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Author has written 2 stories for Sword Art Online/ソードアート・オンライン, and Fusion Fall.

Writing Update:

Alright, alright, I know I've been slow with the updates, but so much has happened this year. School work overwhelming me, rediscovering my passion for Yu-Gi-Oh, and delving into new series, I've just been completely distracted all year. Still though, I feel I owe you loyal readers for sticking this long. I'm proud to say that my newest DBZ project: Tales of Honor, is making wonderful amounts of progress right now and will be seeing a debut in the next few weeks. Also, my SAO story, Lost, has officially begun production since I have found the notes I lost from a year ago. Finally, I'm starting up a small Clannad project named Infinity, that should also be out in the next few weeks. Sorry for taking so long, but I promise you all, I am making progress. Hope you enjoy all the new stories when they eventually come out.

-Kaiser 3/25/14


Yo, I am a fan of anime and manga, and I'm also a fan fiction writer. I am Sonia's (from Megaman Starforce) biggest fan.

Year two since I joined the site, and I'm sill warring to go! Thank you everyone that has supported me for so long. I promise that this year will be even better than when I was a year old writer.

If you wanna play me in the card game of Yu-Gi-Oh, I have a Dueling Network account. My name over there is shadowsaiyian and my main decks right now are Noble Knights, Morphtronics, and Prophecy. PM me here or on DN if you wanna go a round.

Favorite Quotes:

"I'm feeling the flow!" -Yuma Yu-Gi-Oh ZeXal (the best thing out of the first series)

"Anyway X... even if we Reploids are destined to join the scrap heap when an evolutionary step does come about... We still have to to fight... not only against Mavericks, but against our own destiny as well." -Zero, Mega Man X8

"They say every world is connected by one great big sky. So maybe there's somebody up there in all those worlds who's really hurting, and they're waiting for you to help them." -Riku, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

"All for one, one for all." -Goofy, Kingdom Hearts

"You're wrong. I know now, without a doubt. Kingdom Hearts... is LIGHT!" -Sora, Kingdom Hearts

"I'm Black Star, I'll surpass the power of the gods!" -Black Star, Soul Eater

"I‘m not going to die. Because I’m the one who will protect you." -Asuna, Sword Art Online

"All this time, I seriously thought that its better to die than to live your life alone. But after falling into the hole, I was happy we're alive together. I realized that everyone in this game, including me, are alive for the sake of living." – Kirito, Sword Art Online

Favorite Anime/Manga Characters:

Sword Art Online:

5. Eugeo

4. Silica

3. Kirito

2. Asuna

1. Yuki

Kuroko No Basket:

5. Kasamatsu

4. Kiyoshi

3. Kise

2. Aomine

1. Murasakibara

Eyeshield 21:

5. Gaou

4. Sena

3. Shin

2. Sakuraba

1. Hiruma

Air Gear:

5. Kururu

4. Ikki

3. Sora

2. Agito/Akito

1. Kazu

Katekyo Hitman Reborn:

5-2 Insert any Vongola Guardian

1. Xanxus

Clannad/Clannad After Story:

5. Kyou

4. Yukine

3. Tomoyo

2. Kotomi

1. Fuko

Favorite Anime Songs:

Boys and Girls (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)

My Best Friends (Pokemon)

Crossing Field (Sword Art Online)

Can Do (Kuroko no Basket)

Hirari (Digimon Data Squad)

Favorite Animes:

Lucky Star (Yeah, I said it. Come at me bro if you hate it)

Sword Art Online

Kuroko No Basket

Death Note

Clannad/Clannad After Story

Favorite Mangas:

Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Gash Bell

To-Love Ru

Air Gear

Eyeshield 21

Favorite Pairings (someday I'll add explanations):

SoniaxGeo (Mega Man Starforce)

AsbelxCheria (Tales of Graces)

PreseaxGenis (Tales of Symphonia)

KiritoxAsuna (Sword Art Online)

KazuxEmily (Air Gear)

EmilxMarta (Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of a New World)

Since it's my birthday month, TWO songs of the month!

Anime Songs of the Month:

Karma by Bump of Chicken (Tales of the Abyss):

A single glass bead fell to the floor.

I chased after it, and another one fell out.

And in one spot of sunshine, only one remains.

At the time my heart started beating,
Reluctantly, we still kept to ourselves,
And protected our personal space from being lost.

I try to keep my hands clean, but they still seem polluted.
Before I doubt my memories, I am doubted by them.

We'll definitely meet again,
Using our synchronized heartbeats as a guide.

I'm here, always calling out to you.
When all the tiresome reasons pile up,
We'll discover the reason for our birth.

I'm here, always calling out to you.
When all the tiresome reasons pile up,
We'll discover the reason for our birth.

A single glass bead fell to the floor.
And when it dropped, from it something sprung out.
In the place that was taken from us, we bask in light.

We counted things, like footsteps,
But those counts were nothing more than numbers.
What we have to know, somehow or other, lies between zero and one.

This will be the first time we will meet, won't it?
Let's use the flag of our screams to guide us.
Don't forget, because I'll always be here calling to you.
When we bury these reasons piling up,
Our promises will have been exchanged.

In the mirror, together,
All our karma is reflected
In our dirtied hands, which join together,
I understand this sight now.

I'm here, you can definitely touch me.
We're here, in this single spot of sunshine.

Don't forget, since I'm here always calling out to you
From the inside of that same glass bead.

That's right, we'll definitely meet again.
When we build a Cross on top of our sinking reasons,
The promise will be fulfilled,
And we will become one.

Boys and Girls by LM.C (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)


Because of you I've escaped my undone life,
though you look like a boy,
And you can't grow up,
but there are times you can't act like a child.

In this world where everyone is rushing in a hurry,
we stopped upon seeing a shooting star

Now if we'll find only one thing to believe in,
with that one thing we can become stronger,
So I'll take your trembling hand and bring you with me,
And we'll grow stronger by walking against the wind.

Yearning for love innocently,
you are a young girl.
Even though you don't say it,
but you have problems too

In this monochrome world where everyone ridicules,
drawing out dreams isn't a lie

Now if we'll find only one thing to believe in,
with that one thing we can become stronger,
So I'll take your trembling hand and bring you with me,
And we'll grow stronger by walking against the wind.

I stretched out my hand towards the star, and thought, when would I be able to reach it
In this world where everyone is rushing in a hurry, we stopped upon seeing a shooting star
To wish...

Now if we'll find only one thing to believe in, with that one thing we can become stronger,
So I'll take your trembling hand and bring you with me,

And we'll grow stronger by walking against the wind.
Even though I am lost and puzzled, it doesn't matter

Now if we'll find only one thing to believe in, with that one thing,
We'll grow stronger by walking against the wind.


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