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Author has written 32 stories for Final Fantasy VIII, Beyblade, Naruto, Legend of Zelda, and Vocaloid.


Progress for the following fics is as follows. Won't necessarily be updated in the order they are listed

1) Something Tangible Chapter 12 Percentage next chapter complete 94%

Sakura managed a step – and her heart nearly leapt out of her throat when Sasuke’s hand shot out and clamped tightly onto her wrist. She winced – he was holding on hard enough to bruise. When her eyes moved to his face, they widened in alarm. He was still glaring at the ground, but the strain she detected in his jaw muscles caused tiny flutters to break out in her stomach.

In a voice that she struggled to hear, Sasuke uttered, “Why?”

Why? It took Sakura a moment to understand what he was asking. All at once she felt very tired. Ino had been right; she was a coward to deny it, to attempt to hide the truth from Sasuke.

She bit her lower lip. She had vowed never to speak the words to him again. They yearned to leave her tongue now. Hesitantly she whispered thickly, “Because I... I still lo-”

She never got to finish her sentence. In a blur of movement that took her breath away, Sasuke had thrown open his front door and yanked her inside.

2) Quietus Chapter 41 Percentage next chapter complete 0%

Please visit the deviantart group page for previews!

3) The Last one Chapter 3 Percentage next chapter complete - 10%

Sakura's heart fluttered like a frenzied butterfly in her chest. Last night hadn't been a dream. It really had happened. And Sasuke's eyes really were burning into her with the intensity of a thousand suns.

4) Slave for You Chapter 19 Percentage next chapter complete 45% - Note: This story is on hold until further notice.

Kenjiro gripped the credit card with a trembling hand. What would become of him if Kai discovered the truth? But what would become of his wife and daughters if he didn't go through with the instructions he had been given?

The man nearly jumped out of his skin as he heard a quiet knock on the door. He barely managed to shove the card in his pocket in time, as he turned to face the person who had intruded on his anxious thoughts.

His heart plummeted. Kai stood at the doorway, staring straight at him.

Check this space for more preview lines in the future dudes! : )

See that uber sexy icon of Itachi up there? Yeh, that's right, the one where he's looking oh-so-hawt and badass. Well, he's appeared on my profile page for a reason dudes. He's ready to hunt down anybody who dares not review for me. Bwaha! You don't want Itachi to come find you & make you pay for making AngeLhearteD upset, do you? Or maybe you do? xD Ok, I wouldn't mind it either, I mean hell, it's Uchiha Itachi, but that's so not the point. You all get my real point right?! xD The point is reviews are gold, and they make me happy. Please consider leaving me a comment (or two xD) if you read/fave my stories and I'll love you forever for it. No lie, people! : )

Gorgeous Itachi art is by Lily-the-awesome. Good grief, her artwork of Itachi makes me drool even worse than a love-sick puppy. Gah.

April 2014

I can upload updates once a month. Anything extra is a bonus!

It takes a lot of effort on my part to update this regularly with my crazy busy schedule, so I really don't appreciate like nine hundred and something silent readers. Not to sound ungrateful or anything; thanks so much for favouriting and all, but if you like my work, I'd love to know why! I don't expect reviews from all one thousand plus readers for every single chapter; just drop me a sentence every blue moon to let me know you're on board, and share what you like or dislike about it.

Something Tangible will be updated as soon as it's complete. I am aware it hasn't been updated in over a year, but I've had writer's block with it. Doesn't help that Quietus interests me a lot more now. AND another point worth mentioning, this was written as a swap fic for the super BlueGreenApples, who as far as I'm aware isn't up to date with the plot. I'd like her to catch up before I wrap the story up.

Get in touch!

I've set up an LJ that I'll prob hardly use but here's the link anyway!

AngeLhearteD's LJ:

Feel free to add me! I probably won't be posting there much as I'm super busy these days, but there's a chance I'll post news on any random updates on there.

Deviantart account:

Find me on deviantart! Username is Butterfly-Chu (don't ask... I like butterflies and chus from the Zelda games, it's a random combination xD)

My Quietus group page on deviantart is here:

Music list:

I'll be posting links to atmosphere building songs/instrumentals here. These will be tunes that I think are perfect companions for certain scenes in the story, or they could just be the music I was listening to when typing a certain part, which I found inspiring/fitting.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these songs, neither am I writing/using the lyrics in my story. Songs belong to their respective creators. I have merely shared these links for atmosphere building purposes. If this isn't allowed, please can somebody notify me and I will be more than happy to remove them from my profile. Thanks.

