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Author has written 48 stories for Hunger Games, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Gallagher Girls, Fairy Tail, Sailor Moon, Teen Titans, Young Justice, One Piece, X-Men: Evolution, Criminal Minds, Dream High/드림하이, Fault in Our Stars, Teen Wolf, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Avatar: Last Airbender, Mortal Instruments, Shingeki no Kyojin/進撃の巨人, and Sky High.

Hey there! My name is Rachel :) Pleasure to meet you! I'd like to let you know that I know three langues (though I'm not very good at the other two) and I enjoy writing, and will beta/co-write any story.

Hola mis pequeños malvaviscos! Los amo a todos! :) Ai!! Mi español es muy malo, pero puedo leer en español bien. Eh, un poco. Traduzco historias del español al inglés. Soy un lector de beta (beta -reader)! Me mensajes si quieres ayudar :D

Le français cette langue est un cauchemar... :/

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About Me:

Name: Rachel

Age: I'm in my teen years (#teenageangst)

Gender: Female last I checked.

Likes: Good books, Superheroes, Writing, Ordering stuff online, ebay bids, Anime, Manga, K-Dramas, The Great Gatsby, The Color Purple, Petting other people's dogs on the street, Capitalism, Ayn Rand's works (not the person).

Dislikes: Socialism, Communism, Fascists, Aristotle (my arch-enemy), Calculus, Non- sticky tape, Being cold, Conformity for the sake of conformity, Answers that are never answers, Xenophobes, Times lines where the past never effects the present *cough cough* Flash TV show *cough*

"I'm Paco and I am going to hit you with this stick until you get the &%$ of my planet. " - Paco Testas

"My law partner told me the only job with a higher mortality rate than Gotham D.A. is a "Red Shirt" on Star Trek." - Katherine Spencer

"I got magic armor... dunno how it works. Got a magic rock inside my body... can't get it out... Went into outer space n' helped them... but now the superheroes hate me, gonna kill me... I'm the Blue Beetle."- Jaime Reyes

Well, excuse the &*@% out of me for not wanting to be a zombie-slave." - Lori Zechlin

" What's a girl gotta do to get in a proper brawl around here?" - Rose Wilson

"I'm Batman" - Batman

SYOC form!


  1. Must have a superpower. One superpower.

  2. Please be original. I don't want opy-paste or author inserts

  3. Be diverse! Everyone is a little different.

  4. Be creative, but I don’t want them all to have some sob-fest backstory!

  5. There can be relation to original cast, but not Layla or Will. Everyone else is fair game.

  6. LABEL YOUR PM! SYOC Sky High (Name of character) I want to see that word for word. Also, keep it in one PM. If you run out of characters go to your outbox and send it through there. It’s harder for me to find and keep track of your character.

  7. Pm only! No forms in comments will be allowed.

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Wise Words From Percy Jackson and the Olympians

1. When in doubt, find the dam snack bar - The Titan's Curse
2. With great power comes a great need to take a nap-The Last Olympian
3. Paradises are places that can get you killed- The Battle of the Labyrinth
4. Gods get offended easily. Then they blow stuff up.- The Titans Curse
5. As a demigod, you are twice as vulnerable - The Lightning Thief
6. You can't fix a person like a machine.-The Battle of the Labyrinth
7. Monsters will vaporize when sliced by a celestial bronze sword.-The Battle of the Labyrinth
8. Avoid poisonous swords or you'll die, after you shrivel slowly to dust-The Battle of the Labyrinth
9. Anything is possible: including blue food and that Percy can pass seventh grade. - The Sea of Monsters
10. People, and horses, who call Mr. D. the wine dude end up in a bottle of Merlot.- The Titans Curse
11. Three kids can drown in a really big bathtub.- The Lightning Thief
12. Everything strange washes up on the shores of Miami.-The Sea of Monsters
13. You can't enjoy practical jokes when you feel like one.-The Last Olympian
14. Say hello to pink poodles.-The Lightning Thief
15. When you need Tantalus to go away, tell him to go chase a doughnut. -The Sea of Monsters
16. Even heroes drool in their sleep- The Lightning Thief
17. When things seem bad enough, they usually breathe fire.-The Sea of Monsters
18. When barnyard animals don't want to kill you, they want food.-The Lightning Thief
19. Don't blow your nose when someone near you is running from skeletons.-The Titans Curse
20. Don't beat a god in a video game- he might want your soul. -The Last Olympian
21. If things seem like they won't go your way, though most just think it's bad luck, blame the gods - The Lightning Thief
22. People can do horrible things but if in the end, they did something that helped tip the scale in your favor, they become TRUE heroes - The Last Olympian
23. Being you can prove to be the best thing. -Learned from all the PJatO books
24. There is always a way out for those clever enough to find it - Titan's curse


Pour vous tous les gens là-bas, je peux aussi parler / taper le français! J'aime lire des histoires, peu importe la langue!J'aimerais avoir de vos nouvelles! Parle-moi dans n'importe quelle langue et je vais vous répondre! Aller multi-langue que les gens parlent!! :D

S'il vous plaît pardonnez-moi si je fais n'a pas de sens! français n'est pas ma langue maternelle! Je vais essayer de mon mieux! je vous remercie! :)


También puedo hablar / escribir / leer cuentos en español, me gusta leer, no importa qué idioma! No dude en hablar conmigo en cualquier idioma, siempre me wiil responder! :D

por favor, perdóname, el español es mi lengua segunda, por lo que podría no ser gramaticalmente correcto ...

El resto de mi perfil es en Inglés, así que siga desplazándose a mis historias?

Le reste de mon profil est en anglais, si juste garder le défilement de mes histoires?

10 Rules of Anime

The laws of Anime is a growing list of physical, universal, and natural phenomenon that seem to appear in various forms in all sorts of anime. The original intent was an effort to classify these incidents into a list of "laws" that explained how Anime physics are different from our own (real?) world. It is our hope that you find them useful to studying Anime, or at the very least, worth a good chuckle.

#1 - Law of Metaphysical Irregularity- The normal laws of physics do not apply.

#2 - Law of Differential Gravitation- Whenever someone or something jumps, is thrown, or otherwise is rendered airborne, gravity is reduced by a factor of 4. * Some things have been known to "Float" for a few seconds before plummeting to hit the ground, vehicle, or someone’s cranium.

#3 - Law of Sonic Amplification, First Law of Anime Acoustics- In space, loud sounds, like explosions, are even louder because there is no air to get in the way.

#4 - Law of Constant Thrust, First Law of Anime Motion- In space, constant thrust equals constant velocity.

