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Thought it was due time to rewrite some stuff, since I wrote this entire thing like 5 years ago. Time flies.

Name: Des the url say anything?

Age: 17

AO3 Account: atrt7900 (not that I even use it that much anyways haha)

I was destined to be a pokemon geek for my entire life, since the day that I saw my first pokemon.

Wait, not really. Actually the first time I saw pokemon on my TV, I completely freaked out and vowed to never ever watch it. I was a rather timid child, and I get scared really easily. That includes dinosaurs, battle sequences in animated movies, and of course, giant explosions in pokemon. I think the episode I saw was the one with the giant pokemon where the original trio and their pokemon get seperated. Or am I wrong?

I have other interests too, no worries. Maybe like ROTBTD, Harry Potter, Avatar the Last Airbender, Warriors etc. Mainly, I have a passion for animated movies haha, so if you wanna fangirl with me, be my guest. I'm also starting to become quite the… anime freak. Mainly sports anime. Fandom help me, I'm starting to get sucked into a black hole. As of now though, it's not even just sports anime. My latest obsession now is My Hero Academia (I can't wait for season 3, send help) and I've finally returned to the Haikyuu fandom. If any of you want to fangirl with me, feel free to stop by!


1. Label it SYOC: (Character Name) would you please?

2. Follow the Guidelines in parenthesis. Delete everything in the said parenthesis before submitting the form. It just makes it easier to read.

3. I have the right to reject your Oc. So if I don't like your OC, you cannot get mad about it.

4. Follow and leave a review! Honestly, I just wanna know whether or not you've read it or not. And what's the point of submitting an OC when you don't follow the story?

5. Submit your OC in Pm only. Don't do it on reviews. If you do, I'm just going to ignore it completely.

6. For reassurance's sake, no worries, I'm gonna read through every single one and reply to every single one eventually. So if you're worried that I'll ignore yours don't worry. I'll read through it eventually and tell you whether or not your OC is accepted

7. At the TOP of your application write "I have read the rules and accepted the rules of this SYOC." I'm gonna need proof to know you've read it after all.

Character: (only one more male is available. All the other slots are filled!)

Name: (first and last name. You can put a middle name if you'd like. And please, don't use those Japanese-like names unless you have a reason. Like if your character is Asian)

Nickname: (optional)


Age: (Can be any age. From between 13-21 I guess. You can go a little younger or older if you want though, but there has to be a reason)

Appearance: (Don't give me a short descriptive. Is your character tall? Short? Lean? What's their height? Color of their hair? Skin tone? Eye color? Give me descriptive colors as well like auburn brown or emerald green or something. And please, just go with the generic hair colors and eye colors. I don't want sky blue hair with red eyes. Sorry.)

Main outfit: (Remember. This is an apocalyptic setting. So that doesn't mean your character can go around looking perfect everywhere he/she goes. Be realistic please!)

Personality: (Once again. Be descriptive. At least 6 lines of text. If you say "Pretty. Smart. Athletic. Nice. Friendly." I'm rejecting that application right away. Be creative! A great personality gives me lots to work with and chances of being accepted even bigger)

History: (Once again, be creative. 6 lines at least. Give me something to work with. Make a really good history, and your chances of being accepted and as being a main character are even bigger. What was their life before the apocalypse? Take note that it started 8 years ago or so.)

Hometown: (I'd say this takes place in the Hoenn region, since I'm mostly familiar with that region. But every Pokemon is fair game!)

Weapon: (Optional. If you're gonna say any weapon, tell me how they got their weapon. Are they learning to use it? Are they already an experienced user? Granted, your character might appear in the story not having their weapon /at all/, but chances are, they might get a weapon eventually. Maybe. I'm a little unsure if this category is even needed cuz they have Pokemon xD)

Romance: (yes/no)

Sexual Orientation: (Bi? Homosexual? Heterosexual? Asexual? Pansexual?)

Type of Person that attracts them: (what are they looking for in a partner?)

Death: (Yes/No? Do you want your character to die?)

Quotes: (things your character would say)

Skills Hobbies: (give me a variety of these)

Likes/Dislikes: (same as above)


Battle Style: (Three sentences minimum here)

Others?: (Anything you'd like to add? Be my guest.)

Pokemon: (Two max here. You can include a third that might come to play later, but that can't be guaranteed. Pokeballs are a rarity here in this verse so yea. Also, please let's give the underrated Pokemon a shot. Don't make every Pokemon a pseudo or an overrated Pokemon. Only one starter max. No legendaries allowed. Let's hand the torch to some underrated Pokemon shall we?)


Nickname: (optional)



Moves: (4-7 moves if you would!)

Personality: (Doesn't have to be as greatly described, but give me something to work with as well)

History: (how did they meet your character? What's their relationship?



One thing, don't rely on me about fanfics haha, I just simply get lazy to update. Maybe once a year? Or is it two? Unless there's a story I'm dedicated in, I'll probably end up updating. Well, when I have the time to of course. I'll get to it. Eventually.

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