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Author has written 12 stories for Sailor Moon, Pokémon, Phantasy Star, AKB0048, Puella Magi Madoka Magica/魔法少女まどか★マギカ, and Tsubasa Chronicle.

All of you don't have to know my full name. Just call me Crystal for short.

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Oc of mine Only in Pokemon Ranger storys

Rini Smart

Age: 11-14

Home town/Regain: Pule Town, Crystal Palace, Almia

Class: Pokemon Ranger

Hair color: Light brown

Eye color: Blueish green

Partner Pokemon: Pichu

Weekness: Flying, and sweets

Mom: Kate

Father: Keith

Time: 30th Centery, Crystal Almia

Serina Lovvet

Home town/Regain: Chicole Village, Almia.

Age: 15-17

Class: Pokemon Ranger

Hair color: Light pink

Eye color: Blue

Partner Pokemon: Eevee

Weekness: Seeing her family get hirt, and Pudding

Mom: Serenity

Dad: Darien

Sister: Kate

Twin brother: Erio

Erio Lovvet

Age: 15-17

Home town/Regain: Chicole Village, Almia

Class: Ranger

Hair color: bright yellow

Eye color: Blue

Partner Pokemon: Joltion

Weekness: Mellon bread, and bug type pokemon

Mom: Serenity

Dad: Darien

Sister: Kate

Twin sister: Serina

Emily Smart

Class: Operator

Home town/Regain: Chicole Village, Almia

Age: 15-17

Eye color: Green

Hair color: Orange

Partner Pokemon: Zoura

Weekness: Lemon pie, and cute outfits

Mom: Rose

Dad: Mark

Brother: Keith

Jeff Jones

Age: 15-17

Home town/ Regain: Chicole Village, Almia

Class: Pokemon Ranger

Eye color: Green

Hair color: Light brown

Partner Pokemon: Pikachu

Weekness: Flying, and Chocclet pie

Mom: Linda

Dad: Alder

Sister: Crystal

Crystal Jones

Age: 16-18

Home town/Regain: Chicole Village, Almia

Class: Mechanic

Eye color: Dark Blue

Hair color: Black

Partner Pokemon: Munchlax,or Pikachu

Weekness: Cute outfits,and flying

Mom: Linda

Dad: Alder

Lit Brother: Jeff

Rick Song

Age: 16- 18

Home town/ Regain: Florda, Summerland

Class: Operator

Hair color: Blond

Eye color: sky blue

Partner Pokemon: Espion


Mother: Molly

Father: Nick

Brother: Kellyn

Lit Sisster: Lilly

Phantasy star Oc

Name: Serina Jones

Age: 14- 18

Race: Human, and Duman

Class: Force, Master Force, Vangard

Father: Mike

Mother: Sara

Older Brother: Ace

Big Brother: Julias

Big brother: Mathew

Little Brother: Shino

Little Sister: Honoka

Home planet: Parum

Weekness: Sweat's,

Hobbie: Cookieing, Talking to friend's, and going on mission/ open mission

Wepon: Sabers,Wands,Twin Sabers, Double Sabers,Handguns,TECH-Mag

Hair color: Blond

Eye color: Dark Blue

Crush: Hyuga Ryght

Name: Alica Davic

Age: 15-19

Race: Newman

Class: Hunter, Master, Vangard

Father: Jake

Mother; Katie

Home Planet: Neudaiz

Weekness: Cute things

Hobbie: Talking to friend's, doing mission

Weapon: Sabers, Twin Sabers, Double Sabers, Twin Dagers, Handguns, Rods, Wands, TECH-Mag

Eye color: Light yellow

Hair color: Orange yellow

Crush: Shizuru Shu

Name: Mathew Jones

Age: 18-22

Race: Human

Class: Hunter,Master, Vangard

Father: Mike

Mother: Sara

Big Brother: Ace

Twin Brother: Julias

Little Sis: Serina

Little Sister: Honoka

Little Brother: Shino

Home Planet: Parum

Hobbie: Going on mission, Looking after his little sis.

Weekness: Seeing his sister hirt.

Weapans: Sabers,Twin Sabers, Double Sabers,Spears,Swords,Handguns,Wands, TECH- Mag

Eye Color: Dark blue

Hair Color: Black

Crush: Emilia Paswava

Name: Crystal Ryght

Age: 13-17

Race: Human

Class: Hunter,Master,Vangard

Big brother: Hyuga Ryght

Little Sister: Juri Ryght

Home Planet: Parum

Hobbie: Messing with her brother, Cooking, and Making clothes for friends.

