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here are some things about me you need to know:

1)i am exremely sarcastic
2)i love parodies
3)i love romances more
4)i dont believe flames are necessary unless the story really just bites the dust (unless i am in the flaming mood...AH I LOVE BEING A HYPOCRITE!)
5)i am female (hence the sympathy, see above)
7)i HaTe WhEn PeOpLe TyPe LiKe ThIs...UrGh
8)i ALSO HATE it when people use all this internet slang, such as: "so ya i wuz lyk @ da muvyz wit mi frenz c'n skul of rok wen deez guyz wuz all hay nd me nd mi chics wuz lyk wutz^ nd da guyz is all lyk wana go 2 prty nd we wuz all lyk hellz ya so den wez wnt nd the guyz thot dat song sed mi ice creem shake sted of mi milkshake nd day had lyk all da leerics rong nd it wuz sooooo funnay!" urgh i hate that and its really hard to type and now i have a headache grr...i especially HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE WRITE LIKE THAT IN STORIES I REFUSE TO READ A STORY I PRACTICALLY HAVE TO DECIPHER!!
9)¡Soy muy perezosa a veces!
10)¡Me encanta comer mucho guisantes, jamon, huevos, uvas, naranjas, y hamberguesas!
11)¡Tambien, me encanta beber jugo de naranja, agua, leche, refresco y gaseosas!

now, I've got a few questions to ask you!

1)¿Como te llamas?
2)¿Quien eres tu?
3)¿Eres tu caliente?
4)¿Por que eres tu grande?
5)¿Donde eres?
6)¿Te gusta comer mas unos zanahorias, unos guisantes, o una manzana?
7)¿Te gusta beber mas refrescos, gaseosas, o agua?

¡Si, yo hablo espanol! ¿Y tu? If you do, IM me!!
well you can anyway i guess ;)

ANYWHO, I LOVE ORLANDO BLOOM AND TOM FELTON!!!! they are both major sexy MWAHAHAHA!! my best friend and I have an evil plan that we are gonna steal the POA from Warner Bros. cuz we cant wait until June to see it!

( v )
`v` Dreams*of*Draco

Oh my "haysoos"! The TFB is closed die motherfuckers who closed it. Urgh.

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its a parody of the real song, this version is better though. he he he. i like it even if i doesn't scan
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