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Name: FallingRaene, or my first name, Kennedy

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Occupation: School

What I've done: Well, my brother Cameron and I have come up with all sorts of stories like this, but they were never published. FanFiction gives me the opportunity to share our ideas. I am also in the process of writing an original story with Cameron as well. For now the ones we're working on are Looney tunes, FullmetalAalchemist, Hetalia, and a random Harry potter crossover.

What I hope to do: I'm an over achiever, so here's the list; everything...

I seriously have waaaaaay to much to write down XD. I sign up for everything I come by, that's why it takes me so long to update. (well not that long i just don't feel like writing sometimes

Hated things: Sexist people, perverts, bad Ramune, Chocolate, the name Ralph, the letter F, endings to stories, aaaaaaand...oranges

Things I LOVE: cosplay, history, and I love geography! Attractive people who are also super smart! And of course, my true love...all types of food (except oranges)

Tooney Lunes is a really hard one to write. It's really hard getting into the minds of the looney tunes since they're all bipolar and crazy. The real reason why Jenny is there at all is because she's the only real person I truly have no problems writing about.

When in Amestris is sooooooo fun to write. I like Elizabeth's character of being really annoying. Cameron is such a weird character, he's protective of Lizz but he also is obsessed with food...however...later in the story...
NOPE. no spoilers! :P

Lost in Timeis also really fun to write. It hasn't been uploaded yet because it is going through some final adjustments. This is a Hetalia fanfic. It is about an OC as well, I just feel like havign a new person in the story makes things so interesting, especially since there isn't many girls in the show to begin with.



Also don't ask me why I do a lot of OCs, I like being able to see things from someone else's point of view, and that's usually easiest with and OC. Also, I can make up a character and that's always fun. I try to avoid Mary Sues. I don't always pair my OC's with other characters, in fact I try to avoid doing so. (Although...come to think of it...Tooney Lunes and Lost in Time are both semi-harems...I'm going to try and avoid shipping my OC's until later in the stories)

Hasta La Pasta!

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