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Author has written 17 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Warriors, Felidae, and Mythology.

Hello! I am Sinbreaker. Sorry but my real name remands a secret...

Anyway, here is something’s about me!

Gender: female

Age: 13 plus 14 times 57 subtracts 156 and that does not equal my age.

Favorite shows: Tosh.0, Deadman Wonderland and Criminal Minds

Favorite Books: Felidae, Blood and Chocolate, Hunger Games and Warrior Cats

Top three favorite songs.

1. Felidae by Boy George

2. Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance

3. Dear Agony by Breaking Benjamin

My Characters

-Fill Me with Your Poison Series-

Poison (Jade) Light the Hedgehog-

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Looks: Somewhat looks like shadow. Purple/blue striped quills with sea green eyes. Has peach arms and muzzle. Wears black shirt with black widow sign.

Family: Has two brothers alive and will have one daughter.

Lover: Loves Shadow the Hedgehog

Powers: Poisonous quills, super speed and has a mecha form. Chaos Abilities with Chaos Emeralds.

Likes: Jewelry, games, snow, music, singing and sleeping

Dislikes: Eggman, most robots, darkness, and when Steel and Sonic fight.

Fears: Her insanity

Other: Has a pet red wolf named Blood. Human turned mobian.

Serein the Ninetales Fox-

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Looks: Has golden fur with nine tails. Wears a pink/red shirt with blue shorts. Sometimes wears a mask to hide a bad scar on her face. Carries two swords and wears a red stone as a necklace.

Family: None that is known

Lover: Envy the Fox

Powers: Somewhat fast, great swords fighter and can use her stone necklace to make shields and other things.

Likes: Stabbing, cookies, and shiny things

Dislikes: fire, losing at video games, and being tricked or cheated

Fears: Fire, small spaces

Other: Strange connection to Lithia and other beings, human turned mobian.

Envy the Fox-

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Looks: Grey fur wearing a black shirt and shorts. Has green spiked hair and purple eyes.

Family: None that is known

Lover: Serein the Ninetales fox

Powers: Shape shifting

Likes: Unknown

Dislikes: Fire, people yelling and sometimes Serein’s ‘craziness’

Fear: Fire, being alone in the woods.

Other: Based off of FMA Brotherhood

Steel the Hedgehog-

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Looks: Almost like Sonic. Red eyes, arms are blue instead of peach like Sonic. Has a golden ring around each wrist and ankle along with a golden collar.

Family: None that is known

Lover: Girlfriend is Nova the Cat

Powers: Super Speed, Super Ability without collar and rings.

Likes: Beer, staying up late, running and beating up Sonic.

Dislikes: Sonic

Fear: That Fleetway will escape

Other: Was accidently infused with ‘Evil Super Sonic’ or known as Fleetway.

Candy Rabbot-

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Looks: A light tan rabbit with red eyes, cybernetic hands, and muzzle.

Family: None that is known

Lover: None

Powers: Fire abilities

Likes: Swimming, playing with Nova, and spending time with her friends

Dislikes: Camping, Steel drinking, and being alone

Fear: Dark legion will find her and kill her.

Other: Sometimes can be bossy. Ex-Legionnaire to the Sandblast region and Aldica region. Human turned mobian.

Nova(Jasmine) the Cat-

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Looks: Black and purple cat. Has purple/blue eyes.

Family: None that is known

Lover: Boyfriend is Steel the Hedgehog

Powers: Can create explosions by touching something.

Likes: Making explosions, shiny things and doing stuff with Candy.

Dislikes: Loud noises, guns, and people getting mad at her.

Fears: Not sure…

Other: Is mentally insane due to an old head injury. Human turned mobian.

Kage Light the Hedgehog-

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Looks: Black hedgehog with white stomach. Wears a purple stone necklace that keeps him alive.

Family: One brother, and one sister, Poison Light.

Lover: Alex Sparks the Hedgehog (Belongs to starbomb)

Powers: shadow abilities and uses double bladed axes shaped like crescent moons.

Likes: Stars, the dark, coffee and spending time with Alex.

Dislikes: Anything that causes harm to his family or friends

Fears: His necklace breaking and he fades away

Other: Human turned mobian.

