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Hey there, viewer of my profile. After about 11 months of owning an account (9 chapters worth of time) and leaving my profile completely blank, I've decided to finally put something here! It may be a little late, but better late than never, no?

So, anyway, I'm a 16 year old male, currently a junior in high school. Apparently nobody seems to use even their first names on this site, so I'll just go by NHR, Raven, or any other similar abbreviation of my username you want to use. I'm sure you've probably heard the story before, but I'm one of those people whose poor real-life social skills lends them to being very chatty and talkative over the internet, so go ahead and message me anytime if you want to talk to someone!

As you've probably guessed from my name and avatar, besides enjoying Mario, Zelda, Earthbound, Pokemon, Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, and several other games, I love the Touhou series, both the games and the universe. I'd probably rank myself as a B level player, having cleared every game besides the fighting spinoffs and Phantasmagoria of Flower View (I suck horrendously at both, for some reason) on Normal and every Extra Stage, plus Embodiment of Scarlet Devil on Hard and both of Aya's games. My favorite would definitely be Subterranean Animism, even though I can almost never make it past Stage 4 on Lunatic. Some day it'll happen!

As for favorite characters, the one on the top spot seems to shift around every few months or so. Right now, I happen to love Suika, Tenshi, and Nue equally as the top ones. Others I also like a lot are Eirin, Iku, Kogasa, Hina, Parsee, Satori, Komachi, Orin, Ichirin, Medicine, and, of course, Utsuho. There's no characters I really actively dislike, although I'm not crazy about the Moriya Shrine, but these that I've listed are the ones I generally can say come before all others.

Now that you've read through my profile and learned just a little about me (or just scrolled down to here; it doesn't matter much either way), feel free to peruse my work! There's only one story so far, but I certainly do intend to complete it and write more of them as time goes by, so look forward to whatever may come from me in the future. That's all I can think to say at the moment. Hope you enjoy my story, and don't hesitate to PM me about anything!

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