I owe a lot of people about 6 chapters to “The True Identity” and I promise to work on at least 3 chapters this week if not then stab me… (lol Internet wise, not real life XD) Thank you guys and be sure to let me know! :3


Hey guys loving the reviews for just the one story "The True Identity" and I noticed that my other stories haven't been touch yet and I was wondering what was up with that.. I would really appreciate it if you guys could look at my other stories and tell me what you think of them cuz I want to know what you think about them and I haven't had any review from them besides the times I actually posted them so please tell me what you think about all of them... Love you guys!!!! X3


Hey guys, I've got a sneak peak for the next chapter that is about to twist things up really well, I thinking about putting up a chapter for a sneak peak of the next chapter and Just to let you guys know I'm getting rid of all the other writing on the profile page here... just to start thing fresh on here. The only things I am going to put up is anything that I write and the stories that I have accomplished or anything like that so you won't be seeing anything else from now on starting today Just thought I would let you guys know cuz you are my fans after all ;) Oh and I'm still unsure of how to start the "waiting for superman" still and I need some ideas, if you guys would be so kind as to give me some ideas? I'm broke out of ideas and I have most of my attention on The True Identity and I also have some other news... My husband wants to help me write my story!!!


My husband just saw me typing yesterday and then said that he wanted to help me write my story cuz I was only half way through what I wrote and trust me, I have a big imagination... I have 54 college ruled pages full from front to back and I'm not done, I just wanted to type up the rest of it before I began to write more of the story and you guys know I love it when I hear from you :3 Anyway! I wanted to also say that I would love it if you guys would leave reviews on my stories cuz I would love to hear what you have to say... surprisingly I haven't gotten one bad comment and that makes me wonder if this story is really that good? I don't know but yeah.. I hope you guys have a great day today cuz I know mine was bad so far... My day began with me getting coffee spilled all over me... T.T Trust me I was not happy... :P But oh well, let's just hope that my day gets better then now...


Hey guys, I just got just today and I'm working on the next chapter right now but right now I am also trying to work on the other story that I told you guys that I was going to be working on, the thing is that I am out of ideas and I am trying to get some tips from you guys to see what you guys think I should do to the story, Though just a warning, Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I am not going to be able to get on for the whole day but I will try to get on when I am available and I wish a Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers on here and every woman who is looking at this and Just cuz you are not pregnant or anything like that, doesn't mean that you aren't a mother too. My father always told me that it is the woman who is a mother even when she is really not because you woman are still the ones who bust ass to make everyone happy and you don't need kids to say you are a mother. If you are a mother, daughter, sister, cousin who is a girl, grand daughter or whatever, I wish you a Happy Mother's Day, tomorrow is your special day and I know you will make the best out of it :3 Love you guys!


Sorry about that guys I know I promised you another chapter and I now owe everyone at least 3 chapters maybe more but I'm trying to get ready for a move and I have alot of studying to be getting done, I thought that there was another way to get my diploma but unfortunately there is not... but I will try my best to have at least 2 up before the end of the month and I know I have been slacking on the story, I was just so stressed with alot of things that I haven't had the chance to write anything yet I'm in the need of my fans to kick my ass in gear and say "Write those chapters!" You know? lol Well not really in a harsh way but I will try to get things on a roll. Thank you for not screaming at me -.- I'm sorry again T.T Oh and just to let you guys know, I am having the worst year ever... I didn't pass the ACT nor the FCAT... I just haven't been having the best of days or months for that matter.. My husband, bless his soul, wanted to cheer me up by taking me out just to see me smile and to keep my mind off alot of things and it worked for awhile, the first time in years that I was always stressing I actually had my mind off alot of things when I was with him, We went to go see Godzilla on Friday and he also got me a phone case and bought a pair of Bluetooth headsets for both of us. I love him so much :) but I just wanted you to know that and I thank you guys for the support cuz I don't think I could have continued this story without you guys to push me forward :)


Hey guys, I know it has been awhile but I finally got Chapter 15 up for "The True Identity" and I have got to say that I have outdone myself in many ways and I never did imagine how it would turn out so if you want to take a look at that now then go ahead and don't forget to review for me I love the reviews so far and I can't wait to see what you think of the next chapter when I go to write that one but I came on here to let you guys know and I love you guys :) anyway I got to get off here cuz I got to get some things done here around my home so I will have the chapter up between the end of this month to the near beginning of next month so bye!


Hey guys. I know I haven't been answering any emails or anything in alittle while.. It's just me and my husband have been having constant arguments that just yesterday, got solved. I've been so caught up in other things that I haven't even gotten to write the next chapter and I'm just getting back into the sensation of writing and relaxing, but it becomes difficult for me when I'm fighting my husband to save money on alot of things so we can get our own apartment and right now I'm living in frost proof Florida back with my husband's grandma... Really not making this any easier than it seems but oh well. But anyway, I have a poll up for everyone and it's probably not going to be up very long so I would really appreciate it if you guys could vote on my poll and let me know what you think :) I'll try to get on here more often but it depends on what is going on at the moment so please bear with me :P Well I have to get off here cause I got alot of things to do before my husband wakes up from his nap, Gotta go! Bye!


I am soooooo sorry guys, I have not been getting on at all I have been so busy and caught on with alot of other things and plus I and having alittle bit of free time from the stuff and I don't get much with having to be tired all the time and taking constant naps and doing other things like that but don't worry I have a surprise for you guys if he will let me show it to you... He made a story awhile back and I was really red up to my knees about this story cuz it was so exciting if you get my drift... Anyway if I can post this story on here then this is going to make up some of the loss of not writing the next chapter, again I am so sorry for not writing the next chapter I will try to get on here when I can but for now this is all I can do... See yah guys and don't forget to write comments about what you think of my stories so far :) Bye guys!!


