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What the heck is college right now. Getting a bio degree is gonna be hell.


I'm not dead! I'm still writing, but I've decided I can't work under pressure. I'm now going to complete my future multi-chaptered stories in FULL and upload a chapter every few days to keep from cliff-hanging people or letting people down.


Rest in peace, Iwata. Thanks for everything.

Story Statuses:

New World, New Love: This was Brawl focused, now Smash 4 is out. I just- *clumsily drops everything I'm holding because my shit is getting out of hand*

Simply Princely: Ah god, block. Really big block. Will continue on... a... later date. Spare me, I really do apologize. This one will have to wait; I swear I got good ones coming up that'll hopefully put the waits at eaaaase.

Trapped! A Toon Link Sequel: Eh.

Side Notes on where you could find me:

-I play SSB4 on 3DS, you can PM me and I will add you back! I assure you! Seriously, come play me and I'll show you a great time. *WINK* Oh ye and my NNID is PsychicDash for Wii U :)

-I got a deviantart... well I've BEEN having one but just only now decided to post... things... it's still my user, PsychicDash.

Intro: ... HI. My name is Psychic Dash. It's named after my awesome neopet. 'Dash' is from 'Rainbow Dash', and 'Psychic' is from PP in the mother series. Anyways, I ship lots of things, but my forever OTP is NessXLucas.


Upcoming Stories

Be Mine (NessXClaus). Rated M. Genre: Romance (In progress, 10 chapters in)

Ness has been in love with Claus ever since they met. However, when Ness shows Claus his love in a rather blunt way, Claus has no idea how to react. Will he accept Ness' feelings? Or will he reject them completely? That is... can he?

Hunter (NessXLucas). Rated T (might be M). Genre: Romance/Tragedy (In progress, 7 chapters in)

Ness has a tragic tale. One about a hunter's. Ever since he decided to follow in his dad's footsteps of a hunter, he started becoming more and more blood thirsty. Will that affect him in a good or bad way? And what will happen when the love of his life steps into his point of view?

Dark Beauty (Title TBD, honestly, I just slapped two words together) (NessXClaus). Rated M. Genre: Romance/Angst/Comedy (In progress, .24 chapters in) Warning: Will be generic asf

Vampires are dying due to an incurable disease they've been searching forever for. When they find the cure in a certain someone, it causes turbulence across the board. Ness takes host of Claus, the cure, and reuses him for his own good; but what happens if the raven-haired boy becomes too selfish, and develops feelings?

(Well peeps, here's what I've been thinking up so far! The stories' plots are still in the works!)

My Lovers Loves

Civetri: She's really been great to me so far, and we have so much in common!! I like where's she's heading in her stories, too! Also an inspiring artist to me, as well! I haven't been on FF recently, but I'm glad to have made another friend on here to talk to, especially after everyone has disappeared *cries* KEEP DOING DDR AND BE HAPPY YOU ANGEL.

BlueLakeKylie: Hey :D You get on here, too. So far, it's been awesome chatting with you, and I could not appreciate it more that I can literally forget for about a year or so and just come back messaging and you reply XD You're a really good artist, honestly. You have a lot of passion for it, it seems, and it's admiring to see people do the things they want in life! You cool, you cool. *snaps fingers* WORK IT.

Link's Little Brother: Thank you, just- THANK YOU FOR BEING A COOL FRIEND! It's hard for me to be blunt about things, but here I go. Thanks for being a good friend and supporter on ff! You're simply amazing and I'd literally give anything to meet you in real life. I have a feeling we'd be great friends (if I don't annoy the heck out of you)! It's like if I'm in a problem, I can talk to you about it and such. You have an amazing, no, PERFECT personality. Whatever is on your list of goals, you can set your mind to it and achieve it. It's adoring. *hugs you* YOU ALSO WRITE GREAT STORIES AND I HOPE YOU'LL STAY ON THIS SITE!

