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Finally getting around to making a profile AND publishing a story on FF.net after being idle for about FOREVER. I've ran into so many people from FF.net on Deviant Art and I FINALLY got courage to publish some drabblings (I know its not a word) as a result. I'm working on ONE RE story that has changed shape 5000x. Hoping someone will encourage me/give ideas and stuff. I know I'm late about RE5 with Resi6 out. Sue me.

It's called: Repetitious History(well, it WAS) --and i HATE the G.D bloody title buuuuuuut it's subject to change. Because i want to trick those of you who didnt want to read it based on that title into reading it under a different title later. Tee. Hee.

I've worked with ONE person on FF.net that i've silently admired but she wanted to remain largely anonymous and have as little as possible dealings with this story so i'm firing her. I needs a new friend for my end of the world story. OH I also dont read FF much when im writing one, so no one do anything good!

ANYWAYS its about 1/2lb Chris and the Resi5 cast with a pinch of whatever/someone

4TBSP Wesker

2tsp drama

a pinch of tragedy

2 1/2 oz of oh shit

Equal parts seriousness-ness

I haven't finished baking it yet sos the recipe is incomplete. PM me i'm friendly-ish. I have never done a collab but i dont think im good enough to f*ck up someone's story with my contributions but you'll let me know however i would like to. I promise i dont runon as much if at all in my stories thanks to my mystery helper whom i have since fired.

STORY UPDATE(S): Man, i knew mentioning Wesker in the title was gonna be something, but these hardcore Wesker fans out there are kinda intimidating. I dont want to disappoint anyone...but..at the same time i actually wrote like...5 chapters to Repetitious History and from reading the reviews and PMs i toss all off em over my shoulder. It wasn't taking form into something i wanted anyways. $#%. Gonna take even longer for chapter 2 to ever come about AAAAND im gonna have to change the description. Again, %$#

10/19/12-Soo...no suggestions yet. From anyone. And i think i've deleted like, 3-4 chapters. NO JOKE. I wish i had a trusted muse. Why dont any of you MF's wanna be my friend and help me guide this story? Like, get some one to PRE READ it. Chap 2 is up, or going to be up, and...thats all.

12/10/12-STILL I NEEDS ME A BETA! Where y'all at? Im thinking im gonna have to resort to begging the last person i fired and i know (hope) theyre reading this...so i wont have to beg! This story is taking its slow, slow, slow time. DONT BE AFRAID OF THE DIRECTION IM TAKING IT! Ir i dunno, be afraid, b/c i've introduced an OC that wont have much to do in the story but sorry be a catalyst for conflict, sooo i feel like if you hate OC's (and ikinda do, well, no, i DO) then you can still read this story. OH! And im wondering if i should include Wesker in the description...he is sorta in here ALOT...anyways ive boldly posted C3. EFF you guys i promise im friendly-ish!

12/2/12-Dont have too many readers, in fact, i may have more chapters than readers. IN FACT, I DO! A thought occurred to me. What if you dont want to read the whole bloody chapter? What if you want a chunk summary so maybe you can catch up and skip ahead? SOS, im summarizing my chapters here so you can get the gist, in case you need to play catch up. Kewl? Kewl. These Summaries will be about Repetitious History (OMG i hate the title!). More to come as chapter 4 is, IN FACT, done. Stick a fork in tha mothaf*kka.

1/25/13-SO bored with this story at this point, but the later chapters excited even me and im writing it. Probably 'cause its less...zzz and more Rambo. Yall like Rambo, right? He's an American classic hero! Nah, it's not at all like Rambo but it is more potentially angsty. The red lettering under 'angsty' tells me ive made that word up. Ive decided against a BETA reader, my bird will do just fine. Considering his cage is lined with newspaper, after all these years im sure he can read because he can talk and who the hell taught him how to do that? What i NEED is a new title for this story. Chapter something is up GET AT ME!

1/31/13-Changed title as i felt the old title (which i hated) was misleading. This aint a story about Wesker though he is in it, its about Chris and his relationships. The planet-blowing-up-in-the-mean-time-shit is just FLUFF. Chapters six AND seven done. Time for Josh to get BAWSE.

2/15/13-Two reviews strong. You two are awesome, Ultimolu and bloody raptor. The rest of you ghost readers/reviews are butt. :P

In CHAPTER ONE-Chris is invited to G.SM, a Maximum state prison out in the pacific to meet with Dr. Frazier Lund, a leading biochemist on the cusp of receiving a Nobel Peace Prize, assigned to develop Wesker's lethal injection dubbed the Final Solution. Hence the chapter title. Lund wants advice from Chris, who has personal experience with Wesker. Chris has no advice for him of course, as he is not a scientist, but Lund offers him a glance at Wesker who is a sleeping giant in the subterranean sector of G.SMm having been neglected as a human for years in a Plexiglass prison. Chris is stunned at his ageless foe, and intimidated, suggests to Lund that he not fail in his pursuits before leaving the island.

