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I'm Katelijne and I'm 21 years old. I've returned to ff.net after a pretty long absence. My previous account was silent-voices, but as the e-mail connected to that account has gone inactive, I don't know how to delete it (if anyone knows, could you let me know?)

I'm principally active on my livejournal, and will post my stories there a lot faster than I will here, in all likelihood. My activity on lj varies proportionally to the hecticness of daily life. The link is http://holyfant.livejournal.com/ - you're free to friend me. I'm becoming active on ff.net again because, well, I like feedback, heh.

I write about Harry Potter, Greek Mythology and whatever else tickles my fancy re: fandom. I'm also an original writer, but this is obviously not the venue for that. I like gen, will write mostly introspective one-shots, like to focus on small characters, non-canon pairings (although that doesn't mean I disregard the canon universe, or at least I try not to) and will definitely be writing about gay people as well as straights. And in-betweens. Basically I like everything!

Have fun, and review if you have a moment to spare!


ps: I don't own any of the characters used in these works of fiction. It's all fanfiction, done for fun.