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Started my FanFiction account on 16/11/11.

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I'm on hiatus till December 2012 due to a major exam I'm preparing for. Really sorry for inconvenience caused! Been studying and mentally preparing myself, that explains my absence.

Feel free to PM me if you wish to share your troubles, I'll be happy to give advice, or be a listening ear.


How to address me: Seeker

Age: 16 :D

Gender: F

Country of Origin: Singapore

So... I'm supposed to write about myself. I have never really written about myself before. But there's a first experience for everything. So here goes

About the Author:

I'm the kind of person who people text at 12am at night to spill their woes to. I'm the kind of person, people share their secrets with, knowing I won't tell a soul. In friendship, I constantly play the role of the confidante and mediator. Empathy is my spoken language. I have no hatred in me. "Hate" is a word used hastily, perhaps too hastily. It's too strong a word to be placed on anyone's back as a burden. Anger is one thing but hate is.. overdone. I dabble in philosophy and theorize what goes on behind every human mind.

In all, I see life as a journey, it has it's trials and tribulations, sometimes we get lost, sometimes we FEEL lost, but there are always rainbows and sunshine. Appreciation of everything life has to offer, even the smallest things in life, that is your ticket to freedom. Every detail of life is to be relished, everything is to be treasured.

I see beauty in everyone. Everyone is unique, uniquely beautiful. And yes, you, you, staring at the monitor, you're beautiful too. No one deserves to be compared to anyone else, least of all judged. My eyes perceive the soul and it's hard not to stick around beautiful souls, isn't it?

Sensitivity is a huge part of me. As much as I'm easily contented with life, I can be easily hurt. This enables me to understand others on a huge level. I am easily swayed by moods of people around me. This of course, leads to me being stereotyped as "emo". I am NOT emo. I am sensitive. There is a subtle difference, my dear. I don't even FIT in the stereotype, honestly!

Here's a quote to contemplate:

The deeper that sorrow carves into your being the more joy you can contain.
Is not the cup that holds your wine the very cup that was burned in the potter's oven? Your joy is your sorrow unmasked.
Kahlil Gibran

The world is not black and white. It is merely gray. :D (No pun intended... Honestly.)

My Relationship With Writing (Which is why I'm on here, of course)

For those who know about Mibba, I was on Mibba for a bit. But Mibba was a bit disappointing, turning out to be more for socializing instead. Like a mini Facebook. Probably transferring my stories here, sadly, without the customized background I spent plenty of effort on. Hoping to get reviews. I'm not shutting down my Mibba account, however, it's a keep for remembrance.

Now writing is my form of self-expression, writing brings my dreams and ideas to life, filling up the holes in them and making them whole. Momentarily bridging the gaps between reality and fantasy. My writing is me. A huge part of me. I've had writer's block for the past year and I haven't written anything but my assignments. Hope I'll come up with something good on here. I wouldn't say writing is a passion for me, it is more like a friend. A real, true, dear friend of mine. That's more than passion can ever give you.

I'm planning to do fanfictions and write a couple of short stories, or whenever I can get down to it, some long ones. Also, I'm probably posting a story I worked on last year and I'm going to finally FINISH it. :D

And well, I came on here after my bestfriend and her brother started writing here. They are TopazSunshine and DiamondGigas respectively. Please give them your support. Do some R and R for them, give their stories your love. We're all budding writers, and we need every bit of help we can get to improve ourselves. :D Thanks, much! :D

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