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Pen Name: Delton_Ru


Age: 30

B-day: September 28

Gender: Female

Bloodtype: ?

Location: Philippines

Hometown: I am just a poor uptown girl.

Hobbies and Interests: Reading anything that catches my fancy, writing short stories if in mood, scribbling fave anime characters, net surfing, singing, eating and sleeping.

Current Obsession:

February 2016


Its been uber while since I last checked this account of mine over here. I even thought it was alreadly deactivated because of its inactivity. (_)

I've never been so happy and at peace to say that I'm back. Let's see what I can brew in the upcoming days then. ;)

February 2007

I would like to inform those who have read my piece that I am still alive and breathing.

I know, the story updates are already long due that's why I am asking for forgiveness. You have no idea how eager and excited I am to stick in front of my personal computer and type away into oblivion but priorities are priorities and most of my time are quite occupied by it. Another thing is my pc got infected by a virus and desperately needs to be reformatted and sad to say, all of my files flew away in just a click. I wasn't able to save any because my floppy disk drive got busted and I don't have a cd writer installed nor usb or a flash drive, yes I know that's why SCREW ME!

Don't despair though. I already scheduled this month that my pc would be tended. Hopefully, by the end of this month if not on the first week of march , I'll be able to start writing again. Geez, I didn't know the importance of encarta until it was taken away from me. Grrr. . . . Damn virus!

Until everything is fixed, will you still wait for me? I hope so_

Love you Ruu-chan!

May-June 2006

Temporarily hanged up with Naruto these past few days. So depressed when HxH manga was licensed and banned from being available online. I find Neji as a temporary substitute to my lovey dovey Rumi-san. Geez, can't even think straightthese days and I hate it. . HuuHuu

Don't worry guys, I'm still breathing.

I'm almost done with chapter three so, I might post it soon. Just waitingfor themoment I can be online for a longer period of time. Till then_

March-April 2006

Can't get enough of Keiki. Aarrrgghhhh. . . . . .. .

Distractions, distractions. . . . why would you hit me now while in the middle of finishing my Yellumi ficcie. I hate you The Twelve Kingdoms. (Joke)

Seriously, work is such a pain in the ass as well as mind these days. Geez, can't even get enough sleep since the start of April. I didn't even enjoy the luxury of vacation duringHoly Week. The client is such a wuzz. Deadlines. .deadlines. Time will come my deadline will be next. Yaddah Yaddah. . As if he cares. He's KILLING me!Brd!

Ok, ok, enough wallowing in self pity and anguish. We're here to tell the viewers (as if its a show) that I am trying my very best to finish what I've started. Please bear with me. I'm only human ok? Love you all_

Constant Obsession:

Hunter X Hunter

I have this 'thing' for the eldest sibling of the zaoldyeck clan. You see, I'm into characters that are mysterious, unpredictable (if not cold-hearted), and reclusive introvert types. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am referring to Illumi/Irumi/Yellmi. (Call or pronounce it whatever you like, its still the same.) _

One might wonder why him and not Hisoka. The latter belongs in the said category too, isn't he? Yes, he is and I like him too but still, I prefer the raven-haired inky-eyed assassin. No more questions, period. XD

Advance warning for the 'unlucky' readers who'll stumble on my works -- most of it are alternate universe (AU) fics involving original characters (OC) with Mary Sue traits. Million apologies (especially to HisokaxIllumi hardcore fans) but I can't help it. I'm a hopeless romantic myself who believe in happy endings.

Poor Irumi! snickers

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