I know guys... I haven't been on in awhile and I know I promised that I would have the chapter up so yeah I owe you guys alot of chapters... I feel bad enough for not writing the chapters but this time it's a few days away from my birthday and I'm gonna write the chapter I promised you so please bare with me cuz after this I'm gonna be a busy bird... Sadly I haven't been able to get on as much becuz I've been distracted with the games I play and other things but this time I will do everything in my power to finish the chapter I am writing now. The good thing is that I'm working with a friend of mine to make a fanfic that she had in mind and so far it's coming together perfectly :) So I'm doing something... Don't kill me yet! -


Hey guys I know you haven't hear from me in a few days and I'm really sorry for not working on anything but the Chapter everyone wanted to see is finally here and I'm excited to say I did well on it and well it might be short but the reason it might be shorter then my other ones is becuz I'm trying to make things to piece together and see how I'm gonna right the next chapter :) But just like I mentioned in the chapter I had just posted I am not gonna be able to write anything tomorrow or Saturday becuz I am gonna be over at my parents spending time with them for my birthday 3 . 3 When I do have the chapter up I will let everyone know as soon as possible. Love you guys!!! Read and Review like always and keep it up with your opinions I want to know what you think about it :) See yah!


Hey everyone just letting you know that I'll be working on a story with a friend so I don't know when I will be able to write any of mine just wanted to write one and see what you guys think make sure you R&R after you read!!! Love you guy ttyl!!!


Hey guys I know that I haven't been on in awhile and it's because I have been really busy with having to deal with personal issues and dealing with family and whatnot but just letting out a notice that I'm not really going to be working on The True Identity. I have some stories that I have been putting off to the side and I'm pretty sure that everyone wants to find out what will be happening next in my main story but there are other ones that I haven't even given attention to either like Death of my Love or I thought you loved me :P Plus to add to it I haven't even worked on my story for you guys, Waiting for Superman, yet and I just keep coming up with more stories to write but haven't really been working on them yet so from this point on I'm going to try and work on those as well as work with one of my friends to get transformations done too. So wish me luck! Thanks for all your support and love for my stories :) Oh and just a side note I will let you guys know when I will continue The True Identity again I promise


Hi again guys, I know I haven't updated any stories as of late but this year I am going to make it my new years resolution to try and update as much as I can with me working alot but I'll give it my best when I can. I know that me and another writer have been working on one particular story for you and I haven't been able to work o it since I haven't had the time but I can promise to update some of the other stories that I haven't worked on and I'll try to post as many as possible, Thank you guys for your support and I hope that you enjoy the next coming chapters for each story. Bye! *heart*

-As you know in one of the stories I have written my name and if you have not read the story yet then I am basically going to tell you, My name is Savanna Collazo but you can call me Kora or any name that doesn't offend or do any harm to anyone so please don't make it that way...

Thank you.

-Anyway, if you would like to join the awesome religion which is Inuyashism, copy and paste this into your profile and add your name to the list! Followers: purduepup, nightfalcon222, Daichilover, xbeautyxxisxxlifex, GoldenRose88, AnimeRomanceFreak1990, Rangurren, kanna37, xxoikilluoxx, Dark Kora,

-I do not own any Inuyasha character!!!! Nor do I own any Naruto Characters or Final Fantasy Characters!!!!!! So don't think that I do and if there are some notes that I post from either the story or on this profile please take them seriously cause there are times when I don't have the time to do anything and I will let everyone know when I have the time to write some more of the story...

-There is only a couple of characters that I own and those are Aroth, Azyla, Savanna, names that I come up with, Just so you know there might be other new characters and some may be mine but some may not... so yeah...

-And last but not least Don't Judge me... I don't care who anybody thinks they are they don't need to be like that it's not worth getting hurt over something as simple as this...

(PLEASE READ THIS) Attention: I am so sorry everyone about not making progress on my stories and I will make it up to you by asking two things (This is a special privilege so yeah don't make me sound ridiculous and rude...) I'm allowing this to make up for the times I have not continued to update the stories so... Oh and another announcement!!!! I plan on making another story so give me a lot of Ideas and I shall do my best to take everything you give me and summarize it the best I can. I love you guys and thanks for all the reviews to my story!!!!

Attention Everyone: I am so sorry That I have not been able to give you the latest news on the vote and that was because my computer had crashed and I lost everything so it will take awhile before I will be able to post more stories and from the results of the poll: The winner is The True Identity.

Thank you guys for your undivided patience, I really appreciate it and again I am so sorry... T.T FML .

Just letting Everyone know as of 11\13\2013 that these are either the ones that I have completed or continued in the last couple weeks that I have had the chance now if you want me to continue then let me know and I will continue off where I left off or make another one :3

Updated stories(Still continuing on):


The True Identity

I Thought You Loved Me

Death Of My Love

Finished stories:

No Chance Given

Just Dreams

I Want You Back

In That Dream

Have You Ever Wondered?

As Days Go By

Coming To The End


Some things about myself:

1. Strawberry-Blonde hair

2. Blue-ish green eyes with a tint of grey

3. Not much to tell but I am almost deathly white pale skin

4. If you really want to know the details then you have to have a private chat with me

but that is up to you guys... lol don't have to if you don't want too.

Just letting you guys know, Don't be afraid to look at all of them and give me a review for me please? I love wanting to know what you think about my stories :3

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"I'll help you, if you help me." He said moving closer to me, his hot breath gliding over my skin. "Think about it, you can get revenge on him for choosing her over you." Looking through the window at the couple only one answer came to her mind "Yes."
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