#5 - Law of Mechanical Mobility, Second Law of Anime Motion- The larger a mechanical device is, the faster it moves, Armoured Mecha are the fastest objects known to human science.

#6 - Law of Temporal Variability- Time is not a constant. Time stops for the hero whenever he does something "cool" or "impressive". Time slows down when friends and lovers are being killed and speeds up whenever there is a fight.

#7 - First Law of Temporal Mortality- "Good Guys" and "Bad Guys" both die in one of two ways - either so quick they don’t even see it coming, OR it’s a long drawn out affair where the character gains much insight to the workings of society, human existence or why the toast always lands butter side down. *NOTE: Sometimes, Anime heroes or villains never really die! In these rare cases they were a clone or cyborg and the real hero/villain’s suspiciously missing in "Malletspace", or something.

#8 - Second Law of Temporal Mortality- It takes some time for bad guys to die... regardless of physical damage. Even when the "Bad Guys" are killed so quickly they don’t even see it coming, it takes them a while to realize they are dead. This is attributed to the belief that being evil damages the Reality Lobe of the brain.

#9 - Law of Dramatic Emphasis- Scenes involving extreme amounts of action are depicted with either still frames or black screens with a slash of bright color (usually red or white).

#10- Law of Dramatic Multiplicity- Scenes that only happen once, for instance, a "Good Guy" kicks the "Bad Guy" in the face, are seen at least 3 times from 3 different angles.

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I threw a wish in the well.

That math class would go to hell.

I guess dreams don't come true,

Because I wished it was gone.

Now we're learning PEMDAS.

How much longer can we last?

Half an hour 'til we're done,

Then we can go and run.

The teacher is droning.

Everyone is zoning.

I am almost moaning.

When can we go have some fun?

Hey, this is math class.

And I just hate thee,

But here's a pencil,

So stab me maybe.

And it's hard to focus…

Without going crazy!

But here's a pencil,

So stab me maybe.

You talk to me all the time.

I'm silent just like a mime.

I never talk back to you,

But I get in trouble too.

The teacher always will scream:

"Just how dumb do I seem?

You will learn this math,

Or you will taste my wrath!"

Before you came into my life,

I was so happy

I was so happy

I was so ha-happy.

Before you came into my life,

I was so happy

Now I feel crappy,

So stab me maybe?

Hey, this is math class.

And I just hate thee,

But here's a pencil,

So stab me maybe.

RIP RAINY129'S STORY!!!! made up by rainy129 and MKAlza11.

Favorite Quotes

Maximum Ride

ter Borcht: "Is dere anysing special about you? Anysing vorth saving?"
Fang: "Besides my fashion sense? I play a mean harmonica."

Gazzy: "I vill now destroy de Snickuhs bahs!"

Max: "Did you know it wasn’t me, the other Max?"
Fang: "Yeah."
Max: "When?"
Fang: "Right away."
Max: "How? We look identical. She even had identical scars and scratches. She was wearing my clothes. How could you tell us apart?
Fang: "She offered to cook breakfast."

"Holy [Insert your choice of a swear word here," said Fang.

"You…are…a…fridge…with…wings. We’re…freaking…ballet…dancers." –Fang

"Iggy: Can I come in?
Max: No! I'm in a towel!
Iggy: I'm blind!"

"And you're blind?"
Uh-huh," Iggy said, trying to sound bored.
Were you born that way?"
How did you become blind, uh, Jeff, is it?"
Yeah, Jeff. Well, I looked directly at the sun, you know, the way they always tell you not to. If only I had listened."

"Max: "Okay guys, I had a couple thoughts I wanted to go over with you."
Iggy: (pretends to snore loudy)
Max: (throws another pinecone at him)
Iggy: "Quit throwing things at me!"
Max: "Glad you could join us.""

The world was ending and all that mattered was that she was alive. -Percy Jackson from Percy Jackson and the Olympians

I'm Harry Potter, the boy who lived, not the boy who died! -Harry Potter from A Very Potter Musical

"You think killing people makes them like you, but it doesn't! It just makes people dead!" -Voldemort from a Very Potter Musical

"Bless your face."Toby "Tobuscus" Turner, Youtuber

"Are you questioning my badassness? Have you seen my guns?" Puck from Glee

"Dolophins are just gay sharks."-Brittney from Glee

"We live in Ohio, not New York or some other city where people eat vegetables that aren't FRIED." -Finn from Glee

"Those don't look like daisies! They look like... NOT DAISIES!" -Jacob Stoll from marykate3000's fanfic, the Next Generation

"Basically, I have two speeds... Hostile or smart-aleck. Your choice." – Max (Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports)

"Yes!" said Fang, punching the air. "Freaks rule." – The Angel Experiment

"They turned to Angel. "We will call you Little One," the leader said, obviously deciding to dispense with the whole confusing name thing.
"Okay," said Angel agreeably. "I'll call you Guy in a White Lab Coat." He frowned.
"That can be his Indian name," I (Max) suggested." – Saving the World and other Extreme Sports

"Man, you weigh a freaking ton! What have you been eating, rocks?"

"Why, is your head missing some?" – Max and Fang (The Angel Experiment)

"Popcorn for breakfast! Why not? It's a grain. It's like, like, grits, but with high self-esteem." – I'm pretty sure this was from Max (The Angel Experiment)

"I feel like, like pudding," Iggy groaned. "Pudding with nerve endings. Pudding in great pain." – The Angel Experiment

"Don't ever leave me again," I said in a tiny voice.
I won't," he promised into my hair, sounding most un-Fang-like. "I won't. Not ever."
And just like that, a cold shard of ice that had been inside my chest ever since we'd split up-well, it just disappeared. I felt myself relax for the first time in I don't known how long. The wind was chilly, but the sun was bright, and my whole flock was together. Fang and I were together.
….Excuse me? I'm alive too." Iggy's plaintive voice made me pull back." – Saving the World and other Extreme Sports

"We'll be back!" he snarled.
It was really Ari's voice.
Boy, you just can't kill people like you used to," said Fang" – School's Out Forever

"Max, you're the last of the hybrids who still has...a soul.' ... 'She doesn't have soul,' Gazzy scoffed. 'Have you ever seen her dance?" – Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports

"Max: "Fang! This is a huge break! Of course we should go check it out!"
Fang: "But we're grounded."
Max and Fang: (stare at each other for a second and burst out laughing)" – School's Out- Forever

"What happened to your tan?"
It was dirt."- Max and Fang (The Final Warning)

"I mean, who cares about SpongeBob SquarePants? I'm sitting here with Wolverine!
-random kid talking to Ari (School's Out- Forever)

