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Author has written 2 stories for Regular Show, Family Guy, and Problem Solverz.

I am A hulge fan of Regular sjow , adventure tine, problem solverz, gumbull and every other show that is now on CN

I am 14 years old and hear is my story

The amazungly funny CN

This is a true story of a modern cartoon fan!

On Novembur twentygirst I and my borther was sick and spended the wholle day watching CArtoon Network. I woke up at 10 sm and the first show I viweded is Almust naced animals. I ejnoyed the show and leathed a lot. »This sjow is so funy« I screamed. Shortly after thut came Scaredly show, witch is a OK show. It was alsu funny and I Loled a lot. Then my brother Timmy calm.
But then came a terrible show called Looney tunes. “This cartoons are very unfunny and I don’t get one joke” I said to my mother who thinks this is the only funny show on Cartoon nwtwork. “ I said “ I can’t belive that a telestation would so stupit to make these cartoons.” She didn’t reply vack. My brother seemed to lick it, sadly he haz no tastewith gud cartons.
Howevur Cartoon network fixed this show and made a sitcom celled The Luuney thunes show. This is very funny and I get avery joke.. Sadly they waste a hole gour with that unfuny looney tunes and only show the better sitcom fur haalf an huor .

Then came an hour of 2 tom and yerrj shuw. I went outside and played basketbull. I train four me school. It was cold butt I liked when I

My brother was watching Tum & jerri all the time and I could ear him when I was outside.

I was so bussy with my balls that I missed my forth favorite show Gumballs. When I realized that I run intu the kitchen and made me sandwich with peanut, butters, jelly and pickles. It tasted amezungly. Then my Mum came into the kitchen and saw off what I ate. She screamed at mi and told me to stop eating these. I was angry at her and wished she would drop dead.
After that I realized I wast forgeting my cartoon.

When I camme into the living rum and my brother turned off the Tv. I beat the crap out of him and told him : If you evel cause me missing cartoons again I will cut of yo legs!

I turned on tv and an episode of gumball called Painting came. But then my stupid mum came and hit me for no reason and said that she will cut of me head if I ever do dis adain.

I run into my room and locked my dor. I was very angry, but latter I decided to wirte 3 short fanfics.

My thurd favorite show:
The problem sulvers
Alfe was eating Pizza and fell to sleep. Then he chcoke on a furball and Horace started jumping on him to get it out of him. Then Roba came and didn’t knew if she should help or watch and hope if everything will end well. Then Alfe shallowed the ball and he was OK. The three friends lived happily evur after.

The amazing Advenutre theme

Jake was walking in the air and was streching his budy acroos the land of OooooO.
He than turned around and started eating cotton candy… The candy then started screaming with a very misty voice. He then realized he was eating princess space lump. He and Finn raun away with their mouth wide open and you could see the fear in their eyez. They ran into and accidentally ate princes Bubblegum and that emo vampire bitch. Then they boh woke and realized they just had a bath dream.

And new is cumming my all time favorite show Regular show. But it isn’t regular it is really funny and random…

Mordecai and Rigby were cleaning leaves in the park when out of a mole hole came Suzanh. That anoying demon came back from the Hell and said: “God send me to bring you to a happy place”. She laughed devilish, just like the Devil.
They realized she was lying and run up a tree. She started jellying and Mr. Poops same and throw a lolly and she sleeped on it and fell back into the hole.
The end!
So this wash my day that was ruined by my stupid mother, but my Imagination saved ith.

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