Weekness: Blood

Weapon: Saber,Twin Saber, Double Saber,Handgun,Wand,TECH-Mag

Eye color: Light Blue

Hair color: Dark Blue

Crush: Soji Davis

Name: Dan Davis

Age: 18-22

Race: Newman

Class: Hunter,Master, and Vangard

Father: Jack

Mother: Katie

Sister: Alica Davis

Little Brother: Soji Davis

Little Sister: Kiki Davis

Home Planet: Neudaiz

Hobbie: Cooking

Weekness: Rabbits

Weapon: Spear, Sword, Twin Handguns, Twin Sabers, Sabers, Doubel, Handguns, Wand, and TECH-Mag

Eye Color: Light Yellow

Hair Color: Orange Yellow

Crush: Rene Lovvet

Name: Kiki Davis

Age: 13-17

Race: Newman

Class: Force, and Master Force

Father: Jack

Mother: Katie

Big Brother: Dan Davis

Big sister: Alica Davis

Brother: Soji Davis

Home Planet: Neudaiz

Hobbie: Going on mission

Weekness: Cats

Weapon: Dagger, Twin Dagger, Twin Handgun, Handgun, Saber, Twin Saber, Doubel Saber, Rods, Wands, anf TECH-Mag

Eye Color: Purple

Eye Color: Purple

Crush: ???

Name: Soji Davis

Age: 14-18

Race: Human

Class: Ranger, and Vangard

Father: Jack

Mother: Katie

Big Brohter: Dan Davis

Big Sister: Aliva Davis

Little Sis: Kiki Davis

Home Planet: Neudaiz

Hobbie: Reading Manga & Watching Anima

Weekness: Messing with his little sis, Cats

Weapon: Spears, Swords,Sabers, Twin Sabers, Double Sabers, Handguns, and Wands

Eye color: Purple

Hair color: Light brown

Crush: Crystal Ryght

Name: Rene Lovvet (Divine Maiden)

Age: 14-18

Race: Newman

Class: Master Force

Little Sis: Homura Lovvet

Home Planet: Neudaiz

Hobbie: Doing her jod, and looking after her sister

Weekness: Seeing her friends hirt

Weapon: Saber, Double Daggers, Twin Handgun, Rods, and Wands

Eye Color: Purple

Hair Color: Purple

Crush: Dan Davis

Name: Homura Lovvet

Age: 9- 14

Race: Newman

Class: Force

Big Sister: Rene Lovvet

Home Planet: Neudaiz

Hobbie: Plantig flowers, enjoying the cherry blossoms

Weekness: Rabbit

Weapon: Spear, Sabers, Doubel Sabers, Crossbow, and Rods.

Eye Color: Purple

Hair Color: Purple

Crush: Yut

Name: Juri Ryght

Age: 10- 13

Race: Duman

Class: Vangard

Big Brother: Hyuga

Big Sister: Crystal

Home Planet: Parum

Hobbie: Sleeping & Reading

Weekness: Sweets

Weapon: Sabers, Double Sabers, Rods, & Wand

Eye Color: Left eye: Red, Right eye: Yellow Orange

Hair Color: Sky blue

Name: Honoka Jones

Age: 11- 14

Race: Human

Class: Ranger

Father: Mike

Mother: Sara

Big Brother: Ace

Twin Big Brother: Julias & Mathew

Big Sister: Serina

Twin Brother: Shino

Home Planet: Parum

Hobbie: Cooking and Writing

Weapon: Sabers, Handguns, Twin Handguns, Robs, & Wands

Weekness: Snow

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Black

Name: Shino Jones

Age: 11- 14

Race: Human

Class: Ranger

Father: Mike

Mother: Sara

Older Brother's: Ace, Julias, & Mathew

Older Sister: Serina

Twin Sister: Honoka

Home Planet: Parum

Hobbie: Reading

Weekness: Bug's

Weapon: Sabers, Twin Sabers, Handguns, Twin Handguns, & Wands

Eye Color: Dark Blue

Hair Color: Blond

Name: Ace Jones

Age: 19- 23

Race: Human

Class: Hunter

Father: Mike

Mother: Sara

Little Twin Brothers: Julias & Mather

Little Sister: Serina

Little Twin Siblings: Honoka & Shino

Home Planet: Parum

Hobbie: Reading & Cooking

Weekness: Seeing his little sister hirt

Weapon: Swords, Spears, Sabers, Double Sabers, Handgins, & Wands

Eye Color: Dark Green

Hair Color: Blond

Name: Julias Jones

Age: 18- 22

Race: Human

Class: Hunter

Father: Mike

Mother: Sara

Big Brother: Ace

Twin Brother: Mather

Little Sister: Serina

Little Siblings: Honoka & Shino

Home Planet: Parum

Hobbies: Playing with his little siblings

Weekness: Ice Cream

Weapon: Swords, Sabers, Spears, Twin Sabers, Double Sabers, & Wands

Eye Color: Dark Green

Hair Color: Black

Madoka Ryght

Age: 9-14

Race: Human

Class: Hunter, and Vangard

Mother: Serina

Father: Hyuga

Brother: Aoi Ryght

Home Planet: Parum (Future)

