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I, personally, hate that I haven't finished some of my stories.
I do intend to finish them.
Don't know when, but it will happen.
Thank you.

Ever since, Netflix put on all the Power Ranger seasons, I've watched almost all of them. Then I started looking up Power Rangers on the internet. I came across several fanfiction stories; trust me, I've read quite a few. Eventually, I decided to try writing some. This is something that I love to do. Ideas pop into my head left and right. My fanfiction pieces will only revolve around Power Rangers. The genres I am most acquainted with are: Romance, Drama, and Angst. Once in awhile, there will be humor.

These are some of my favorite couples.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers:

Tommy and Kimberly: My absoloute favorite couple. I hated how they cheapened what they had by having Kim write a stupid letter. Yes, I understand Amy Jo Johnson wanted to leave the show, but why make those two break up? She ended up coming back for Power Rangers: Turbo- A Movie, they still could've been together. I detest Kat, and I think Saban lost a lot of viewers after the letter. If you also think about it, this couple basically got away with murder on Power Rangers. They are the only 'Power Couple' to kiss.

Jason and Trini- When I would watch them, I noticed there was some chemistry. Just because she was seen more often with Billy doesn't mean they couldn't have started something when they went to Switzerland. I believe this couple was overlooked. (I'm a firm believer that Trini Kwan is still alive, even though the actress,Thuy Trang died in real life. May Thuy Trang RIP.)

Aisha and Rocky- Must be something with Red and Yellow. Rocky was the playful one of the trio from Stone Canyon. Aisha had a ton of sass, and I thought they could've been a couple. Bear and Ape... it's great!


Adam and Tanya: Adam was so caring towards Tanya. You could tell he liked her. The way he stuck up for when Shawn was being a douche, this should've been the couple to focus on in Zeo. Not Tommy and Kat.


T.J. and Cassie: So, Cassie happened to like the Phantom Ranger, but they lost touch. Since T.J and Cassie first met, they grew close in friendship. Which obvioulsy could lead to more. They held a deep bond, and I always wished there could've been more moments on the screen between the two.


Andros and Ashley: Andros was the loner on the Astro Megaship. He didn't want to accept having new team mates, but eventually he did. Ashley was there, and she broke through his shell. I thought it was so cute how he got jealous of the time Ashley and Zhane spent together. He went back to Earth with her; that's love right there.

Zhane and Astronema/Karone: Zhane saved Astronema from her allies. He didn't have to, but he did. They bonded, and he saw good in her even though she wanted to basically destroy all of them. I loved how at the end of the episode, they both had pictures of each other in their rooms.

Lost Galaxy:

Leo and Kendrix: From what I've read, there was supposed to be a romance between the two. However, Valerie Vernon, the actress who palyed Kendrix, got diagnosed with leukemia. Hence, her character getting 'killed off' the show. The first time they met, it was a 'love at first sight' type of thing. I wished this romance could've continued.

Lightspeed Rescue:

Cater and Dana: I didn't watch much of Lightspeed Rescue, but the episodes I did catch, I could see something developing between the two of them.

Time Force:

Wes and Jen: Jen gets engaged in the future. Her fiance dies. She travels to the present and meets Wes, someone apart of Alex's bloodline. She falls out of love with her fiance, who's really alive, and falls in love with Wes. Their relationship went from hate to love. Why didn't they get to kiss? Stupid writers of the Power Rangers. Personally, Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts stayed in the past to be with him.

Wild Force:

Cole and Alyssa: Out of the girls in the Animarium, Cole seemed to get a long with Alyssa. Well it's obvious because Taylor was pretty abrasive and Princess Shayla's consort was Merrick. That's not the point though, throughout the series, I could see the two becoming a couple in the future.

Taylor and Eric: So the team up between Time Force and Wild Force was pretty exciting, because Wes and Jen were reunited. However, the relationship that developed between Taylor and Eric was nice. Their combative personalities clashed at first, but over time they grew on each other. The romantic sparks were flying by the end of the second episode.