"He's gonna be fine," I confirmed.
Can we see him?" Iggy asked.
Ig, I hate to break it to you, but you're blind."- (School's Out- Forever. One of my personal favorites)

"But if you think I'm going to let you give up on us now, you've got another think coming. Yes, you're a blind mutant freak, but you're my blind mutant freak, and you're coming with me, now, you're coming with us right now, or I swear I will kick your skinny white ass from here to the middle of next week.
Iggy raised his head. Flashes of light told me that the cops were almost on top of us.
Iggy, I need you," I said urgently. "I love you. I need all of you, all five of you, to fell whole myself. Now get up, before I kill you."
Iggy stood. "Well, when you put it that way..."- Max and Iggy (School's Out- Forever)

A Very Potter Musical/Sequel, Thanks to - CaptainMeghanSparrow

Draco quotes

"Did someone say "Draco Malfoy!? (Act 1, Part 2)

"Wait, don't tell me! Red hair, hand-me-down clothes and a stupid complextion! You must be a Weasley!" (Act 1, Part 2)

"Kiss the planet goodbye? Having second thoughts about Pigfarts are you!?" (Act 2, Part 1)

"Come onnn I'm tirrred. Can't we just be Death Eaters?" (Act 2, Part 9)

"Am I bleeding?" (Several Occasions)

"Go home, terrorist!" (Act 1, Part 3)

"This year you bet I'm gonna get outta here
the reign of Malfoy is drawing near.
I'll have the greatest wizard career,

and its gonna be totally awesome!

Look out world, for the dawn of the day
When everyone will do whatever I say
And that Potter wont be in my way, and then
I'll be the one who is totally awesome!

GOYLE: Yeah you'll be the one who is totally awesome!"

Dumbledore quotes

"So basically I've being putting everyone who looks like a good guy into Gryffindor, anyone who looks like a bad guy into Slytherin and the others can go wherever the hell they want, i don't really care!" (Act 1, Part 3)

"What the hell is a Hufflepuff?" (Act 1, Part 3)

"Miss Granger shut your ungodly, lopsided mouth and quit interrupting. God...for the cleverest witch of your age you really can be a dumbass sometimes. Ten points to Dumbledore!" (Act 1, Part 3)

TITLE!"(Draco is, of course, called a 'little shit on many other occations)

"Malfoy, you little shit."

Snape Quotes

"What the devil? It's a BBM from Umbridge! 'Are you with Dumbledore, did he get my text?' Now you drag ME into this?!" (Act 1, Part 13)

"What do you want, you horrid bitch?" (Act 2, Part 4)

"But I had a butt trumpet.. my butt went like POOT POOT POOT POOT POOT POOT!" (act 2, Part 4)

"Attention all Hogwarts students! In celebration of all hollows eve, we will be taking a field trip to Hogsmead. Please go out on the courtyard with your signed permission form. Students without their permission forms will be killed. Just kidding! But they won't be allowed to go and it's going to be a whole lot of fun!!" (Act 1 Part 9)

"That's Absuuuurd!"

"Draco is such a little shit."

"Thanks Hermione."

--Harry and Ron (about a million times)

"That's Lavender Brown! RACIST SISTER!"

--Ron Weasley

"Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders!"

"What the hell is a Hufflepuff?"

--Cedric Diggory and Dumbledore

"Fred and George get in here!"

"But i'm George!"

"Nice try, but you got an 'F' on your shirt dumbass."

--Fred, George, and Mrs. Weasley

"Favourite Amy Mann song on three. One, two, three..


"Favourite color of vines other than green?"


"Favourite way to say 'red wines' in a German accent?"


"Where have you been all my life!?"

"Living in a cupboard under some stairs..."

--Harry and Ron

"Oh shit! You guys are kids! I've got to watch my damn mouth around you little bastards! I'm sorry, Shoot! ... I've got to watch my damn mouth around you little bastards."


"My name is Draco Malfoy. I am, a racist, I despise gingers, and mudbloods, I hate gryffindor house, and my parents work for the man who killed your parents, do you want to be my friend?"

--Draco Malfoy

Young Justice

Freeze is attacking pick-nickers in Gotham City park)Freeze: The Boy Wonder. The Bat sent you to drag me off to prison. Frankly, I'm underwhelmed.Robin: Great, but I'm kinda in a hurry here.Freeze: Kids. Always in such a rush. I prefer to preserve these moments... forever.Robin: I'm not talking to you.[Batman Arrives]

(Flash and Kid Flash just defeated Captain Cold)Flash: Stealing ice? Really? Isn't that a big cliché for even Captain Cold?

Spectator #1: I see Flash and Flash Jr.Spectator #2: His name is Speedy.Spectator #3: No, Speedy’s Green Arrow’s sidekick.Spectator #4: Well that makes no sense.

Fireman: It's whats-his-name. Flash Boy!Kid Flash: Kid Flash! Why is that so hard?

(Batman, Aquaman, Flash, and Green Arrow arrive at the Hall of Justice with their protègès: Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash and Speedy)Kid Flash: Have all four sidekicks ever been in the same place at the same time?Speedy: Don’t call us sidekicks. Not after today.Kid Flash: First time at the Hall. I’m a little overwhelmed.Robin: You’re overwhelmed, Freeze was underwhelmed-why isn’t anyone ever just whelmed?[They enter the Hall]Robin: Oh, maybe that’s why.

[Speedy, Robin, Aqualad and Kid Flash aren't allowed to be part of the Justice League briefing]Green Arrow: Roy, you just need to be patient.Speedy: What I need is respect. They're treating us like kids. Worse, like sidekicks! (to the other sidekicks after they don't say anything)You're kidding, right?! You're playing their game?! Why?! Because you think they play fair? Today was supposed to be the day, step one in becoming full-fledged members of the League.Kid Flash: Well, sure, but I thought step one was the tour of the HQ.Speedy: Except the Hall isn't the League's real HQ. I bet they never told you it's just a false front for tourists and a pit stop for catching zeta-beam teleporter-tubes to the real thing, an orbiting satellite called the Watchtower.[Batman gives Green Arrow a look]Green Arrow: I know, I know, but I thought we could make an exception.(Batman continues to glare) Or not.Aquaman: You're not helping your cause here, son. Stand down or...Speedy: Or what? You'll send me to my room? And I'm not your son!(directed at Green Arrow) I'm not even his. (directed at everyone else) I thought I was his partner, but not anymore.(Speedy walks out)

(the adults have walked away to discuss a mission)Aqualad: What else aren't they telling us?Robin: I have a better question: Why didn't we leave with Speedy?

