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Author has written 15 stories for Yu Yu Hakusho, Yu-Gi-Oh, Harry Potter, Inuyasha, Trigun, Rurouni Kenshin, Pirates of the Caribbean, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Z/Sailor Moon, Angel, Labyrinth, Star Wars, and Prétear.

Full Name: Jean Rose McNeice
Height: Between Five Three and Five Five
Hair color and lenght: Black/Green, Short about two inches long.
Weight: I'll never tell.
Eye Color: Ocean Blue, but Blood red when I'm very pissed off
Special Features: A very faint scar across right eye, and a multi-personalty.

Stupid me, I forgot to tell you all of my nick names, so you wouldn't get confused if I use them in my stories.

Jean McNeice (of course)
Jeannette Willey
Jeannette O'Riley
Jenna Willey
Jenna O'Riley
Joan Jones
Jade R. Black
Harley Quinn (don't ask)

I'll think of the others later.

Favorite Animes and Favorite Charters:

Blue Gender- Joey and Yuji
Big O- Roger Smith and R Dorothy
Card Captures- Torie and Lei
Case Closed- Jimmy/Conhan
CowBoy BeBop- Spike Spingel
Dragon Ball- Yamcha
Dragon Ball Z- Future Trunks and Veggie-Head
Dragon Ball GT- SSJ4 Vegeta
Fooly Cooly- None
FullMetal Alchemist- Cor.Mustang
G Gundum- Domoin
Inuyasha- Kouga
King of Bandit Jing- Jing
Lupin 3rd- None
Outlaw Star- Gene Starwind
Ruouni Kenshin- Sano and Aishe
Sailor Moon- Jupiter and Pluto
Saint Seiya/Knights of the Zodiac- Shun
Shaman King- Yoh
Tenchi (All)- Tenchi and Ryoko
Trigun- Vash the Stampede and Legato Bluesummers
Witch Hunter Robin- Amon
Wolf's Rain- Kibia
Yu-Gi-Oh- Battle City Kaiba and Sorcerer Kaiba
Yu Yu Hakusho- Kurama
Zatch Bell- Kiyo

Favorite Mangas and Favorite Charaters:

Absoulte BoyFriend- Night
D.N. Angel- Dark
Eerie Queeire- Hasunuma (might be gay, but he's still cute)
Flames of Recca- Recca
Fooly Cooly- None
Dragon Ball- None
Dragon Ball Z- Vegeta(Duh)
InuYasha- Kouga
Nana-Both Nanas
Naruto- Sasuke
PerTear- Knight of Sound, Sasame
Psychic Academy- Mew
Saint Seiya/Knights of the Zodiac- Shun
Samauri Deeper- Demon Eyes Kyo
Shaman King- Yoh
Scryed- Kazuma Torisuna and Officer Ryuhou
Trigun- Vash the Stampede and Legato Bluesummers
Wolf's Rain- Kibia
Yu Yu Hakusho- Kurama

Other shows I watch/like:

American Dad
Family Guy
Fresh Prince
Happy Days
King of the Hill
I Love Lucy
Married With Childern
Mission Hill
Robot Chicken
Simsons (Sort of)
South Park (Hardly)
Tarzan (WB)
Tru Calling

Ok my Star Wars story was thought of, written on paper and typed up before Gamista had hers thought of. I just wanted to let you know that, so if you have read hers, then you wouldn't think I'm copying her.
Hey everyone,

how ya all doin'? I cool I guess.

Well it's offical we have the internet at my place and I'm the happiest writer to ever live. I really hope I didn't lose anyone with my almost two year silence. I really love all of my readers and hope to get some new ones. I promise you all the stories will get done. I'm slowly working on them and trying to remember what I was going to do with the concepts. I would like to thank all of those who are still with me, I really do apperatie it. I'll let you get reading.

I've got a new email address, if ya just want to chat with me on anything email me at

New stuff should be arriving soon, as in New POTC chaps, HP chaps DBZ/SM chaps maybe even Kenshin chaps. right now I'm working on Lost Knight and Star Wars, so hope to see all of my fans and maybe some new ones reviewing and loving my stories once again. Love ya all

Jean R. McNeice

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