Dustin Light the Hedgehog-

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Looks: Blue and yellow hedgehog with bat wings.

Family: Sister Poison Light and Brother is Kage Light

Lover: None

Powers: Electrical powers, able to fly.

Likes: flying, partying and being the DJ at a club.

Dislikes: Shadow the Hedgehog

Fears: Nothing.

Other: Human turned Mobian. Caused his sister’s death on earth.

Life Can Be Unfair Series-

Celty (Kate) Alicade the Lynx-

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Looks: Light brown lynx with blue eyes, black tipped ears and light tinted purple cybernetics for arms and legs. Wears red shirt, blue shorts and golden heart necklace.

Family: Sister, Angel Alicade. Mother, Lindsay Alicade. Daughters, Lucy-Na L. Finitevus. Finitevus. Son, Arrow K. Finitevus.

Lover: Dr. Finitevus.

Powers: Aura abilities, uses her cybernetics to fight

Likes: Being with Finitevus, going down on the Beach and hanging out with her friends Felidae and Zails (Zails belongs to Black Twilight Wolf)

Dislikes: Lien-Da, the dark, fighting, and losing to Unit.

Fears: R’n’R, Enerjak, Dark places, on the occasion Finitevus.

Other: Has hard life so far, human turned mobian.

Felidae(Sharia) the Echidna-

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Looks: dark cherry red echidna has one black tipped dreadlock. Light blue eyes.

Family: None that is Known

Lover: Loves Espio the Chameleon

Powers: Super strength, Chaos Magic.

Likes: Zero Gravity riding, hanging out with Celty, playing with Ray.

Dislikes: Dr. Finitevus. Occasionally Vector and Julie-Su.

Fears: Enerjak, explosions, EggGrapes.

Others: Celty’s best friend. Human turned Mobian.

Unit the Robotic Lynx-

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Looks: Silver and grey robotic lynx with blood red eyes.

Family: Technically none, but Celty would be considered her sister.

Lover: None.

Powers: Manna Abilities (Anti-Aura) Standard robotic weapons. Teleport with a Chaos Emerald. Super Strength.

Likes: Nothing.

Dislikes: Almost everything about life.

Fears: Not sure.

Others: Has all of Celty’s memories and was last seen working with Chaos Croc. (Chaos Croc belongs to ChaosCroc on DeviantArt.)

Angel Alicade the Lynx-

Gender: Female

Age: 11

Looks: Young brown lynx. Has icy blue eyes and short black/silver hair

Family: Sister is Celty Alicade and mother Lindsay Alicade.

Lover: None

Powers: None so far

Likes: Playing with Rosy, coloring, watching TV, and secretly spending time with Unit.

Dislikes: The color pink, R’n’R, most robots, and sometimes Finitevus.

Fears: Dark places.

Others: Was killed on earth at the age of 7, human turned mobian.

Lindsay (Liz) Alicade the Lynx

Gender: Female

Age: 45

Looks: Short black hair, dark brown lynx with red eyes.

Family: Two daughters Angel and Celty Alicade.

Lover: James Alicade (Dead)

Powers: None

Likes: A lot of things that would take forever to list.

Dislikes: Echidnas, Unit, and loud noises.

Fears: Anything that can attack her or her family

Others: Human turned mobian.

Death of the Undying Series-

Anubis (Jane) Recalith the Cat-

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Looks: Sandy orange/gold fur, amber eyes, long black hair and Egyptian looking.

Family: One Son, Zain Recalith

Lover: Married to Zyrah Recalith

Powers: None, but uses God crafted Bow and Arrows.

Likes: Aldica, Egyptian culture, helping her friends, Grandmaster Copy.

Dislikes: Guns, the Game Russian Roulette, Xala, the Dark Egg Legion

Fears: Xala, being alone and at first Zyrah.

Others: First Human turned mobian, does not know of Zyrah’s other identity.

Zyrah (R’n’R) Recalith-

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Looks: Tall dark red cat with amber eyes, black tipped ears and tail. Looks depressed all the time.

Family: His son Zain, sister Xala, mother Kelala and Father Teracana

Lover: Married to Anubis the Cat

Powers: Shadow abilities, has nine lives and is not effected by bullets.