Ninja Storm:

Blake and Tori: The flirty looks, her concern after she found out he was the evil ranger, and how she got 'worried' when she saw Blake in trouble, since he was in a heated battle with a person, who ended being his sensei's daughter. From the beginning, Blake was smitten with the surfer gal, and there were spurts of where their relationship could've gone farther. It didn't happen, but who's to say it hasn't now?

Dustin and Marah: In 'All about Beevil', Marah uses Dustin. Before he finds out, there was a moment shared between the two when he got something out of her hair. They are cute together, and at the end she admits that she's always found him cute.

Dino Thunder:

Conner and Kira: I love this couple. Seriously, why did Kira get paired with Trent? I didn't like Trent, i thought he was freaking whack. However, Conner was there for Kira. When it came to her idiotic music video, Conner told her the truth. He's right Kira didn't need to change. I know at Prom he was paired with Krista, but in my opinion I'm sure he wishes he was with Kira.

Hayley and Billy: If Billy ever did come back from Aquitar, I think these two would've been introduced, and they would've been together.


Sky and Syd: I wasn't into this season, but the episode when the serious Sky and extroverted Syd were messing around, I thought it was very cute. Something could've developed there.

Mystic Force:

Leanbow and Udonna: She waited for him to come back and he did. When he was Koragg, he couldn't hurt her because he loved her too much.

Nick and Maddie: I've read a lot of fanfiction where people pair this couple together. I've seen a couple of episodes too. They're an okay couple.

Operation Overdrive:

Mack and Rose: I took a liking to this couple. I know he probably wasn't supposed to be paired up with someone considering his circumstances, but between Rose and Ronny; he favored Rose.

Jungle Fury:

Casey and Lily: Yup, another Red and Yellow couple. I thought it was cute when she danced for him. When Lily was turned evil, and she walked into Jungle Karma Pizza dressed like a biker chick, he was definitely blown away by her. There was chemistry, and I hated that she was paired up with Theo at the end. At least, Jason Smith and Anna Hutchison were going out in real life. I think they broke up recently.

Rio and Mele: This is the Super Sentai version of Jarrod/Dai Shi and Camille. Mele only fought for Rio's love. He never reciprocated it towards her. However, she never gave up because she wanted to be with him. When they both died, they went to 'Hell', but it was Mele's heaven. She was in Hell first, and then Rio came. She walked up to him and held out her hand to him and he smiled and took it. I almost cried when I saw that. This would have to be one of my favorite villain coupling.


Dillon and Summer: They almost kissed twice! How come there hasn't been a kiss since Tommy and Kim? When Summer was about to get married, both Scott and Dillon were mad. Summer openly admitted that she had a crush on the two. However, Dillon was the one she left the city of Corinth with.

Ziggy and Dr. K: I think I favor this couple because the actors who played them are going out in real life. In the last episode, Ziggy put his arm around Dr. K. I think this pays hommage to their real relationship.


Jayden and Mia: I don't like him paired with Emily. I dont like her paired with Kevin. I see the relationship there. She's the only one who supported him when he went to fight with Deker. After the fight with Deker, she helped him up and they walked back together to the Shiba House. She sparred with him when he was contemplating whether or not to put Antonio on the team. Her charisma balances out his seriousness.

Mike and Emily: Need I say more? They're just like their Super Sentai counter parts. They both help each other out. At the end of Clash of the Red Rangers, when Scott told him 'Good luck with Emily' and Mike questioned him. He was right, the way Emily looks at him. She definitely cares for him. That little jump kick he did at the end shows how excited he is to hear that.

My completed stories:

"Second Best or am I"- Kat has been through several relationships and she's always felt second best in all of them. She finally gets her happy ending and her daughter asks to hear her story.

"Unrequited Meets Unrequited"- Billy had to witness the woman he loved get married to someone else. Hayley had to witness the love of her life get married. So, what happens when they talk?

"Ninjetti, Truths, and a Twin"- This is a companion piece to Chapter 11 in "Second Best or am I", the Ninjetti visit Wind Ninja Academy, what happens when they reconnect with their animal spirits? And what about when Tommy meets Eric, Conner's twin.