LordLenne: Dude, you're my role-model. Everything about you is AWESOME! Your sweetness, your romanticness, y-your *gesturing towards all of you* YOUR GAYNESS! NOW I LUV THAT MOST ABOUT YA! You write flawless stories on NessXLucas, and are the main person who got me into shipping it. And since the day I shipped NessXLucas, I got happier. Just... thanks. I appreciate it, dude.

Inorizushi (I'll just place you right under LordLenne because you know *WINK*): You're a really cool person! And your stories are A-plus my friend, A-PLUS! You remind me of Lucas a lot and in all honesty, you're interesting. You seem calm and sweet, the two things I can't be XD I want to be like that someday. You're kind of like another role-model. :)

Green SwordsGirl: YOU'RE FUNNY! Your stories always make me giggle/smile. I like how you fill in the humor part of the Smash archive. You seem to be a HUGE fan of Big Time Rush and Toon Link. So from now on, whenever I think about BTR or TL, I'll think of you. No homo.

The Great Chicken Miasma: I love your pen name. B-But that's not the only thing! You write cool and interesting stories that are very long! *eye strain* NOT THAT I MIND! I LOVE IT!!

Starzzu: I'll be honest. You are the most fangirlly fangirl I have EVER MET. You have freaking watched/read a whole series on what you love and EXPRESS IT LIKE IT'S A BAGEL. You have Doctor Who socks and some other shit that just makes you look even more fangirlly! I LOVE THAT. I LOVE YOU. OMG!

Ships that I will never let drown: (not in order of importance) I ship yaoi. I ship yuri. I DON'T SHIP HETERO...because it freaks me out. I will only ship it if the two absolutely, positively belongs together! Other than that, ALL THE HOMO! I ship hetero, too.

Side Note: Nintendo, you did this on purpose. Villager? Obviously another shota to add to the bowl of SHIPPINGS!!

SSB4: Ness/Lucas, Toon Link/Lucas, Ness/Toon Link, Marth/Ike, Link/Zelda, Dark Pit/Light Pit, Villager/Any kid smasher. Anything.

Hetalia: America/England, Sweden/Finland, Russia/China, Italy/Germany, Spain/Romano etc. Not much active in the archive at all though.

Mother Series: Ness/Lucas, Claus/Lucas, Lucas/Claus, Fuel/Lucas, Ness/Jeff, Jeff/Tony, Ness/Claus, Claus/Ness, Claus/Ninten etc.

South Park: Stan/Kyle, Cartman/Kyle, Craig/Tweek, Damien/Pip, Chistophe/Gregory, etc.

I'll say it and I'll say it now.


Things about me:

I like to surf... the internet.

My favorite game in the whole wide world is Smash Bros and I play as a blue Ness. (Whenever I go against Lucas, I get excited, but when I end up losing, I get sad because Ness is supposed to be seme XD) HOWEVEERRR... I like the Mother Series too! So these are the two games that I love a lot. A lot. I'm also familiar with the Legend of Zelda series and I like them too! But don't hate me for saying it's a very, very, very, close second to the two games I love the most.

For SSBB, I also play Toon Link and Lucas. But I'm just, HORRIBLE at playing Lucas. I dunno why! I try though, I try. Ness, TL, and Lucas are the three boys I enjoy playing with a lot, so that's why I star them in most of my stories :D

My favorite food are hamburgers/cheeseburgers. Just- I'll eat anything.

I wear a watch on my left hand all the time.

I LOOOOOVE laughing! The thing I like better is making other people laugh, if I can. Laughter is the key to life.

I am female... a straight one. However, I am NOT homophobic. I LOVE gay people! Gay girls, gay guys, you name it! I LOVE ALL OF THEM.

I am Korean. Jk! I'm something else... who knows? Maybe I'm... A PONY. Nah, but seriously, I'm not Korean. I'm a mix of Chinese and Filipino. Born in America. *waves an American flag*

Puzzle games ARE MY CALLING.

I barely take anything seriously. So if I say something mean to another person, there's a VERY high chance that I'm just joking around!

My birthday is on May 29. Therefore, I am a Gemini.

I train in the arts of drawing badly. Darn tablet keeps flickering on and off on me, though. At least a pencil has constant "on" switch.

