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Author has written 11 stories for Megamind, Star Wars, and Pitch Perfect.

Name: Sara Anderson

So, I think this says a lot about me. These are the relationships that I follow and enjoy reading about. The ones marked with a * are ones I write.

Luke Skywalker/Mara Jade
Exile/Atton Rand
Jarod/Miss Parker
Professor Layton/Claire
Devon Adair/John Danziger
Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley
Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley

I have no clue where I found this writing prompt, but I thought it would make as good an introduction as any for anyone who is curious about me:

A writing prompt based on the alphabet. 26 things about you. (Updated 9/8/2016)

Age: 36 Not too much to say about that really. I did think I would have certain things by now in life, but regret is a wasteful emotion, so I don’t lose too much time on it. Besides that, I see that will be covered in this list a little further down, so let’s proceed, shall we?

Bed size: King. One of the good things about my life is the king bed that I share with my husband every night.

Children: Yes! We were blessed with an adorable baby girl in May 2015! Alivia Belle. Love her so much!

Dreams (Do you remember them? Are they in color?): I remember some vividly, usually when I have a lucid dream. Most, only if I wake up in the middle of it, but the more I try to remember it to tell Josh, the more it slips away. I do dream in color most of the time, although some of the sexier ones are in black and white – must be my romantic side showing through.

Eye color: Green with a gold sunburst in the middle, at least that’s what Josh says and with a description like that, who am I to argue?

Favorite color: Oh definitely purple. It’s the color of royalty. It’s the color of Amethyst, my birth stone. It just looks pretty to me, in all shades, from the palest lavender to the darkest plum.

Giggles (What/who inspires them the most?): Josh. Hands down, he can be the silliest person. He knows what makes me laugh too. It’s funny, once my giggle-box tips over, it can take 15 minutes or more to get me to stop giggling. I have had stomach cramps, watering eyes, cheeks shaking, barely breathing, can’t stop giggling fits before. And once an attack of the giggles happens on any given day, it’s very easy to relapse.

Height: Officially: 5’3” Really: 5’2” I was wearing tennis shoes when they measured me at the DMV – when I was SIXTEEN – and they said I was 5’3”, but I usually measure without shoes at 5’2”. Kind of funny either way since Josh is 6’2”.

Instruments played: Flute, piccolo, bass flute (one summer at band camp...LOL 8]), and I wish I could play the piano. Maybe one day I’ll have the patience to sit down and actually try to learn. I mean, I know the keys and I can pick out tunes on it. I can read music (Treble Clef only), but I never figured out how to play with both of my hands. Maybe I can learn when my (theoretical) kids do, because I love music played on the piano so at least one of my kids, if not all of them, will learn to play the piano.

Jerks (How do you respond to them?): Not well. When I am driving, I am a little quick on the finger. :( And, by the way, the worst thing you can do to be a jerk on the road is NOT USING YOUR FREAKING TURN SIGNAL!!! Seriously, that is the jerkiest thing anyone could do on the road, especially when they are changing lanes. In person, I am a little less aggressive, but I am a lot more likely to call someone on their BS now-a-days than I was 15 years ago. It helps to have a husband who is 6’2”, rather large, likes to go days without shaving and usually (for no reason at all, mind you) has a scowl on his face. Kind of intimidating standing behind li’l ol’ me.

Kink factor: Maybe. Maybe not. I don’t kiss and tell.

Living arrangements: Happy. I own my home with my husband…that guy Josh I mentioned. We have a three bedroom one and a half bath home. I say half bath because the shower has been broken since we moved in. I know, why didn’t we get the seller to fix it? Well, that’s complicated. He was trying to avoid foreclosure, so putting money into the place was out of the question. We had to put the new roof on the house for it to pass inspection for the lender. I mean, really! I have loads of ideas of what to do with the bathroom, because the shower leaks and the tiles are falling away from the wall around the handle, but we have no money to fix it up, so we have basically a half bath, which means we can’t have any overnight guests.

Meeting people (how do you do it): My grandfather – Papa (pronounced Paw-paw), held out his hand to me when I was 12 or 13 one day and asked me to shake his hand. I did, not thinking too much of it, and not wanting to hurt him, basically just put my hand in his with no strength. He told me, “No! That’s a dead fish! If you are going to shake someone’s hand, you have to grip firmly to show that you mean it, because you can tell a lot about a person by the way he shakes hands.” That really stuck with me and from that day on, I had a solid handshake no matter who I was shaking hands with. I wanted the world to have the right impression of me, after all! And, I have to say, I do tend to make judgments about people by the way they shake hands. He was right, you can tell a lot about someone by the way they shake hands.

