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Gorgeous art in my icon by the talented Vetty. Thank you for drawing such wonderful pieces for my story.

October 2021

Hiatus over. We're going hard or going home. Ending here I come.

Chapter 98 status: 20%

Final projected chapter count including Epilogue: 112-116 (depending on whether content is split into extra chapters)

Total chapters remaining until completion: 15-19 (depending on whether content is further split into extra chapters)

The final chapter count may change if chapters are split due to length, but the remaining story content has now been set in stone otherwise and no new ideas are being added.

The end is in sight and I’m very excited to wrap this project up. Hopefully it’ll be in a way that’s satisfying for everyone who has faithfully followed the story for years.

Thank you for your continued patience and support.

Quietus on Ao3 now has fanart included at the end of relevant chapters. Feel free to head over there and look through them!

On average I aim to update Quietus at least ONCE a month. More is a bonus. If it takes me longer than a month it's because I've had no time, motivation or energy to write. I am an adult who works full time and this is obviously only a hobby so I follow no set schedule. Please kindly refrain from asking me when I will update, as status updates will always be posted in the space above. Thank you for your understanding.


Explicit scenes will NOT be posted on this site, to ensure that the submission guideline rules here are being respected and followed. The uncensored version of the story is available to read on my Ao3 account (Seraphina_Scribes) at Archive of our Own. As of December 2020 the Archive version also includes fanart images for relevant chapters.

It takes a lot of effort on my part to update regularly between a really hectic and demanding RL schedule, so thousands of silent readers sucks. Not to sound ungrateful or anything; thanks so much for favouriting my work, but if you like my writing, I'd love to know why. I do not expect reviews from thousands of subscribed readers for every single chapter; just drop me a sentence every blue moon to let me know you're on board, and share what you like or dislike about it. It takes me hours to type and proof-read content. How long does it take a reader to type a comment? :)

Get in touch!

Deviantart account:

Find me on deviantart! Username is Butterfly-Chu.

The Quietus group page on deviantart, featuring lots of lovely fan-submitted artwork for the story. Please look up my page on DeviantArt and the group SasuSaku-Quietus to find the pics.


There is a Quietus Discord group where members share theories, art, memes and general chat but age must be verified before joining it. If you wish to join PM me. There is an expectation you post at least once a month there. Idle members are removed monthly.


Scribe-of-Elysium. My old Tumblr account was deactivated.


ID is SeraphinaScrib1. Not likely to be active on there, just reblogging art and posting update notices.

Music list for Quietus:

I'll be posting links to atmosphere building songs/instrumentals here. These will be tunes that I think are perfect companions for certain scenes in the story, or they could just be the music I was listening to when typing a certain part, which I found inspiring.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these songs, am not gaining from sharing, neither am I writing the lyrics in my story. Songs belong to their respective creators. I have merely shared these links for atmosphere building purposes ONLY as these are the songs I listen to when writing. If this isn't allowed to be shared, please can somebody notify me and I will be more than happy to remove them from my profile. Thanks.

Let me know if any of the links below aren't working but as I've listed the full name of the track, you can just look them up.

Quietus Typing Tracklist

Playlists collection uploaded by readers:


Please keep in mind the chapters are one number ahead due to the prologue at the start. Follow the chapter names on the selection bar rather than the numbers.

Chapter 3

Alice in Dreamland - Vocaloid [OFF VOCAL/Instrumental version] - The creepy carousel theme, when Sakura meets you-know-who:

Fate/Rebirth - Vocaloids Len/KAITO/Gakupo - The song that plays when she's cooking her meal:

Chapter 4

Archangel - TSFH - The field/abduction. From 1:25 is where it gets really epic - Sasuke storming through the field, about to swoop down on Sakura:

Chapter 7

Always With Me - Spirited Away [Music Box version] - The tune that is the inspiration behind the music box in Sakura's room:

Chapter 8

Silken Twine - Amethystium - When Sakura encounters the dancing nymphs in the gardens:

Strangely Beautiful - Amethystium - When Sakura encounters the sirens in the spring:

Chapter 15

Fable - Amethystium - Sakura's walk through the garden/following Sasuke:

Chapter 16

Beyond - Matthew Mayer - The piano scene (both flashback and Sakura watching Sasuke play):

Chapter 18

Lebanese Moon - DJ Zeki [Many thanks to Sara U for telling me the correct name/artist] - Sakura's dream (Festival Music):

I Go Crazy Because of You - T-ara - The forge/shirtless Sasuke! xD

Chapter 19

Heart of Fire - Valentin Wiest - Retreating harpies and angry Sasuke!

