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Author has written 9 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh, and Mega Man.

Hey, I'm Honest and I like writing Humor fics, reading Yu-gi-oh fics and drawing stuff. I also like video games. Below is the list of my favortie shows, games, movies and etc.

Favorite video games:
Ratchet and Clank 1 and 2
Jak and Daxter
Jak II
Kingdom hearts
Super smash Bros. Melee
Sonic Adventure 1 and 2
Spyro the dragon (all of them)
Crash banticoot (all of them)
Yu-gi-oh Duelist of Roses, Falsebound kingdom and EDS
Pokemon Ruby and Shaphire
Star fox Adventures
Super Mario Land 1 and 2

Favorite movies:
Who framed Roger Rabbit
Good boy
All dogs go to heaven
The Ring
Lion King
Lilo and Stitch
Shark Tale
Scary Movie

Favorite shows:
The Simpsons
Foster's Home
Rugrats (the classic episodes)
Megaman NT warrior
The Fairly Odd parents
Teen Titans
Lilo & Stitch series

Family Guy

Favortie cartoon characters:
Yugi Motou
Joey Wheeler
Sonic The Hedgehog
Nack The Weasel
Bakura Ryou
Yami Bakura
Maximillion Pegasus
Itchy Itchiford
Bart Simpson
Weevil Underwood
Rex Raptor
Duke Devlin
Stitch Brian off Family Guy

My Author friends are Shadow's girl12, Rin562, Frwl and Lucky_Ladybug66

And here's what gave me ideas to write the 8 fics I got up now.

The New Substitute Teacher: I thought it would be funny if the class had Pegasus as a teacher so I decided to write this. And most of the stuff in this story is based on real stuff that really did happen at school.

The New Substitute Teacher 2: Unlimited Teachers: Just felt like coming out with a sequel, but this time with different teachers in each chapter.

Pegasus B' Day Party: I read a message board talking about having a party for Pegasus so it gave me the idea to write this.

Weevil's joke: This is actally my first YGO story. I decided to write this, since my old math teacher was getting on everyone nerves with her annoying comments so that's why she's annoying in the story

Fun Time at The Fair: Came with this idea when I went to a fair in my state. I saw a big kid inside a kiddy train with his little brother so I decided to have Pegasus get on the baby rides, too.

Scary Movie YGO sytle: I saw Scary Movie and wanted to write YGO based scenes from the movie.

The Nightmare: Me and Rin562 were talking about how kiddy shows were stupid so I decided to write this about the YGO crew having a nightmare about pointless baby shows.

BlockBlunder Video: Came up with this idea after watching the Amanda show and seeing a skit called "BlockBlister Video"

And here's story titles I'm planning on posting up in the future:

Substitute 3 (A repost. I apolgize for taking it down before, I just wanted to finish the other substitute first.)

I'm also on Neopets. My user name is remmyfan1, so if you visit my user lookup be sure to send me a neomail!

Okay, thanks for reading. Cya!

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