(the adults have left the Hall to go on a mission and have just mentioned Cadmus Labs as a priority after the other mission)Robin: But if Batman's suspicious... maybe we should investigate.Aqualad: Solve their case before they do. It would be poetic justice.Robin: Hey they're all about justice.Aqualad: But they said "stay put."Kid Flash: (to Robin) Wait. Are-are you going to Cadmus? Because if you're going, I'm going!(they both look at Aqualad)Aqualad: Just like that? We're a team on a mission?Robin: We didn't come for a play-date.

(Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad have arrived at Cadmus and have asked to look around)Mark Desmond: You realize once we get in there, we can't ever let them leave.Guardian: Doc, these aren't your typical meddling kids. You don't want to get on the wrong side of the Justice League.Mark Desmond: Better than getting on the wrong side of the Cadmus Directors. Believe me.

(the kids are being chased by Cadmus security and go into a room without an exit)Robin: I disabled the door, we're safe.Aqualad: We're trapped.

(the kids found Superboy in a cryogenic tube in the room they're hiding in)Kid Flash: Big K little R, the atomic symbol for Krypton. Clone?Aqualad: Robin. Hack!Robin: Right. Right.

Superboy: Wha-what if he wasn't?Kid Flash: He can talk?Superboy: Yes, he can.Kid Flash: Not like I said, "it."Aqualad: The genomorph taught you.Superboy: They taught me much. I can read, write. I know the names of things.Robin: But have you seen them? Have they actually let you see the sky or the moon?Superboy: Images are implanted in my mind, but no. I have not seen them.Aqualad: Do you know what you are, who you are?Superboy: I am the Superboy, a genomorph, a clone from the DNA made of the Superman, created to replace him should he perish, to destroy him should he turn from the light.Aqualad: To be like Superman is a worthy aspiration, but, like Superman, you deserve a life of your own beyond that solar suit, beyond your pod, beyond Cadmus.Superboy: I live because of Cadmus! It is my home!Robin: Your home is a test tube. We can show you the sun.Kid Flash: Uh, pretty sure it's after midnight, but we can show you the moon.Aqualad: We can show you, introduce you to Superman.Mark Desmond: No they can't!

Mark Desmond: Activate the cloning process.Robin: Pass! Batcave's crowded enough.

(telepathically while being tortured)Aqualad: Superboy, you live. That gives you the right to follow your own path. A weapon or a person, the choice is yours, but ask yourself, "What would Superman do?"

(Superboy reenters the containment room)Kid Flash: You here to help us or fry us?Superboy: Huh. I don't seem to have heat vision, so I suppose helping is my only option.

(after being freed from the handcuffs and containment pod)Robin: Finally. Lucky Batman isn't here. He'd have my head for taking so long.Kid Flash: Seriously?! That's what you're worried about? The whole League'll have our heads after tonight!

Mark Desmond: You'll never get out of here! I'll have you back in pods before morning.Robin: That guy is not whelmed. Not whelmed at all.Kid Flash: What is with you and this whelmed thing?

(the genomorphs have subdued the escaping heroes telepathically)Dubbilex: Perhaps for the sake of all genomorphs, our brother Superboy should make up his own mind.Superboy: It was you.Dubbilex: Yes, brother. I set the fire and lured your new friends into Cadmus, woke them when they were in danger...Superboy: And guided me. Why?Dubbilex: Because you are our hope, the genomorph hero. you will blaze a trail for all our brothers, showing us the way to freedom. What is your choice, brother?Superboy: I... choose... freedom.Guardian: (after being relieved of telepathic control) Feels... like fog... lifting.Aqualad: Guardain?Guardian: Go, I'll take care of Desmond.

(Mark Desmond, now Blockbuster has just torn a hole in the ceiling)Kid Flash: You think Labcoat planned that?Aqualad: I doubt he is planning anything anymore.

(Cadmus has been destroyed and the heroes are free)Kid Flash: See? The Moon!(the League arrives)Kid Flash: And Superman. Do we keep our promises, or what?Batman: [looking at Superboy] Is that what I think it is?Kid Flash: He doesn't like being called an "it."Superboy: I'm Superman's clone!Batman: ...Start talking.

(Superman is in conversation with Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter then walks over to Superboy)Superman: We'll, a, we'll figure something out for you. The League will I mean. For now I better make sure they get the Blockbuster creature squared away.(flies away)

(Batman, Flash and Aquaman come over to the teens)Batman: Cadmus will be investigated, all 52 levels. But let's make one thing clear:Flash: You should have called us.Batman: End results aside, we're not happy. You hacked Justice League systems, disobeyed direct orders, and endangered lives. You will not be doing this again.Aqualad: I am sorry, but we will.Aquaman: Aqualad, stand down.Aqualad: Apologies, my king, but no. We did good work here tonight, the work you trained us to do. Together on our own we forged something powerful, important.Flash: If this is about your treatment at the Hall, the three of you...Kid Flash: The four of us, and it's not.Robin: Batman, we're ready to do what you taught us, or why teach us at all?Superboy: Why let them tell us what to do? It's simple. Get on board or get out of the way.

(discussing the new covert team for the kids)Flash: The League will still handle the obvious stuff. There's a reason we have these big targets on our chest.Aquaman: But Cadmus proves the bad guys are getting smarter. Batman needs a team that can operate on the sly.Batman: The five of you will be that team.Robin: Cool! Wait. Five?(Ms Martian enters)Batman: This is the Martian Manhunter's niece. Ms. Martian.

Kid Flash: Hey Superboy come meet Ms. M!(Superboy walks over to the rest of the team; Ms. Martian uses her shape-shifting ability to change her shirt color to black)Ms. Martian: I like your t-shirt.(Superboy gives her a small smile)

(The Light discusses the result of Project Cadmus' exposure.)L-1: Can the Light afford to leave Guardian in charge without the G-nomes?L-3: We have subtle means of control. What concerns me is the children. We now know the League is employing young heroes to do their dirty work. Huh, that's a dark twist.L-1: Yes...But one that can be played to our advantage. Even the temporary loss of the weapon may prove useful. Eventually, everyone sees the Light.[edit]Welcome to Happy Harbor(Robin has just invited Speedy to join The Team)Robin: So, Speedy, you in?Speedy: Pass. I'm done letting Arrow and the League tell me what to do. I don't need a baby-sitter or a clubhouse to hang out with the other kids. Your Junior Justice League is a joke. Something to keep you busy and in your place. I don't want any part of it!

(the Team is wanting to go on a mission)Red Tornado: Mission assignments are the Batman's responsiblity.Robin: But it's been over a week and nothing...Red Tornado: You'll be tested soon enough. For the time being, simply enjoy each other's company.Aqualad: This team is not a social club.Red Tornado: No. But I am told social interaction is an important team-building excersize. Perhaps you can keep busy by familiarizing yourselves with the cave.