Chapter 21

Breathless - Brand X Music - Sakura enters the forbidden door and sees the portrait of Sasuke's family:

Chapter 24

Elysium - Bond - When Sasuke's chariot takes off full speed/journey through the Underworld (up to 2:30... beyond that it slows down/they arrive at the locations):

Election Daze - TSFH - The moment the enchanted forest starts coming to life:

Moonlight Water - Immediate Music - The hushed, twinkling beauty of the jewel cavern:

Chapter 26

Dark Intentions - KPM Music - Hinata and Neji following Sai in park (including Sasuke's appearance):

Steren - Gwendal - Apollo, Kore and Hades running through the forest:

Chapter 27

Arcana - Immediate Music - When Sasuke draws Kusanagi against Naruto, and the battle that follows:

Chapter 29

Myth - Delerium - The long awaited ballroom dance scene. Sasuke enters at 1 minute 40 seconds:

Chapter 30

The Ancients [No Choir Version] - TSFH - When the chariot approaches the ghostly fields of Asphodel:

Mirage - Valentin Wiest -When Sakura turns to face the front of the carriage and asks to leave the Asphodel Meadows. At 1:27 the chariot moves on from Lethe and the faster part of the track plays on for the drive toward the mountains.

Aphelion - Jesper Kyd - When Sasuke and Sakura approach the bridge before the waterfall and the interaction that follows it. This one is so BEAUTIFUL!

Fortress of Seduction - TSFH - When Sakura starts to hear the siren voices in her head:

World of Fireflies - Jasper Blunk - When Sasuke holds out his hand to Sakura and they step out of the underpass. At 1:03 is when the people/children start passing Sakura:

Chapter 31

Vorrina Pi - E.S. Posthumus - Sakura takes Sasuke's hand and steps into Elysium:

No Fear - Epic Score - Sasuke and Sakura fight the fearsome dragon Ladon:

Prelude of Dreams - AudioMachine - Sakura enters the Hesperide Garden and sees the Golden Apple Tree for the first time:

Chapter 33

Archangel [Harp version of TSFH's 'Archangel'] - Nimrodia - Sasuke's harp piece. Note that this is a beautiful harp rendition of Sakura's kidnapping in Chapter 4 - major credit to the very talented harp player:

Temptation - Delerium - The following music plays from the point at which (roughly, depending on your reading pace) when Sakura begins answering Sasuke's question, "What do you live for?":

Chapter 34

Sakura enters and walks through the haunting beauty of the maze:

The Madness of Duke Venomania [Off vocal/Instrumental Version] - Gakupo Vocaloid - The satyrs chase Sakura and the nymph in the maze:

Chapter 35

Illusions - Thomas Bergersen - When Alastor leaves the boarding banks and arrives at the Plains of Judgement:

Electric Angel - Vocaloids Rin and Len - Sakura's dream sequence of Apollo, Kore and Hades (repeat if you need to):

Chapter 37

Winterspell - TSFH - Chiyo and Sakura's sleigh ride through the icy tunnels from this point: ‘As they drew closer, the tunnel walls began to change in hue and structure’, through to where the journey comes to an end.

Blizzard - TSFH - The point at which the Oracle orbs begin to play: ‘But it was too late. The orb seemed to grow in size – and it suddenly felt unnervingly like her mind was being drawn – no – hurtled - into it’ up to the part just before she sees the army in the sphere.

2:26 - The point at which Sakura sees the silhouettes together in the woods.

Starvation - Thomas Bergersen - When Sakura looks into the blue sphere and sees the army up to the point where she is pulled from the visions:

Chapter 38

Cry - Thomas Bergersen - Listen to this track from the point at which Hades sees the lifeless bodies on the floor, onwards until the point at which he is pulled into the ground.

Please pace yourselves to read the part where the shadow hands come out of the earth at 3:02 on the track.

Chapter 39

Exhumed - TSFH - Pace yourselves to read from the point where Sasuke sees the female figure walk through the mist, to the end of the scene.

1:00 - The point at where Sasuke first recognises the owner of the possessed body's voice and flashes back to the figure's face.

2:09 - When Sasuke watches the deceased young mortal man sit up again for the first time.