Romeo and Cinderella performed by the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku is the gorgeous song I associate with Sakura in Quietus, from Sakura's P.O.V - it's about forbidden love. Song was created by doriko.

With lyrics (and an awesome video - must watch!)

Another version of the translated lyrics in English:

Paranoid Doll sung by Vocaloid Kamui Gakupo is the song that reminds me a lot of Sasuke lyrics-wise; it even mentions forbidden red fruit!

Sweet's Beast by Kaito (upcoming inspirational theme):

Varuna - E.S Posthumus - The tone I have in mind for when Sakura meets a certain Itachi Uchiha; )

Please keep in mind the chapters are one number ahead due to the prologue at the start. Follow the chapter names on the selection bar rather than the numbers.

Chapter 3

The creepy carousel theme, when Sakura meets you-know-who:

The song that plays when she's cooking her meal:

Chapter 4

The field/abduction. From 1:25 is where it gets really epic - Sasuke storming through the field, about to swoop down on Sakura:

Chapter 7

The tune that is the inspiration behind the music box in Sakura's room:

Chapter 8

When Sakura encounters the dancing nymphs in the gardens:

When Sakura encounters the sirens in the spring:

Chapter 15

Sakura's walk through the garden/following Sasuke:

Chapter 16

The piano scene (both flashback and Sakura watching Sasuke play):

Chapter 18

Sakura's dream (Festival Music):

The forge/shirtless Sasuke! xD

Chapter 19

Retreating harpies and angry Sasuke!

Chapter 21

Sakura enters the forbidden door and sees the portrait of Sasuke's family:

Chapter 24

When Sasuke's chariot takes off full speed/journey through the Underworld (up to 2:30... beyond that it slows down/they arrive at the locations):

The moment the enchanted forest starts coming to life:

The hushed, twinkling beauty of the jewel cavern:

Chapter 26

Hinata and Neji following Sai in park (including Sasuke's appearance):

Apollo, Kore and Hades running through the forest:

Chapter 27

When Sasuke draws Kusanagi against Naruto, and the battle that follows:

Chapter 29

The long awaited ballroom dance scene. Sasuke enters at 1 minute 40 seconds:

Chapter 30

When the chariot approaches the ghostly fields of Asphodel:

When Sakura turns to face the front of the carriage and asks to leave the Asphodel Meadows. At 1:27 the chariot moves on from Lethe and the faster part of the track plays on for the drive toward the mountains.

When Sasuke and Sakura approach the bridge before the waterfall and the interaction that follows it. This one is so BEAUTIFUL!

When Sakura starts to hear the siren voices in her head:

When Sasuke holds out his hand to Sakura and they step out of the underpass. At 1:03 is when the people/children start passing Sakura:

Chapter 31

Sakura takes Sasuke's hand and steps into Elysium:

Sasuke and Sakura fight the fearsome dragon Ladon:

Sakura enters the Hesperide Garden and sees the Golden Apple Tree for the first time:

Chapter 33

Sasuke's harp piece. Note that this is a beautiful harp rendition of Sakura's kidnapping in Chapter 4 - major credit to the very talented harp player:

The following music plays from the point at which (roughly, depending on your reading pace) when Sakura begins answering Sasuke's question, "What do you live for?":

Please pace your reading of the scene above carefully as follows to accurately match the intended points of the music. This will really build up the atmosphere and anticipation:

2:17 - When Sakura looks away from the fruit bowl, at Sasuke standing by the fireplace.

3:06 - When Sakura's lips part and she bites into the fruit.

3:58 - When Sakura feels warmth against the corner of her lips.

4:20 - The point at which Sakura inhales sharply - onwards.

Chapter 34

Sakura enters and walks through the haunting beauty of the maze:

The satyrs chase Sakura and the nymph in the maze:

Chapter 35

When Alastor leaves the boarding banks and arrives at the Plains of Judgement:

Sakura's dream sequence of Apollo, Kore and Hades (repeat if you need to):

Chapter 37

Chiyo and Sakura's sleigh ride through the icy tunnels from this point: ‘As they drew closer, the tunnel walls began to change in hue and structure’, through to where the journey comes to an end.