Kid Flash: Can you do that ghosting through walls thing Manhunter does?Miss Martian: Density shifting? No, it's a very advanced technique...Robin: Flash can vibrate his molecules right through a wall. (chuckles) When he tries it, bloody nose.Kid Flash: Dude!

(discussing secret identities)Miss Martian: [telepathically] Don't worry, Superboy. We'll find you an Earth name too.Superboy: GET OUT OF MY HEAD!Miss Martian: [telepathically] What's wrong? I- I don't understand. Everyone on Mars communicates telepathically.Aqualad: M'Gann, stop! Things are different of Earth. Here, your powers are an extreme invasion of privacy!Kid Flash: Besides, Cadmus's creepy little psychic genomes left a bad taste in his brain.Miss Martian: I-I didn't mean to...Superboy: Just... stay... out!

Aqualad: And your clothes?Miss Martian: They're organic like the ship, they respond to my mental commands.Superboy: As long as they're the only ones.

(about Superboy)Robin: He'll come around.Miss Martian: He doesn't seem to like me very much.Kid Flash: You guys remember he has super hearing?

Kid Flash: You brought your utility belt?Robin: Never leave home without it. First thing Batman taught me.Kid Flash: Right after don't go to the bathroom without it.

Brom: I was prepared to be challenged by a superhero. I was not, however, expecting children.Robin: We're not children!Brom: Objectively, you are. Have you no adult supervision? I find your presense her quite disturbing.

(Mister Twister makes lightning strike)Kid Flash: Uh, can red Tornado... do that?Brom: You think I'm Tornado? Ironic.

(the Team has just been defeated by Mr. Twister)Superboy: [to Miss Martian] You tricked us into thinking Twister was Red Tornado.Aqualad: She didn't do it on purpose.Robin: It-it was a rookie mistake. We shouldn't have listened to her.Kid Flash: You are pretty inexperienced. Hit the showers. We'll take it from here.Superboy: Stay out of our way.(Robin, Kid Flash and Superboy walk away)Miss Martian: I was just trying to be part of the team.Aqualad: To be honest, I'm not sure we have a team.

Robin: [after M'Gann drops a boulder on Mr. Twister] Don't know how things are done on Mars, but on Earth we don't EXECUTE our captives!Miss Martian: You said you trust me. [Lifts the boulder to reveal an android] That's why I couldn't read his mind.Kid Flash: Cool souvenir.

Kid Flash: Hey, Supey, not too late to put on the new stealth tech.Superboy: No capes, no tights. No offense.Miss Martian: It totally works for you. In that you can totally do good work in those clothes.

(after disembarking from the Bio-Ship)Superboy: Knew I didn't need a line.Robin: And yet, creating a seismic event may not have helped us much with the 'covert'.

Aqualad: We need to identify that buyer.Kid Flash: Just what I was thinking.Robin: Yeah. You're the thinker.Kid Flash: Sarcasm? Dude. A real leader would focus on getting answers.

Superboy: Did you hear that?Kid Flash: Uh, no... Wait! Is this a super-hearing thing?Miss Martian: You do have great ears.Kid Flash: Okay, Rob, now what? [realized Robin disappeared] Man, I hate it when he does that!

(about Bane)Kid Flash: So. Now 'El Luchador' is our leader.

(the Team has partnered with Bane in order to get into the factory making the Venom)Bane: (Robin has disappeared) Has that little fool already been captured?Aqualad: No. He just does that.Kid Flash: Stay put. I'll get our intel and be back before Boy Wonder.(Runs off)Aqualad: Wait. Kid!

(the Team and Bane have been defeated and are retreating through the hidden tunnels going out of the factory)Robin: How can my first mission as leader go so wrong?Aqualad: You do have the most experience. But perhaps that is exactly what has left you unprepared. Fighting alongside Batman, your roles are clearly defined. You two do not need to talk. But this team is new. And a leader needs to be clear, explicit. He cannot vanish and expect others to play part in an unknown plan.Robin: Oh, so I'm supposed to hold everyone's hand? (groans) Who am I kidding? You should lead us, Kaldur. You're the only who can.

(Aqualad has been unanimously elected Team leader)Aqualad: Then I accept the burden. (to Robin) Until you are ready to lift it from my shoulders. You were born to lead this team. Maybe not now- but soon.

Kobra: Batman must be desperate, if he sends whelp to task me.Robin: What's wrong, Koby? You look disconcerted.Kobra: This is beneath me. Shimmer, take him.

Robin: I know you hate getting your hands dirty.Kobra: True, but sometimes even a god must stoop to conquer. (brushes Robin aside) What's wrong boy? You look disconcerted.

Kobra: I am plagued by mosquitoes!Robin: Good, because this mosquito is mighty concerted over your pain!

(the Kobra has escaped into the woods and the fighting is over)Robin: We picked the right guy to lead. Automatically making you the right guy to explain this mess to Batman!

Batman: A simple recon mission. Observe and report! You'll each receive written evaluations detailing your many mistakes... Until then - good job... No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy. How you adjust to the unforeseen is what determines success. And how you choose who leads determines character.

Sportsmaster: All I managed to recover is a single vial of Cobra-Venom.L-6: The formula can be reverse-engineered, but what of these heroes? First Cadmus, then Mister Twister, now Santa Prisca.L-1: Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, but three times is enemy action. And enemies of the Light must not stand.

Schooled(while trying to save a school bus Superboy's landing destabilizes a bus already in a precarious situation)Superman: We don't yet know the limits of your powers.Superboy: Well, maybe you could, you know, help me figure that out.Superman: ...Batman's got that covered.Superboy: I know, but...Superman: [Superman receives a call on his JL communicator] Superman. Wait. Arrow, slow down. What's attacking?... No, I'm definitely available. Coordinates?... Acknowledged; on my way... Sorry, Super... boy. Duty calls.(Superman flies off cut to Bruce Wayne in his office)Superman: Already on it Bruce.Bruce Wayne: I know Clark, we need to talk.(Superman disconnects his communicator and continues flying)

(Black Canary is giving instruction as the Team's new combat instructor)Black Canary: Now, combat is about controlling conflict. Putting the battle on your terms. You should always be acting, never reacting.

Kid Flash: After this--swish--I'll show you my moves. (Black Canary knocks him down) Oww. Hurts so good.Black Canary: Good block. But did anyone see what he did wrong?Robin: Ooh, ooh. He hit on teacher and got served?Kid Flash: Dude!Black Canary: He allowed me to dictate the terms of...Superboy: Oh please. With my powers, the battle's always on my terms. I'm a living weapon. And this is a waste of my time.Black Canary: Prove it.(Superboy and Black Canary spar and Superboy goes down)

(Batman has briefed the Team on being security for the transportation of AMAZO)Superboy: So now we take out your trash?Batman: You had something better to do?

