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Gorgeous art in my icon by the talented Vetty. Thank you for drawing such wonderful pieces for my story.

July 2022

Chapter 110 is up.

Chapter 111 status: 0%

Estimated release date of next chapter: TBC

Final projected chapter count including Epilogue: 120 (depending on whether content in chapter count below is split into additional chapters)

Total chapters remaining until completion: 11

The final chapter count may change if chapters are split due to length, but the remaining story content has now been set in stone otherwise and no new ideas are being added. If the final chapter count goes up it just means the latest update has been split due to length of content.

QUIETUS HAS BEEN PLACED ON HIATUS. This is due to real life commitments and me having very little time to write anymore. Please see my Tumblr post for more details. Also, with stats here suggesting many readers are behind, it will give everyone a chance to get up to date.

I'm no longer setting a projected completion date, or pressuring myself to finish by a certain time. The story will end when I finish it, or if I'm unable to continue with it anymore.

Thank you for your continued patience and support.

Quietus on Ao3 now has fanart included at the end of relevant chapters. Feel free to head over there and look through them!

On average I aim to update Quietus at least ONCE a month. More is a bonus. If it takes me longer than a month it's because I've had no time, motivation or energy to write. Or I judge based on stats that too many readers are behind and need time to catch up, in which case I will delay a release on purpose to allow people to do so. I am an adult who works full time and this is obviously only a hobby so I follow no set schedule. Please kindly refrain from asking me when I will update, as status updates will always be posted in the space above. Thank you for your understanding.


Explicit scenes will NOT be posted on this site, to ensure that the submission guideline rules here are being respected and followed. The uncensored version of the story is available to read on my Ao3 account (Seraphina_Scribes) at Archive of our Own. As of December 2020 the Archive version also includes fanart images for relevant chapters.

You have my username above and the name of the story. Quietus is set to public read on there so simply google Ao3, my name and Quietus and it you'll find it.

It takes a lot of effort on my part to update regularly between a really hectic and demanding RL schedule, so thousands of silent readers sucks. Not to sound ungrateful or anything; thanks so much for favouriting my work, but if you like my writing, I'd love to know why. I do not expect reviews from thousands of subscribed readers for every single chapter; just drop me a sentence every blue moon to let me know you're on board, and share what you like or dislike about it. It takes me hours to type and proof-read content. How long does it take a reader to type a comment? :)



There is a Quietus group page on deviantart, featuring lots of lovely fan-submitted artwork for the story. Please look up the group SasuSaku-Quietus to find the pics.


There is a Quietus Discord group where you can find Story discussions, a huge Artwork gallery, memes, location/fashion inspiration posts, as well as many channels offering general chat under a wide variety of subjects, but age must be verified before joining it. It was created at the start of the pandemic so isn't active like it used to be since the end of COVID lockdowns everywhere, but if you still wish to join, please don't contact me to request an add as I am no longer facilitating this myself.

Please instead contact vettyart on Tumblr or on Twitter at (at symbol) VettyRemmy. Vetty is the talented artist who has created a lot of artwork for the story and she will be managing the server while I'm taking a break. She will provide you with details of how to join and her Discord ID once you message her on Tumblr/Twitter directly.


Scribe-of-Elysium. My old Tumblr account angel-chu was deactivated because it got too overwhelming with the asks and thousands of follows, so I now enjoy a much quieter, peaceful existence on there!


ID is SeraphinaScrib1. Not likely to be active on there, just reblogging art and posting update notices.

Music list for Quietus:

This has now been moved to a pinned post on my Tumblr to make my profile page more concise as it was getting insanely long.

Please visit my Tumblr page if you'd like to listen to tunes that are companion tracks for certain scenes in the story, or they could just be the music I was listening to when typing a certain part, which I found inspiring.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these songs, am not gaining from sharing, neither am I writing the lyrics in my story. Songs belong to their respective creators. I have merely shared these links for atmosphere building purposes ONLY as these are the songs I listen to when writing.

Quietus Typing Tracklist

Playlists collection of the above kindly uploaded by readers:


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) How did you think of Quietus?
I've always been fascinated by Greek mythology from a young age. I watched an animated YouTube video of Persephone's abduction and the idea hit me - why not do a Naruto adaptation of the myth? Sasuke and Sakura seemed perfect for the roles, so I got drafting the other characters and voila, the first Quietus chapter was uploaded and the rest is history.

Q) Did you ever imagine that it would become so successful?
A) Not at all! It was a shock to get 100 reviews, let alone almost 15K! My stories weren't known in the SS fandom prior to Quietus. It definitely put me out there and it's amazing that it has now reached so many readers in so many countries.

