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Author has written 6 stories for Newsflesh Trilogy, Bolo series, and Land of the Dead.

My nom de plume is a variation of my middle name, and somewhat descriptive of aspects of my personality. I share many attributes with the classic Byronic hero, the notable exception being the "heroic" part. And the "seductive" part. And the "charismatic" part. And the "sophisticated" part. Ok, so I mostly exemplify the negative aspects of the Byronic hero.

Having unexpectedly come down with the fanfiction bug in my 40s, I expect to primarily be writing Bolo and Newsflesh fanfic, including one crossover between the two that is turning out far better than I expected.

Due to real life getting in the way, I have had some unfortunately long gaps between posting chapters. Therefore, in the future I will be completing stories before posting.

Completed Stories:

Texas Zombie Reporter: Head in the Sand: Rob Phillips interviews a survivor of the Rising with an interesting story to tell, and later goes on a zombie sweep with him.


  • Rob Philips: Owner and chief Irwin of the regional news blogging site, Texas Zombie Reporter. Rob also mixes some local color and human interest content into reports. He prefers to work alone in the field, or with people he doesn't know well. He has a reservoir condition, a colony of live virus in one of his kidneys, and is legally required to use special bathroom facilities as a result.
  • Bobbie Cardille - Rob's fiancee. She has her own video-editing business, and ranks near the top of her field. Legally and financially, she works for Rob editing footage that he shoots for Texas Zombie Reporter, and he works for her shooting non-news related video for her business. For all practical purposes, they are full business partners, but Rob does not want to marry Bobbie and merge their businesses and finances until he has cleared most of his start-up debt.
  • The LAV - Rob's surplus, amphibious Light Armored Vehicle. It is modified with a raisable camera mast, expanded fuel capacity, the above-mentioned bathroom facilities, a tiny cooking setup, a decent computer system, a cot, and enough storage to carry supplies to keep him in the field for a week.
  • Karl Traugott - owner, along with his wife, Marie, of a large ostrich ranch in an otherwise-abandoned section of the Texas Hill Country outside of San Antonio.
  • Big George, Jorgito, Francine, and Sarah - Karl's ranch hands.
  • Texas Zombie Reporter: Tales of the Rio Grande: Rob gets the chance to fulfill a lifelong dream and explore Big Bend National Park, closed and abandoned since the Rising. Unfortunately, the Drug Enforcement Agency saddles him with an undercover agent dogging his heels. But at least this agent is a very attractive woman.


  • Rob Phillips - see above for more details.
  • Bobbie Cardille - more active than in the previous story, but still mainly a voice on the radio aside from a flashback in the first chapter. See above for more details.
  • Anna Guillen - DEA agent assigned to follow Rob, going undercover as a Park Ranger. She is normally an analyst rather than a field agent, but her education particularly suits her for this job.
  • Lizbeth Moreno-Pena - wanted drug and sex trafficker.
  • Jorge and "Not-Jorge" - Lizbeth's bodyguards.
  • Major Sanders - a company commander in the 1st Cavalry. Surprisingly, he is not dreading his next promotion.
  • Day of the Bolo: Three Mark XXXII Bolos deal with a zombie outbreak when the Kellis-Amberlee virus resurfaces unexpectedly on a colonized planet. When the commander of one of the Bolos dies and reanimates while in direct neural link with her Bolo, things get interesting.

  • Captain Catherine Taylor - Commands Unit BUB. Bitten by a zombie, she tries to commit suicide before the virus takes over her body.
  • Unit BUB-0080, aka "Bub" - forced to watch helplessly as he is used to try to infect the very people he was charged to defend.
  • Unit RDS-0081, aka "Rhodes" - tasked with the sad duty of tracking down and neutralizing Bub.
  • Unit STL-0082, aka "Steele" - although of the same vintage as the other two Bolos, Steele has spent far more time on active duty and has come to adopt more human speech patterns and attitudes. In the absence of any living human officer with the authority to give the Bolos orders, he takes command in the crisis.
  • Major James Gardner - Steele's Commander, off-planet at the time of the outbreak.
  • Colonel Randolph Carter - senior field commander and second in command overall of the New Eden Defense Force.
  • Dr. Logan - chief biologist of the Longevity Institute, with a penchant for dabbling with things best left alone.
  • Dr. West - senior virologist with the New Eden Ministry of Health.
  • Stories now being posted:

    One Night in Paris, Texas: Jenny Philips is a professional zombie tracker. If a loved one has been infected, she will find them and bring the body back for cremation and burial, for a fee. She is hired to locate a missing treasure hunter in an abandoned stretch of north east Texas. -- completed, new chapter posted every Saturday.