Robin: If dislike is the opposite of like, is disaster the opposite of aster? See, if things are going wrong, they go right... Uh, clearly you're not feeling the aster. What's wrong?Superboy: Canary. And what business does she have teaching combat skills to a guy with super-strength?Robin: Taking down stronger guys is part of the gig. Canary learned that the hard way. Same with Batman - and, well - me.

(Professor Ivo's MONQIS arrive and latch on to the truck carrying AMAZO)Superboy: I hate monkeys.Robin: Hey. Hey. Switch your ride to Battle Mode.Superboy: No point.(Superboy jumps off his bike and onto the armored car)Robin: Or not.

(Superboy has ditched his comm and Robin)Robin: Definitely a disaster. Heavy on the 'dis.'

(in a Metropolis diner)Clark Kent: Apple pie.Bruce Wayne: The Devil's FoodBruce Wayne: The boy needs you.Clark Kent: No. He needs you. He needs Red. I'm just a constant reminder of what he's not.Bruce Wayne: Sorry, Clark, but you're dead wrong. Look, I know he troubles you. But he's here. You have to get over the how and why. Trust me on this. This boy needs his father.Clark Kent: I'm not his father! I'll take that apple pie to go.

Professor Ivo: Oh, hello.Superboy: You? You're Ivo? I'm whelmed.Professor Ivo: You're one to talk. Since when does the big blue boy scout have a brat?Superboy: He doesn't.Professor Ivo: Well, if you say so...Superboy:Give me your best shot.Professor Ivo: Please, my android has the strength of Superman. What chance do you have?[Superboy attacks Amazo. Amazo counterattacks sending Superboy flying back]Professor Ivo: Oh, sorry. Did that strike a nerve? Amazo, strike a few more.

Robin: So you changed too.Kid Flash: You kidding? Ugh. I feel naked in civvies. You still tracking the parts?Robin: They were heading through Gotham, but they veered. Wait! Dude, they're at my school!

(the rest of the Team have arrived and are joining Superboy in battling AMAZO)Miss Martian: Superboy! Are you all right?Superboy: Fine. (looking at Robin) Feeling the aster.(AMAZO is down and Ivo has escaped)Robin: Help me disassemble him! NOW!Kid Flash: Dude. The guy has no head.Aqualad: Don't take any chances!

(Green Arrow has just introduced Artemis to the team)Green Arrow: Um, she's my new protégé.Kid Flash: Wha-what happened to your old one?Computer: Recognize. Speedy. B-06.Red Arrow: Well for starters, he doesn't go by Speedy any more. Call me Red Arrow.Green Arrow: Roy - you look...Red Arrow: Replaceable.

(telepathic conversation while guarding Dr. Roquette)Robin: You might cut her some slack. It was her arrow that saved your butt against Amazo.Kid Flash: What? No! That was Speedy's—I mean, Red Arrow's—arrow. Right?Robin: Not so much.Kid Flash: Hmph. Well, still not giving her the satisfaction.Artemis: You know, I can still hear you!(Kid Flash groans)Dr. Roquette: I couldn't get the Justice League.(telepathic about Superboy)Artemis: Mmm...that boy.Miss Martian: He can hear you. We can all hear you.Artemis: Oh, I know.(telepathic)Miss Martian: You embarrassed Superboy.Artemis: Didn't hear him say that.Miss Martian: Must you challenge everyone?Artemis: Where I come form, that's how you survive.(telepathic)Kid Flash: (to Artemis) This was all your fault. You were on the perimeter! How'd that Shadow get in?Miss Martian: That's not really fair. I was outside too.Kid Flash: (to Miss Martian) Outside being distracted by her. Besides I can't be mad at you.Kid Flash: You gave me mouth-to-mouth.Miss Martian, Aqualad, Artemis: We heard that!Kid Flash: Dang it!Aqualad: Stop it, both of you!Kid Flash, Artemis: What?Aqualad: I can hear you glaring!

(the team has split up to find the kidnapped Dr. Roquette and Artemis has caught up with the 'Shadow')Cheshire: (to Artemis) I suppose now you bring me to justice. Let your new friends interrogate me. I wonder if your position's secure enough to survive them learningeverything I know.(Long pause. Artemis lowers her bow)Cheshire: Didn't think so. So like the Cheshire Cat, I'll just disappear.

(later after Dr. Roquette has been saved and the danger has been stopped)Robin: Yes! The infiltrators have been out-filtrated!

Red Arrow: (to Artemis) Nice move. Almost made me believe you are Green Arrow's niece. But we both know you're not. I'm sure G.A. and Bats had a reason for lying so your cover's safe. But I warn you: do not hurt my friends!

(the Light is discussing the what went down with Dr. Roquette)L-2: Once again the young... heroes interfere. So it's fortunate that we have an operative... on the inside.DenialMadame Xanadu: Then madame will make contact, if fate be kind.Kent Nelson: But he so rarely is.

(watching Superboy and Aqualad spar in the cave)Artemis: Kaldur's uh, nice, don't you think? Handsome, commanding. You should totally ask him out.Miss Martian: He's like a big brother to me. But you know who would make the cutest couple? You and Wally. You're so full of passion and he's so full of...Artemis: It.

(the Team are asking Red Tornado for a mission)Red Tornado: This is Kent Nelson, a friend. He is 106 years old...Kid Flash: Guy doesn't look a day over 90.Red Tornado:...and he has been missing for twenty-three days. Kent was a charter member of the Justice Society, the precursor to your mentors' Justice League.Aqualad: Of course. Nelson was Earth's sorcerer supreme! He was Doctor Fate!Kid Flash: (scoffs) More like "Doctor Fake." Guy knows a little advanced science and "Dumbledores" it up to scare the bad guys and impress the babes.(everyone turns and glares at him)

Kent Nelson: [holographic message] Greetings. You have entered with a key. But the tower does not recognize you. Please state your purpose and intent.Kid Flash: We are true believers here to find Dr. Fate.[the team falls through the floor towards a lava pit]Miss Martian: Having trouble. Maintaining altitude... I'm so hot.Kid Flash: You certainly are.Artemis: WALLY!Kid Flash: Hey! Inches about sizzling death. I'm entitled to speak my mind.

(the Team get out of the trap but Superboy's boots were lost in the lava)Superboy: Those were my favorite boots! This Nelson guy better be worth it.