Chapter 40

The Last One - Audiomachine - Listen from the point at which Hades removes Kore's cloak just before the music changes, and they begin a slow, sensuous dance, up until the end of the dance scene:

Chapter 41

Big Sky - TSFH - When Sasuke looks into the orbs. At 1:03 is where he sees his mother running in one of the spheres. It builds up to the final climax of the image he sees at the very end.

Chapter 42

The Kraken battle from the start of the chapter. These are actually two separate tracks to listen to, as it's very long. Please listen to them in the order listed.

Massive Outbreak - TSFH - At the immediate start of the chapter.

Durga - E.S. Posthumus - Play this one on repeat after the first one finishes:

Gift of Life - Thomas Bergersen - Play the following in Tsunade's flashback scene:

Chapter 43

Darkness - Michael Maas - The piano scene:

01:45: The point at which the piano piece reaches its final crescendo and Sakura's eyes move to inspect Sasuke.

Blackheart - TSFH - The start of the scene in Elysium up to the point just before the watching of constellations:

White Angel - Florian Blur - When Sakura starts to talk about the sky and star-gazes, up to the end of this scene where she falls asleep:

Clockmen [No Choir Version] - TSFH - The point at which Sasuke steps through the opening in the wall up until the end of this scene where he sees the jars.

Avenger - Toshiro Masuda [Naruto OST] - When Sasuke tells Sakura to leave him and his visitor onwards:

Chapter 44

Swan's Death - Impact Music - The final scene where Sasuke returns to a sleeping Sakura, until the end of the chapter:

Chapter 45

Am I Not Human? - TSFH - When Sakura hears the truth, from the point at which she says "You aren't joking." Repeat until the end of the scene.

Breathe - TSFH - At the waterfall; begin from the point at which Sakura speaks to Sasuke when he first arrives, onwards. Repeat as necessary.

Pace your reading with the music so that at 2:09 is the part where Sasuke closes the gap between their faces.

Chapter 46

Animals - Maroon 5 - The training session, from the point where Sakura first attacks Sasuke, to the end where she pushes him off her when they are on the ground and starts to confront him. You may need to repeat.

Fortress of Mirrors - Valentin Wiest - When Sasuke's Sharingan activates upon witnessing Sakura's attack, up to the end of the chapter. Please pace yourself for effect so that:

01:53: Is when he sees Sakura's hands grasping the soil - and the reaction that follows.

Chapter 47

You Are My Spring - Sung Si Kyung (Secret Garden OST) - When Sasuke holds an unconscious Sakura in the forest and is tortured by his feelings for her. Lasts up to the end of this scene. Many thanks to Otome-musings from tumblr for recommending this gorgeous song; the lyrics are perfect to capture his agony!

Fearless - Thomas Bergersen - The light-orb race. Please pace yourself for effect so that:

02:14: Is when Hades alights at the end of the branch and closes in on Kore.

02:30-2:40: When he slams her back against the treetrunk and what immediately follows.

Sublimation - Cavendish Trailers - When Hades whisks Kore to another forest, to watch the fireflies, up until the end of the scene.

01:53: Is when he kisses her.

Chapter 48

Forbidden Love - Ivan Torrent - When Hades says goodbye to Kore (This is really emotional... made me well up).

Chapter 49

Fierce Deity - Valentin Wiest - When Sakura reaches the staircase and overhears certain voices in the entrance hall, up to the point before the next track following this one.

01:17: When Sasuke looks up and meets her gaze at the top of the staircase.

Playing with Fire - Chroma Music - The scene where Sakura turns her back to the doors and faces the fireplace, and Sasuke enters her room. Repeat until the start of the next track indicated below.

Up From The Ashes - Groove Addicts - The scene following the kiss where Sakura apologises to Sasuke, up until she leaves the bedroom. Repeat as necessary.

00:26: Is where he feels the first stab of pain inside his chest.

Hyperdrive - Immediate Music - The point from which Sakura exits her bedroom and runs, until the end of the chapter.

Chapter 50

Dancer in the Dark - Megurine Luka - From the start of the chapter until Sui and Sakura cross the river.

All The King's Horses - Two Steps From Hell - After Sui and Sakura cross up to just before they meet the Furies:

Wasp Queen - Really Slow Motion - The Furies appear and the following chase.

Black Angels - Epic Score - Furies chase continued.

Omnis Lacrima - Final Fantasy XV OST - Yoko Shimumora - When Sasuke gets to the surface. 0:44 is when he steps out.