Nick-name(s): Da Snooks. It actually evolved to that from Schnookums. Eventually, Schnookums was shortened to Snookums by Josh. I am sure you can see the connection. Come to think of it, I gave myself the nickname, but I am not the one that started using it all the time. What happened was that I wrote a note one Saturday morning to let Josh know I had gone to the store in case he woke up before I came back, and I was being cute at the end of the note, so I signed it “daSnooks”. He thought it was funny so he started calling me that, it stuck, and it’s been stuck ever since.

Odd habits: Staying up late when I know I am going to drag-ass in the morning getting ready for work. Also, spending more money than I should. No really, it is a habit. Josh and I have an eternal arrangement that says if one of us spends money on ourselves, the other one gets to too. Doesn’t make much sense at all really, but it works in the store when I want something, or he does.

Pet Peeve: People who talk over other people or talk so much that you can never get a word in the conversation. And, of course as I mentioned above, people who don’t use their TURN SIGNALS! Let me see, anything else? Unreasonable expectations – that would be the one. That’ll get under my skin faster than anything else.

Quote of the moment: Well, it’s a lyric…most of the quotes I like are. “I am not a pattern to be followed. The pill that I’m on is a tough one to swallow. I’m not a criminal, not a role model. Not a born leader, I’m a tough act to follow.” Kind of my motto at the moment.

Right or Left handed: Right, definitely. My left hand is pretty handicapped. My husband is also right handed, which makes it funny because I am pretty sure my daughter is a leftie!

Sing (In the shower? In the car? For your friends?): In the car mostly, great acoustics in there! My husband is privy to (or victim to, maybe?) my singing in the car too. Poor Josh! Occasionally in the shower, but not too often.

Time of day you like best: Bedtime! Funny, though, that I like to stay up late. I hate waking up, but I do enjoy most of all crawling in bed and going to sleep, which I am going to do as soon as I finish this list.

Unusual injuries: 2 herniated discs in my neck from a car accident in Dec. 2015. I rolled my ankle stepping (not jumping) down off of a playground jungle gym when I was visiting my brother’s family in Virginia one summer. It was the trip from hell, starting with the airline losing my luggage, and ending with me hobbling through the Atlanta airport with a swollen bum ankle. I still remember the cracking sound it made. Sounded like several stalks of celery being snapped in half. I was sure it was broken, but it wound up only being a severe sprain. I had to wear a gel cast for two months and use crutches for a month. Josh was pretty upset when he saw me hobbling down the terminal at the airport. I didn’t have money to buy the crutches when I was in Virginia, and I hadn’t told him I was hurt before he saw me. It was just an unusual injury because of the way it happened. I was so mad because I wasn’t being stupid running or jumping; I had just stepped down off the thing and bam, ankle CRUNCH!! It was my driving foot too!

Vegetables: Yes, except asparagus, cauliflower, lima beans, any type of zucchini or squash, Brussels sprouts, or greens (aside from spinach).

Wallet (Tell us about yours!): It was a Christmas present from my daughter. It’s black and has the Deathly Hallows on it. Really cool! Things like to fall out of it if I carry it the wrong way but I still like it.

X-Rays: Teeth (duh!), back (car accident, fell down the stairs, another car accident), ankle (see Unusual Injuries above), both hands (right – car accident; left – Guitar Hero injury), and neck (car accident). Interestingly enough – I have never broken a bone. Neck and shoulder from the 2015 accident...oh and an MRI. Now THAT is something I never want to repeat!

Youth (How do you feel about yours?): I think for the most part it was well spent. I wish I had been more focused when I was in college, but as I said above, regret is a useless emotion. I will finish school one day and I will do it on my own terms for me and no one else. I wish they would make it mandatory for kids to take a year or two off to see the world and experience what it would be like without a degree in something. That would motivate people who otherwise would have most likely dropped out. I think it would have worked better for me to have done that than the way I did it. I tried to live in the real world and go to school at the same time and it didn’t work for me because the situation I was in did not facilitate learning and did not make me want to go to school.

Zealotry (Thoughts?): It rarely accomplishes what it sets out to accomplish. It seems to me that the energy expended in fruitless efforts to make people who are not interested in whatever it is being said listen could be put to more productive use in spreading the message by other means. People rarely want to be told what to think, and zealots want to make you think the way they do.

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Pitch Perfect - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 40 - Words: 147,607 - Reviews: 1594 - Favs: 634 - Follows: 821 - Updated: 11/16/2013 - Published: 1/25/2013 - [Beca M., Jesse] Chloe B., Stacie
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