My favorite songs come from the Mother Series. They are:
Pollyanna (I Believe In You)
Bein' Friends
We Miss You (this makes me cry EVERY FREAKING TIME... so I purposely skip it on my iPod)
Eight Melodies
Smiles and Tears (*collapses to the floor crying* I purposely skip this one too)
Because I Love You
(They're the songs with the vocal to it. Although, I do love the tune itself)
Oh god... OH GOD. Brb crying...AGAIN.

I am an overreactor. I overreact on everything because I like to. But I don't do it on purpose! I swear.

I am an exaggerator. I exaggerate anything just to make it more awesome. No, I'm not a liar. I just believe exaggerated stories are more FUNNER!

I am free tonight, let's go have dinner.

I'm a chill frill grill... seal.

I am actually not free tonight, I'm sorry.

Things that never fail to make me happy (not in order of importance!):
1. Guessing how Sonic the Hedgehog shippings started.
2. Daydreaming of my OTPs
3. If I play catchy Korean music out in public, and you are willing to dance with me if I asked you.
4. If you understand my stupid, and probably not accurate, referenced jokes. (this makes me ESPECIALLY happy)
Ness, TL, and Lucas: *looking for Lucas' teddy bear in the middle of the woods*
TL: UGH! We'll never find it! *kicks a bush in frustration*
Lucas: C'mon TL. Just a little bit more and we'll- *sees a teddy bear that looks like his, on the ground next to a tree* IS THAT HIM?!
Ness: NOPE! Chuck Testa
Lucas: Aw.
Ness: *broke his arm*
TL: Woah, what happened dude?
Ness: I touched MC hammer.
Okay, moving on!
5. If you draw me some fanart. It could range from stick figures to advanced realistic drawings, I DON'T CARE. I'll be really, really happy, no matter what.
6. If you said I was good at playing SSBB after I've lost about 5 times to you.
7. If you call me fabulous/awesome. Any other word is just GAY.
8. If you overlook my small grammar mistakes.
9. Calling me funny...
11. ...ClubPenguin
12. People/friends on fanfiction.
13. Jokes that are put on popsicle sticks on a popsicle.

Things that never fail to make me sad/mad:
2. Writing block
3. Insulting my OTP
4. Crumbs on the BED. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ
5. If you DON'T understand my referenced joke. I get more mad and sad at myself more than you.
7. Food shortages (it happens)
8. Saying I suck at playing Ness. Even if I do. (This will seriously make me cry in the bathroom. It has happened.)
9. When a person takes 'ownership' to a game/anime character. And they practically ship themselves with that character. So it kinda pisses them off when another person ships them with someone else.
Me: Oh hey! So I ship Ness with Lucas and I'm going to write a story on th-
Me: Alright. Calm your shit, bitch. *pissed the hell off*
10. When a person can't take a joke. I can't hang around people like that. Because most of my jokes tend to insult people. But please note when I say it's a JOKE.
11. Paula
12. Cross dressing boys in a doujinshi that looks like a girl, like, really like a girl. *shakes my head*

I really don't have anything to do so right here in this part of my profile, I'm going to add jokes that I've compiled from eating popsicles:

1. What did the rabbit give his girlfriend?
- A 14-carrot ring
2. What's the best side of the house to put the porch on?
- The outside
3. What can you steal, and not get in trouble?
- 2nd base
4. Why did the policeman arrest the baseball player?
- He stole 2nd base
5. Why does a quarter flip higher than other coins?
- It has an eagle on it
6. Who sleeps with his shoes on?
- A horse

(AAHAHAAHAHAAA!!!!! XD This is what I have so far but my dad told me to stop eating all the popsicles and now I'm sad.)

