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3-31-07 -

Currently posting my Star Wars fic. I shall return with news of my CB fics once I come to a few final decisions reguarding them.

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"YOU! Cake or death?" "Um...cake please!" FOR EVERY ACTION- An assassin is after Faye, but it's a complete mystery as to who hired him and why. Add in the reappearance of Earths moon (on places other than earth), Spike back from the dead, a drug addict who knows more than he's level minded to tell, one teenager who manages to be scarier than Ed, and you've got yourself a fic! UPDATES- 7-15-04 Chapter 7 is now posted. This chapter seems kinda...what--dainty? naw, that couldn't be the word. 7 pretty much sets up the events for the rest of the story. Quite a lot happens if you look closely enough: Jet works through some "family" issues, Faye decides to stop whining (thank God, it was even getting on MY nerves), for him, I'm slowly delving into all the problems he's gonna have and cause. I couldn't really do any spike angsty introspectiveness this chapter because I had to focus on the action points revolving around the bounty head. The importance of Marco Polo? well, he gets the crew some money finally, I couldn't go much longer with their empty wallets as is. But more importantly, if you paid attention (or more impressively, remembered) in earlier chapts there were a lot of forwarnings of Margaret being dangerous, and 7s ending gives us the second example of that (the first example is hidden in an eariler chapter). What I presented so far has been a list of seemingly random events, and now the chapters that follow will bring these events together so that I may prove this fic's plot is NOT (despite popular belief) completely psycho. THE GREATEST GATSBY- Syndicate's are fighting eachother, but that's not half as interesting as the fighting Spike and Faye are doing...among other things (shhh! it's supposed to be a secret!) Take a look at Bebop through the eyes of an outsider as she witnesses how two people and one crazy love story can change the world (or her world at least) UPDATES- 9-6-04 Chapter 8 is almost done. It's in revision process at the moment. Thing is, when this fic was in the early stages, I wrote a long Spike/Faye scene that goes in this chapter, but I wrote it around the time I was writing chapter 2, so obviously that scene needs some editing to fit into the story as it has grown. It'll be up soon. I leave for college in two weeks, and it will be up by then at the latest. CHAPTER 7 IS UP!!! I was a bit dissappointed in it, because I wanted to do so much more with this. I wanted to have a lot more Faye and Spike (especially Spike) in this chapter but it all felt too bunched up so I moved a few scenes to the next chapter. This chapter had a lot of Marla scenes, but not really a Marla focus. It was more of a plot focus, an accessment of their situation. I'm so sorry if this chap was a bit boring, but I had to have it in because it sets up everything that happens after now. 7-4-04 wow. everyone's really for a vivika/shin sideplot--I'm suprised and flattered both at once, and I haven't even decided what I'll even do about it yet. aw well, I've got another chapter or so to figure things out, cause chapter 8 is all SPIKEFAYESPIKEFAYESPIKEFAYE angst, with a bit-o-Jet in the mix (poor guy has no idea what hes getting dragged into, heheheh) THE NIGHT VISITOR One shot, it's about facing yourself with honesty. I wont reveal the plot because it's just so easy to check it out for yourself (clickity-click). This fic is so much different than all my other stuff. It's darker, and the format is unique. This was encredibly difficult to write @.@ fan art! yes, I've drawn some. If you are so inclined to investigate, check out my CB fanart in my gallery here: Anyone wanting insight into my crazy head can feel free to visit my livejournal, commentary and emails are always welcome. Feel free to complain about lack of updating if you see that I'm taking to long, cause chances are, you'll be right. quotes of the moment: "I shall call him Squishy, and he shall be mine, and he shall be my Squishy." --Finding Nemo "And they say androids have no poetry in them." "Nope, no poetry, but we´re hell on wheels with a dirty limerick, wanna hear one? There once was a man from Nantucket..." --Andromeda "The circle of tolerence spreads about as far as you can throw a Nazi" --Me "His mother was a Daughter of the American Revolution and his father was a Son of a Bitch." --Catch22

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