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Author has written 7 stories for Tinkerbell, Tangled, Incredibles, Frozen, and Brave, 2012.

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Hey fanfiction people! Calling all fans of Tinker Bell! I'm starting a series called Disney Fairies Hauntings. Of course, Disney owns Tink and her friends, although there may be a few fairies I've created that Disney doesn't know about and they don't own. At the beginning of a chapter that does include characters I've created, I will tell everyone who those characters are and some info about them. I hope to get my first story up as quick as possible. I've already written the first two! My first story will be called "Rosetta and the Roaming Creature." I hope you all will enjoy my stories!

My Disney Fairies Hauntings story ideas:

"Fawn and the Mysterious Mine" currently writing chapter 6. When I finish my other story I will post this one.
Fawn and her animal talent friends have been working hard taking care of the animals, including the friendly bats in the caves. They are ready for a break. But when an earthquake causes a mine shaft to collapse, Fawn and the rest of the animal talents must be put back to work, searching for injured animals in the caves. After the incident, Fawn starts having strange, eerie dreams. When she discovers a baby bat has gone missing, Fawn begins thinking. Are the dreams somehow connected to the bat's disappearance?

"Orren's Ominous Warning" sequel to "Fawn and the Mysterious Mine" Will begin writing after the previous is finished.
A few months have passed since the earthquake. Luckily, Neverland is magical and can dodge most earthquakes, but what would happen if there was a strong one? One Neverland couldn't completely dodge? There could be giant waves, or worse! Its almost the full moon, and the miners are preparing to enter the caves. But Orren says they shouldnt go. Fawn is having strange dreams again, and she says the animals are all uneasy about something. Orren can sense something too, but the miners won't listen. What will happen if they go?

"Chloe and the Castle Clues"I have a basic idea where I want to go with this one, but I have no summary as of the moment. The castle, as indicated, is the Great Wandies castle. Thats all I know so far.

"Glimmer and the Ghostly Gargoyle"I am thinking of having a gargoyle statue in the Home Tree library, and perhaps having a little fairy lore associated with this creepy mystery. Vague right now.

"Silvermist and the Sea Monster" Idea outline complete, but I havent started writing it yet. one of my better ideas.
Silvermist adores water, and like the other water fairies, listens to gossip from the Babbling Brook. However, when a rumor begins to spread about a sea monster lurking in the lagoon, Silvermist chooses not to belive the rumor. A sea monster? Yeah, right. But when a fairy goes missing, and the pond animals begin evacuating upstream, Sil becomes worried. She and Fira decide to investigate. Could the rumors be true?

"Vidia and the Velvet Cloak" Idea outline complete. This one is really good too. Have not written yet.
Vidia is not allowed to participate in the fast-flying race this year due to stealing fairy dust. But when she enters against Queen Clarion's will, she is grounded for a month. How she wishes she could fly! While in the forest one day, she meets a strange sparrowman who seems to be acting mysterious. However, he has a magic cloak that can become invisible at command. "An opportunity to fly without being seen," he says. Vidia tries it and is thrilled! But the sparrowman will give it to her on one condition: she must get him extra pixie dust. And there's only one way to do it: steal it.

"Queen Clarion's Bravery"Just a neat title. No story idea yet. I just wanted to be fair and make sure the queen has a book in my series too!

"Iridessa and the Eerie Light"This title sounded very interesting and is perfect for a light talent. Currently thinking of my plot now.

"Bess and the Bubbly Bogs"I figured Bess would be in need of more paint again, and this time she must travel to an even creepier place. Ha!

"Qana's Quest" Currently writing chapter 7. This one will be published when previous stories I am writing now are near completion, such as Rosetta's and Fawn's.
Qana is a snowflake fairy and loves the Winter Woods! She is always curious, and sometimes her curiosity can be dangerous. When she finds a strange object in the woods, it is discovered it is a wand. But Qana had already waved the wand, and now its snowing nonstop in Pixie Hollow! In order to reverse the spell Tinker Bell, Qana, and Perrywinkle must venture to the ends of the Winter Woods, where no fairy has gone before! Meanwhile the snow is piling up in Fairy Haven. Will they make it in time?

"Dulcie and the Dragon's Dungeon" Currently writing chapter 5.
Queen Clarion has announced the Fairy Berry Bake-off contest, and Dulcie wants to enter her best recipe. But it has to be her recipe, or one no one has tried before! After searching everywhere in Pixie Hollow, Dulcie is about to give up. Then Tor tells her of a legend of ancient recipes. Is the legend really true? And if it is, it could lead her to the most dangerous place in Nverland: Torth Mountain.

"Rosetta and the Roaming Creature" Completed writing it. Chapter 6 is up on fanfiction. Will post 7 soon.
Iris has discovered a new plant, right in Rosetta's garden! But when Rosetta's hammock is suddenly destroyed, and the plant mysteriously disappears, everyone must work together to get to the bottom of the mystery. Meanwhile, strange noises are heard at night, and some garden fairies are becoming frightened. And when Fawn says the rabbits didnt do it, Rosetta wonders, "Then who did?" Is it really a monster haunting Pixie Hollow, just like Iris said?