"Conner's Lie"- One shot songfic. Conner has been dating his girlfriend for a year, but he's secretly in love with someone else.

"Kimberly"- Based on the movie "Sabrina". AU. Kimberly loves Jason, but he doesn't even know she's alive. Kimberly moves to Paris to compete in the Pan Globals, and she matures. What happens when she comes back to Jason? And what does Tommy have to do with stopping them from coming together?

"We Have History"- Kim comes to Reefside to reconnect with Tommy. She finds out he has a girlfriend. Kim and the Dino Thunder rangers get sent to theeir future. Tommy finds out. What events transpire after their battle in the future?

"As Long As He's There"-Prologue to my story, "We Have History". This is how Kim made her decision to come to Reefside.

"Kira's Lie"- Songfic, One-shot. Based on the song "I'd Lie" by Taylor Swift.

"Their Point of Views"- Songfic, One-shot. Rocky and Aisha story. Based on the Song "How Did I fall in love with you?" By the Backstreet Boys.

"I'm With You Forever"- Jason and Trini, songfic, one shot. Based on the Song "You're Still the One" by Shania Twain. Character deaths, this will probably be one of the few times I will have Trini Kwan die.

"A Tattoo and A Ring"- Based on Katy Perry's song, "the One that got Away". Alex's POV of his relationship with Jen and after they broke up.

"Honesty is the Best Policy"- Sequel to "Kira's Lie", based on the song, "Listen to Your Heart" by DHT. Takes place one year later.

"Sleepless Nights"- Jayden and Mia One shot. Based on the song, "Patiently" By Emma Lahana. I adore this couple, and this takes place after their final battle. With the Shiba House empty, Jayden has a hard time coping. Mia's not faring better either, but they patiently wait for the next time they see each other.

"Their Addiction"- TJ and Cassie One shot. Based on the song, "I Will Always Love You" by Whiney Houston. Their addiction was stronger than their love, and they had no clue how to overcome it.

"The Wallflower"- AU. Mia and Jayden. Based on the song, "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" by TV Carpio, orginal score by The Beatles. Mia's always been behind the scenes, when she meets Jayden she feels something. Will she let him know how she feels, or will she just let him pass her by?

"A Broken Cycle"- AU. Jason and Trini story. Based on the song, "I'll Never Break Your Heart". Trini comes from an abusive relationship, and she's cautious about the men she comes in contact with. Jason meets her, and he wants to show her not all guys are jerks.

"Beautiful, Love Song"- Andros and Ashley. Songfic- "Truly, Madly, Deeply" by Savage Garden. Takes place during Power Rangers In Space and Post Forever Red.

"Love and Oppositions"- Carter and Dana. Songfic. "I Knew I Loved You" by Savage Garden. He's known he's loved her since he was little, but her family doesn't care.

"Difficulties"- Karone and Zhane. "Breaks My Heart" by Monica. Her time spent as Astronema has affected her way to love. Because of this, she believes distances herself from Zhane.

"Playing with Fire"- Tommy and Kim. Based on Kelly Clarkson's song, "Dirty Little Secret". After Tommy accepts a position at a school in Florida, as fate would have it he reunites with Kim. She has a boyfriend, but their feelings can't be overlooked. As they build on that, they are met with opposition.

"Converted Cataclysm"- Dustin and Marah. "The Story of Us" by Taylor Swift kind of songfic. Marah did the unthinkable, and she's paying for it. Dustin has a lot of animosity towards her, which is the opposite of he felt about her once before.

"Encounters"- A young woman is involved in a love triangle, when a question is posed, what she to do? Mike/Emily/Jayden AU

"Friendships and Relationships"- MMPR, conflicts between Tommy, Kim, Jason, and Trini come to the forefront.

"I am From by Kaylani Park"- Adam and Tanya's daughter has a flair for writing. However, one of her pieces doesn't sit well with her father.

"One Day"- 24 People, related and unrelated, become heavily intertwined in the course of a 24 hour period. A cliffhanger does occur, and that's when the story, 'One Year', will tie up all the loose ends.

