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Thank you for visiting my profile! The best way to describe myself would probably be a seemingly ordinary college student with a love of expression and a runaway imagination.

I want to thank every one of you who has read, reviewed, or "favorited" either of my stories. No, sadly I don't have any posted now but I've considered getting back to writing and posting stories in the future. I've never really had a multi-chapter story that worked out they way I wanted it to for various discouraging reasons but every experience is also a chance to learn, so I might go at it again.

I figured I should offer a glimpse of my taste since you don't have any stories to go by. I mostly read twilight fanfics. I'm probably mostly interested in the wolves in general and Leah most often. She never got her happy ending and I don't really like the way she was portrayed some of the time, but she's really the kind of complex character that sticks with you. Sometimes I'll read stories about Nessie but most of the ones posted really aren't to my taste. I don't think she's perfect. Based on what we know about her upbringing I actually sort of expect her to be somewhat messed up. I also don't appreciate when there's a build-up to her "finding out" about imprinting. She already knows about that in canon. She calls him "My Jacob". And speaking of canon, your story will have to keep at least most of the notable elements of cannon for me to appreciate it. I don't like all human or anything too AU because you're basically just telling your own unique story with the names of Twilight characters instead of your own. I like the characters I'm looking for stories about. I want stories that are actually about the characters I like. Almost cannon or some AU elements can be okay, as long as it's within a certain bounds. For example as mentioned I like to read stories about Leah and even though its uncommon and not quite cannon I like when she's paired with Embry. It would be an understatement to say that they didn't get along in the actual books, but I'd support the wishful thinking that under different and newer circumstances they could be happy together. I wouldn't mind if you changed less noticeable or less thought out things like ages and such because though I obviously like Stephenie Meyer's work I don't think all aspects of it are adequately thought through. I will probably not like it if you make a pairing that defies imprinting for no given reason or invent an OC to be with a wolf that has already imprinted or any other character that was already in a relationship. I won't like it if the characters behave in ways that are not believable, justifiable, or otherwise inappropriate to who they are and what they're supposed to want. I'm looking for complex, believable, and dynamic characters. I can grammar police people a little bit but I know we all (including me) sometimes make mistakes or miss things. I want to help you become a better writer so I'm sorry if I seem picky but I wouldn't leave a review if you and your story weren't worth my time.

Reviews and messages always have meany so much to me, so thank you to everybody who read, reviewed, or in any way supported any story or chapter that I've written at any point. If you have any criticisms, suggestions, or idea about going forward please feel free to message me. I have some stories that I've recently started but haven't posted yet so I might really like hearing what you have to say. I promise not to bite :)


-Abby (February 2014)