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Hello. I’m Lady of the Thread. ^_^ After an absence of many years, I’ve decided to clear out my account and start over since my more recent fics (2006-present) have been written for various LJ communities and not collected in any single place.

These days, I’m mainly a crazy cosplayer and only do fanfic once in a while when the fancy strikes. Since costume making and fanfic writing both tend to be time consuming hobbies, I mostly write drabbles with the occasional longer piece. ^_^; If you enjoy my fics, reviews would be appreciated. (Even if I cosplay Count D, I can't read minds!) I enjoy sewing much more than writing so I tend to do fanfic only when I feel I can put together something that other people might also enjoy or get a laugh out of. So, if I feel that I’m not succeeding in entertaining people with my stories, I’m more inclined to go work on costumes instead.

The Legend of Dhalashar AU series

I’m currently working on a series of longer AU Saiunkoku fics that are crossovers with Genju no Seiza (an obscure manga series by the same author as Petshop of Horrors). It all started with Althea SaDiablo's request for an AU when I signed up for a Saiunkoku fic exchange. I thought, “Well, Fuuto is a reluctant king like Ryuuki is at the beginning of Saiunkoku so why don’t I do a Genju no Seiza crossover?” I only needed to write 500 words minimum but it ended up exploding into an 8,500+ word fic that I worked on a bit at a time for over 3 weeks. o_O; Since then, a sequel has been written and more are being plotted. The fics are very AU for both series and knowledge of Genju no Seiza isn't necessary to understand the stories; only about half of the manga has been translated so far and takes place mainly in modern Japan with little actually seen of Dhalashar so I've taken a lot of liberties with Genju no Seiza canon both to fill in details and make it better fit with the Saiunkoku characters. No Genju no Seiza characters actually appear and the AU mainly borrows Dhalashar and the roles of the Holy King and his guardian beasts.

The basic premise of this AU is that Ryuuki is the reincarnated king of the tiny desert kingdom of Dhalashar. He has magical powers and is aided in running the kingdom by his guardian beasts, including Shuuei, Kouyuu, Ensei, Kochou, Shou, and Ryuuren. The guardian beasts usually stay in their human forms but can also transform into animals and each has their own magical powers. There’s also a shaman who serves the king but their identity is a spoiler for the first story. The order for this AU series is: The Legend of Dhalashar, Love Songs and Lullabies, The Purple Ribbon, Magical Mishaps

I'm not very good at drawing but I've started on some chibi fanart to go with the stories. So far, there's only Ryuuki but I'd like to eventually try drawing some of the others in their costumes from this AU. Ryuuki as the Holy King of Dhalashar


And if you’re interested in my cosplay, please visit my page at American Cosplay Paradise:

My costuming work is a lot more varied so series I've cosplayed from include Petshop of Horrors, Saiunkoku Monogatari, The Twelve Kingdoms, Kaleido Star, Le Chevalier D'eon, Gankutsuou, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket, Yu-Gi-Oh, Scooby Doo, and Monkey Island.

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