Likes: Aldica, the Aldica gods, music, Guns and knives.

Dislikes: The Human Race

Fears: Himself.

Others: After Anubis “died” his mind shattered and he became the murderer R’n’R.

Pride the Shadow Wolf

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Looks: Black and red wolf with red eyes.

Family: Brother Smith and father Jerome.

Lover: Selena the Fox (belongs to starbomb)

Powers: Shadow abilities. Has one cybernetic leg.

Likes: Beer, music, messing with Zyrah, flirting with girls

Dislikes: The Dark Legion, Aldica, hot weather, guns.

Fears: Nothing.

Others: Killed in an escape mission from a Dark Legion Base.

Help to the Fallen Angel Series-


Gender: Female

Age: 36 Moons

Looks: Silver fur, black paws and tail with amber eyes. Wears a purple Bloodclan collar

Kits: Stormkit, Wolfpelt, Nightfeather

Mate: Scourge

Other Kin: Silverpelt, (Will learn later)

Clan: Bloodclan at first, then Thunderclan

Powers: Battouga and Wolf Spirit

Likes: Thunderclan, Life, Bloodclan, the Dark Forest and Starclan

Dislikes: Forbidden Forest, Tigerstar, and fighting.

Fears: Forbidden Forest, Dracma

Others: A Fallen Angel Test Taker, leader of ‘Lionclan’ and Thunderclan.


Gender: Female

Age: 30 Moons

Looks: Grey she-cat with darker spots. Have green eyes and two red patches of fur on her sides for her wings.

Kits: Brindlekit, Emberkit, Rowenkit, Dreamkit

Mate: Ashfur

Other Kin: None

Clan: Thunderclan

Powers: Can breathe underwater, has two wings that shine like flames

Likes: Sleeping, hunting and flying.

Dislikes: Solitaire, swimming, Dark forest

Fears: Being alone, fire.

Others: Fallen Angel test Taker


Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Looks: Black she-cat with one brown paw, red eyes.

Kits: None

Mate: Brokenstar

Other Kin: None

Clan: Thunderclan

Powers: Shadow abilities, metal claws.

Likes: Stabbing things, fighting, darkness, her friends, and her hat. (Yes, she has a hat)

Dislikes: Solitaire, Most of the Dark Forest

Fears: Being alone

Others: Fallen Angel Test Taker, is seriously insane.


Gender: Male

Age: Dead

Looks: Dark red fur with golden eyes. Three black/purple stripes on his back

Kits: Died before they were born.

Mate: Jane, died in Battle against Lionclan and Bloodclan

Other Kin: Brother, Bleach sister Sally.

Clan: Bloodclan and Thunderclan

Powers: None

Likes: Being alone in the woods, Flamewing and fighting

Dislikes: Sol, Felidaestar and Solitaire

Fears: Nothing

Others: Cat from Bloodclan, worked with Solitaire to kill Felidaestar but in the end tried to bring down Solitaire. Was killed with a slash to the neck.

Eclipse (Everything and Nothing)

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Looks: Pure golden pelt with sea blue eyes

Kits: None

Mate: None in story but Felicity (Felicity belongs to starbomb)

Other Kin: Brother Claudandus, sister Secret, Mother Prophet and Father Watcher

Clan: None

Powers: Many, is a God-Like being

Likes: Felidaestar, the Clans, life, and prophecies

Dislikes: Fighting, Claudandus and Dracma

Fears: Nothing

Others: Based off of the movie Felidae.


Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Looks: white cat with golden eyes, has black tipped ears and tail

Kits: Icywing and Frostheart

Mate: Hailtiger

Other Kin: None

Clan: Snowclan was their first and last leader.

Powers: None

Likes: soft snow, her clan and family

Dislikes: Her other half Solitaire, being blamed for the fall of Snowclan

Fears: She will disappear

Others: Helps Felidaestar whenever she can. Is slowly disappearing.

Forbidden Forest Cats-

Dracma(Forever Dark and Darkheart)

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Looks: Grey tom with many battle scars, Eyes blacked out and one is missing. Blood stained paws.