CHAPTER TWO touches on the rise and fall of both Chris and Jill after Wesker's apprehension all those years ago. Through Claire, Chris is discovered to have an addiction to painkillers since Kijuju and will not accept a job offer in Africa trying to dodge a drug test, though he says it is because there is nothing for him there. He and Claire disagree on this matter, and she abandons him in the park. World Liberation Day is upcoming to celebrate Wesker's execution. Chris later visits Jill, who is a shell, barely existing and is financially compensated/supported by Chis who pities her. He makes mention of Wesker which sends Jill into a depression and he leaves after swiping her painkillers. Back in his apartment, he drugs up, reliving his gradual decline from hero to drug addict. He is ashamed of himself.

As CHAPTER THREE three dawns, Chris is already at G.SM waiting for Wesker's execution to commence. He reunites with Josh Stone and who he thought to be Sheva but is surprised to discover it is their daughter Nadia. He is immediately attracted to the girl because she reminds him of Sheva. We discover that Sheva and Josh have married, and mention Chris being connected to Jill Valentine similarly. The execution starts, Wesker arrives drugged and subdued, and the Final Solution makes its debut. There is a brief resistance on Wesker's part before he submits to the injection and presumably dies half escaped. Chris, Sheva, Josh and Nadia share their discomfort with the witnessing press.

In CHAPTER FOUR Nadia and Chris seem to naturally adhere to one another. She is offended by the execution but Chris vaguely assures her that it is necessary. Chris and Sheva rediscover one another, more so Sheva admiring Chris which Josh looks on, speculative. We learn Josh has retired from field world, specifically the Delta Team after TriCell was scandalized. He suffers from grief after the events to RE5 and excuses himself, leaving Chris and Sheva alone. Sheva wants to talk to Chris, but can't. Wesker awakes, realizing that he has been abandoned. He seeks out Dr. Lund to antagonize him. It ends with his escape from G.SM.

CHAPTER FIVE starts with Nadia at World Liberation Day having escaped the hum drum dinner with her parents and Chris and the freshly escaped Wesker dazzling audiences as he leaves an exploding G.SM in his wake and streaks across the Pacific to reek havoc at the park. Josh and Sheva are detained by the FBI and are in protective custody, leaving Chris Nadia's sole rescuer. Chris is suffering from mild withdrawl when Josh calls him and after an odd back and forth between Josh and Sheva, Sheva makes a startling admission that none of you should be surprised by.

In the start of CHAPTER SIX Chris is cussing out Lund to no avail. He is alone with Nadia, mildly suffering from withdrawal and studying the girl much to her discomfort. Josh and Sheva finally arrive much to her relief but Chris insists Sheva explain in a harsh fight what she said to him earlier while trying to keep the rest of her family in the dark. Their relationship instantly sours. Chris becomes angry and it seeps out in a condescending conversation with Josh. They both get a call from BSAA, Josh stalls, Chris immediately accepts to get away from them. Claire gives Chris an update. Wesker makes a disturbing realization.

CHAPTER SEVEN starts with lamenting Chris struggling to bury his emotions and answer the call of BSAA. Josh also has decided to join the BSAA in pursuit of Wesker, against Nadia's wishes. Chris is dispatched to meet with Alpha team and isn't much in this chapter, while Josh is surprised with the responsibility of Bravo Team to protect Jill and take her to the CDC, as she has antibodies that may help subside the infection in the city. Josh and Jill reunite, Jill resists going to CDC before reconsidering after seeing Josh's willingness to disobey orders and let her go. It ends with Josh considering Chris on the other side of town, where the next chapter will start up.


I'm a girl. I'm kinda shy about my work b/c it will always later embarrass me, and i hate it when no one reads/likes my stuff though ive been guilty of commenting (nicely) and not logging in. I've only ever flamed 1 story in my lyfe. I am immature for my age. I don't think there's a cure. Don't want one, f*ck you. I'm actually funny and live a silly little life but my fiction and non fiction is primarily full of seriousness. Let me scroll up and add that to my recipe. Done.

I'm also on FictionPress.net but i've forgotten my PW. Ugh. That's how much i use that account. I may even take this down if i feel i can't finish the story. I'll be making signed reviews from now on. Bye. Go read

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