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Author has written 3 stories for Shugo Chara!, Bakugan Battle Brawlers, and Ouran High School Host Club.

Um...not that much to tell, but I am pure American! Got a problem with that? I'm really awesome once you get to know me. But, I may be fierce and I come from a rich family. Unfortunately, I am not given my share of the money. My friend and tutor, Bartleby, has all the money he could think of! I hate him...So, all you need to know about me will be below this little summary thing-a-majigger thing.

Name: Sonia

Birthday: April 22nd

Age: Secret...

Hair Color: Strawberry blonde

Eye Color: Hazel

Gender: Female, baby!

Fave TV Shows: Shugo Chara!, Sonic Underground, Sonic X, Naruto, Fruits Basket, Victorious, Card Captor Sakura, Beyblade Metal Fight, Pokemon, Suite Life on Deck, Good Luck Charlie, Wizards of Waverly Place, etc. ( Talk to me if you want to know what other shows I like )

Siblings: Manic and Sonic( both have no relation to Sonic Underground )

Friends: Hannah(alter ego- May), Bartleby, Cyrus, Jessica, Molly, and Ryan ( The ones bolded are my besties )

About my besties:

Hannah(alter ego- May): She is an awesome writer and my best friend! I love her stories and we chat a lot, along with my brother, Manic. He might get an account on here soon and his pen name sounds so weird...Oh well...

Jessica: She.Is.Awesome! We've known each other since first grade and we both love the Rocky Road ice cream! We haven't talked to each other since fifth grade, cuz her laptop broke down and she still can't get a signal in Russia...*sighs *

Molly: She's the richest girl on the planet! Probably even more rich than Bartleby...She loves to do interior design, but loves baking. Likes my best friend, Bartleby.

Ryan: Very perverted, but still a nice guy. I've known him since fourth grade and he's a real sweetheart. He's head over heels for Molly, but Molly is so naive that she doesn't even know that he likes her.

Cyrus: He's a really awesome mechanic and a friend of Sonic's. He's totally smart and I think that I might have a crush on him.

Fanfiction friends!

1. Eyes for Vova only

2. Rich and Smexy

3. Black-Onyx Lion

4. Little Miss Maraschino Cherry

5. I'm With The Circus

6. Lemonheads R 4 Losers

7. Full Moon And New Moon

8. XTadamu-FangirlX

9. Baby Alice

Top 10 couples(Fanfiction):

1. Tadase and Amu( So kawaii!!!!!!! I personally think that they're a match made in heaven! Go Tadamu! I love you!!!!!!)

2. Ace and Mira( Best Bakugan couple in the Vestal universe! )

3. Yaya and Kukai( I can just see a future with them together...She's so childish and all. Plus, she didn't want Kukai to leave and she literally clung onto him! )

4. Kyoya and Madoka( It's cute to see the ditzy girl with the bad boy. That's what I personally think. )

5. Gingka and Madoka( I think they're cute, but KyoyaxMadoka still roks! )

6. May and Drew( Sweet couple! They are beast! Drew's hints are too obvious. He gives her roses for crying out loud! )

7. Miki and Kiseki( A very interesting couple...I am a die hard fan of these two and I will always be a fan of them. )

8. Su and Yoru( So cute...! Opposites attract, you know...Plus, it's cute to see the naive girl with the bad boy. )

9. Ash and Dawn( An awesome couple! They are soooooo meant to be. )

10. Kiri and Narumi( So meant to be. Narumi's somewhat head over heels for her and also, they get married in the end. )

Other awesome Fanfiction couples:
Joe and Chan-Lee(They are soooooooo meant to be!)
Sonic and Amy(Sweetest couple in history! Amy's hints are the most obvious in Sonic X.)

Shadow and Tikal(I can see a future with them together...)
Blaze and Silver(Awesome couple.)

Knuckles and Rouge(So meant to be. With all the flirting going on, it's giving me a headache!)

Tails and Cream(The sweetest couple in Sonic X!)
Misty and Gary(I think that this is a cute couple, besides Orangeshipping.)

Misty and Tracey(Not the best, but I accept it.)

Misty and Paul(Okay, I guess...)

Julie and Billy(So cute! I mean, they go out in the show!)

Dan and Runo(Even though they fight like Hannah and Vova, they get along just perfectly. Plus, they go out in the show.)

Shun and Alice(So sweet! I've been hearing rumors that they were secretly dating, but I highly doubt it. Even though, they should go together. Or should I say, juxtapose?)

Ran and Daichi(So cute! They both hang around each other most of the time!)

N and White(This couple is beginning to convince me.)