Kits: Demonstar and Poisonstar

Mate: None

Other Kin: Sister Rosepaw, mother Celidella, and Adoptive mother Bloodstep

Clan: Nightclan, Forbidden Forest

Powers: To be Reveled later…

Likes: Death, murder, War

Dislikes: Life, humans, cats the Clans

Fears: Nothing

Others: Leader of the Forbidden forest.

Death when alive: Speared through the heart by a stone spike after Ninestar pushed him off a small clift


Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Looks: White fur, black tipped tail and ears, red blood streaks under eyes and diamond mark on head.

Kits: None

Mate: None

Other Kin: None

Clan: None

Powers: Hypnotism, fast healer

Likes: Stars, light, sunrise, Felidaestar

Dislikes: Nightmare, Dracma, killing, Sol and Forbidden Forest

Fears: Being in Darkness forever

Other: Wishes to be in Starclan, to see her friends and family. Another personality of Snow that became a separate being.

Death When Alive: None


Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Looks: Red she-cat with blue eyes

Kits: Stonekit, Snowkit, adopted Darkkit (Dracma)

Mate: Unknown

Other Kin: None

Clan: Nightclan, Forbidden forest

Powers: None

Likes: Dracma, hunting and sleeping

Dislikes: The Clans

Fears: For Dracma’s life

Other: She was not evil, she just chose to stay with Dracma in the Forbidden Forest

Death When Alive: Died of starvation.


Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Looks: Black fur with white ears and amber eyes

Kits: None

Mate: Unknown

Other Kin: Unknown

Clan: Unknown

Powers: None

Likes: Whitefur

Dislikes: Unknown

Fears: Whitefur dying

Other: Never leaves Whitefur’s side, Talks and moves at the same time Whitefur does.

Death when Alive: Drowned by Oceanclan Warriors.


Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Looks: White pelt with black tipped ears and blue eyes

Kits: None

Mate: Unknown

Other Kin: Unknown

Clan: Unknown

Powers: None

Likes: Blackpelt

Dislikes: Unknown

Fears: Blackpelt dying

Other: Never leaves Blackpelt’s side. Moves and talks at the same time as Blackpelt.

Death When Alive: Murdered by Oceanclan Warriors


Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Looks: Fiery red tom with blue eyes

Kits: None

Mate: None

Other Kin:

Clan: Dayclan, Forbidden Forest

Powers: Can start fires,

Likes: Fire, killing other cats.

Dislikes: Being bossed around

Fears: Unknown

Other: Has mental problems, hates being alone.

Death When Alive: Took his own life.


Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Looks: Grey she-cat with ragged fur and amber eyes

Kits: None, sometimes considers Firepaw her own.

Mate: Lightshadow

Other Kin: Unknown

Clan: Neverclan

Powers: Can create storms

Likes: Killing, hunting cats for food. (Is a cannibal)

Dislikes: Nightmare, being defeated, bright lights

Fears: Dracma, loud noises

Other: Is insane.

Death When Alive: Struck by lightning after killing Yellowstar of Dayclan.

Golden Hearts-


Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Looks: White fur with black ears, paws and tipped black tail. Wears a red collar with golden heart charm.

Kits: None

Mate: Could be Francis

Likes: Francis, Grace, spending time with friends.

Dislikes: The murders, nightmares, and regular cat food.

Friends: Francis, Bluebeard, Pascal, Felicity, Dream,(Dream belongs to starbomb) Roulette and Frith

Fears: Death, the murderer

Other: Likes Francis a lot, super smart and has unknowingly befriended the killer.


Gender: Male

Age: Unknown but older than Novalee

Looks: red and black tom with a green eye and one blue

Kits: two that he knows off…

Mate: None for life.

Likes: Getting around, sleeping, flirting with Novalee

Dislikes: Blood and gore, fighting, books and rats.

Friends: Novalee, some unknown ‘Old-New’ cat

Fears: Gona get killed by the killer.

Other: Spunky young tom who seriously needs to chill out sometimes.


Gender: Male

Looks: White glowing cat surrounded in mist with glowing golden eyes.

Other: Appears in Novalee’s dreams twice.

Will add more information on my characters and add more characters as stories continue.

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