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Oh by the way mac you should be very mad today, it is the celebration of when you brits lost. I try to think that its a celebration of over coming British food (I mean hello? Hasn't anyone heard about the Boston Teaparty? That happened to be one of the most blatant attacks on british food!). Anyway, this is one of the most boring holidays ever. What is so interesting about watching these color sparks make lots of noise in the air? Although it can be quite amusing if you're A) HIghly drunk B) On 'shrooms or C) happen to be hanging out with people that are either high or drunk trying to play with the fireworks. This can also suck though since this tends to end in the ER.

Best holidays are definitely Halloween and September 22nd (this is not a holiday yet, but it will be, it will be...) I mean come on, what is cooler than dressing up and getting candy? Watching scary movies and playing with the wedgie board (I do not mean wedgie!)? You know, my best grade in English was when I wrote a poem about Halloween. That is how much it rocks. Yep, plus I dressed up as half-barbie half-goth, it was quite scary actually, and my makeup was crap. This year I'm probably going to be pirate kitty since that is what I go as when I go on my random trick or treating expiditions. Stupid people won't give me any candy. And my ears are wasted for no good purpose! I threw them on someone's lawn in a bag with Meow! written on it and they thought it was full of anthrax. My ears are gone! On the plus side I found a super huge field in the middle of me neighborhood that no one else knows about. This means next Halloween this is where we're hanging. Its all gold and full of flowers and even has this big rusty tower. Anyway, I like the traditional name better, Samhain. It just sounds cooler.

I am fourteen with a knack for getting in trouble and getting other people into trouble, and I suppose getting out of trouble. Yup, throwing calculators into the ceiling, ripping down posters (especially ones about drug prohibition), and going where I'm not supposed to be seems to be my forte. And I am uber mad about the fact that there is so much developement going on, can't you build over the old stuff instead of killing innocent trees? I wish I went to school in the 80s, because then you could carry around cigarettes and no one cared, now its like 'Cigarettes? Go to ISS.' Although, to tell you the truth that's not the worst punishment, it just means that you'll never be an honor student, and who seriously gives a crap about that?

Hair: Blonde (want it green or purple not black, blah blah blah)
Eyes: Green
Piercings: Ears... and NOSE!This is very exciting for me. Plus I really really want a collar bone piercing, yet I really doubt I will actually get one.My parents think I'm joking about my piercing fascination, but as soon as I know someone 18 or older...
Tatoos: A unicorn type thing on my lower back (compliments ofthe local HEB), but I'm going to get one over my veins in my forearm. Plus a spiderweb at the base of my neck. Ditto.

My parents raised a monster.

Fav Music: Goth Rock, alternative, metal, and industrial.
Fav Bands: Alkaline Trio, Cold, Collide, Joydrop, Julianna Theory,Kidney Theives, Out of State, Tapping the Vein, Revis, Spitalfield, Rasputina, Ours, Sentenced, My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, Machines of Loving Grace, The Cure, Dresden Dolls, Marilyn Manson (he is fucking HOT! Too bad he's married)
Fav Books: Blood and Chocolate, Silver Kiss, Interview with the Vampire, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, Witches of Eileannan (whole series), confession of Georgia...(don't remember, but its a series), Hairstyles of the Damned, Like the Red Panda, The Good The Bad and The Undead, The Southern Vampire Novels, Nightside series
Fav Movies: Underworld, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Bad Santa, Fast Times at Ridgemond High, This is Spinal Tap, Thirteen, American Pie, Scream, Shadow of the Vampire, Almost Famous, Prey for Rock and Roll, Ginger Snaps, Wrong Turn.
Fav Actress: Jennifer Garner and Angelina Jolie.
Fav Actor: mmmmm...Alan Rickman, Tom Felton, PHillip Seymour Hoffman, Patrick Fugit, John Cusack.

I swear, there is not a single scary movie out there. I mean, there are a lot of slasher movies that fill the horror genre, but that is a sad sad excuse for real horror. There are good horror MOVIES but no good HORROR movies. For instance, a really really scary movie will make you want to crap in your pants for at least a week afterwards. Or just makes you freak when you think about it. Nope none of those. Zip. Zero. Nada.

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