(after lying about believing in magic results in the lava trap)Kid Flash: Fine! Fine! I lied about believing in magic. But magic is the real lie, a major load

Miss Martian: I don't understand Wally. It's almost like he needs to believe the impossible can't happen.Aqualad: Wally uses his understanding of science to control what he cannot comprehend. Acknowledging magic would relinquish the last vestige of that control.

(Kid Flash, Artemis and Kent Nelson have just escaped Klarion in an elevator)Kid Flash: Right. You're a Lord of Order.Kent Nelson: Oh, no. Not me. I'm just an old coot Fate used to put on. Until my wife Inza convinced me there was more to life. Ah, she was a real pistol, that Inza. Anywho, Klarion's after the helmet. If he gets his sticky little mitts on it, he'll turn the planet into his own personal playground of pandemonium.(Kent Nelson has been hit by a blast of magic and Kid Flash now has possesion of the helmet)Kid Flash: I have no idea what I need to do.Kent Nelson: [dying] Have faith in what you can't explain. Believe in what you can no longer deny.

(Kid Flash prepares to put the Helmet of Fate on)Klarion the Witch Boy: Hey, dumb kid. You put that on, you may never get it off!

Klarion the Witch Boy: Give it up, Nabu! Order went out of style in the 20th century.Doctor Fate: This battle is pointless. You sought to take the helmet before it gained a host. But you are too late.Klarion the Witch Boy: SHUT IT, YOU OLD FART!

Kid Flash: Yes! That's how we kick it on the earthly plane! Uhh, it's over, right? Why isn't Nabu taking off the Helmet?Kid Flash: Wait. What happened to you ascending? Seeing Inza?Kent Nelson: So you believe now, eh? Don't sweat it, kid. I'll spend a few millenia here then see Inza. That's the great thing about eternity, it's eternal.

(back at the Cave the Helmet of Fate is now on a shelf)Artemis: Wait, you're still claiming there's no such thing as magic? (scoffs) If that's how you feel, why keep it at all?Kid Flash: ...Souvenir.Artemis: Geek!

(later at Wayne manor Dick is upset that Bruce took Aqualad aside to talk with him privately in the backyard Bruce tosses him a basketball)'Dick Grayson: What's this?Bruce Wayne: Training. Hand-eye coordination.Dick Grayson: One on one?Bruce Wayne: If you think you can handle it.

Tula: Kaldur - I - we - that is...Kaldur'ahm: I wish you both, nothing but the best.[Starts to enter the portal]Kaldur'ahm: Have you ever wondered what would have happened if I had stayed behind and you had become Aqualad?Garth: No. Never.Kaldur'ahm: Neither have I.

(to Batman)Aqualad: I am here. One hundred percent.

(Robin wakes up alone in a desert)Robin: OK, better question: what am I doing in Bialya - in - September? What happened to March? Better radio Batman.Batman: [flashback] Maintain radio silence at all times.Robin: Or not.

Artemis: Seen Kid Flash on the news. He doesn't wear black.Kid Flash: Uh, little unclear on that myself. What about you? Green Arrow fixation?Artemis: [noticing her costume] WHO PUT ME IN THIS?Kid Flash: Wow. I am not touching that with a 10-foot - uh, so you know how to us that bow?Artemis: Yeah, my dad taught me... DAD! He must've done this. Another of his stupid tests.Kid Flash: What kind of test?Artemis: He probably wants me to kill you.

Miss Martian: [telepathically] Don't worry, I'm almost there.Artemis: Did you just hear a girl talking in your head?Kid Flash: Girls are always on my mind, but they're not usually talking.

(Robin, Artemis, Miss Martian, and Kid Flash have all met up and are trying to find Superboy and Aqualad)Robin: This must be his.[gives an S shield to Miss Martian]Miss Martian: Yes! Did you see him?Artemis: I think we did.Kid Flash: Feral boy? Some teammate. He attacked us.Artemis: He didn't know who we are. I don't know who we are.Kid Flash: [playing with his stealth suit activator] This is so cool.Artemis: We look ridiculous. Quit touching yourself!

(flashback)Miss Martian: Careful, Superboy, they're hot.Kid Flash: Not as hot as you Babe.Miss Martian: Uh, thanks, Wally. That's uh...sweet.Kid Flash: Not as sweet as you Sugar.Artemis: Oh, grow up!(flashback)Miss Martian: [telepatically to the team] They're testing something - make that someone. - In pain. Hello? Can you hear me?Psimon: I can. An open mind is a dangerous thing.Miss Martian: Someone's hacked into our link!Psimon: Psimon can't see you. Psimon can't touch you. But Psimon can make you all FORGET!

Artemis, Robin, Miss Martian, Kid Flash: Aqualad!Robin: Where is he? What happened next?Miss Martian: I don't know. That's the last thing I - we remember.Kid Flash: We landed 24 hours ago. If Kaldur's been wandering the desert that long, well, that's not good for a guy with gills.Artemis: I got... confused by um... some old movie I saw the other night. About a ninja girl whose ninja dad ordered her to kill her ninja boyfriend 'cause he was from a rival ninja clan.Kid Flash: So, I'm your "ninja boyfriend" huh?Artemis: Hey, amnesia, remember? I completely forgot how truly annoying you are.Kid Flash: Oh, like you're the Goddess of Congeniality!Robin: Yeesh! Get a room!

('Superboy enters Miss Martian and Psimon's mental warMiss Martian: You're here!Psimon: (laughs)You sound so relieved. Is that mindless creature supposed to save your mind?Miss Martian: No. I save his.(Miss Martian places her forehead on Superboy's and memories start to flash)Superboy: Kick his butt.(Superboy disappears from Miss Martian's mind)

(after defeating the soldiers with the help of the alien sphere Superboy re-enters the mental battlefield)Miss Martian: He's too strong.Superboy: You're strong. And I'm stubborn. Together!Miss Martian: Together. (to Psimon) Get... out... of MY HEAD!

(Superboy and Miss Martian return to reality and are about to have a kiss when they're interrupted by the alien sphere)Superboy: Can I keep it?

Psimon: The martian girl escaped with both the sphere and the Superboy.L-4: That hardly matters. What matters is the successful test of our new partner's delivery system.(A monitor shows a Boom-Tube transporting the sphere)L-4: More tech will come, tech that will put the sphere, and perhaps even Superboy, to shame.Targets(Red Arrow is at the Rhelasian peace summit and thinks he spots Cheshire in the crowd and asks what her height is)Aqualad: Cheshire is 1.67 meters.Red Arrow: What?Aqualad: She's 5'6" and exceptionally dangerous. Do you require backup?Red Arrow: Please. The last thing I need is the Junior Justice League.Aqualad: Just our computer.(Red Arrow is being held by Rhelasian police for Cheshire's assination attempt of Lex Luthor)Lex Luthor: Lex Luthor vouches for him, Captain. Release the sidekick.Red Arrow: Ex-sidekick. And I don't need any favors from you.

