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Poll: Which movie-verse Autobot would you like to see get struck by lightening? This is all in good fun, and no Autobots will be harmed in the making of the one-shot that will inevitably result from this poll : Vote Now!
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Author has written 23 stories for Transformers, Transformers/Beast Wars, and Avengers.

"This above all: to thine own self be true,

And it must follow, as the night the day,

Thou cans't not be false to any man."

(II. 78-80)

"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings."

-Optimus Prime

I bid you a most warm welcome, dear reader! And offer you my humblest thanks for journeying this way! May your stay be pleasant, and may you frequent these pages often!

What can I say about myself? I suppose, it is always best to begin with the basics, so let us be off!

I write for many continuities, foremost among which are: Star Wars (Old Republic), Avengers (movie-verse) Transformers (movie-verse) and Transformers: Prime. Although, not everything I write is posted here.

Frequency of Updates:

Often I cannot post or update as often as I wish, but rest assured I will try my best to keep things as up to date as possible! Also, should you so wish to leave me a message, I will most certainly respond far most swiftly than I do posting updates. While I am often prohibited from replying to every review--simply because of time constraints--please know that I appreciate each and every one and do take them certainly to heart. Words are the vehicle for a writer's burning passion; reviews, I believe, help to keep that fire ablaze.


I do, indeed, take requests!

Though be warned reader, not all will be granted, or I may ask to make adjustments to correspond more closely to what I may or may not be comfortable writing. Also, requests need not be limited to only the continuities I mentioned, I need only have a working familiarity with the requested genre. I am, in a word, willing to try almost anything at least once. Also, I ask for the sake of my sanity, please do not expect anything over 6,000 words if you request a piece from me. Unless I otherwise specify, I usually do not have the time or mental stamina to write anything over that amount in a timely manner.

That being said, I do not write slash nor condone mary-sues. HOWEVER, if you so enjoy slash or perhaps harbor a little mary-sue within your heart, you will find no harsh judgment here. You are free to view my work with either a slash or mary-sue perspective. After all, who am I to judge how my readership may or may not interpret my work for their enjoyment? Were it not for you, dear reader, these stories would forever be resigned to the anonymity of obsessive word files on my computer.

My Muse:

Virtually all of the Transformers stories are written in conjunction with my dearest friend, Bumbee ( as Annabelle Lennox would call her ;) ). Together her and I brainstorm the plot and nuances of each piece, after which I then sit down and write them out in their entirety. It is a working partnership that both her and I find most suited to our tastes; she is a good deal of the brains, leaving me to be the muscle of the operation ;) That being said, I do wish to give ample credit where credit is due, and dear Bumbee is my voice of rhyme and reason, without whom few, if any of these pieces, would be able to get off the ground. ;) Hannon le, dear Bumbee.

* Update: Bumbee, while still a great source of inspiration, has decided to take a break from writing. So, for the foreseeable future, I will be flying solo and taking charge of all stories posted here.

On Feedback/ Moral Disclaimer:

Any feed back is most welcome and appreciated.

HOWEVER, if you find that you disagree with anything I may have written or find anything particularly offensive, I ask that you do not, as they say, "flame" or respond with profanity. Either disagree and pass on your way without writing a comment, taking my apologies with you, or disagree and leave a constructive and rational response. And please bear in mind that I most certainly do not mean any offense or perversity within any of Bumbee and my pieces. Though at times I do include profanity, I do so only to the extent that I feel a given character would merit it.

Contact Info:

If you would like to contact me, please feel free to PM me here anytime! Or, should you wish to drop me an email (please no spam!) you can reach me, Epsilon, at:


If you have any questions, comments, would like some help proof reading your own work or just want to drop a friendly hello, please feel free anytime! I am very friendly, and do not bite!

More information!

I do have a longer piece in the works that spans between Transformers ROTF and DOTM, however, as it is still in pieces it is not quite ready to be seen yet. But, Primus permitting, it will make an appearance here sooner rather than later.


I do have an OC, and she is primarily from the aforementioned work in progress, though she does and will make appearances in other Transformers related excerpts (excluding Transformers: Prime)

Here's what you need to know about her:

Her name is Elena O'Conner-Epps. And as you may guess, she is indeed married to everyone's favorite Master Sergeant Robert Epps. I know in both movie and novel continuities Epps is supposed to be married with children, but poor, uninformed me did not realize this when Bumbee and I began. Thus to my knowledge at the time, Epps was free and clear, and in need of a 'spark-mate' if you will ;) Thus was Elena brought in. Of course since then the canonical nature of Epps character has been brought to my attention, both Bumbee and I grew too attached to Elena to abandon her. Thus, you will find that our cannon, while seeking to adhere to the movie-verse continuities as closely as possible, has been modified to allow for Elena's continued existence; for all purposes, feel free to consider our Transformers cannon ever so slightly AU in this respect. We hope that you, dear reader, will come to grow as fond of Elena as much as Bumbee and I have. Though she'll be introduced at greater length in the story, here are a few 'at a glance' tidbits about her to help familiarize you with her:

She was originally Director Galloway's assistant, and was brought into the NEST team at his insistence to act as a communication liaison between Galloway and Lennox--who, as we all know, do not get along. Where Galloway essentially intended her to be a meek, spy at his disposal, Elena becomes incredibly involved in the unit, and soon his plans of malcontent are laid to waste as she becomes an advocate for both Lennox and the Autobots. With Morshower's help, she earns a promotion and comes to function in a role much like Director Mearing does in DOTM. Though of course, Elena is an fierce supporter of the Autobots and regards Optimus' opinions and wishes with respect, where Mearing certainly does not. Throughout her acclimation to the NEST team, she begins to date Epps (whom she will later marry), and forms a strong bond of friendship and unquestioning faith and trust in Lennox and his team. She also has a unique rapport with Optimus Prime as well as Sideswipe. One of her unique idiosyncrasies is that not only does Elena have an addiction to post-it notes, but she is known to wield a clipboard with ferocity. It is not at all unusual for her to smack Lennox, Epps, or Optimus with her clipboard to demonstrate loving annoyance.

Other OC's:

Other OC characters that will come up are members in Lennox's unit. The most frequent among which are: Stuart, Olsen and Vladimir.

In this continuity Autobot's that we include are, but not limited to: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Ironhide (pre DOTM of course :-/) Sideswipe, Jolt, Dino, Wheeljack (we refuse to recognize this 'Que' that Michael Bay speaks of!), Wheelie, Prowl, Chromia, Elita-1 (or Aleta-One depending how you prefer to spell it) and Sentinel Prime. (Though there is one instance in which other Primes will be mentioned by name)

Don't worry we didn't forget about those lovable 'Cons as well! Those that we include in our stories are: Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, Ravage, Blackout, Barricade, and few OC others whose names elude me at the moment!

Please participate in our Poll!!!!!!!

Bumbee and I have a poll going to help us out of a plot quandary :) We have in the works a good natured one-shot about a movie-verse Autobot (reader's choice! hence the need of the poll) who will unintentionally get struck by lightening. Not to give too much away, but the one-shot begins because of an experiment that Ironhide is testing out on the productivity of earth lightening. Remember folks, its all in good fun, and no Autobots will be harmed in the one-shot that will ultimately result from this poll :) Time of poll to be closed is TBA depending on reader response; so get your vote in folks! :)

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