So, here's how it works:

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)

2. Put it on shuffle

3. Press play

4. For every scene, type the song that's playing

5. When you go to a new scene, press the next button

6. Don't lie and try to pretend your cool...and alot of the songs fit with the setting

Opening Credits: Alive [Nightcored; Dubstep; N/A]

Waking Up: Pyromania by Cascada

First Day At School: Sexy Back [Nightcored; DRASTIK REMIX; Justin Timberlake]

Falling In Love: Pika Girl by S3RL

Fight Song: Mirrors by Justin Timberlake

Breaking Up: How To Save A Life [Nightcored; N/A]

Prom night: Under The Sea [Nightcored; The Little Mermaid Soundtrack]

Life: Do Pal from Veer Zaara

Mental Breakdown: Disturbia [Nightcored; Rihanna]

Driving: Bad Boy by DJ Cammy

Flashback: Grenade [Nightcored; Ariana Grande]

Getting back together: Right Here by Justin Bieber ft. Drake

Wedding: Levan Polka [Nightcored; N/A]

Birth of Child: Super Psycho Love [Nightcored; N/A]

Final Battle: Complicated [Nightcored; Avril Lavigne]

Funeral Song: Every Storm (Runs Out Of Rain) by Gary Allan

Final Credits: Harlem Shake [Nightcored; N/A]

My Current Stories:

1.) Whip Cream and Arrogance: Miki and her three sisters are going to start attending Seiyo Academy pretty soon. On the day before they start school, Miki meets Kiseki, a nice yet arrogant idiot. They both have the same classes together and boss each other around. Sooner or later, Kiseki falls for her, but Miki's in love with Yoru! What's gonna happen next? Status: In Progress {Chapter 5}

Summary of Chapter 6: Kiseki's Here For Dinner?: It's time for dinner and Miki comes home to find Kiseki in her house. Just what is he doing here? Miki feels like this dinner will be the worst as she end up sitting next to Kiseki for dinner. However, he actually behaves good for once. Before she could actually feel like Kiseki has changed, he begins to mess with her. During their little quarrel, he tries to steal a kiss...?!

Upcoming Stories:

1.) Castle In The Sky: White lives in a floating castle in the sky. N dreams of visiting a world where castles float in the sky and a beautiful goddess that controls snow lives. N gets his wish granted when he gets sucked up by an earth current in school. He meets White, the goddess of snow, and falls madly in love with her. But, the Dark Core has awoken once again and White and N have to stop the Dark Core from destroying everything by finding the snow white sword of Immorality. Status: Not Written Out; Coming Soon

2.) Silent Cry For Help: Lovino is having trouble finding out who he is. He has feelings for Antonio, his next door neighbor, but he insists that it's only a phase. Not only that, schoolwork has been pressuring him, he's being bullied by Vasch and his gang, and he's been mentally depressed for who knows how long. Will he stay silent or will his silent cry for help reach out to someone? Status: Not Written Out; Coming Soon

3.) A Crushed Heart: Merika used to be with Ivan until he suddenly left her for his own ambitions. Merika is sad, but that all changes when a new kid named Arthur moves in next door, hoping to possibly help her with her broken heart... Status: Not Written Out; Coming Soon

Current and Upcoming One-Shots:

1.) 7 Things: Hours before Lovino's 16th birthday party, Lovino begins to think about the seven things that he hates about Antonio after Bella leaves him alone in his room. He begins to say them out loud to himself, hoping nobody would hear. But, what will happen when Antonio walked into the room just as Lovino says the last thing he hates about Antonio? Status: 50% done (Our old computer crashed, so I don't think that it will up for a while)

2.) Merry Christmas, Ace!: Ace has nobody to celebrate Christmas with! When Mira stops by, Ace accidentally spills that he's been lonely ever since his girlfriend died. Now, Mira decides to dress up his house and make sure that Ace has a wonderful Christmas. Status: Complete

3.) When I Needed You The Most: Haruhi goes home for Christmas to find out that her parents died and that her house was put up for sale. Now Christmas Eve, Haruhi is still living on the streets, trying to survive the cold weather. Tamaki finds her after her shirt is blown into the wind and she is taken to his house. A fight starts up and Tamaki stops her from leaving under the mistletoe. Status: Complete

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Miki meets Kiseki on the day before she starts attending Seiyo Academy and they don't get along so well...however, Kiseki slowly develops a crush on her! Thing is, Miki likes Yoru. What's gonna happen next? Rated T, may go up to M.
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Christmas 2012 one-shot! Haruhi goes home for Christmas to find out that her parents died and that her house was put up for sale. Now Christmas Eve, Haruhi is still living on the streets, trying to survive the cold weather. Tamaki finds her after her shirt is blown into the wind and she is taken to his house. A fight starts up and Tamaki stops her from leaving under the mistletoe.
Ouran High School Host Club - Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,726 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 17 - Follows: 1 - Published: 11/19/2012 - Haruhi F., Tamaki S. - Complete
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