The point at which the Oracle orbs begin to play: ‘But it was too late. The orb seemed to grow in size – and it suddenly felt unnervingly like her mind was being drawn – no – hurtled - into it’ up to the part just before she sees the army in the sphere.

2:26 - The point at which Sakura sees the silhouettes together in the woods.

When Sakura looks into the blue sphere and sees the army up to the point where she is pulled from the visions:

Chapter 38

Listen to this track from the point at which Hades sees the lifeless bodies on the floor, onwards until the point at which he is pulled into the ground.

Please pace yourselves to read the part where the shadow hands come out of the earth at 3:02 on the track.

Chapter 39

Pace yourselves to read from the point where Sasuke sees the female figure walk through the mist, to the end of the scene.

1:00 - The point at where Sasuke first recognises the owner of the possessed body's voice and flashes back to the figure's face.

2:09 - When Sasuke watches the deceased young mortal man sit up again for the first time.

Chapter 40

Listen from the point at which Hades removes Kore's cloak just before the music changes, and they begin a slow, sensuous dance, up until the end of the dance scene:

Let me know if any of the above don't work!

Inspirational videos:

This extremely HOT tango video from a Korean drama which I randomly discovered is going to inspire an upcoming SasuSaku dance scene in Quietus. The chemistry is sizzling! This inspires the dance I have in mind, esepcially with how the guy grabs the girl to begin with and the repressed emotion on the guy's part at the end, just imagine it's Sasuke and Sakura and drool in anticipation xD


Please kindly consider leaving comments on deviantart for the artists below if you have an account and a picture is hosted on there.

Note that all pictures can now be viewed in the SasuSaku Quietus group linked to my account, in galleries under respective contributor names. Please visit the group page here:

If you're a reader of the story and you have a DA account, please join the group! You will then automatically receive updates whenever new artwork is submitted for the story. I will also be posting previews and stuff on there.

I feel so loved and spoiled receiving such wonderful fanart for this story; it's so unexpected and I want to thank each and every one of you who've gotten in touch and created pieces. I'm so very honoured and touched guys! Artwork motivates me to write even more, so THANK YOU! I love my readers and reviewers! You're all EPIC.


By thelittlemonsters; thank you so much for honouring my story in your writing!

A Water Deity (Suigetsu):

A Sad Little Story (Karin):

Death by Genocide (Juugo):

Something Beautiful Yet Breakable (Ino and Shikamaru):


Please visit and join our group on deviantArt for random preview updates!

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - Original story/shameless self-plug

Another reason for my lack of fanfiction updates on here is that I'm actually taking the next step in my writing and focusing on an original story I've had planned for a while, which I have now published on Fiction Press. Please consider taking a look by following the link below. Maybe if I get enough feedback, it'd help ressurrect my non-existent inspiration : (

Title: The Wind's Intended

Genre: Fantasy/romance

Summary: When Larina meets Nexus, it's instant dislike. But she soon finds herself inexplicably drawn to him; little does she know that he harbours a great secret, one that will not only change the course of her life, but the fate of the very Kingdom itself.


I've always wanted to write my own content, and I really feel that the stories I've published on here have helped me build up to creating my own world and characters. The Wind's Intended will be a fantasy-based story. I don't want to spoil too much, but it contains magic, dragons and for the ladies out there, lots of hawt guys (naturally) xD

As this is a fledgling novel, and a huge project commitment wise, I'd really appreciate some feedback and support. If you like my writing-style on here, maybe you could read my original work and leave your thoughts on that? All feedback is gold, and I'd love you forever if you did review xD



The next chapter for Slave for You is still in the works. It's on hold until I complete my Naruto fic though, I'm afraid. I'm finding it hard to switch between the two, so I decided since my Naruto fic is very close to completion I'll finish it first. With that distraction out the way I can then focus solely on my bey work. Sounds like a fair deal, although I do apologise to my Bey readers for the extra long wait.

A LOT of people have asked me where my first beloved bey fic Blitzkrieg Boy has gone. The answer is I'm still reworking it! XD It'll be back up at some point, it's just not top priority. Be sure that when it is reuploaded, it'll be much, much better than it was before! I wrote it years ago people. I'd like to think I've moved on a bit in terms of writing skill since then ; ) Plus gawd, it was so OOC in places that I had to change that lol.

