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Author has written 3 stories for Fairy Tail, and Ouran High School Host Club.

It's probably about time I wrote something here...

Hi! My name is Bec! I am Australian! I like to write stuff! And I am studying to be a vet! (it's a very full on course so I don't know how frequent updates will be)

I've only written a few stories so far, all are for Fairy Tail. One is completed and the other two are ongoing.


Lucy Heartfilia and the Missing Manuscript is a little NaLu one shot and is the first piece of fanfiction I have ever written. It revolves around Christmas and what happens when someone steals Lucy's incomplete novel. It was fun to write XD


Fairy Tail's Spy is about an OC and the usual gang and is probably going to be ongoing for a while :D I really like Caela and I love writing her story. I feel sorry for her, having to put up with Team Natsu's antics... Updates may not be as frequent as I like (two ongoing stories at once... WHY did I do this to myself?), but I really would like to finish her story one day. I think she deserves that.

Will You Be My Valentine was originally going to be a NaLu one shot with some potential to go further. Then the plot bunnies came. The first chapter, which has the same name as the title, is filled with NaLu. But the second chapter is where the actual plot and what not start to come in. It is kind of dystopian in a way. I'm not really sure where this one will end, or how. I have a general idea, but my mind has ways of surprising me as I write.

I'll update as often as I can. It just depends on how busy I've been with school and stuff and when inspiration hits me. I'm also a really slow writer and am easily distracted, in my opinion. But I'll do my best.

Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy my stories XD And don't be afraid to review. I love hearing what you guys think. I have a folder in my email filled with Fanfiction notices. It pleases me to know people are actually reading (and liking) my stuff. It honestly surprises me and makes me very happy :D

Uh, yeah. There is probably heaps more I could write here, but I think I'll stop boring you with random facts.

Don't be afraid to PM me if you want to ask me a question or talk or anything. I don't mind XD I am a nice person. Well, at least I think I am. Usually.

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We're Not In Fiore Anymore reviews
All the girls wanted was to relax in the spa at Brago, the one Mira sent them to, where they wouldn't have to worry about the boys, or magic, or anything bad. The place they end up... Well, it's not a spa. It's not in Fiore either.
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