Hobbie: Playing, and reading

Weekness: Ice Cream

Weapon: Saber,Double Saber, and Rods

Eye Color: Light Blue

Hair Color: Whitish Yellow

Crush: ???

Name 15 characters (OCs are allowed)

1.) Keith

2.) Ben

3.) Kellyn

4.) Jeff

5.) Sven

6.) Isaac

7.) Kate

8.) Summer

9.) Wendy

10.) Nema

11.) Rini

12.) Rhythmi

13.) Serina

14.) Emily

15.) Nick (The imaginative boy from Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs)

8 decided to cook waffles for you, but they ended up making you want to barf. What do you do?

Me: *Trying not to barf* Err...why don't you give this to Ben?

Summer: Ok *Skips off*

Me: *Sweatdrop* Poor Ben...

15's birthday is in today. What did 5 get him/her?

Sven: *Gives Nick a drawing book*

Nick: Where'd you get this? Oh no...COULD IT BE-?!


You find 1 and 10 making out. Your reaction?

Me: AHH! *Wakes up* Phew! Just a dream!

You and 12 were at McDonald's. What do you guys order?

Rhythmi: Hmm...

Me: *Bouncing off walls* CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rhythmi: O.o Err, chicken nuggets please...?

3 wants to join your family. What do you do?

Me: Hell no! *Hugs Keith* I want Keith in my family!

Kellyn: *Pouts*

Keith: *Scratching floor* Look on the bright side, you don't get force-fed everyday.

Me: *Trying to feed Keith cake* EAT IT!

Kellyn: O.o

You, 7, 13, and 14 were playing tennis on the Wii. You and 13 were against 7 and 14. You and 13 end up winning. What are 7 and 14's reactions?

Kate: Aww... *Pouts*

Serina: *Fire explodes in background* DIE!

Me and Rini: O.o

If you got to marry either 12, 2, or 6, who would you choose and why?

Me: Not Rhythmi since she's a girl. Not Isaac sine he's too smart.

Ben: O.O

Me: Plus I'm optimistic!

Summer: *Face palm*

15 proposes to 8, but he/she denies. What's 15's reaction?

Summer: Err...sorry Nick. I'm taken. *Links arm with Ben*

Ben: *Blushes* H-Huh?

Nick: ... *Pouts*

13 and 7 decided to go out, but 5 doesn't approve of their relationship, so he/she decides to get them to break up, with the help of 10. Then 5 and 10 end up falling in love with eachother and got married in China and 10 discovered that 5 has been cheating on him/her and was secretly dating 1 while he/she was dating 13. Then 7 finds out about 13's affair and marries him/her while 1 marries 8. What's your reaction?

Rini: Wha...?

Me: Technically... Serina and Kate decided to go out, but Sven doesn't approve of their relationship, so he decides to get them to break up, with the help of Nema. Then Sven and Nema end up falling in love with each other and got married in China and Nema discovered that Sven has been cheating on her and was secretly dating Keith while he was dating Serina. Then Kate finds out about Serina's affair and marries her while Keith marries Summer. What's your reaction?

Keith: *Confuzzled*

Serina: I'm confuz how would i date Kate even though i her little sis.


11 randomly kisses you on the cheek! What do you do?

Me: ! Your're going out with Kellyn!

Rini: So?

Kellyn: *Broken heart above head* *Sitting in depression corner* ...

Me: Aww... Poor Kellyn...

Kellyn: *Sobbing*

4 and 9 are fighting over you? What's their fight about?




Jeff: *Punches air* I was right!

7 and 12 are in love with 5, and they decide to play Rock, Paper, Scissors (don't ask why) to see who gets to ask out 5 and 12 wins. What's 7's reaction?

Rhythmi: Yay! I won!

Kate: So? *Links arm with Keith* Shall we go?

Keith: *Grins* Indeed we shall!

Sven: ...?

15 texts his/her crush and 1 ends up getting the text instead. What happens?

Keith: ?

Nick: Oops! Wrong number!

Keith: *Sighs with relief* Thank goodness...

7, 8, and 9 get drunk. What happened?

