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Author has written 8 stories for Justice League, and Batman.

Don't know really what to put because I don't feel comfortable talking about my personal info to strangers so I guess I'll just describe a little bit about my fanfiction style and tastes.

As some of you can tell, I'm a huge BMWW shipper. That being said I'm annoyed at how it's such a popular pairing that it leads to quite a few crappy fics. I love the pairing but hate when other characters (i.e. Selina Kyle) are made OOC for the sake of the story. I'm not totally against SMWW but I always see Lois as Clark's soulmate so unless Lois is taken out of the picture, I don't see the pairing happening.

Comic Characters I like:

Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Zatanna, Shayera, and especially Lobo. I do enjoy writing Lobo the most and probably is one of the few characters that makes me laugh out loud when writing him.

Writing Style:

I'm not the perfect writer. I'm slowly learning and getting better so feedback is much appreciated. I'm also more about character development and creativity to make up for my writing weaknesses. I'm also big on foreshadowing, symbolism, red herrings and onomatopia.

Completed Stories:


3 Dates-My first fanfic, hence my writing is a little rough because as you can tell, I'm trying out all kinds of styles to it and have made multiple grammar errors.

Basically a romance story set during world-ending events that aren't limited to magic, time travel, and secret societies. The story takes place a year after the Tragedy of Tim Drake and Batman's resignation from the League in response. Due to an attempt to try to get Bruce out of his brooding, Zatanna accidently causes Bruce Wayne to be duped into buying her, Shayera, and Diana at a charity date auction. As Bruce begrudgingly goes on a date with each woman for publicity purposes, he starts to learn that he is not alone and still has family, friends, and even people to love. But of course, there is always something bigger at play, something so big, it could lead to the destruction of the world.

Note: This story is filled with a lot of small character arcs and subplots and alot of all that cheesy romance good stuff. BMWW, SMLL, GLHG, BBZZ, FL, GABC, HQ and a little SMWW, BMZZ and GLVN.

Heart of Darkness-Probably the fic I'm most proud of.

It has been four years since the Fall of Darkseid and Batman is slowly falling into the abyss. After the Tragedy of Tim Drake and a DCAU version of the Tower of Babel, Batman finds himself alone working in Gotham while the former Batclan and the rest of the League move on without him in their lives.

However when an enemy thought dead returns and cripples Batman into a coma, the very people he drove away must come to his rescue. As Dick Grayson, the founders of the Justice League, and an unlikely ally must now journey into the realm of Batman's "heart" to try to save him, they discover deep secrets of their former ally while their own strengths and weaknesses are tested.

Note: This story does take some popular elements in the comics canon into the DCAU, mainly the emotional spectrum.

Current Fics:


League Legacies-One that I consider close to my heart, even though I don't update it as frequently as I should and it isn't a BMWW story. Basically Lois Kent, the orphan daughter of Clark and Diana Kent, after living with her "uncle" Wally discovers her parents were really Superman and Wonder Woman. After being offered to learn how to control her newly emerging powers by joining the Justice League, she accepts. While in the League, Lois not only battles controlling her own powers, but self-pity and insecurity at not living up to her parents' legacy. At the same time while battling her own personal problems, she starts to learn more about the real reason behind her parents' deaths and the secrets, lies, and betrayals that went with it.

Note: Everything in the DCAU is canon up to Doomsday Sanction. Basically an AU with the divergent point being after Doomsday Sanction. Also as someone pointed out, my story is influenced by many coming of age stories including Harry Potter but with it's own creative spin on it.

Stains of Time-A tale of love, vengeance, grief, drama, hate, action, adventure, and redemption. This story interwoves three stories taking place in the past, present, and future. All converging and diverging on the climax of Destroyer. A different take on the whole DCAU if Darkseid was defeated but at a cost with great sacrifice. Soon to be longest story on the JL Archive.

As the Justice League tries to move on when they believe one of their own has died, vengeful enemies sieze the opportuntiy and attack the crumbling League, dooming the world. Meanwhile in the past, a man with no memory of himself wanders aimlessly while trying to fight the good fight against immortals and gods. And in the future two brothers form of resistance movement in an attempt to bring freedom back to a wretched world. All of these stories are connected and tied together, with everyone unaware the stakes involved to not just the world but the entire universe.

FFDCU (FanFiction DC Universe)

Batman Origins Part 1-First story in a trilogy about Batman's first years. Batman emerges to fight crime in Gotham while working with ADAs Rachel Dawes and Harvey Dent along with Detective Gordon in an attempt to bring down Gotham's own kingpin of crime, Rupert Thorne, and his sadistic henchman, Jack Napier. Part 2 will deal with the rise of the Joker and other freaks in Gotham and Part 3 will focus on Batman caught in a deadly battle of wits and cat-and-mouse with the Riddler and Catwoman.

Arkham-A series of one shots that introduces the origins and new interpretations of Batman's rogues in the FFDCU.

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