  • Jenny Philips - Owner and operator of Philips Tracking and Recovery, a business contracted by people to find and return infected loved ones.
  • Bobbie Cardille - soon to be Jenny's sister in law.
  • Rob Philips - Jenny's older brother. Jenny credits their fierce sibling rivalry with preparing her for success in her field.
  • Noriko Tamura - Japanese-American US Army veteran, semi-retired auto mechanic. Maintains Jenny's vehicles and serves as a part-time receptionist.
  • Lance Heinrich - Jenny's second-in-command and former boyfriend. Previously worked for Rob as an Irwin.
  • Gilbert Dominguez - former private investigator, now working for Jenny as an investigator and hacker.
  • Ashley Pierson - dentist/forensic odontologist. Uses her knowledge to verify that the team has gotten the right zombie.
  • Dan Kane - qualified paramedic, provides medical support in the field.
  • Carmilla Castillo - hires Jenny to search for her father.
  • Antonio Castillo - Carmilla's father, a salvage hunter who goes into abandoned territory to recover valuables. Missing, presumed infected.
  • Elliot Richards - Castillo's business partner, opposed to hiring Jenny to search for Antonio.
  • Sergeant Fellers - Sergeant with the San Antonio Police Department that shows up to investigate a break-in at Jenny's office.
  • Georgia in My Mind: The voice in Shaun's head didn't go away after he was reunited with his sister. Instead, she turned dangerously jealous. To enjoy their happy ending, Shaun and George must first sneak into the US and make their way to a private biomedical research facility in Texas. Luckily, a colleague vacationing at Yellowstone National Park is headed their way. -- completed chapter 9 of 10


  • featuring George and Shaun Mason as the two POV characters. Yes, for the first time I am using CCs in a fic.
  • Georgia - the voice in Shaun's head who turns out to be more that just a psychosis, and has a secret agenda of her own.
  • Jake - Canadian Irwin, gives Shaun some work while concealing Shaun's identity.
  • Chilly Willy and Smedley - names given by Shaun to a pair of zombies that he and Jake encounter.
  • Rob Philips - Texas-based Irwin visiting Yellowstone to pick up Anna, gives Shaun and George a ride to Texas. See Texas Zombie Reporter: Head in the Sand for more details.
  • Bobbie Philips née Cardille - Rob's wife, who is along for the trip.
  • Anna Guillen - Former DEA agent turned Park Ranger at Yellowstone National Park, transferring to Big Bend National Park in Texas. Romantically involved with Rob and Bobbie. See Texas Zombie Reporter: Tales of the Rio Grande for more details.
  • The Dilemma - Rob's heavily-modified surplus LAV-300. The name is a pun relating to the enormous pair of bull horns mounted on the front end.
  • The Meatwagon - Bobbie's car, one of the few surviving examples of the last, interrupted model run of Cadillac hearses. Converted to four-wheel drive and a diesel engine for better off-road driving and longer range, instead of a coffin it carries Bobbie's mobile server setup.
  • Claudia - subordinate of Rob's, attacked and seriously injured by unknown assailants.
  • Karl and Marie Traugott - friends of Rob who provide the group with safe shelter and less conspicuous transportation. See Texas Zombie Reporter: Head in the Sand for more details.
  • Daisy - Rhodesian Ridgeback hound with a deliberately induced reservoir condition. One of Karl's herd dogs.
  • Big George, Sarah, and Frannie - some of Karl's ranch hands.
  • Dr. Carrion - a senior researcher at the Texas Biomedical Research Institute. He approves and oversees the course of study and treatment for Shaun.
  • Eric - behavioral researcher at Texas Biomed, administers personality tests to George.
  • Dr. Hebert - behavioral researcher at Texas Biomed, interviews and tests Shaun.
  • Jenny Philips - Rob's younger sister. See One Night in Paris, Texas for more details.
  • Dan Kane - Paramedic who works for Jenny. See One Night in Paris, Texas for more details.
  • George "Iceman" Garwynn - Freelance cybersecurity specialist, Bobbie's lover when Rob is out of town.
  • Noriko "Riki" Tamura - auto mechanic working for Jenny. See One Night in Paris, Texas for more details.
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