"Vidia and the Vampire's Curse"Another random title. Fairies with fangs? Haha...

"The Fate of Fawn"Hmmm...Very interesting. I will definitely spend a good amount of time on this one, especially since Fawn is one of my favorites.

"Trouble for Terence"I noticed how Terence is very popular, but he never got his own book. Only the girls did. *pouts* They cant neglect him! Well never fear, Im here to fix that! Im thinking about taking the path of something happens to the pixie dust, and Terence must fix that somehow. Some TinkxTerence, but mostly Terence and his buddies. Terence's POV, unlike the TinkxTerence stuff in Tink's books.

"Phineas and the Fortune Teller"Haha, this is actually Bobble's book, but I decided to go with his other name Phineas. No ideas yet.

"Wisp and the Wanderer"Wisp needs her own book too! Still thinking on this one. Definetly a mysterious trespasser. I will have some on Vidia in this one, but the POV will be Wisp's and will be from her point of view. Wisp goes to the kitchen but Vidia doesnt, we follow what Wisp does, etc.

"Tink and the Metal-er"No one messes with Tink's stuff! Its almost the full moon dance, and Tink has been recieving a lot of pots,pans,ladles, and more to fix. However, things begin to disappear, right before they are supposed to be returned to their owners! Tink must think of an excuse as why their things arent fixed in the meantime, while she tries to track down why her stuff is disappearing. When one clue leads to another, Tink finds each clue seems more and more unfairy like. Could it be a ghost or other supernatural being? Sucky summary. Will improve later.

"Wisp and the Werewolves"Another Wisp story. Title says it all.

"Rani R.I.P."I know, some of you are probably like "what?". Dont worry, its not what you think! Summary will be up soon.

"Rumble's Wrong Choice"Im thinking of making this a sequel to "Glimmer and the Ghostly Gargoyle" Im just not sure yet. And since I dont know fully what the previous story will be about, there isnt much I can tell you about this one either.

"Mia and the Magic Necklace"I've had to scrap this one twice already, so dont count on it being a go. I will definitely have a prequel or sequel to this one. Mia is my OC. Please PM me before using her in a story.

"Lily and the Loch Ness"May be scrapped because of similarities to "Silvermist and the Sea Monster"

"Clank's Call for Help"No ideas yet. Simply a title.

"Fira Freaks Out"Title sucks. I will probably come up with a better title later.

"Beck's Burden"I realized lately that I dont have a story centered around Beck. I will be giving this one some thought, so I might have a summary soon. :)

"Fawn and the Missing Friend"Not part of the Hauntings series. My first Disney Faires story attempt. Its okay, but not that great. I am debating whether or not Ill post it. It is a complete 10 chapter story.

And that's it for now on Disney Fairies books!

Tangled ideas:

"The Diamond Flower:

Currently writing chapter one, but I came across a few issues so I may have to rewrite it. Please be patient! meanwhile I have posted the prologue under a Tangled/Brave crossover. Also a crossover with Barbie and the Diamond Castle.
Rapunzel and Eugene have just been married and are preparing for a grand dinner in their honor. Princess Merida and her family are some of the guests. However, while they are there, Merida discovers the magic mirror her kingdom possesses has stopped working, but she doesnt know why. It could mean her family is in trouble. She tells Rapunzel, Eugene, and her new friend Kathleen (the Captain of the guards grandaughter) about it and the diamond castle form whence it came. Flynn and Kathleen escort her back to the road journeying to Scotland so she can determinate what the problem is. Rapunzel, who was told to stay at the castle, unknowingly follows them. A storm comes up and the road floods, so they become lost, cause them to join Merida in her quest to safety. Upon arriving in Scotland, they discover they are in worse danger than they thought. Merida along with her new friends must once again prove to the world what true bravery is, and save the world form eternal darkness and the end of all music. If they dont, Rapunzel could slowly die, for she came into the world by the power of a flower from the sun. Without sunlight and music, her existence is slowly fading...

"The Golden Flower"Sequel to "The Diamond Flower" A crossover with Barbie and the Twelve Dancing Princesses.

I have written two songs for Tangled and may do a few one shots to introduce everyone to my OC, Kathleen Davidson.


A one shot, "Apple Picking" I may publish soon. My first try at a Cars story. May become a full story. Just depends.

The Incredible's:

"The Rise of the Underminer" My version of the sequel to The Incredibles. I am using the video game of it to get the basic storyline. I am adding Violet to it though. Chapter 2 up now. Writing chapter 3 AGAIN. :/
After the defeat of Sydrome and the Omnidroid, life has returned back to normal for the Parr family. Or so they thought. Now they must take on a new enemy: The Underminer. Bob and Frozone are headed underground to defeat him, but Violet wishes to come to. But Bob says its too dangerous. What will happen if Violet sneaks along...invisible to them?

