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About me: I'm still a student, but next year I'm graduating, unfortunately. Can talk for hours about myself, but you don't need it=)

In anime I like the most...blond guys! lol yeah, I'm fucking crazy about 'em. Also my favorite type of characters is genki, also kuudere, sometimes - tsundere, especially in yaoi. I have always hated genki, but now I'm not sure :blush:

My favorite genres: yaoi & shoujou (yeah =.=), I loke romance, humor and detective stories, I'm trying to avoid angst and drama (cause I'm very sensitive person) and I never read death fics.

My OTP (it's a really long list...):

Kuroko no Basuke:
KasaKise, AoKuro, Aomine x Sakurai, Kiyoshi x Hyuuga, Takao x Midorima

Sket Dance: Yuusuke x Sasuke

Sengoku Basara: Masamune x Yukimura

Hetalia Axis Powers: USAxUK, Spamano, Prussia x Austria, UKxSeyshells (I like other pairings, too, bur they are not my OTP)

Bleach (oh no!..): Ichigo x all his forms (HichiIchi, Ichigo x Tensa Zangetsu selfcest), GrimmIchi, ByakuRen, IchiHime, UlqiHime, Byakuya x Ichigo, Ichigo x Ishida, Hisagi x Kira, Ikkaku x Yumichika, Renji x Rukia, Byakuya x Rukia, Gin x Rangiku, Urahara x Yoruichi, Hitsugaya x Karin, Hitsugaya x Hiori, Shinji x Hiori, Ikkaku x Mizuho, Djio Vega x Soi Fong, Jinta x Yuzuru, Isshin x Ryuken.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn: D18 (Dino x Hibari) and 8059 (Yamamoto x Gokudera) are the best pairings ever * Also I like 1827, X27, R27, 6918 (but I prefer 1869), 6927, 692718, 80S, 10051, RL and adult Colonello with everyone! lol The pairing I really can't Yamamoto x Hibari. He's so popular thanks to one mangaka :evil: Also I dislike 5927.

Uta no Prince-sama: Tokiya x Otoya, Natsuki/Satsuki x Shyou

Vampire Knight: Zero x Yuki (this is my real OTP and others more for fun xD), Kaname x Zero, Aido x Zero, Ichijou x Shiki

Ouran High School Host Club: Tamaki x Haruhi, Kyouya x Tamaki

Junjou Romantica: Usagi x Misaki, Miyagi x Shinobu

Gravitation: Ryuichi x Shuichi

Persona 3 PSP: Akihiko x Minato, Shinji x Akihiko

Koisuru Boukun (Challengers): Morinaga x Soichi, Isogai x Kurokawa (lol, I just love Isogai and I read the special)

Togainu no Chi: Shiki x Akira (I just LOVE 'em), Akira x Rin, Shiki x Akira x Rin, Gunji x Akira

Sweet Pool BL: Tetsuo x Youji T_T

Tsubasa Chronicles: Kurogane x Fai

Sex Pistols: Yonekuni x Fujiwara, Kunimasa x Noririn

That's not all animes/mangas/games and pairings, of course...xD

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