Fahrenheit - Immediate Music - Battle music - Suigetsu VS Sasuke - Play after the above.

Dragonland - Thomas Bergersen - Sakura confronts Sasuke. 1:32 is when he teleports her out the palace to Tartarus until end of chapter.

Chapter 55

Run Like Hell - Iconic Audio - Plays when Black Zetsu approaches Sasuke, up until the genjutsu is cast.

Zenith - Audiomachine - Play when the illusion of the Olympus throne room is cast. 1:04 onwards is where Sasuke sees the faces within the crystals.

Chapter 56

Leon's Theme (Extended) - Castlevania Lament of Innocence: When Sakura first steps into the ballroom:

The Gypsy Waltz - Ezra Raymond - The start of Kore's dark waltz with Hades, until it ends.

Wildfire - Audiomachine - As Kore walks away from the waltz, until the end of the scene where she flees the ballroom. At 01:09 is where she notices and meets the masked man's gaze:

Hook'd - Kira - The song Sakura hears on the radio in Ken's car (original lyrics altered in respect of copyright):

Bed of Nails - TSFH - Sasuke's exchange with Madara:

Rapid Eye Movement - TSFH - When Suigetsu appears in the glass, up to the end of the chapter:

Chapter 58

Wilderness Howl - Audiomachine - The start of the fight on Olympus, repeat as required, until the point it ends.

The Untold - Bandcamp - When Sasuke is warped back to the Underworld, until the end of the chapter. - 02:12 - Where Sasuke checks his arm.

Chapter 59

Insomnia (Official Faithless Epic Cover) - 2WEI - Killer B fight scene (repeat as needed). 01:07 - when they start to circle B at the beginning of the fight.

No matter what, I will fight - Brian Delgado - Music that plays when Sasuke returns to his kingdom, to end of chapter:

Chapter 60

The Endless Light - Trevor DeMaere - When Sakura visits her temple's pool and floats in it, up to the end of that scene.

Chapter 61

Waltz for the Moon Remake FF8 - Enrico Deiana (Originally Composed by Nobuo Uematsu) - Ballroom music

Rise of the Planets - Audiomachine - Naruto and Shikamaru see the Chimera fight scene:

Run for Your Limbs - TSFH - Evacuating the ballroom

Chapter 62

O Destina - Immediate Music - When the Hydra emerges and the fight that follows

The Glorious Ones - Really Slow Motion - When Sasuke and Taka alight at the roof of the base. From 0:54 when he turns his face to look in the direction of the explosion (overruns into next fight continuation scene):

Wars of Faith - Audiomachine - When Sasuke and Taka alight outside the building and then walk through the ruins. At 01:54 - They see the Hydra.

Forgiven - City of the Fallen - When Sasuke walks out the building, looks at the traumatised people and casts Genjutsu. At 01:15 - Where he casts the illusion and bodies fall. Play until end of chapter.

Chapter 64

Itachi Uchiha's theme - Yasuharu Takanashi [Naruto OST] - Flashback scenes involving Sasuke's happy memories with his family, beginning with the game of hide and seek in Nyx's garden, until the final flashback with Shisui, Itachi and Sasuke:

Tears in Paradise - Epikus - When Hades enters the cavern - 02:00 - when he sees the lifeless bodies on the ground.

Scene of Disaster - Naruto OST - When Hades wakes up in the Underworld after the war.

Tragic (Hisou) - Naruto OST - From where Hades first collapses unconscious in the throne room and is in and out of consciousness, up until Chiyo finds him.

Man of the World - Naruto OST - From when Hades wills himself to die, onwards, ends at the scene just before where Hades rounds up the servants.

Moving Shadows II - TSFH - When Hades rounds up the servants and slaughters the traitors.

Dawn -Arn Andersson - When Hades visits Elysium then stands at his mother's bridge, thinking.

Moving Shadows- TSFH - Final scene when Hades sits on the throne of the Underworld.

Chapter 65

Wake the F-Up Samurai' - Brian Delgado - The Thanatos vs Deimos fight, from the point it starts to the end of the fight.

Chapter 66

The Path of Silence - Emotional Viola Music - When Kore is fleeing from the ballroom, up until she is trapped by her pursuers.

I Have Overcome the World - Efisio Cross - When Kore clasps her hands together and builds her final barrier, up until she is sent to sleep.

I Have Seen Much - Naruto Shippuuden OST - When the cloaked figures visit Hecate/Chiyo and one kneels before her, to the end of the scene.

