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HEY PEOPLES!!! I'm SO excited, my eye is twitching! *twitch* I love to write and now *inhales deeply* this is my time to SHINE!

Name: My name is Hannah. I like it but it irritates me how whenever I hear it I turn around and ask if they are talking to me (some times even wave to an acquaintance) and it turns out they are talking to ANOTHER Hannah! So embarrassing! *Facepalm*

Religion: I am a follower of Jesus, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I believe the bible is God's word and should be treasured and read like the wonderful gift that it is. And basically, God IS love itself. He is always calling, with arms outstretched in love and he looks at you in recognition. He loves you.

Gender: Yeah so...I am 100% female. (No wait. I am only 75% female. JOKING! XD)

Politics: Hate it! If they have a strong moral compass, I am fine with them. But I just go with republican. Is that stereotypical of me? XD

Fave colors: Teal, aqua, black, white, pastel yellow, pastel green, burgundy, blood red, lavender, violet and that orange gold color in sunsets and sunrises.

Country: I was born in the U.S.A, and I still live here. *super mega awesomeness*

Personality: Well by MBTI (if anyone knows it XD) I am an INFP. Just google it and you'll get the gist.

Quirks: I am not your average teen. I love classical music, and I love opera. My sister calls me a "professor" because of it :p.

I am NOT home schooled anymore. Heh. I thought I should change this. I go to a little charter school. VERY SMALL. Oh, and I am a freshman!

I am really shy, and the thought of a "party" kind of freaks me out. It just doesn't look fun to me. I would rather be in a quiet library reading. Or on this website with you guys! :D

looks around awkwardly*...I ran out of things to say...*sigh* Bye peoples! :D :) ;) ;D 8) 8D :3 :)...Smiley face power...Gotta love it.

Fun questionnaire time!!!

1.How would your mother describe you in one word?
I asked her and she said "kind." She said that was a hard question but I CERTAINLY would have picked another word.

2. What is your favorite flower?

Queen of Midnight, Black Angel Trumpet, Lily of the Valley, Azure Grape Hyacinth, and of course the classic rose!

3. What is the most insane questions you’ve ever been asked?

"Can you see my petticoat!?"

4. If you could change your name, what would you change it to?

Ummmmmm...I would say Autumn! (If you have that are living MY dream!)

5. What word in the English Language do you wish you had invented?

Ecstasy! Or maybe euphoria? Tranquility?

6. What is the first quote that comes to your mind?

"Thou shalt not murder." I don't know why, but that is what came to mind! Don't worry, I am not a serial killer! XD

7. What is your favorite aroma?

Burning wood, in the cold, crisp, autumn, night air.

8. What do you miss about your childhood?

My innocent view of the world.

9. In what hour of the day do you function best?

Night. And I hate it.

10. What is the main fault in your character?

I daydream too much and am idealistic! I am a perfectionist...

11. Who’s your favorite villain?
Loki! He is such a deep character! People say he is weird but they just don't see. The truth is...he is heartbroken. And he is only hiding it. All he wanted was love and approval. I honestly don't see him as a villain. I see him as a lost prince.

12. What was your favorite subject in school?
Still in school! XD Ummmm, I like English!

13. Where would you like to live?
Illinois! Snow, trees. What more could a person ask for?

14. What in the world do you least desire?
Shallowness. To be TRULY alone...

15. What do you like best about the sun?
It gives light to the world! And it makes the clouds (more) beautiful!

16. Who is your favorite historical figure?
George Washington! He seems like a wise and Godly man.

17. What exciting new thing would you like to try?
Skydiving! But I would probably pee...XD

18. What are your favorite names?
Autumn! Didn't I already answer this? XD My fave guy name is...Riley.

19. Finish this sentence. “Happiness is a thing called……
"...emotion." XD Get it?! Lol!

20. What is your favorite pony in "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic?"

(Weird questionnaire from a remote site XD.)


I have another story that is NOT posted on this account. It is a collab with GlissGirl99 and is on HER account. It is officially up now so check it out! It's called Light Has a Shadow.

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Thanks for actually reading this if you did!

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