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Author has written 2 stories for Lord of the Rings.

Three girls, one book resulting in our fan fictions, whether they be good or bad is debatable, but we will continue to write them nonetheless, at least just for our own amusement.

As said previously there are three of us:
-The Pixie
-And of course, candyfloss.

Each of us has an integral role in the writing process, each imputing various ‘things’ that make them what they are, though we have yet to pin point absolutely everything, though let it be said that Pixie is no good at battle scenes what so ever, and Mo doesn’t like writing arguments, though she’s very good at them in real life… So I would suppose, as you are reading this prose, you would like to know something about us?

So…let us start with...

Her real name is Francesca, and although she has a variety of nicknames, this one stuck for writing. Who came up with the name? Why The Pixie of course! One day she awoke and decided that Frufru was Francesca’s new nickname and it stuck. Pixie also has a top with a poodle on it that she’s fondly named Frufru, but the less said about that the better. Now Fran’s lotr obsession so to speak is Haldir, who she hates to have insulted in any way, which makes it both Pixie and Candyflosses duty to do so. Unfortunately, she has a knack of…writing slowly shall we say? Though that is a slight understatement…she has to plan absolutely everything before she puts pen so paper so it sometimes takes a few days to write chapters, and then of course there is her knack of losing them, which is always ever so helpful :grits teeth: She is also good at description, and is very good at funny chapters, her planning most definitely helps, however frustrating it may be. She is also very good at getting into character as well as writing ‘deep, meaningful speeches’ However, it was Fran’s idea to start writing stories, so be thankful to her, without her asking this account would not exist.

Her real name is Madeleine, pronounced Mad-er-lyn, not mad-er-line as so many people like to pronounce it. Now her nickname originated from a friend called Michelle who one day said, “You slow minded pixie!” and it stuck… Now Pixie is the one that introduced fanfiction to most people at school at the humble age of 12. Pixie is also a ‘resource’ if you need an answer to a question, she is usually asked, and if she cannot answer, her trusty books and maps will provide them. So…her writing style, how could it be described? :ponders: Quite descriptive, obsessive over speech (Pixie: How else can things be communicated without speech or body language) she can also ramble on for ages about nothing according to Candyfloss… Pixie also likes planning things and telling people what to do, occasionally she likes to ‘think outside the box’ though this is a rare occurrence and when it does happen the thought is usually lost. When a thought does strike her she does like to keep going through with it. When writing with an idea in mind she can sit and write 2 sides of A4 in 15 minutes, though when less inclined the endeavour can be fruitless. She is also obsessed with Prince Legolas Greenleaf, though the actual character, rather the Orlando Bloom dressed up in tights… She also has a new obsession with Glorfindel, head of the house of the golden flower, oh how she loves her golden haired elf! :winks: And her final job is beta’ing which she enjoys so much, in fact hand her a chapter with a red pen in the vicinity and you’re through, she loves her red pen!

Her real name is Mo, and her nickname came about…well actually we can’t remember how her nickname came into being but it is candyfloss, maybe because of her sweet tooth, one can only assume. Now Mo reads a lot, in fact she provides a variety of people with books all of which they have to read. She also draws flowers a lot, she good at drawing though she likes to deny it. Now Mo types up the chapters of all of ours stories, which takes up a lot of her time. She also built are lovely little website, which you should all visit and then sign the guest book, just so she knows how much you all love it! Her writing style is usually quite descriptive, if it’s in first person she likes to fill it with the characters thoughts, conversation is not as important as it is for the other two in the group, which helps to balance out what we write. Mo likes to plan what she writes, though not to an extent like Francesca, before planning ‘conversations’ everything needs to be discussed in detail…she also had a knack of forgetting things which can be both endearing and annoying. Mo’s most important job, other the typing the chapters up, is telling us to write, we get told to do so frequently, especially Francesca, as she likes to conveniently ‘forget’ about it.

- Stalking the fellowship: This is now completed, though not fully posted as to quote our dear friend Nicola (Dakota) “Fanfiction is ghay” This story follows the three of us falling into Middle Earth, and the general chaos that ensues because of this. Don’t worry it’s no a clichéd we fall into middle earth and they fall in love with it, though nor do they all hate out guts, we annoy them and vice versa, but they come to love us (in a platonic way of course) :coughs:Elladan:coughs:Mo: coughs:

- A work in Progress: This story is our ‘serious’ romance, it is written by Candyfloss and Pixie, with bits thrown in by Frufru. Now I can’t be bothered to summaries here but you can scroll down and read the summary and then read the actual story…

Updated: 27/10/04 After much thought and consideration 'Never bet on love' has been taken down as both Mo and Charlotte agreed that they would not be finishing it. As for 'all hell breaks loose' we decided not to inflict it upon the public...

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