"Trini"- Precursor to 'Requiem For a Yellow'. Jason and Trini meet at the age of 8, 10 years later, they finally confess their feelings, five years later, grief greets them.

"The Most Interesting Day- A Nighlock's Spell"- With four love triangles brewing, it has to be the most interesting day.

"On, Off"- Tommy/Kimberly one shot loosely based on a song by Trace Adkins. After the letter, Tommy made a promise to Kim. He kept that promise, but how long can he keep that up?

"Christmas Wish for My Father"- Jayden wants to repay his dad for everything he's ever done all the while trying to get the courage to ask out the girl of his dreams. What happens when things don't turn out the way they're supposed to?

Dino Thunder: Revamp Series (Complete)

Part one- "The Missing Bone"- While Tommy's stuck in his power suit, Principal Randall hires a substitute. Kimberly Ann Hart is hired as his substitute, what happens after Tommy finds out?

Part two- "Fighting Spirit"- While in his coma, Kim tries to help Tommy fight against his former selves. The White and Green Mighty Morphin power rangers don't like her doing that. Why?

Part three- "Thunder Storm" Parts One&Two- Dino Thunder and Ninja storm team up

Part four- "Thunder Struck" Parts One&Two- Kim has big news for Tommy, but he's focused on beating Mesogog that he doesn't hear it. He regrets not hearing it.

Part five- "It's Barbecuing Time!"- Zordon's 12 and the Dino Thunder rangers meet for a barbecue. What kind of secrets and antics occur at this party?

Stories in Progress-

"A Look Behind a Ranger Woman"- In this story, all ranger women from MMPR-PRS meet for a reunion. During the reunion all of them reminisce about what they did after they gave up the power, and what they are currently up to now. Kind of like a spin off of "Joy Luck Club."

Stories on Hiatus

"Double Life"- Very AU and mature. Tommy Oliver comes from a religious family, and he's also shy. He goes to a big university, and he even starts to come out of his shell a bit. He needs to make money, so he takes a job at a place he would never expect. There, he meets a woman, Kim, and his life changes for the worst. Is he too far from being saved?

'Requiem for a Yellow'- After the death of Trini Kwan, an unforeseen event arises on Titan. With Goldar, Scorpina, and their daughter, Laima, ready to battle for the Saber-Toothed Tigerzord, ALL Yellow rangers are gathered together to fight. Forever Yellow in deed.

Future Stories:

Power Rangers/Roswell Crossover

Conner and Kira- AU. Within days of meeting, the two hardly get along. They shout, bicker, and then she falls for someone else. Finally, she realizes he was the one for her.

Tommy and Kim- 50 Shades of Grey remake.

Jayden and Mia- An alternate version of Mulan.

'One Year'- Sequel to 'One Day'

'A Look Behind a Male Ranger'- Sequel to 'A Look Behind a Female Ranger'

So, recently, Jason David Frank (JDF) had posted something on his Facebook about his 'facts'. This was my fact to him, a dedication.

JDF Fact:

He could MIGHTY MORPHIN kick your ass as the falcon which would make you seek solace from an ALIEN. However, he decided to seek out a ZEO crystal that formed a red star, which then shifted into TURBO and flew into SPACE in search of the LOST GALAXY. Turbulent forces had taken over and wished to wipe out the universe, and pretty soon, in LIGHTSPEED time he would RESCUE everyone. Of course he would, since he had the TIME and he was WILD enough to FORCE the baddies out of the universe single handedly. After that was accomplished, JDF took the NINJA world by STORM once again, but was sucked into the world of DINO THUNDER, and he hailed SPACE PATROL DELTA, but they weren't of much help. Eventually a MYSTIC FORCE told him to kick it into OPERATION OVERDRIVE and venture to the JUNGLE and with FURY defeat the dinosaurs. Also, he was offered some RACING PERFORMANCE MACHINES, but declined since he could do this on his own. Once again, he saved the universe. With that complete, he used his free time to further his skills and become a SAMURAI, a SUPER SAMURAI at that. =)

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