Vicarious - Audiomachine - For both of the Hypnos flashbacks.

Chapter 67

Shake It Off - Taylor Swift - Festival Music starting from the point Sakura and friends are having fun at the different attractions, up until she sees the Carousel:

Memories - Michael Ortega - When Sakura sees the Carousel ride and remembers the previous year's festival.

Where is Your God Now? - Rok Nardin - The full fight scene with the cyclops and the masked man, up until Kakashi transports them out.

From Womb to Tomb - Nick Kaelar & Mitchell Broom (feat. Elizaveta) - Final scene when they teleport back to Tsunade's house and where Sakura is being healed. 00:38 where they see her wound mending and realise what this means.

Chapter 68

Divided by One - Secession Studios - When Ino regains consciousness and the scene that follows.

Republic - Ninja Tracks - Infiltration of base scenes.

Sunder - Really Slow Motion - When Naruto and Sakura free Hinata and the scene that directly follows:

Veiled in Black -Extended [Arrangement] - Final Fantasy XV OST - When Shikamaru, Sai and Sakura first hear the sound of explosions in the tunnel, onward until she lands on the surface.

Soul Battles - Ryan Taubert - When Sakura lands back on the surface, until the end of the chapter.

Chapter 69

Iron Poetry - Really Slow Motion Music - The part where Chiyo talks to Sasuke about trying to help him as best as she could, up until the end of that scene.

Breathe Without - Nurko feat. Luma - Toward end of Sakura's dream where she reaches out to touch Sasuke, up until the end of the chapter where Sasuke collapses on his bed.

Chapter 71

For Your Entertainment - Adam Lambert - When Team 7 steps into the nightclub.

Chapter 72

Fearless - DTD Music - Team 7 vs Griffins battle.

Gods Bound by Rules - NieR OST - Navigating through the caverns/puzzles.

Escape - Ebunny - Team 7 vs Medusa and Gorgon Harpies battle.

Assembly of Messengers - Immediate Music - When the torches light up and the lights in the final circular area take form (0:30 when Team 7 see what it is).

Chapter 73

Never Ending Memories (ft. Carl Hausman) - CRZYSND - Team Seven's Meeting with Minato

Super Psycho Love - Simon Curtis (Nightcore version) - Bar Scene

Shameless - Camila Cabello - Sakura's dream sequence

Chapter 74

The Great Fortress - World Music Official - When Team 7 enter The Hidden Sand Village and travel through the desert.

Chapter 75

Run - Ross Bugden - The Minotaur's Maze scene

Armifer - GRV Music - The Skolex worm fight

Varuna - E.S. Posthumus - The memory spheres scene

Chapter 76

Death Hymn - Lucas King - When Kore's touch begins poisoning nature

Crown of Thorns - Efisio Cross - When Kore sees the red eyes and hears the words spoken to her

Dethrone the King Extended - X-Ray Dog - Scene where Cronus finds Kore's empty cell until end of his flasback

Red Like Roses Part II - Jeff Williams - Motorbike chase fight scene

Battle Theme - Owari No Seraph - Naruto VS Sasuke

Chapter 77

Heartbreaker - G-Dragon - Sasuke and Sakura sparring scene (From 0:15 seconds)

Lies - Marina and the Diamonds - Sasuke reflecting on the trees after Sakura leaves

Gothicus - Audiomachine - Spider tunnel scene up until Sakura and Sasuke are about to jump off the web.

League of Legends ‒ Phoenix - Cailin Russo, Chrissy Costanza - When Sakura and Sasuke alight on the overhang of rock up until the end of the chapter.

Chapter 78

Impure King - Hiroyuki Sawano - Team 7 vs Arachne and Karkinos

Last Strike for Glory - Dream Cave - The Battlefield - Start of the memory sphere with the climb up to Olympus.

Fire Mountain - TSFH - The Summit - From the point the Kyuubi storms through Olympus and the fight that follows.

Hell Shall Perish - Efisio Cross - From when Cronus sacrifices his kin to the end of the memory sphere. 01:00 is when Zeus and Hera are stabbed by a blade.

Majesty of Justice - Supreme Reach - The motorbike chase scene until end of chapter.

Chapter 79

Guardians - Dream Cave - Travelling underwater/Suigetsu's palace.

Echoes from the Deep - Valentin Wiest - Entering the underwater temple.

