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Hello :)

My name is Amaryllian-dra, but you may call me Adriane (this is my second middle name actually),Andra, or Amar, or whatever you came up with. I don't mind. Here are some facts about me:

1. I am a fanfiction writer.

2. I like to read fanfictions too. (Mainly slash, but some femslash and hetero along the way are good too.)

3. I dislike stories that made every character gay/lesbian. I like slash, but how would they reproduce, then if everyone's gay?

4. I dislike character bashing too.

5. My mother language is not the English language, so forgive me if in my reviews, any future stories, or private messages have grammatical errors or misspell. It was not intentional!

6. I'm in love with SOUND HORIZON right now. GLORIA, Sound Horizon Kingdom!

That was enough introduction, right? Now, here is some of the stories that I plan to post here, please don't steal my ideas!

1. BLESSINGS , a Harry Potter fanfiction.
Warning: Unknowing incest, SLASH, MPREG, OC.
Summary: Harry was the bastard child of the muggleborn Lily Evans who died when Harry was five in a car accident, which resulted in Harry losing his sight. He was adopted by Snape, and renamed as Valerius Snape. Years later, he went to Hogwarts with his loyal dog Anima. There, he met Vincentius Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, and fell in love.

2. WHAT BURN THIS HEART IS, a Harry Potter and Kuroshitsuji crossover.
Warning: Non-consensual sex, SLASH, MPREG, murder, a bit of insanity.
Summary: Harry had been broken, and when a voice offered revenge to him, he took it. Enter Sebastian Michaelis, the Butler from Hell.

3. DEARLY BELOVED, a Harry Potter and D.Gray-Man crossover.
Warning: Female-Allen (Eileen), a bit of SLASH for side pairings, lots of angst.
Summary: After her husband died, Allen was offered a place in Hogwarts to teach. How will her presence affected the wizarding world and Harry in particular?

4. FLOWER, a Harry Potter fanfiction.
Warning: SLASH, one-sided incest, disturbing themes, AU.
Summary: Based on Grimm’s Tale Allerleirauh. After his wife Lily died, James Potter was infatuated with his son Harry who inherited the beauty of his late wife. What would Harry do now that his own father wanted to marry him and wouldn’t take no for an answer?

5. ALIVE, a D.Gray-Man fanfiction.
Warning: SLASH, AU, OCs.
Summary: Allen was living a quiet life in a small village hidden by the forest with his parents and his siblings when suddenly they were attacked by the Akuma. Now he, his brother Yuu, and his childhood friend Lenalee were hunted down for a crime they did not commit. What caused this chain of unfortunate events that befalls him? Story based on my unpublished light novel.

6. WAYS TO LIVE FOREVER, a Harry Potter and Final Fantasy X crossover.
Warning: SLASH.
Summary: After defeating Voldemort in the Ministry of Magic, Harry jumped through the Veil following Sirius. He ended up waking in the middle of a ruin, with a blond boy beside him.

7. FOR YOU: Sirius’s Side, a Harry Potter and Suikoden V crossover.
Warning: SLASH.
Summary: Avoiding the killing curse sent by his own cousin, Sirius fell to the Veil. When he wakes up, he was in a world he didn’t recognize. After being helped by Ferid from monsters, he went to Falena with him and become a Queen’s Knight. What happened when he finds out that Harry was there too?

8. FOR YOU: Harry’s Side, a Harry Potter and Suikoden V crossover.
Warning: SLASH, (maybe) non-con.
Summary: Going after Sirius to inside the Veil, Harry ended up losing his memories. Helped by Gizel, he went paying his debt to him by working in Godwin Castle as a footman. Will he find the person he was searching for?

9. ONCE UPON A TIME, a Harry Potter fanfiction.
Warning: SLASH, OC, character death.
Summary: Draco Malfoy, a seventh year, got a detention from Harry’s older brother, Orion, who was the defense professor at Hogwarts. When he wanted to exact revenge against him, his friends introduced him to Harry, who was a fifth year at the time. Will he fall in love, or was it just a farce to hurt Orion?


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