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Author has written 1 story for Magic Knight Rayearth/魔法騎士レイアース.

This pen name is used by three people ~~ Hikaru-chan, Fuu-chan, and Umi-chan.

Our Bios


So,I just read this extremely old profile, from god knows when, and wow have I changed. I no longer play video games, watch anime/read manga as much as I did before; and I guess that is my main reason for neglecting the fictions. Not to mention I haven't really talked to the other two in quite a bit. I guess things change...a LOT. I don't know what to say, I think I've lost all interest in, except to come back on ocassionally when I have nothing better to do. To be honest, I'm not sure I liked how everything's changed, but hey, you've got to deal with it, cause life's a (YES, I know; the last REAL chapter of our fic was uploaded oh...say...THREE years ago. BUT HEY. It's all good).

Hikaru-chan a.k.a K i r b yb a b i

Name:Hotaru Kohi

Meaning:Firefly~Little Fire

Something bout me:I'm almost exactly like Hikaru! cept ima not short! not short! LOLz Im also a kirby fanatic! and also a...magic knights of rayearth fan, card captors sakura! INUYASHA, HamTarO, Yu Yu HakuSho, and soooooooooo many more! I think KingDoM HearTz is da BeZT! YAY! horray for big footed SorA! er...LiLo & StiTch Ish soooooo KooL! and i lub penquins!

mai favorite characterz:

seSShoumaru!from inuyasha

Hikaru! duh LoLzZzfrom MKR!

hiei!from yyh

Jin!from yyh. . .i love da earz!

Kagome also from inuyasha!

kayeka from tenchi universe, tenchi in tokyo. . .ect,

Sakura from CCS

MiSaO and aOsHi!-from Ruroni Kenshin

Well i like a lot of anime characterz. . .cept da list would be toOo long! LoLzZz

er i guezz i didnt really write much bout mai self...Ima da pErKiEsT PeRsOn alive! well maybe not da perkiest person alive...but still... and ima very nice! well datz wut ppl say. i guezz i am. Polite and shit...but online...watchout! You messing wit da wrong bitch!


Fuu-chan a.k.a JadePhoenix

Name: Jade

Meaning: Jade (duh)

My other personalities

Lisa Simpson- She’s my idol practically since 1st grade. She’s smart, HP FAN (heard the news?), pretty unpopular (hehe), and more, but I don’t want this to get too long. _~

Cho Chang- really similar. Smart, short (did I just admit that? o.O), asian, and more…

Fuu- freaky likeness…

These we just claim to be hehe: Ryoko, Tsunami; Kirara; umm other people…

Something about me: Well lets see… I tend to get pissed of at people who don’t deserve what they get, I like some animes and for some reason when I do it’s either off the air already or just when I begin to like it it’s off the air o.O. I tend to compare myself to fictional characters such as Fuu. I am pretty smart, I am kinda polite though sometimes if someone pisses me off…anyways… and I’m really similar to her in tastes such as we both like green. hehe _

Fav. Anime


Magic Knight Rayearth

Tenchi Muyo!

Yu Yu Hakusho

Ruroni Kenshin

Zoids (kinda out of force hehe but its still cool)

Fav. Games


Halo (ever played it? Its really, really cool!)

Hey what do u expect when u have X-Box? hehe

Fav. Characters

Inuyasha- Inuyasha (kawaii hehe), Kikyou (she’s not THAT bad), Sesshoumaru (so cool), Sango, Kirara (cool yet kawaii!)

MKR- Fuu, Ferio, and of course the rest

Tenchi Muyo- Ryoko (she’s just too cool), Tsunami, Achika, (SHE’S COOL, CASE CLOSED!) the other girls living with Tenchi, and no offense but I really don’t like Sakuya. (Stares at mob of Sakuya fans) um…..

Zoids- Leena, Naomi (though its kinda freaky how she suddenly appears), Raven

Non-anime- Lisa Simspon, HP characters (can’t decide), KIRBY, and er...more…hehe

What I type a lot online: hehe, o.O, geez, er…, sigh, OMG




Shadows of the Heart ~Second Chapter! (Hikaru centered chapter written by Hikaru-chan)


Shadows of the Heart ~First Chapter! (Fuu centered chapter written by Fuu-chan)


Shadows of the Heart ~Prologue!

Current Fics.

Original Shadows of the Heart - Prologue

Chapter I~ Memories: Sunrise

Chapter II~ Memories: Noon

Upcoming Fics.

Original Shiryou no Sektouzai - Yu Yu Hakuso - . No info is going to be given...

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