A Fight to the Death - Kingdom Hearts II - The Charbydis battle up until Susano'o is formed.

Kalki - E.S.Posthumus - Charbydis battle after Susano'o is formed and while falling into the whirlpool.

Battlefields - 2WEI - Final scene when Sakura wakes up until the end of the chapter.

Chapter 80

Take the Crown - Succession Studios - Scene with Sasuke, Sakura and Madara, up to the moment Sasuke is shown the genjutsu.

The Fall - Succession Studios - When Cronus orders Hypnos and Thanatos to show their loyalty up until the end of that flashback.

Entombed - Immediate Music - Flashback of Thanatos in the cavern with his parents. 01:22 when he lifts an unconscious Sasuke.

Otar the Foul - Epikus - After Sasuke is released from the genjutsu up until Madara

Dimension One - Really Slow Motion and Giantapes Music - When Sakura falls. 00:20 when Sasuke follows

Chapter 81

Dimension One - Really Slow Motion & Giantapes Music - Sasuke in the pool (continues from last chapter)

Sonera - Thomas Bergersen - When Sasuke lands in the Underworld up until the end of the scene when Chiyo appears

The Vision - X-Ray Dog - When Sasuke awakens on the shore.

L’Appel Du Vide - Thomas Bergersen - When Sasuke awakes and the talk that follows. 4:10 - Sasuke's response after Sakura apologises.

Sun and Steel - Audiomachine - When Homura collapses until the end of the chapter.

Chapter 82

War Games - Immediate Music - When Sasuke is surrounded by ANBU and begins slaughtering them.

Ten Thousand Slain - Audiomachine - Danzo vs Sasuke

Vendetta - Jo Blankenburg - When Danzo approaches Sasuke to take his eye to the end of the scene.

Chapter 84

Powerless - Adrian von Ziegler - When Sasuke enters the shrine room and grieves.

Akatsuki theme - Naruto Shipuuden OST - When Tsunade is interrupted in her healing.

Chapter 87

Nivaos Pi - E.S Posthumus - Visiting the Land of Dreams

Nolitus - E.S. Posthumus - When Sakura and Sasuke cross the bridge to the Tree of False Dreams

Chapter 88

Garden Forgotten by Time - Castlevania Lament of Innocence OST - Hall of Day and Hall of Night/Statue Gallery tour

In The Shadow of Time - Audiomachine - When Sakura enters The Groves

Chapter 89

Born In Gold - Jasper Blunk - Scene where Sasuke takes Sakura to the cavern with the tree

Chapter 90

Innocence - Jo Blankenburg - Start of the chapter until the end of the duet.

The Fields of Novigrad - Krale - When Sakura enters the Elysian Fields again

Journey to Aurora - Andreas Kübler - After Sakura places the garland on Sasuke’s head until the end of the scene in Elysian Fields.

Chapter 91

Methods of Madness - Succession Studios - Sakura's second encounter in her dream until the end of it.

Chapter 93

Love me Hard - Elley Duhe - Love Scene (censored on FF)

Chapter 96

Hero with a Red Mask - Rok Nardin - Beginning of the flashback scene of the end of the war up to the throne-room/Thanatos's ascension:

Light of the Fallen - Fabian Schock - The deaths and burials of Hypnos and Thanatos:

Chapter 97

Power Over Me - Dermot Kennedy - Sasuke and Sakura walk through the field

Between Heaven and Earth - Audiomachine - The boat boat ride along Lethe to the starlit cavern

Lit Fuse - Audiomachine - Infiltrating the Hideout

Destroyer - Audiomachine - Karin and Suigetsu encounter an enemy and the battle that follows

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) How did you think of Quietus?
I've always been fascinated by Greek mythology from a young age. I watched an animated YouTube video of Persephone's abduction and the idea hit me - why not do a Naruto adaptation of the myth? Sasuke and Sakura seemed perfect for the roles, so I got drafting the other characters and voila, the first Quietus chapter was uploaded and the rest is history.

Q) Did you ever imagine that it would become so successful?
A) Not at all! It was a shock to get 100 reviews, let alone almost 15K! My stories weren't known in the SS fandom prior to Quietus. It definitely put me out there and it's amazing that it has now reached so many readers in so many countries.

Q) What do you enjoy most about writing the story?
A) Definitely the Underworld and the lore. I can really let my imagination run wild because the Underworld itself is entirely my own setting.