I've got a Kai x OC oneshot planned. Don't worry, it's not a Mary Sue x Kai fic. Yuck that'd be gruesome. DEATH TO ALL MARY SUES. The OC won't have a name, just a personality. Oh and SHE WON'T BE A BEYBLADER. I'm looking to write Kai in a more errrm...let's say challenging role XD It's a good test of how IC I can keep him so keep your eyes open for it. I like to throw in some variety y'know? Rest assured it'll be hawt stuff though! XDD

Beyblade fan art

I got an absolutely BEAUTIFUL piece of artwork done for Slave for You by my incredibly amazing and super talented friend, Phoenix Blaze. Go GAWK at its sheer droolworthy awesomeness by following this link

Remember to leave her a comment if you like it! You best do OR ELSE I'LL KICK YO BEHIND XD;

Phoenix, if you read this, thank you so very much again!

In character Blitzkrieg Boys Kai forever!


Chapter 12 of Something Tangible is in progress.

Naruto fan art

Samurai-PET, who totally like OWNS my SasuSaku SOUL, drew an absolutely GORGEOUS piece of art based off chapter 3 from Something Tangible. Yeah you heard right mortals. THE Samurai-PET! The LEGEND! WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS HOW HONOURED AND ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED I WAS TO RECEIVE THIS FROM PET. It's drawn exactly like what I had in mind when I wrote the scene, so SasuSaku fans, go pay homage RIGHT NOW to this awesomess by following this link


Thank you so much again PET!

The first flashback in chapter 9 was inspired by the following, brilliant piece of fan art by Yei Byuujin. Please consider leaving her a comment here:

Thanks Yei for giving me permission to link to you! : )


I LOVE chatting so if anybody has a question or a suggestion, or if you simply want to talk about Beyblade or Naruto, or any randomness feel free to add me to message me.

I don't bite so please don't hesitate to give me a shout! XD I'm always happy to hear from people.


Final Fantasy 8

My main fic in terms of time-consumption and word length was The Final Reality: Children of Earth, a FF8/OC crossover. It's ridiculously long. In fact I think it's longer than a phD thesis paper which just cracks me up LOL. It proves I COULD DO A PHD IF I REALLY WANTED TO BUT I DON'T (SORRY MUM AND DAD XD)

Don't Do This and I Drank Your Love Poison are two other FFVIII Squinoa works I've written. They're bad now that I look back at them, but they were some of my earlier works here.

It's not very likely that I'll write any other FF work in general, because I'm so mad about Beyblade and Naruto. So sorry any FFVIII fans reading this, but I've moved on.

Artwork for Children of Earth

I should have put this link up earlier, but I'm lazy at times. Make that all the time. Anyway, this link is to art associated with my formerly main fic, Children of Earth. This brilliant piece is the work of my great friend whom I love dearly, Noacat. Drawn entirely by her so all credit to her fantastical excellence. It took her time to draw these for me, so open up and marvel at her unworldly talents. Thank you so much Noa; you're so great!

I love this piece. It's so amazing. Look at the background. Look at the dress. I told you Noa's a genius. This is of my own characters, Zane, and he's dancing with Vreya. This pic complements chapter 15 of my fic. Awesome stuff. If you're confused as to who Zane and Vreya are: go and read the fic. It'll all become crystal clear that way.

Noacat doesn't just draw pics for me. Go gape at all her other works, at this website:

Thanks again Noa!

Another writer here called Nygenn, who followed my story too, also drew lovely artwork for me, but I lost the darn links like the clumsy little silly that I am.


Most of my Beyblade works are based on Neoborg/Demolition Boys/Blitzkreig Boys. Because they're that cool and I hate reading how out of character so many other people make them in their stories! It gets me all mad and upset! So I figured I'd start writing Beyblade to change that. It's like the AngeLhearteD Personal Movement to Exterminate OOCness from Beyblade fics. Except I'm not really moving anywhere. Humm. Anyways, my fics will always promise to try to stay as true as possible to the personalities you see and love in the anime. Occasionally I'll write fics or oneshots from other character points of views, but they'll probably relate to Kai, Tala, Bryan. Spencer or Ian in some way or another anyways. And they'll also be in character. That's sort of like the trademark of my fics, I'd like to think. It's quality assured stamp of erm..quality. Yeah. Something like that.

