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Okay, for the pronunciation of my name since most get it wrong, here it goes: DAY-zha-ray (think deja vu + beret). It's something I came up with years ago and thought it sounded cool.

Well, not sure what to write here. With the anonymity of the internet, how much of what is written in the profile page of people uploading made up shit can you really trust?

I guess I need to give some credit to Pandora's Avenged Sevenfold channel and numerous channels from Digitally Imported for background music for my writing. I also liberally use Youtube for random songs that get stuck in my head. Hmmm.

Weis and Hickman were probably the first authors I read for fun. I started with their Darksword Trilogy (really good if you haven't read it) and moved to the Dragonlance Chronicles after that. I fell in love with that story (Raistlin and Tas would have to be my favorite characters, I know, I know, same with everyone). Their Death Gate series is also really well done; long, but good (seven books).

I guess I got attracted to fanfics because, and I'm sure many on this site would agree, we have all read something or seen something where we thought, "I would've done this here." It's not a knock on the original creators, but, as human beings, we always think we have an interesting or better way to tell a story. So, I'm grateful that there's a place where we can upload our meandering imagination's version and have people take a look. What better way to look into someone's soul (without seeing them face to face and gazing into their eyes) than to read what situations they can come up with?

It's like the old adage: be careful whose advice you accept, but be patient with those who offer it. You never know when a gem will be bestowed upon you. It's the same with the written word. There are terrible authors out there. But, there are some tremendous ones. You need to pick and choose which ones you resonate with and which ones you don't.

In the end, we are ridiculously free to make our own choices and choose who we listen to, so do your best to find the ones that agree with your soul and be grateful for those that choose you.

Umm, wow, went a little philosophical there. It's amazing how much can be said without saying much of anything. Such is philosophy, I guess.

A little about myself then.

I'm currently a student at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA. This means that my free time writing is limited, unfortunately. How I wish I could win the lottery and just write, but, alas, pipe dreams can never be counted on.

I guess I'm going to end this now, maybe I'll rewrite this entire profile someday. In the mean time, if you could let me know your opinion of anything I've posted on this site, I would be greatly appreciative.

The Delano Chronicles reviews
After going to take the Test with him, Raistlin's childhood friend disappeared. The Conclave claimed he was dead, but Delano returned to Solace for the five year reunion, changed and powerful, a dark shell of his former self.
Dragonlance - Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Adventure - Chapters: 6 - Words: 28,287 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 6/25/2012 - Published: 11/27/2011 - Raistlin