OC that I'll (PROBABLY) never use in my fics... however, she will be there lurking in the shadows, watching your every move. MUAHAHAAHAA! (Made her because I got bored)

Name: Dash
Age: 13 (not my actual age, 13 is just an age I wish I stayed forever)
Gender: Female
Hometown: Dalaam (the place where Poo came from in Earthbound)
Race: Asian

Stuff about her

Family: Mom and Dad are great masters that trained in the arts of kung fu. Her brother and sister are being trained by their mom and dad, in their quest to become great masters like their parents, so they can take their place. However, only the first two born can be trained, and being the third born, Dash wasn't able to become a great kung fu master. It was only the law.
Dash's Story:
Being unable to become great like her brother and sister will be, she set out on her own adventure, without her parents' permission. Rumor has it that there lived a great master named Mushu in a far abandoned village, away from Dalaam. So she ventured forth. Soon enough, through great turmoil and hardships on the way there, she finally made it. Of course, she met the great Mushu. However, in order for her to be trained, she had to give up something vital of hers, in trade to become Mushu's apprentice. And that was... her sight. At first, Dash was training with Mushu completely blind, but everything paid off. She began learning without sight, and soon enough, she became just as good as her brother and sister. Yes, Mushu was proud, and seeing as to how hard Dash suffered without her sight, he decided to restore it. However, it only restored to the point where she could only see things really blurred. So he created her a pair of glasses blessed by the gods. It was called Mushu's Blessed Glasses. It helped her see, and it was basically indestructible. When that was over, Dash's master let her return home. An unbreakable tie was created between Dash and Mushu that day, as she returned home. Once back from her adventure, her parents and siblings were worried sick and wondered where she has been all this time. Keeping her secret training a secret, she told them that she stayed over at her friend's house. Being really simple minded and oblivious, her mom and dad believed it, so did her brother and sister. And from that point on, she continued living her regular life in Dalaam, repeatedly training herself in secret, day after day. Before she knew it, she excelled in strength and speed. Thanks to Mushu.
(Damn that was long...)

Theme Song: Kung Fu Fighting (HUAH)

Looks: Long, straight, thin black hair that is really soft for some reason. Side bangs that cover her right eyebrow. She either wears her hair down, or in low pony tail. When she wears it in a low pony tail, her right side bangs hang out, along with short strands of hair hanging from the left side of her head. Big, brown eyes. Small lips. Oh yeah, she also has a nose, because, ya know, humans have them. No one could really determine her as "ugly" or "pretty" so she's neutral.
Height: Barely over 4 ft...
Accessories: Mushu's Blessed Glasses. A watch and a black hair tie (if she's not using it) on her left hand. And a blue sweatband on her right.
Clothing: Black and red Kung Fu uniform. She has them in different colors.
Personality: Book smart, but lacks common sense on a new level. Weird, random, that one person that always has some kind of food in her hands. Really tomboyish. Loyal, honest, trustworthy. She has mild language, but will cuss real hard if she gets hurt, then she'll blurt it out on accident. Oh! And she's also completely and utterly nice. SO FREAKING NICE. She also suffers from ADHD.
Enemies: Forget about her making enemies just because they call her "weak"! Because there are more evil and dastardly people about! Like people that cause shipping wars. Those are her enemies now. :P
Friends: S-She needs to make some first! If she can even make any...

Weapons: Her fists and legs of STEEL. She also carries kunai knives as a range attack!
Final Smash:
HADOUKEN! It works like Zelda's final smash. It freezes and takes everyone in her line of sight as she blasts her hadouken straight through them. Undodgeable! That is, if you dodge at the right time (you can dodge Zelda's final smash if you roll or something)

Extra: She is such a CRAZY fangirl. But she keeps it to herself. Apparently, her home in Dalaam had a computer, so she was able to become a part of the internet and such...

Yup! There's my OC! She'll probably never be used in one of my stories. Ever.

(This is pretty funny because Ryu actually became a character 3 years after I made this OC. Dang.)

