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Ryochix is also known as Ryochi in Mediaminer.org

Published Stories

Kingdom Hearts: Eternal Core (In Progress, Active)


Ryochix is my name,

Don't take it as a game,

I burn like a flame,

When i see something lame!

(It's not me but hey it rhymes!)

Interests: I like Kingdom Hearts, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Sonic the Hedgehog, Teen Titans, Young Justice, etc.

Dislikes: Beyblade, Pokemon, All Nick Jr shows, All Playhouse Disney Shows.

What I like to do on this site:

Write fanfics

Read and review stories (For usual stories that I read look at my interests)

I love reading Kingdom Hearts, Adventure Time, Kung Fu Panda and Naruto fics. But i will be willing to try other kinds of fanfics as well.

I also like to RP (usually in Adventure time, Kingdom Hearts or Generator Rex)


Kingdom Hearts: Eternal Core is currently active.

My rules of Fanfiction:

1. The main character whether it is an OC or an actual character, must have some kind of weakness. I mean, they're not GOD or Mr. Perfect. Put some flaws on their personality or their powers if they have any. Because believe me, Mary Sues and Gary Stus are not cool and they should not be used in stories.

2. Make a good plot. That's all i have to say for this section.

3. Make a good summary. Fix all spelling mistakes and make it interesting. And don't say things like, "I suck at summaries." Because that will drive readers away from your story. And also, put on a quote or a phrase into the summary. It will give people a small preview of your writing.

4. Actually describe what is happening. For example: Instead of saying, "It's sunny outside." Say: "The bright morning sun shone down on the townsfolk signifying a new day." See? More description makes any story more interesting. Even one without a plot...for a few minutes.

5. You may have that good plot, you may have that good summary, and you may have the description. But your spelling is terrible. Nobody is going to read your story when you type like a five year old. Actually take time to spell your words. Get a Beta Reader to proofread. Just don't stick with that bad grammar.

6. Can't concentrate? Try listening to music while you type your story. Maybe some music that would relate to the scene that you are writing. It would help get you into a kind of rhythm or something. It might even help your readers get the message that ypu are trying to write.

7. Fix your formatting. Don't make your entire story fit into one big paragraph or one line. Try to separate the scenes and try to make out who is talking.

8. Don't rush. Please, it's bad for your health and the results will show on your story. Trust me. The results aren't good.

My OCs (In Kingdom Hearts: Eternal Core):

Name: Nami

Age: 13

Hair Color/style: short pink hair

Eye Color: Baby blue

Clothes: White T-Shirt with short sleeves and black jeans. White shoes.

Personality: Enthusiastic, Cheerful at times, Quiet and shy at times (towards crushes). Knows when to be serious when the situation needs it. Quite oblivious to obvious things at times.

Bio: Nami was a girl who lived by herself in Twilight Town. She never knew her parents since she lost all of her memories that were made before eight years old. She started talking to Riku who was one of her only friends in the entire town. She also used to go to the streets and struggle fight with people which is how she developed her own fighting style. She became good, even getting to the point of winning some of the struggle tournaments (You can't win them all!) and taking down Setzer and Seifer at the same time (With a bit of Riku's advice of course). When she became thirteen she decided to join Hikari Academy to try and help in the fight against Darkness and try to find out the real identity of her parents and gain some lost memories on the way.

Weapon: Aurora Keyblade. It’s blade is in the shape of a key with a white color and the hilt is black. A chain with half of it yellow and half of it white symbolizes the two shifts in the day (Sun and moon). It is easily mistaken to be the Kingdom Key because of the similar appearance.

Crush(es): Trey

Name: Trey

Age: 13

Hair color/style: Dark brown hair

Eye color: Sapphire blue

Clothes: blue long sleeved jacket with a black shirt under it and long black pants.

Personality: Brave, shy (towards crushes), protective (towards crushes), calm.

Bio: Trey lost his parents at a very young age and was taken in by Chael and Regret. He trained alongside Chael and learned how to use a sword well. He aspires to become a great hero just like Regret. He met Linn and they became best friends and rivals. When they reached thirteen they fought weak monsters in the forest until they lost their world to Xehanort and Vanitas.

Weapon (Original): Black blade with a gray hilt.

Weapon (New): Earthshaker Keyblade. A keyblade with a light blue hilt and a textured dark brown color. The keychain is a red rock fragment with brass armor like plating.

Crush(es): Nami

Name: Linn

Age: 14

Hair color/style: light green hair.

Eye color: Dark green

Clothes: A yellow leather shirt, red leather short and red sneakers.

Personality: Enthusiastic, teasing, loyal, protective, reassuring.

Bio: Linn was born to a human and an elf making him a half human half elf hybrid. He trained alongside his sister in archery and martial arts (He is worse than his sister at Martial arts but is equally capable of using a bow just like she is.). He decided to use a dagger to increase his capabilities. He then started to visit Trey, Chael and Regret. By the age of thirteen, he started to fight alongside them in forest fights. He continued doing this until he lost his world to Xehanort and Vanitas.

Weapons: Bow and arrows. A dagger and his martial arts skills.

Crush(es): None yet.

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