Q) What do you enjoy most about writing the story?
A) Definitely the Underworld and the lore. I can really let my imagination run wild because the Underworld itself is entirely my own setting.

Receiving fanart has also been so cool. I still can't get over the insane amount this story has generated over the years which has really helped bring it to life. I can't thank the talented artists enough for honouring my story with their beautiful pieces.

I enjoy interacting with my readers; the ones I've had the pleasure of chatting with on different platforms have all been great people. The fact anyone is still following the story, nearly a decade on despite all my breaks, is mindblowing. I have the most loyal readerbase!

I'd say the most amazing thing though, is probably reading how Quietus has affected and helped people in their real lives. I've received so many messages with so many real stories over the past decade, and it really is wonderful and humbling to know that my writing has touched people in some way. That's something money can't buy!

Q) How many chapters left?
A) See above.

Q) Quietus is over a million words! Why is it so long?!
A) Because I started writing this very young and had no clue how to pace a story. Also, my writing style in general is very descriptive and this is something I need to work on improving! I am very aware that Quietus is way too lengthy. The first Underworld arc, in particular, definitely needs to be re-written and a significant chunk of word count can be cut out of that section alone.

I have plans to go back and revise the story after completion and work with proof-readers to ensure it's a more polished product. This means editing out errors and inconsistencies and cutting out all the waffly bits that aren't needed. But this will be after I take a long and well-deserved break. The fic will be marked as 'Revised' once complete.

Q) Why does it take so long for SS to get together in the story?
A) Because Sasuke abducted her and their romance was never going to develop normally without it coming across as a Stockholm Syndrome fic. He had to go on a long road of redemption to earn her love after the terrible things he initially did. There are periods of long absences from one another which is to be expected given they're from different worlds, but they still think of each other and everything Sasuke is doing IS to save Sakura.

Also important note: although the story has SS at its centre and is based on Hades and Persephone, it isn't strictly just Hades and Persephone, and so is NOT just about Sasuke and Sakura and their romance. It's a Naruto AU about an over-arching theme of war between two opposing sides and all the casualties involved, and covers other character journeys, too. So for those of you who skim over the non-SS parts, you're really missing out on the larger picture and important lore details - which is a shame! Please bear this in mind when reading, or when deciding to start reading!

Q) Will you turn Quietus into an original novel?
The format and story would need a huge overhaul to filter out all Naruto references. I'd need a very good quality editor to help me, so this is something I can look into more once I'm finally done with Fanfiction writing.

Q) Will you write any other fanfics after Quietus?
A) No. I'm retiring from fanfiction when Quietus is finished and focusing on original works instead. I simply don't have the luxury of free time that I used to as a care-free student. It's very demanding to commit to fanfiction. Maybe I feel that way because Quietus has dragged on for so long and seems never-ending, but having to sit down to constantly work on a next chapter, having to think about what I need to write next and work to put it out there is mentally draining and so time-consuming. I also don't want to be confined to someone else's world/characters anymore.

Q) Will you complete Something Tangible?
A) No. It was written as a gift for someone that I haven't heard from in years and it's been so long that I've honestly forgotten where I wanted to go with it. I don't have any notes on it either and I'm not interested in it anymore, but I vaguely recall the plan may have been that after the race Sasuke walks Sakura home and they end up sharing a first kiss.

I am no longer an active FF writer, other than Quietus which is my last piece of fanfiction for any fandom. All other stories have officially been discontinued. After I complete Quietus, I'll be working on original pieces.


I do not earn a single penny/cent/any other form of currency out of writing/posting my works here. It's just a hobby to help me unwind. I am NOT a professional writer and I am not getting paid. So please don't ever feel entitled to my time and respect any breaks I might choose to take in writing.

I am open to and welcome mature, constructive criticism. However I DO NOT tolerate rudeness and impolite, baseless flaming. There is a big difference between the two. If you think my writing can be improved, mention so politely and give specific examples and please don't do it on anonymous, so that I can actually get back to you.

Mindless bashing will be ignored/deleted. I REPEAT I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL WRITER AND I KNOW MY STYLE DOESN'T SUIT EVERYONE. I ALSO KNOW MY WORK IS FAR FROM PERFECT. I'd really appreciate feedback that will help me improve going forwards, not comments about things I can no longer change.

I do not own any of the fandoms I have written for. They're copyright to their respected and rightful creators.

Thanks for visiting my page and supporting my work, I appreciate each and every one of my followers!

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