Kate: I'm not drunk. I'm not an alcholholic.

Summer: ... *Faints*

Wendy: *Falls backwards* Hehehe...

Kate: Creep.

Phantasy Star Portable; Name 9 characters (OCs count.)

1. Serina

2. Alica

3. Crystal

4. Mathew

5. Hyuga

6. Emilia

7. Yut

8. Lumia

9. Shizuru Shu

If you found 7 kissing 3 what would you do?


You are walking down the road with 9 cuz he/she did something bad and you wanted to yell at 9 for it. What would you say and what did he/she do?


Shizuru: But it was funny!

3 and 4 had a staring contest and 4 won. what would 3 scream in his/her mind?

Mathew: NYAH! I can't beat Crystal... *Sniffle*

1 and 8 went the cinema and watched a horror movie. 1 loved the movie but 6 didn't like it cuz He/She thought it was scary. What does 1 say?

Serina: Scaredy-cat.

Lumia: AHH! It said that in the film too!

4 fell asleep next to you on the beach. what would you do?

Me: *Pokes arm*

Crystal: *Grumbles in sleep*

Me: *Pokes arm again*

Crystal: *Sits up* Do that again and I'll kill you.

Me: O.o

1 was drowning and 5 saved Him/her. What was 1s reaction?

Serina: *Hack* Cough* *Hack*

Hyuga: You ok? Your face is red...

Serina: *Blushes* No-*Hack* I'm fine...*Cough*

You 1, 2, and 4 were playing truth or dare. You got to dare 2 and you said-

Me: Do you like Ethen or Shizuru?

Alica: Pass

Me: I dare you to kiss Ethen or Shizuru.

Alica: Why the heck did I pass?!

2 went outside his/her house and screamed to the world that he/she loved someone. CONFESSION! You overheard. What did you do?


Me: No surprises there...

6 came up to 1 and slapped her in the face. What would 7 say? (Im sure he/she thought this was stupid)

Yut: Emilia! I'll report you to Kraz!

Emilia: AHH! NO!

Serina: *Has red mark on face* Owww...

You were singing in your room and 9 got it on video without letting you know. He/she sended it to EVERYONE! now you chase him/her with a-

Me: *Chases Shizuru with a tree* YOU. ARE. DEAD!!

Shizuru: AHH!

1 and 5 was found making out at a murder scene. No they didn't kill anybody. I meant a movie. But why at a MURDER SCENE?!? 2 and 9 reaction?

Shizuru: *Yuck*

Alica: Err...*Wisper to Shizuru* Should we stop them.

Hyuga: Err...Alica? You know we can hear both you and Shizuru right here so why no both of you go and make out too.

Serina: *Giggles*

Alica & Shizuru: *Blushes*

6 and 8 are yelling at each other and you joined along for no reason. What do they say or what was their reaction?

Emilia: Lumia! IT WAS MY DONUT!


Me: *Nibbling at a donut* Nom.

Emilia: *Tackles me* GIVE ME THE DONUT!

Lumia: -_-

Me: NO!

Story i got started on

. Pokemon Black and White

.Pokemon Ranger- Finding Kate feather

.Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, a Sailor adventure

.Pokemon Ranger SoA

.Pokemon Ranger- Light and Dark

Story I'm working on

.Wanted:Mommy (pokemon)

.Phantasy Star Portable

.Fire Emblem Awakening/ Phantasy Star Portable crossover

Favorite Pokemon Rangers and Pokemon Trainer shipping

KeithxKate (Vantonageshipping)

KellynxRini (Futureshipping)

DannyxEmily (CareGoldshipping)

JeffxSerina (Rangerfriendshipping)

BenxSummer (Oblivashipping)

LucasxDawn (fortuneshipping)

NxEmily (Legandaryshipping)

BlackxWhite (Chessshipping)

Danny SoalxEmily Soal (Light&Darkshipping)

Favorite Phantasy Star shipping





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Pokémon - Rated: M - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 4 - Words: 9,515 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 7/21 - Published: 7/17 - [Keith/Dazzle, Kate/Hitomi] Rythmi, Gengar/Gangar
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Fire Emblem - Rated: T - English - Family/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 13 - Words: 57,411 - Reviews: 27 - Favs: 28 - Follows: 25 - Updated: 7/21 - Published: 6/9 - Avatar/Corrin, Hinoka, Takumi, Ryoma
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Fire Emblem - Rated: M - English - Romance/Crime - Chapters: 28 - Words: 192,344 - Reviews: 154 - Favs: 92 - Follows: 116 - Updated: 6/1 - Published: 5/24/2015 - Avatar/Robin, Chrom, Lon'qu
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