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I'm a person who writes fanfic. I'm a guy. Yes, male fanfic writers do indeed exist. Perhaps our numbers aren't as plentiful as the female fic writers, but we exist. I have a friend on here somewhere, and we'll probably write a few things together. We may, at times, parody each others' work. We're like that. Believe it or not, this friend is female and we are merely friends. No, she is not my girlfriend. In all actuality, she'd probably kill you if you suggested it. Well, not kill. Perhaps maim instead. She's more like my sister than anything. She's like my super-awesome sister I never had, because my real sister sucks. But for the last couple of years my sister and I have dressed up as Rin and Len Kagamine for Halloween, and it's all cool.

As you can see, I write fanfic. Writing-wise, I'll do just about anything. I have my preferences- I don't do well in fluff, I've never been good at that- but there's really very little I won't do. I'll even write slash and yaoi. I know, weird for a guy, right? And before you wonder, yes, I am straight. Yes, you read that right: a straight guy who not only writes fanfic but will also write slash fanfic? Unheard of! However, I won't read just ANYTHING. I don't like just plain BAD fics and I hate Mary-Sues and undeveloped characters. I also hate inconsistent stories. If you can't form a solid, coherent, consistent story you're not ready to publish your work.

Okay, me as a person: I'm kind of laid back. I'll let some stuff slide, but I'm not going to let anyone walk all over me. I'm like a sleeping cobra, just waiting to strike! Not really, I'm more like a lazy cat that refuses to move from your laundry basket. Except, with less shedding. I'm pretty sure I don't have fur, either.

Okay, so, my name is... I'm not telling. I like Doctor Who (hence the username) and gaming. Well, not so much the gaming anymore. I'm kinda out of that. I mostly just listen to music and watch TV now. I like Animal Planet. I'm an animal person, animals just love me. Like, if I'm walking down the street cats will follow me everywhere. It's weird.

Um... What do I look like? Um, I have long black hair- it's all curly-ish and shiny. I have brown eyes. They're awesome. All the best people have brown eyes. I'm tall, I guess, and skinny. Uh, I get mistaken for a girl a lot.

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When The Joker's Wild by The Histrionic Catatonic reviews
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This Has To End reviews
A mage stands before Sepulchure beside his big-shot hero sister, who is determined to end the conflict between Sepulchure and Lore with the DoomKnight's death. Only Adriano is mine. Arianna, Beatrix, Luna, and Ivanna belong to SweetSylvia13.
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