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Hello people of Fanfiction. I would like for you to be welcomed into my space. I would like you to be welcomed to my page. I hope you enjoy my stories and will review when you can, if often, and I hope you will leave no negative comments.

I've decided to post some titles of "could be" future stories. So, here you go:

Harry Potter: "To Love thy Granddaughter" "Hate: Such a Strong Word"

Code Lyoko: "Saving Humanity(The Finale of Code Cousins and Code X.A.N.A)"

Rune Factory: "Romancing: It's Not Easy (Finale of A Clueless Beginning/ Will have 2 alternate endings)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: "For Love Alone (Finale of The Loneliest Abyss)"

Alright, now here's the deal with my stories, and I SUGGEST YOU READ THIS:

1. Most of them will be Main Character/Other Character or OC for short. I love doing this and it's in my-cup-of-tea zone.

2. I don't do Yuri, but I can do Yaoi. But that's only if I like the pairing.

3. Sometimes I might do stories that may or may not have a sequel or pre-sequel to. Don't be angry if I do one and end up deleting it.

4. Sometimes I will be working on two stories, never three, at once. So, don't expect an immediate chapter upload if I do something like that. Though I might consider doing three at a time...depends on what stories I'm doing.

5. Pertaining to #4 up there, I will be posting the first chapter of stories I will working on sometimes. It won't be with all of them but with some of them. I will not add any chapters to these until, and if I'm still interesting in continuing it, I finish the one(s) that I'm working on. But, if I'm not working on those, I most likely will be working on chapters to these "First Chapter Stories" so, you might get the whole story, altogether I mean, or most of it when I do start working on them. Though, sometimes you might just get a little bit of it. Depends on how far I want to take them.

6. I will not add Characters you want to my stories.

7. Do not ask me to make a story based on your favorite couple. I do not do main, cannon, or want-them-to-get-together couples (like Tori/Beck or Cat/Robbie) that already exists on the show, book, or movie. However, on certain circumstances, I may do a story with couple like that. The chances are low though.

8. Do not ask me to put you in my stories with my OC's. I will not do it no matter what you do, even if you bribe me :)

9. If you don't like my story, please, whatever you do, even if you're angry about it, do NOT flame it or write a horrible review about it in hopes of getting my mood down, or getting your point across. If you really want to say something about it, PM me, and I will read it. Expect an immediate response...once I look at it that is. It may or may not be mean.

10. I don't care if it's a habit, don't curse when reviewing my stories. Take that somewhere else. If you really have a problem, and even though I love reviews, don't bother reviewing my story...or you could always PM your review. I want to keep my stories curse free :)

11. If you have to critique my stories, for whatever purpose, don't post them in a review. I will look at them, for better story purposes, but then it just becomes a useless comment if I get better. It's more reasonable to post it in a PM instead of the reviews section.

12. With this account I might post some polls on different subjects (My stories, Favorite couples, ectera.), I don't know if it'll be regular thing yet. I might just do it with my alternate ending stories, or any series that I make...*shrugs*

13. Pertaining to the Story Zones, these are mostly the ones that I look at:

A. Cartoons

B. TV Shows

C. Movies

Sometimes I do Books but that's only if the Movie version isn't listed. I also do Anime, not Manga, but that's only if I've seen it and I find it interesting. And the only games that I might do stories for are Harvest Moon/ Rune Factory related ones.

14. Pertaining to Story Genres, these are the ones I will mostly do:

A. Romance (Most Definitely)

B. Angst (Love it)

C. Hurt/Comfort

D. Friendship

Sometimes I might do the others but those will most likely be paired the four I just listen. Romance is my main subject by the way, so you know what they'll be about.

15. I do have my inner-child-side, so if you see any kid shows (Like Arthur, Courage the Cowardly Dog, ectera.) then that's why they're up here. I love old shows.

16. Do not PM me on stories I have deleted or have not finished. I almost always have a good reason for why I haven't updated a story, but I hardly ever delete stories.

17. Don't be surprised if out of nowhere I post an author's comment in a story about putting it on hiatus. This will most likely be because I want some comments/reviews. I mean, I'll continue the story, but I might just disable reviews (if I can). I'm not afraid to post a story for my own amusement.

Also, even though it's against the rules, I might post an author's comment as a chapter. I usually only do this if I recently did a chapter and don't think it's necessary to add something to it, especially if it's deleted from the document upload and the computer. But this will probably rarely happen.

18. I do images for my stories, but don't expect an immediate image. Sometimes I like to have them a certain way, so I have to use certain programs to get it that way.

Alright, that's about it. I hope you looked at this, because it will help better understand how I do things on the site.

And that's it, I hope you enjoy my stories and I hope you understand what I do here now. Peace Out ;)

Alright, now here's the link to the videos on my Youtube Account: https://www.youtube.com/user/MsOriginalSoundtrack/videos

Here's the song to the intro to For Love Alone:

Here's my new Dire, Dire, Docks Remix: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSMP3vgFNOg&feature=youtu.be

Saving Humanity Information:

Odd/Antoinette's Theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tP2aNDO7HdU&feature=plcp (I don't own this)

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