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Author has written 18 stories for Hetalia - Axis Powers, Supernatural, and Sherlock.

Username: Tsuki

Age: 19

Expect pretty much only USUK stories with side pairings. USUK is my OTP and I enjoy writing that the most. So, if you want USUK stories you're in the right place. Recently I have also fallen for Sherlock, Supernatural, and Doctor Who and chances are I will do crossovers or just straight-out fandom stories. Destiel and Johnlock are my favourites.

So I have finally given in and have gotten myself a tumblr. It's http://tsukithewolf.tumblr.com/

A Little About Tsuki First

-I love my avatar. TTuTT It's so beautiful.

-Also Hetalia has changed my life in multiple ways. For one thing, I am in LOVE with history now. It's so entertaining! And then there's the fact that I quite literally have a split in my personality. As in, it's MY personality and thought process, but with two different ways of thinking. I'm called America by my friends because he's definitely one half (I act JUST like him! ...but smarter) but my mental capabilities are most definitely England. I think like how he would and that's probably why most people say I write his personality better. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to writing (I beat myself up over grammatical and spelling errors -which is the England portion- but I'm too lazy to fix them -the America side. See how that works?) and I love drawing as well.

-I would like to add that I am ALWAYS accepting fanart. Please link me to it though because I would love to see it!

My Thoughts on Different Hetalia Pairings

*Note, these are all my opinions

USUK: I'm going to start out with the obvious which is AmericaxEngland. It's just...the perfect relationship to me. There's an overabundance of care for each other underneath their tsundere facades and it's obvious that they want to protect each other. Even throughout history this has been (somewhat) shown again and again. England is obviously in love with America and America may or may not see it. One thing's for sure I know America would have to take the first step in that relationship. England's too afraid to have his heart broken again. The American Revolution is the basis for this pairing and I support it wholeheartedly.

PruCan: Okay, PrussiaxCanada, where to start with you? I'm not quite sure what got me into this pairing, but it's the OTP I have for Canada. There are specific reasons for this: 1. Prussia actually notices and remembers who Canada is 100% of the time which shows that there's something important there. Prussia doesn't seem the type to interact or remember people who don't make an impact on him. 2. Canada, in my opinion, is not this weak little nation in the shadow of the tough America (even though he's definitely in the shadow) but is actually just as tough as America, but in a calmer and more responsible manner. He can put up with shit but he can also deal with it if he's had enough. That's why I felt that he needed somebody to bring him out of his shell but also he needed somebody to balance him. That's why I like Prussia with him because Prussia has somebody to pull him back and Canada has someone to push him forward. They work for each other. And I picture Prussia being kinder and more loving towards someone he's dating. He's not completely rough.

Okay, now onto the other pairings at aren't my OTP

FrUK: Okay, let me get this out of the way now to start because this might be the longest one. So, I'll start by saying I prefer France and England as a past pairing. I do not like this pairing. I dislike it very much. However, I am okay with it being a past pairing for various reasons. First of all I must say that as a writer of fanfiction for a show I feel it my duty to keep the characters as in-character as possible that still fits your storyline for them. And so, taking this into consideration, I honestly cannot see England and France willingly being a couple. France, while he does flirt with England and may have a crush on him, is spiteful of England and wouldn't actually be in a loving relationship with him in my opinion. And England hates France with a passion but feels that he is one of his closest friends. I cannot see him having willingly romantic feelings let alone be in a relationship with France. At least, not in the present time. I can see England as one who might've dated France in the past but they would never be able to be together. They're in an unbreakable relationship, I'll admit that, but that relationship will never stay purely romantic.

AsaKiku: I think it's a cute friendship pairing but I find it difficult for me to get behind it romantically.

Shota: I know this isn't a pairing but...*blushes* I'm a shotacon...but I don't write it and I only like it under certain circumstances!!

(Updated 5/16/13) About My Stories (from the author's thoughts):


Blind Sonata: I have to say, if you're going to read one of my stories for the first time I recommend this one-shot. I adore how it turned out and I would always love to have this circulating. It's warm and fuzzy but realistic with just a touch of angst. Also there's sex in it but that's not the point- XD I recall seeing a beautiful couple pictures of America playing on a piano (and looking handsome) and Arthur was tuning a piano and this idea sprang to my head. Originally Alfred wasn't blind but I thought that it would be a little bit more interesting that way and it certainly was. Maybe one day I'll write a sequel with this universe but who knows.

Pirate Ages: Wow, this story got popular fast. A lot of people just seem to like Pirate!England, I guess. I guess I had fun with this although towards the end I was iffy about the story (how it was written anyway since I have a bit of an inferiority complex for my writing) but I think it ended well enough. What inspired me was mostly the thought that I thought it was practically required for a USUK writer to make a Pirate story. And time travel is always fascinating.

Hotel California: This is another one of those stories that I would love for people to read. I reread my own stories a lot and this one is a fun one that I often go over a lot. I think I got the storyline in the song down perfectly. It's not your average song-fic. I wish I could describe that in the summary. Naturally it was inspired by the song it was named after.