Blitzkreig Boy - complete - Kai rejoins the Demolition Boys in season 3. Lots of arguing and awkwardness, so if you like, have a look at it. It was my best work for a long while but Slave for You will probably be better as I've improved since then. Feel free to argue this point! It's being revised right now, so you won't find it lol.

Who I Am - complete - Kai decides which team he should represent in G Revolution. It's like an alternative to Blitzkrieg Boy. And it's my own interpretation, not strictly following the anime.

Reflections - complete - A Kai and Tala friendship fic. It's more on the angsty side so take a look if you're interested.

Rebirth- oneshot, complete - This is set 6 months after G Revolution and is a slightly angsty fic starring Kai.As the name suggests, it's about Dranzer returning to Kai after he lost his bitbeast at the end of G Revolution, to Brooklyn.

Infiltration - complete - Stars the Blitzkreig Boys again. Tala wants to sneak into BEGA HQ to get information in order to expose Boris Balkov to the authorities. He manages to drag someone along for the misson but will it run as smoothly as he hopes? Read and find out.

Phoenix - oneshot, complete - A Kai oneshot. Any girls who have a soft spot for Kai, read. It's written with you in mind!

Numb - oneshot, complete - Is a Tala oneshot, and concerns his possible feelings of being pushed aside when Kai rejoins the Demolition Boys in season 1.

Slipping Away - oneshot, complete - Yet another oneshot, that focuses on Kai's thoughts as he defeats Brooklyn in season 3.

Ressurrection - oneshot, complete - Sequel to Slipping Away.After defeating Brooklyn, Kai has fallen and is on the brink of death.But Dranzer is having none of it. Kai angst. Have a look.

Red Phoenix, Blue Wolf - oneshot, complete -Another oneshot, concerning Tala and Kai's personalities.

This Guy Called Kai - oneshot, complete - Comic oneshot. Just what is it about Kai that makes him so great and drives everyone crazy? Tyson questions this and tries to come up with an answer.

Perfect Model - oneshot, complete About Kai again. Kai having his photo taken to be exact. Yum.

Out of My League - oneshot, complete - What if Mathilda had been sent up to face Kai in her team's match against The Blitzkreig Boys, instead of Miguel? Set during G Rev, written from a terrified Mathilda's point of view. Same outcome as Miguel's actual battle with Kai in the anime.

Slave For You - in progress - Takes place after G Revolution, Kai's back in Russia, his gramps and Boris want revenge and blah blah, go and read to find out lol. Will have torture scenes and it'll be quite angsty too. Not your usual plot in many ways. Friendship fic.

Untitled - oneshot, complete - Awkwardness. Response to a dare I received by email. Read and you'll find out more. NON YAOI.


I love Naruto. The manga is so awesome, and so is the anime when it picks up and doesn't involve people staring at each other for 15 minutes xD

My absolute favourite character is Uchiha Itachi but I don't tend to include him in my stories. He's just too epic for me to capture in words. My writing wouldn't do him justice! So I tend to focus my writing on my OTP and most favourite pairing in any manga and anime fandom, Uchiha Sasuke x Uchiha...I mean Haruno Sakura XD. It is LOVE! So I've started writing some oneshot/short story Naruto works. I don't have half as much experience writing Naruto characters so I'd appreciate any feedback!

The Hunt - oneshot, complete - SasuSaku. Inspired by BlueGreenApples' amazing story, Color Theory. This was my first ever Naruto fic so if you read it, please make sure you review to let me know your opinions on characterizations etc. Thanks! It's about Sakura trying to escape from Sasuke, but he won't let her escape and hunts her down.

Flight - oneshot, complete - SasuSaku. A follow up to The Hunt, also inspired by BlueGreenApples' Color Theory fic. Basically another chase scene, but involves Naruto, a jealous Sasuke, and Sakura fighting Sasuke.

Something Tangible - short story, in progress - SasuSaku swap fic with BlueGreenApples. It'll probably be about 10 chapters long in total. Sasuke has returned to Konoha following the death of Itachi, Pein and Madara. Sakura and Naruto drag him along to a summer fair. Read the rest to find out more! Go NAOW!

