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Hey guys! it's me! the friendly and lovable battle droid from Star Wars! (not really XD) i've decided to finally post a few of my characters bios, but it'll just be my main ones. and at the end, random trivia and facts that you probably could care less about!

Night Akatsuki the Echidna

Age: 4000 (looks around 18 or so)

Looks: will put up link later

Personality: Kind, calm, and always motherly, she is never one to choose violence against someone, even if she dislikes them.

Short Bio: She was born into the Nocturnus Clan. Unlike most of them, however, she wasn't driven by the warrior aspect of them, but by their science. she soon became the clans top scientist after the clan was banished to the Twilight Cage, but she soon regreted it as she was forced to make machines and advancements of war. after being placed on a mission with her insane brother, Talon, and Zen, she managed to escape in the new world. she got used to the peaceful new life she had and eventually got married and started a family. she has 2 children, Dawn, and Miranda(who's actually adopted). Night recently got divorced, but currently has a small crush on someone Night still has trouble with her brother, who is always trying to kill her.

B-day: uknown

Talon the Echidna

Age: 4000 (looks about 22ish)

Looks: Dark orange echidna in black-gray armour. he has a red triangle under his left eye. his eyes are dark purple. his helmet has two blue horns on the top of them. can sometimes see his mucles under the armour

Personality: Agrivated, short tempered, and always angry. tends to choose violence as the absolute solution.

Short bio: Talon is from the Nocturnus Clan, and is Night's older brother. he is one of the Clan's strongest warriors, and will do anything to win. Ever scince his sister left the Clan, he has tried many times to kill her, but always is thwarted by Night's new family. Talon's one track mind wont let him give up though.

Weapons: Leech Claw.

B-day: unknown

Zen the Echidna

Age: 4000 (looks 25)

Looks: Black shirt and blue jeans. his fur is orange. his eyes are ice blue, and he always wears a black headband.

Personality: cool, calm, wise, and usually quiet.

Short bio: Zen is from the Nocturnus Clan, and is a former Procurator there. Zen was an amazing warrior there, and even got the blessing of the god of the Twilight Cage. Zen went a little mad with the power though during the mission he was sent on with Night and Talon, eventually causing himself to get killed by Shaar the cat. afer Zen came back to life, he mellowed out, but eventually lost most of his powers and abilities. after though, he became depressed. the one who cheered him up, was his wife (not at the time though), Beauty the Cat. he eventually, after opening up to her, married her and started a family with her. he has 3 children right now, Analith, and two more he is not aware of yet.

Weapons: Sword.

Forms: Pride mode: happens when people he cares about are endangered. he suddenly gains all his lost powers back, and his sword turns white, along with getting white armour.

B-day: unkown

Shaar Jewel the Cat

Age: unkown (looks about 15, and claims to be too)

Looks: pale blue fur, with his tail and the tips of his four ponytails being almost cyan. he has a blue gem on his forehead. he wears a black t-shirt and blue jean shorts. he has gold markings on his left arm and leg. his shoes are white with a blue verticle strip on them. he has a blue hair tie to keep his ponytails in place, but the do not stand straight up like Blaze the Cats does.

Personality: Shaar tends to keep distant from others, never really getting emotionally attached to anyone. he is quiet, but has a pretty bad temper when he gets angry.

Short Bio: Shaar was abandoned at a young age and put in a cave. this has made him anti-social, and dettatched. he has a hard time getting over his parents abandoning him, and even reuniting with them later in his life changed nothing. he actually hates them even more. He can never say the phrase 'i love you' from fear that he will lose the bond between him and the one he says it to. He currently is dating a foxcat named Natasha Prower, who is his adopted sister.

Powers: blue fire, and water and ice.

Dawn Akatsuki the Echitsune


Looks: light orange fur, magenta eyes, and a black headband with a purple symbol on it. she wears black armour from neck to foot. it is skin-tight, so you can see her curves easily. she has about the same build as her mother, Night. underneath the armour, she wears a black shirt and blue jeans. she also wears two silver bracelets with purple buttons along it, and has a small ring at the base of her one kitsune tail.

Personality: Dawn is generally kind, but little things can piss her off quickly, and she is deadly when angry. when sad, she secludes herself away from others. when she gets emotionally unstable, really bad things happen. other thant that, she is kind and likes action.

Short bio: Dawn is Night's daughter from the future. she was trained in the Nocturnus Clns fighting style, and eventually made her own fighting style using a blade in her tail. she almost always has her armour on in case of a fight, and takes it off on rare occasions. when Dawn was little, she was used as a vessal to seal Midnight the demon Kitsune, and so by feeding off Midnights powers and energy, Dawn managed to increase her already impressive skills and abilities even higher. this came at a price, because when she gets emotionally unstable, Midnight can partially or completely posses Dawn, turning her into a demonic simple minded black 9 tailed Kitsune. about 4 months after her 16th birthday, Dawn lost control of her emotions, but instead of Midnight possesing her, she managed to escape from her body.

Powers: Dawn can control shadows, melting into and fusing into and with shadows, manipulating them and so forth. she also has three leech blades, one in her tail and two that come from her bracelets. these can drain energy from opponents she hits.

Outcast The Cat

Age: unknown

Looks:Blue-grey fur. she wears a black tanktop, and shortshorts that show almost all of her legs. she wears a handkerchief and a headband to to cover almost all of her facial features, except her eyes, which are a deep purple. she has her right arm and leg completely taped up, as well as her left hand.

Personality: evasive, and generally bitter or angry.

Bio: shrouded in mystery, there has been no trace of her past. dna of hers found at a crime scene could not find a single record of this person... it's almost as if this person doesnt even exist in history in any way.

Known Powers: she seems to be able to summon crystalic shuriken and other similair objects at will. other than that, nothing else is known

Fun Facts about My Characters!

Night started to develope a sex addiction at one point, but managed to kick it before it got out of hand.

Dawns' bi-sexuality came from Midnight.

Talon was at one point, as smart as Night, but repeatative blows to his head dumbed him down. ALOT.

Shaar actually has a four-pack set of abs, and his hair, when untied and not in ponytail form, flow down to the middle of his back

Midnight still has a lingering effect on Dawn, for a good chunk of Midnight's power didnt come out when Midnight escaped. the only way for Midnight to get this power back is to kill Dawn.

Zen is a master at making jewelery and smithing.

Night is almost as smart as Tails the Fox.

Zen suprisingly enjoys flowers.

Shaar's real name is Marcus

Outcast does not remember what her real name is.

Shaar actually has a twin sister that he doesnt know about yet.

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