My OCs:

Kathleen Davidson:
Daughter of the finest goldsmith in the kingdom, and grandaughter of the Captain of the Guard. Like Merida, she loves being outdoors and is interested in weaponry. She continuously begs her grandfather if she can help him with his rounds about the castle, but he says guard work is for men. She is currently learning archery from Merida, and loves frying pans! She has light brown wavy hair and blue eyes. She has a variety of interesting outfits, most of which come to her knees. She borrows her brother's fishing boots a lot to go with her interesting style of clothing. She likes the short dresses so she can move around more easily, and so she doesnt have to ride her horse sidesaddled. Her choice of outfit color is a light blue or a dark blue dress.

Matthew Davidson:Son of the finest goldsmith in the kingdom, and grandson of the captain of the guard. Unlike his sister, he is very lazy and unenthusiastic about things. His hobby is teasing Kathleen and playing cards at the Snuggly Duckling. Although his father disapproves of him going to a bar, he tells him the thugs there are quite friendly. He gets mad when his sister borrows his boots, but he doesnt even go fishing as often as he used to. He dislikes it when he has to work in the shop with his dad. Kathleen and Rapunzel get worried wondering if he even has a dream. The thought! He has blonde hair that sticks up in various directions and blue eyes like his sister. His outfit is brown pants, a white shirt, aand a blue vest with leather accents. His boots are much like Eugene's.

Felician Davidson:Their father. He is quite a jolly person and loves a good joke. Although his wife died from yellow fever a few years ago, he is still a content happy fellow. He enjoys running his jewelry shop, and can sometimes spoil his daughter just a bit. His graying hair and a few wrinkles and creases under the eyes dont take away from this kind man's jovial face. He wears an outfit similar to Matthew's, and is often seen with an apron on.

Branhilde:Kathleen's horse. She was bought by Kathleen at a horse auction when no one wanted her. But Kathleen loves her of course! She was named after a Greek woman warrior. Maximus has eyes for her, but she ignores his antics most of the time. She has a beautiful black coat and mane, with white speckles on her sides. She secretly does admire Maximus, especially his courage, and hopes to live up to her name.

Once again, please PM me before using my OCs in your story!

My Saying I Created: It seems that girls are always texting "Hiiiiiiiiii..." to their boyfriends. When they text that, there are several "I"'s but only one "H" for him. When you text "Hi!!!!!!!!!!" there is only one "I", one "H" for him, and several exclamation points to show how excited you are to talk to him!

My Bio

My name: Mia
Favorite color:Red
Favorite food:Mac and cheese
Favorite fairy:Fawn and Vidia
Favorite Disney princess:Rapunzel
Favorite Disney movies: Tinker Bell movies, Tangled, Cars, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Brave
Favorite Music artists:Britt Nicole, Zendaya, Taylor Swift,
Favorite Song: "Dig Down Deeper", 'Headphones","Holiday", "Tik Tok"(I don't know why), etc.
Hair color: Red-blonde
Eye color:Green
Cartoon character crushes: Flynn Rider, Prince Naveen, Lightning McQueen, Francesco Bernoulli, Frozone, Tony Ridinger, Terence, Bobble, Elwood, Shining Armor, Big Macintosh

Favorite movie lines:

Mater:"Hi, Im Mater, and Im gonna be your waiter tonight. (to himself) Mater waiter. Thats funny.
Lightning: You work here?
Mater: Yeah, I work here. Whad'ya think I just snuck in here while nobody was lookin' and pretended to be your waiter just so I could hang out with ya tonight?
Lightning: Oh, no. Of course you wouldnt do that.
Mater: So what would you two lovebirds like tonight?
Lightning: Oh, I'll have my usual.
Sally: Yeah, I think I'll have my usual too.
Mater: Uh, your usual...Right. (turns and leaves)
Mater: Psst...Quido...What's Lightning and Sally's usual? Cars 2

"I didnt taste it!" -Mater, Cars 2

(Francesco shows Light his bumper stickers)
Francesco: Ciao, McQueen!
Lightning: Heh, heh, cute... Do you have some made for the other racers too?
Francesco: No, just for you.
Lightning: (turns and leaves) Im SO getting beat today. Cars 2

Mater: NO!!!!! (runs into a pole and his disguises change) Uh-oh. Dadgum. (Guns open) Oh, shoot. (guns start shooting) Wait! Not that kind of shoot! (parachute opens) Ahhh!!!! Cars 2

"Hey Mr. San Franciso!" - Mater, Cars 2

"I'm faster than fast, quicker than quick, I am Lightning!" - Lightning McQueen, Cars

Mater: Hey look there's Miss Sally!
Lightning: What? Where?
Mater: Ahahaha!!! I got you good!
Lightning: Awwww...ugh.
Mater:Your in love with Miss Sally.
Lightning: No, Im not!
Mater: Your in love with Miss Sally! Your in love with Miss Sally! Your in love with Miss Sally! Your in love with Miss Sally!
Lightning: Mater, stop it!
Mater: You love her. You love her. Yu love her...
Lightning: Mater, please stop!
Mater: Stop, what?
Lightning: Uh, that backwards driving stuff! I keep thinking your gonna crash or something!
Mater: Crash? Why Im the best backwards driver in Carburetor County! Cars

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