A New Dawn - oneshot, complete - SasuSaku. A belated birthday gift for my friend Agent Kell. The final battle has been won. As Sakura frantically searches for her team-mates, Sasuke contemplates whether he is finally ready to go home. Set at the end of the series, as I'd like it to play out xD

Pandemonium - oneshot, complete - SasuSaku. A (very) belated birthday oneshot for the one and only Samurai-PET of DA fame. Set during Konoha's Invasion, Sakura regains consciousness to find that she is alone, surrounded by devastation. But the chaos of her environment is nothing compared to her inner turmoil upon seeing him clad in the cloak of the enemy. Fight scenes, flashbacks and angst!

Encounter - oneshot, complete - SasuSaku. A REALLY late belated birthday gift for my Twin BlueGreenApples. Set ahead of the current manga arc, Sakura and Sai go in search of Naruto but instead stumble across Sasuke and his Akatsuki team-mates. My longest short story by far, it's a massive fourteen thousand words set across two parts! Geez. Hope all who manage to read it enjoy it!

Refraction - ongoing - multiple characters - A series of one-off stories depicting various characters in different settings, inspired by manga events. Part 2 focuses on Sasuke and Sakura's recent manga meeting.

The Last One - oneshot - complete - Sakura heals Sasuke after a particularly challenging mission. But his body isn't the only thing that is on the verge of mending. Will contain a kiss/maybe more as a practice run for Something Tangible.

Quietus - ongoing - multiple chapters - AU. Cold-hearted Sasuke is the King of the Underworld. He goes about his job, ushering souls to the other side, with little complaint. But when he sees her, the girl who personifies spring, the order he had spent centuries forging with an iron fist begins to spiral out of control and he'll stop at nothing to make her his queen. A Naruto-take on the Persephone and Hades Greek myth. Rated M as it will contain adult-themes of an explicit nature.


Ocarina of Time, the greatest game ever made in my opinion, is so epically inspiring that I felt compelled to start adapting it into story format! It will focus heavily on Link's thoughts and emotions, as although he was willing to take on his responsibility in the game without complaint, I'd like to think he actually suffered quite a lot in giving up his childhood! If you like this game, please consider taking a look! It will stick to canon dialogue and events for the most part, but obviously I will be including my own take on Link's thoughts and feelings.


Guess what guys. I do not earn a single penny/cent/any other form of currency out of writing/posting my works here. I'm doing this for purely hobby purposes. Any lawyers with too much time on their hands who are even thinking of suing, I do not own the Final Fantasy brand, FF8 or anything related, all of it is owned by the genius that is Squaresoft, or as they are now so catchily called, Square-Enix.

I also do not own Naruto, be it the manga or anime, or anything related. You all knew that right? XD All characters in the Naruto universe belong to the genius Masashi Kishimoto.

Similarly, I do not own Beyblade and G-Revolution : all associated characters and names are property of Aoki Takao · BB3Project, TV Tokyo, licensed by d-rights Inc. Dudes if I did own beyblade, do you think I'd be writing? No way. I'd so be out there liek, making a Beyblade movie starring the Blitzkreig Boys or something cool like that. Imagine Kai, Tala and co. in awesome G Rev style movie animation on the big screen. Drool at the thought, people. Drool and dream.

Anyways, enough from me. Have fun reading. Toodles now!

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Little Piece of Heaven by Leanne Ash reviews
SasuSaku: "I don't do it because I think you're weak! I do it because—! Because I… just… Never mind." Years later it finally happened. Unfortunately, she just didn't care anymore. A story of love and irony, where one is oblivious… and the other is Sasuke.
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 26 - Words: 72,634 - Reviews: 3562 - Favs: 3,224 - Follows: 2,089 - Updated: 10/24/2012 - Published: 2/3/2006 - Sasuke U., Sakura H. - Complete
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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 3 - Words: 15,929 - Reviews: 714 - Favs: 749 - Follows: 865 - Updated: 3/8/2012 - Published: 12/14/2006 - Sasuke U., Sakura H.
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Canon. SasuSaku. Red was the color of passion, womanhood. Pink was the shade of little girls and delicate things. Next to Karin, Sakura felt like a washed-out imitation.
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