Receiving fanart has also been so cool. I still can't get over the insane amount this story has generated over the years which has really helped bring it to life. I can't thank the talented artists enough for honouring my story with their beautiful pieces.

I enjoy interacting with my readers; the ones I've had the pleasure of chatting with on different platforms have all been great people. The fact anyone is still following the story, nearly a decade on despite all my breaks, is mindblowing. I have the most loyal readerbase!

I'd say the most amazing thing though, is probably reading how Quietus has affected and helped people in their real lives. I've received so many messages with so many real stories over the past decade, and it really is wonderful and humbling to know that my writing has touched people in some way. That's something money can't buy!

Q) How many chapters left?
A) The golden question! It seems never-ending for me! As of September 2021, 16 - but this is subject to change depending on whether I split upcoming chapters or not. I'm very eager to finish within the next year. The project has been wonderful and I adore the world, but the mental burden of consistently needing to start and think about the next chapter is extremely draining, especially this far in. I have nobody but myself to blame, though! That's why I've been trying to make the most of lockdown and being stuck at home - to get as much done as I can while I'm forced to stay indoors, because there's no way I usually sit still otherwise!

Q) Quietus is over a million words! Why is it so long?!
A) Because I started writing this very young and had no clue how to pace a story. Also, my writing style in general is very descriptive and this is something I need to work on improving! I am very aware that Quietus is way too lengthy. The first Underworld arc, in particular, definitely needs to be re-written and a significant chunk of word count can be cut out of that section alone.

I have plans to go back and revise the story after completion and work with proof-readers to ensure it's a more polished product. This means editing out errors and inconsistencies and cutting out all the waffly bits that aren't needed. But this will be after I take a long and well-deserved break. The fic will be marked as 'Revised' once complete.

Q) Why does it take so long for SS to get together in the story?
A) Because Sasuke abducted her and their romance was never going to develop normally without it coming across as a Stockholm Syndrome fic. He had to go on a long road of redemption to earn her love after the terrible things he initially did. There are periods of long absences from one another which is to be expected given they're from different worlds, but they still think of each other and everything Sasuke is doing IS to save Sakura.

Also important note: although the story has SS at its centre and is based on Hades and Persephone, it isn't strictly just Hades and Persephone, and so is NOT just about Sasuke and Sakura and their romance. It's a Naruto AU about an over-arching theme of war between two opposing sides and all the casualties involved, and covers other character journeys, too. So for those of you who skim over the non-SS parts, you're really missing out on the larger picture and important lore details - which is a shame! Please bear this in mind when reading, or when deciding to start reading!

Q) Will you turn Quietus into an original novel?
The format and story would need a huge overhaul to filter out all Naruto references. I'd need a very good quality editor to help me, so this is something I can look into more once I'm finally done with Fanfiction writing.

Q) Will you write any other fanfics after Quietus?
A) No. I'm retiring from fanfiction when Quietus is finished and focusing on original works instead. I simply don't have the luxury of free time that I used to as a care-free student. It's very demanding to commit to fanfiction. Maybe I feel that way because Quietus has dragged on for so long and seems never-ending, but having to sit down to constantly work on a next chapter, having to think about what I need to write next and work to put it out there is mentally draining and so time-consuming. I also don't want to be confined to someone else's world/characters anymore.

Q) Will you complete Something Tangible?
A) No. It was written as a gift for someone that I haven't heard from in years and it's been so long that I've honestly forgotten where I wanted to go with it. I don't have any notes on it either and I'm not interested in it anymore, but I vaguely recall the plan may have been that after the race Sasuke walks Sakura home and they end up sharing a first kiss.

I am no longer an active FF writer, other than Quietus which is my last piece of fanfiction for any fandom. All other stories have officially been discontinued. After I complete Quietus, I'll be working on original pieces.


I do not earn a single penny/cent/any other form of currency out of writing/posting my works here. It's just a hobby to help me unwind. I am NOT a professional writer and I am not getting paid. So please don't ever feel entitled to my time and respect any breaks I might choose to take in writing.

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Mindless bashing will be ignored/deleted. I REPEAT I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL WRITER AND I KNOW MY STYLE DOESN'T SUIT EVERYONE. I ALSO KNOW MY WORK IS FAR FROM PERFECT. I'd really appreciate feedback that will help me improve going forwards, not comments about things I can no longer change.

I do not own any of the fandoms I have written for. They're copyright to their respected and rightful creators.

Thanks for visiting my page and supporting my work, I appreciate each and every one of my followers!

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