My SSBB/Mother Series Character Personality List:

Lucas: Shy; weird when he's alone; let's other people make fun of him, but when his friends TL and Ness do it, he blows a freaking fuse; very very nice; CUTE; watches My Little Pony = he's a brony
Ness: Responsible; retarded when no one else is; nice; stands up for his friends; really really GOOD at baseball; keeps calm when he's mad;
Toon Link: FUN; random; retarded; afraid of snakes; awesome; messes around way too much; the one to get the rest of his friends in trouble; kinda mean, but when he is, he's just joking around; he's also a Hello Kitty fan

Ness, Lucas, TL = You got a funny story right thur

Marth: feminine/manly to a certain level; the one to keep his friends Ike and Link out of trouble; the one to fix his hair every 5 seconds; handsome
Ike: SANDWICHES; HOT POCKETS; oblivious to Marth's feelings; quite retarded; kinda responsible; hot
Link: The laugher; supports his friends, creates the most awkward situations; retarded to a certain level; the HERRROOO; and yes, he is also very hot

Marth, Ike, Link = A puppy has been resurrected

Snake: Sneaky; badass; has a gruff voice; reliable; smart; clever; SOMETIMES a perv; always has a box in hand or in his pocket; LOSES ALL COMMON SENSE, SMARTS, AND EMPATHY WHEN HANGING OUT WITH CAPTAIN FALCON.
Captain Falcon: YES!; FALCON... PAAAWWWWNNNCCCHHHH!; SHOW ME YOUR MOVES; HE SHALL HURT YOU WITH HIS DEADLY KNEE; ...nice; responsible; pretty smart and considerate; always wears his pink costume when about to troll; LOSES ALL COMMON SENSE, SMARTS, AND EMPATHY WHEN HANGING OUT WITH SNAKE.

Snake, Captain Falcon = JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL

Peach: One hell of a fangirl; nice; sweet!; turnip lady; cute; ships the hell out of everything; her plans never fail; her tea parties are badass
Zelda: SOOOOO smart; responsible; serene; graceful; beautiful; can keep grudges for a LOOONNNGGG time; when she's mad, she'll throw Xboxes at you.
Samus: Smart; sexy; nice; kind of tomboyish; strong and independent; only vicious when the men try to hit on her; NOT a slut

Peach, Zelda, Samus = You ain't got shit on them.

Falco: The cool type; chill; laid back; the one to rap out random things; YO.
Fox: Always on top of things; attentive; ready for anything; responsible
Wolf: angered easily; does things his own way; CAN'T LET YOU DO THAT STARFOX

Falco, Fox, Wolf = I dunno, what do you THINK will happen? Use your imagination for once!

Master Hand: Responsible; orderly; powerful; attentive; polite; mannerful
Crazy Hand: Crazy as hell; random; out of order; inconsiderate; wild; extremely loud; exaggerates anything and everything; HKL;DJSABLKFHDKL;JSAFSDOKL; (he is my inner mind)

Master Hand, Crazy Hand = Dismembered Hand Brothers that run the whole Smash Mansion.

Dr. Mario: Can cure just about anything; owns medicine with weird side-effects; Italian, but doesn't have an accent. However, he still has the mind of one; messes around while curing people; smart; polite most of the time; kills time with weird activities

Dr. Mario = The Smash Mansion's ONLY doctor...

Hinawa: Sweet; motherly; probably the BEST omelette cooker ever; serene; beautiful; probably the only thing that can get her angry is if her sons get into trouble
Flint: Manly; strong; can be dense at times; always there for the family
Claus: Sporty; fun; sometimes stubborn; cheerful; never let's anyone get him down; has extreme determination; always watches over his twin brother; more boyish than Lucas

And that's my character personalities (in which I write)! :D It's basically what I think about them and how they would act. Will update if more thoughts come to mind!

So that's mostly it about me... but what about you? I'm sure you are a very, very, very, very, beautiful/hot/sexy person spending his/her time reading amazing fanfiction on this here website. And I'm honored to have you reading this profile. Thank you for taking a moment to know more about me, and my thoughts.

Also (this can be meant for anyone) I'd just like to say, thank you. Fanfiction is an amazing site and I'm glad all you people in it are here to make it up. You all have amazing personalities from your reviews and you guys show a lot of potential in your writing as well. I just... *getting too emotional* Oh no. EHEM, well, anyways... thanks for reading my stories and taking your time to review. It really means a lot to me.

Again, thank you, every single person on the site. Mainly for existing.

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