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Public Announcement

Should anyone be interested in drawing a cover for Archangel, please contact me. Outside of a few requirements I have, you will have complete artistic control, and you will get full credit in the story description.

Archangel- Been awhile. Been busy. What can I say, fanfiction is a hobby. Responsibilities in real life come first. I'll have it done eventually.

Hey, quick thing. Every writer out there with a profile longer than their stories, I have one thing to say; delete that crap. And what I mean is-

1. All the freaking post about abortion and child abuse and that stupid thing where the guy says "You ARE my life" like a total jackass. While I'm on that one, can I just say that he was more than likely trying to get her in bed? Because lets face it, he was. I don't click on your profile to read through drawn-out stuff meant to make me feel like crap for not believing the same way when you could just say, "I believe abortion is immoral." Personally, I am pro-choice. Done. No more needs to be said.

2. Those fake statistics. If 90% of teens, or whatever it is now, have really tried pot, then we have over twenty million people right there in 2008. That doesn't even count the adults. At that rate, we should just legalize the stuff, or fire our cops, because they aren't trying. So either find the real statistics or delete it.

3. Those list of how to be a good villain and that one about the kid with the smartass test answer. While those are funny, this isn't the place for those. It just makes it over two minutes to scroll as fast as possible to get down to your stories. If you REALLY need to show them to people, leave a link to where you found them, okay?

Is that fair? Look at my profile, for example. It includes a less than twenty word tidbit about me, information on drawing a cover for Archangel, and when I think the next update on my stories will be. It doesn't need to be anymore. If you must include more, please have the least amount of words possible. But whatever. If you're anything like me, you probably skipped over this to check my story and my favorites. If not, please do so.

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