Coaches: Ah...*blushes and looks away* My PruAme phase. I still like the pairing but I can't write it anymore. I'll just leave that there for anybody to enjoy since I know there aren't many PruAme fics out there.

Tsuki no Waltz: Ah yes! I recall this being my third USUK fanfiction. It became surprisingly popular. Aliens in this one with strange lifestyles (and a tendency to be nude) oh mai. This one was interesting to work on though at points I felt it was rather boring to type because they were just simple...scenes. Maybe I just get bored too easily (highly likely of course). This sprang from the idea of a transforming Alfred and turned into aliens and angst and yes. Apparently I made a lot of people cry (and apparently I'm good at such scenes) so expect tears for that one.

Arthur's Life on Hetalia:The sequel to Tsuki no Waltz. I couldn't leave the universe alone and wanted to write more on it hence why they're mostly short story-esque chapters. It seems perfectly fine to read by itself without it's first story but then again where are the feels if you don't read the Tsuki no Waltz?

Enchanted: I don't write nearly enough PruCan fanfics for as much as I mention that couple in practically EVERY story I write. I was listening -once again- to music and this song inspired me. It seemed rather...perfect. So I wrote this. Also my friend who is a big PruCan fan wanted one and I obliged.

Caught On Tape: Hahahahahaha oh man, I wish I could remember the funny story that brought this idea to mind. I wish this could be made into a doujinshi SO BADLY. It would be so perfect. Maybe one day when I have the time and motivation I will do so. This is always good for a laugh.

Daddy America: Apparently THIS is the most popular story I have (I've seen more people reblogging this) and quite honestly I'm surprised. It started just as an idea to baby-fy England and show his antics and POOF it turned into this magical little thing. I can see why people love it, though because little England is cute and I made him actually act like a little kid. And then there's my whole theory of the Civil War Hetalia version. I still support that even though I wrote the story... *spittakes* TWO YEARS AGO?! WHOA.

You Belong With Me:I think everyone can tell where this was inspired from. Taylor Swift is infamous (and famous) enough. I like this story a lot and recommend it even if it isn't my best one. It's a cute story without much complication.

A RAPE Brigade Christmas Story: Oh my sweet baby lord Jesus, THIS STORY. I loved the idea of the RAPE brigade (that being Russia, America, Prussia, and England) and I just needed to do something with them. And it was Christmas time and there was this so here's a funny story to tell the tykes!

Britannia: This is no longer one of my liked stories. I don't hate it but the style is just so different from what I write now and it's so immature that I'm rather embarrassed by it. But people may like it so I'll leave it up. I don't recommend this if you want to start following me. My other stories are more...mature. OTL (In many cases, more ways than one)

My WIP Stories (as of 5/16/13)

Cursed: Beloved: There is so much I want to say but I just fucking can't. It will spoil so much stuff and I have SO MUCH PLANNED FOR THIS. Like, I'm determined to put this up there in the top UsUk fanfictions (so let's get to work, guys!). Let's just say that this was inspired by the thought that I wanted to write a dark and sad story (that wasn't completely demented, like some of the stories I read). I just wanted it to seem real enough to get you really attached and then hit you with the feels. I'm trying to make it seem like a real book (and may use this idea again if I ever write a real book so if you see one like that appear one day it's probably by me, hahaha *goal in life*) and so the writing style is meant to be detailed. Recently (as in yesterday) I decided to make it more detailed and I rather like the way it has turned out (and my readers do too, I guess) so I'm gonna keep writing it in that fashion. The magick in my story I do base off of the Craft -which, I do in fact study and practice so I'm not just bullshitting stuff. I can't wait to write more. I will give this advice though:

YOU WILL NEED A BOX OF TISSUES. I will make you cry, I swear it.

Angel of Time: To change things up a bit this is a SuperWhoLock fanfiction. This means that it is a crossover of Supernatural, Sherlock, and Doctor Who. I'm really excited because I can proudly say that I'm in all three of these fandoms and I really think I can get the personalities of the characters correctly. However I'm not going to write "overtly in love" Johnlock or Destiel. Their relationships with each other are very subtle and emotionally connected rather than physical attraction so if you're looking for a good plot, a touch of cute romance that doesn't have manly characters mooning over each other (I know I can't really stand that as it's not like them), and a bit of humour mixed in then this is the story for you.

The 3-Inch Tall John Watson: I saw a picture of a really cute chibi!John in a teacup that kissed Sherlock and that inspired me to write this. However considering this is the BAMF John I decided to add a creative twist as to why he was tiny, his interactions with the normal sized (6 foot tall) Sherlock, and how he eventually falls for the human. It also deals with the problems of a tiny John in a large world and what the poor bloke has to deal with. Will contain bits of fluff, murders, a dead cat, a hamster cage, and awesome momentum movements.

Update as of 12/18/2013:
My stories will be updating slower than usual because of the season. I promise they will update, though.

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