(it's Miss Martian and Superboy's first day of school and Martian Manhunter, Aqualad, and Red Tornado are seeing them off)Miss Martian: Meet Megan Morse. What's your new name?Superboy: My what?Martian Manhunter: I chose the name John Jones for myself, and suggested John Smith for Red Tornado. You could be John, too.Superboy: Pass.Miss Martian: Connor's has always been my favorite name.(Superboy shrugs)Aqualad: A last name will also be required.Martian Manhunter: Perhaps... Kent.Miss Martian: Oh! In memory of Dr. Fate. The late Kent Nelson.Martian Manhunter: Of... course.Superboy: Ok. Sure. I guess it would be an honor or something.Miss Martian: Well Conner Kent, time to change your shirt; You don't want to give away your secret identity.(Superboy takes his shirt off and turns it inside out)Superboy: Will this work?Miss Martian: (blushing) Works for me...Superboy: Wait shouldn't it be Connor Nelson?(Miss Martian and Superboy leave for school)Martian Manhunter: They grow up so fast.

(while tracking Cheshire Red Arrow is thrown off a roof and into a river by Ra's al Ghul)Red Arrow: [to his communicator] It's me. I may... possibly... be in over my head.

(discussing the Rhelasian conflict in school)Conner Kent: But why are they fighting? They're all humans... I mean Rhelasians, right?Lucas Carr: Right on both counts, actually.Megan Morse: [telepathically to Conner] It's no different on Mars. The White Martian minority are treated like second-class citizens by the Green majority. Of course, I'm green but that doesn't make it right.

Red Arrow: [to Aqualad] Take Sportsmaster. Cheshire's mine!Cheshire: So territorial. And only our third date.Sportsmaster: (to Aqualad) Let's just say, I have an inside source. Very inside.

Red Arrow: I can't believe we just did a solid for Lex Luthor.Aqualad: Not for Luthor - for peace.

Red Arrow: Do you really think there's a mole on your team?Aqualad: I cannot rule out the possibility. I will investigate... quietly.Red Arrow: Not tell them?Aqualad: I do not want the unit unraveling over baseless suspicions. If there is a mole, I do not wish to tip him or her off.

(Miss Martian and Superboy are going under at Belle Reve Penitentiary as the Terror Twins, they're currently enroute with Icicle Jr. and Mr Freeze)Icicle Jr.: Reeks when your dad is the man, you know?Superboy: Believe me, I know.Icicle Jr.: (to an undercover Superboy) So, tell me about your sister.Superboy: What? She's a pain. Why?Icicle Jr.: Dude, she's hot. You can't see it 'cause your family. But I look at her and I think, 'That chick gets me.' And really, that's all you need-- someone who sees the psycho that you are and likes you anyway.Superboy: Yeah, you're like, an evil genius.Icicile Jr.: Word.

(Miss Martian was frozen in ice and is now free)Superboy: Are you -?Miss Maritan: It's pretty cold where I come from. I'll be-(Superboy kisses Miss Martian. Icicle Jr doesn't know they're both in disguises)Icicle Jr.: Dude! That's your sister.(M'Gann and Superboy continue to kiss. M'Gann reveals her true appearance)Icicle Jr.: What?... Wait. Is she? - And are you?... Oh, Dad's gonna kill me!

Hugo Strange: Belle Reve will be fully operational by tomorrow. All prisoners are accounted for, except the Riddler, who somehow did manage to escape during the confusion. Still, you must be disappointed.Icicle Sr.: Me? After the risk you took smuggling our tech inside, you had nearly as much invested in the break as we did. It's a shame we got beat, but the main objectives were all reached.(They shake hands)Hugo Strange: The Light should be quite pleased.Homefront(it's Artemis first day at Gotham Academy)Dick Grayson: We'll laugh about this one day.(Dick takes a picture with himself and Artemis. Then runs off)Artemis: Uh, who was that?Bette Kane: A Freshman. Ignore him.Barbara Gordon: Dick. What was that about?Dick Grayson: Nothing Barbara, just being friendly to the new girl.Robin: Artemis?Artemis: [shocked] Robin! I uh...Robin: How random that you're in Gotham City, instead of Star City where your uncle, Green Arrow lives?Artemis: I'm... uh, here to see my cousin. She was in the state spelling bee. Here... In Gotham... City.Robin: C-O-O-L. Did she W-I-N?Artemis: N-O.Robin: D-R-A-G.

(Impulse is wearing Kid Flash's uniform while looking at his holographic memorial in the Watchtower)

Artemis: You look good.Bart Allen: Really? Cause I feel like a fraud.Artemis: Well, don't. You're honoring Wally's by becoming Kid Flash.Bart Allen: So, you suited up, but as Tigress?Artemis: Artemis was Wally's partner. I need some space. Time to see how Tigress works out.Bart Allen: As a hero?Artemis: As a blonde.

(The League watches the news coverage of the Reach's departure)

G Gordon Godfrey: (On holographic TV) Well, it looks like someone's finally listening to old G. Gordon, the lone voice of reason callling for the outing of Secretary General Tseng after his diastrous alliance with the Reach. Well guess what, folks? Tseng actually resigned. You're welcome. Now, his replacement has not been officially chosen, but I think there's only one man qualifies: the man who helped save us all from the Reach's MFDs. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...Lex Luthor!Superman: You have GOT to be kidding me. (Shuts off news coverage)Captain Atom: And on that note, I officially hand over my chairmanship of the League...to you.Black Canary: (Sarcastically) Wow, thanks so much.

Batman: Having broken the Light in half, and stopping the alien invasion, the Team will now operate out of the WatchTower, side-by-side with the Justice League. Not because Mount Justice was destroyed, but because you earned it..

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Seven years ago, a girl with an oxygen tank and cancer put up with me for a few minutes in mall. To date, my life has basically been ruined by kidney cancer. My name is Jo Lincoin, and sometimes I think the Universe just likes to mess with me. Now that I'm DYING, I think it's time for me to fight back. And this time, I'm kicking ass.
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Connor Stoll has always been the prankster from Cabin 11, the second pair to a set of brothers. He's a thief and you shouldn't trust him. Was he always just a another child of Hermes? It all started when he burned a pack of M and M's for his dad at dinner, and a dirty napkin exploded out of the fire. (During BoO)
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