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Author has written 2 stories for Gurren Lagann, Rave Master, Needless/ニードレス, and Fairy Tail.

"JUST WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM!?" ...Yeah. Didn't know how else to start that. Anyyywaaaays! On this account I'll be posting what I write...The only thing I have so far is the "The Double Helix: Spiral Of Souls" Story though. Will I make others? Dunno.

I watch a lot of anime and read a lot of manga. Btw, I'm a guy if you haven't figured it out yet so I prefer all the mainstream action animes/mangas, but I do watch other types as well.

What animes/mangas do I like? DBZ Obviously...Yu Yu Hakusho, Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Rave Master, Monster, Battle Royale, Soul Eater, Needless, Gurren Lagann, Detective Conan, Whistle, Prince Of Tennis, Rebound, Eyeshield21, Maid-Sama, Shaman King, and Knights of the Zodiac.

I like to RP as a lot of characters too...Some of which include: Ichigo, Grimmjow, Gin, Toshiro, Yusuke, Luffy, Zoro, Haru, Let, Musica, Shuda, Lucia, Sieg, Soul, Black Star, and Kamina.

Quotes? Yeah, there are some quotes that I like...

"Welcome to the end of your life...And I promise it's going to hurt!" -Vegeta

"Out of all the hollows I've fought...You're the stupidest...The ugliest...And the weakest of them all...NOW DIE!" -Ichigo Kurosaki

"I don't understand what's happening to me but I LIKE IT! I feel no pain from my wounds...In fact I feel totally INVINCIBLE!" -Ichigo Kurosaki

"Living to fight is just pointless...And Fighting to live is pointless as well...I wanna win...I wanna win...I WANNA WIN!!!" -Ichigo Kurosaki

"Pride? Looks like this pride of yours has something to do with killing Rukia...Then yeah! I'll stomp all over that shit! That's the whole reason I got this power in the first place!" -Ichigo Kurosaki

"Sorry but...I DON'T HAVE A NAME!" -Hollowfied Ichigo


"Tell me Ichigo! What's the difference between a king and his horse? I don't mean no kiddie shit like 'One's a person!' Or 'One has 4 legs and the other has 2!' If their form, abilities, and strength is all exactly the same, then what's the difference!? ...INSTINCT!" -Inner Ichigo

"So...You worry about this fight being boring...? I'll spice it up for ya then!" -Ichigo Kurosaki

"Human, Shinigami, Arrancar...I don't give a shit what you are! I'll crush you if you look down on me! I AM THE KING!" -Grimmjow

"If it's just the 2 of us...Then with raw force...I'LL CRUSH YOU!" -Ichigo Kurosaki

"A moeberry is a tree...and Kuwabara is a man. And I'll prove it! We all have to die when our time comes but if we do our duty then we don't got regrets! Now taste a little piece of my sword Toguro!"-Kuwabara

"You took my teacher...And now I let you take my friend...What the hell do you want from me...? Don't you think I wanted to use my power to win this thing and go home...? Of course...I just didn't know how to reach it...And I have to live with that." -Yusuke Urameshi

"I'm getting sick of your arguments...So I'll show you, Aizen...This is the final...Getsuga Tenshou!" -Ichigo Kurosaki

"Just who the hell do you think I am!? -Kamina

"Simon...Just who the hell do you think you are!? Your drill is the drill that's gonna bust through heaven and earth, and even tomorrow!" -Kamina

"I don't want to be so weak that I can't protect anyone..But I'm not gonna say that I'll be strong enough to protect everyone...I just want to protect a mountain load of people!" -Ichigo Kurosaki

"Listen Simon...Don't believe in the Simon that I believe in...Or the Kamina that you believe in...Believe in the Simon...Who believes in you! FINISHING MOVE!!! GIGA DRILL BREAK!!!" -Kamina

"My bro is dead! He's gone! But he's right here on my back! And in my heart! He lives on as a part of me! If your gonna dig, dig to the heavans! No matter what's in my way I won't stop! When I've dug through, that means I've won! Just who the hell do you think I am!? I'm Simon! I'm not my bro! I'm MEEEE! SIMON THE DIGGER! FINISHING MOVE!!! GIGA DRILL BREAK!!!" -Simon The Digger



"I don't walk the path of a warrior...But I don't walk the path of a demon either...The path I walk...IS MY OWN PATH!" -Black Star

"Stop right there! You think I'm going to just let you fucks waltz out of here unharmed, after you just shit all over Soul Society!? Take one more step! I dare you!" -Ichigo Kurosaki

"Sensei..Please give me her katana! I'll become stronger for her! Until my name reaches heaven itself! I'll become the world's greatest swordsman! I promised!"- Zoro.

"A wound that would kill an ordinary man..I won't lose it! To face the one who is extraordinary again, Hawk Eyed Mihawk..I CANNOT ALLOW MYSELF TO BE ORDINARY!" -Zoro

"Push with all your force! That is the essence of a mighty sword! I would rather die than lose! I can still become stronger! There's someone I must meet again, and until then not even death himself can take my life away!" -Zoro.

"Plan E..I'll jump into the sky..AND CUT THIS FUCKER IN HALF." -Zoro.

"Kill me? You couldn't even kill my boredom." -Zoro

"Of course there are some things I'd rather not cut. But let me ask you a question. Have you ever ran into a ferocious beast that you were sure would never bite you..? Because..I haven't." -Zoro

And my all time favourite quote right now: "I'm not fighting this battle thinking I can win..You're strong..Much stronger than me..Even I can see that..Showing that power off now won't change a damn thing! I'm not fighting because I WANT to win, I'm fighting because I HAVE to win!" -Ichigo Kurosaki

Yeah, as you can see I'm a huge Ichigo fan. He's my favourite character in the current anime world, tied with Zoro. Yusuke fits me the best though.

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