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I have not been online for a while; personal stress (entering high school, the death of my grandfather, and some other factors) and Real Life have intervened.

Fanfiction.Net was a lot of fun, but they have made some decisions I can understand as the editor of my school's lit mag, but do not respect as an author. I have made the decision to remove my two fanfics, One By One and Book of Days, from Fanfiction.Net because of my beliefs and the beliefs of my household.

I apologize to anyone who wanted to see the end of the stories, both for the delay and for this decision. I don't know if I'll post them elsewhere; some friends and I are toying with the idea of a web page.

If you really want to read the rewritten chapters and the final parts, please e-mail me at and tell me which story. If you would like to host me or be told when I have set up/found a web page for the stories, please e-mail me at that same address. In either eventuality, I promise to get back to you ASAP.

This was a hard decision to make; I enjoyed ff.n very much. Thanks for all the memories!

SG (Starfish Girl)

(This message was written 9-12-02. I will ask to have this account deleted 9-20-02.)