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Hello there friends! I am Kumorizora, or Kumori. Welcome to my too freakin' long profile! :D (Updated 11-30-2015)

(Skip to the bottom for my lame ass excuse as to why I dropped off the face of the planet for two years)

As you may be able to guess by my pen name, I am completely addicted to anime. It's like my drug; my escape from reality. Though, I like to throw my own little angsty twists into things. I guess that's why I like to write fanfiction. Because I get to make the characters' lives even more miserable than they already are! Ah, I am a terrible person...

Anyway. This is a list of my works thus far:

Mistletoe Confessions (Laven)
Midnight Swim
Scars of the Heart (USUK, but only if you squint)
So Close, Yet So Far (Laven)
Laven Week 2012 (
Yullen. Just kidding. Laven)

Under Construction:
Little Lavi (Laven)
100 Theme Challenge!
(Multiple Pairings for D.Gray-Man)
Distant Hearts (Laven, Sequel to So Close, Yet So Far)
Home Is Where The Heart Is (FACE family, FrUK)

Favorite Pairings:
Garra x Naruto (Naruto)
Kiba x Naruto (Naruto)
Sora x Riku (Kingdom Hearts)
Axel x Roxas (Kingdom Hearts)
Sora x Roxas (Kingdom Hearts)
Oz x Gil (Pandora Hearts)
Oz x Jack (Pandora Hearts)
Ciel x Sebastian (Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler)
Will x Sebastian (Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler)
Canada x America (Hetalia)
England x America (Hetalia)
Romano x Italy (Hetalia)
Romano x Spain (Hetalia)
Lavi x Allen (D.Gray-Man)
Allen x Tyki (D.Gray-Man)
Lavi x Tyki (D.Gray-Man)

And others :3

Disliked Pairings:
Sasuke x Itachi (Naruto)
Kakashi x Iruka (Naruto)
Kiba x Shino (Naruto)
Siax x Axel (Kingdom Hearts)
Gil x Vincent (Pandora Hearts)
Sebastian x Grell (Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler)
Kanda x Allen (D.Gray-Man)
Kanda x Lavi (D.Gray-Man)
Germany x Russia (Hetalia)
Canada x Russia (Hetalia)
America x Germany (Hetalia)

And others. If I keep listing them, I might end up ranting xD

I want to thank the one and only zamizu-me for being the best Beta anyone can ask for. He has been teaching me how to improve my grammar and all that good stuff. If any of you are into KibaNaru, you should really check him out. He's amazing. Seriously. Thanks for being so freaking amazing Zamizu! :D *heart*

I have made a few friends on here, but there was one person I wanted to point out in particular. GreenGreyBlue is an awesome Laven writer who I have been helping with minor spelling and grammatical problems recently. She is super amazing and her writing is spectacular. If any of you want to read some Laven, but don't care for mindless fluff and don't mind a little angst, you should seriously check her out.

I feel as though I should add my best friend to my "check out this person!" list. XxTheTigerPrincessxX (aka Tora) is a very good friend of mine. She is a really good writer, though she is more of a smuttish writer. She also enjoys angst, so that is always a plus. If you are in the mood for a PWP (don't tell her I called her work that XD), you should check her out. She has written two stories for Romano x Italy from Hetalia, and is currently writing a GaaNaru. So, yeah :3

If you ever want to discuss anime, fics, music, or just chat, feel free to PM me I know I probably come off as a closed-off private person, but I'm pretty friendly. I won't bite, I promise :D

Okay, now here comes the about me part.

Usual Profile Questions..

Nicknames: P.C, Peace, Stubs, Shorty

Where do you live: On the Oregon Coast in the USA!

Age: 19

Hair color: Dark brown

Eye color: Hazel

Height: 5'4

Shoe size: It varies. I can wear size 7 and I can wear size 9 (in women's)

Date of Birth: September 16th, 1996

Number of Siblings: 6

Number of Pets: A dog, a cat, and a frog

Obsessions: Fandom

Bad Habits: Procrastination

Phobias: Spiders and people.

What Makes You Happy: Fandom, writing, relaxing and sleeping

Who is Your Best Friend: My girlfriend.

What Really Irritates You: Customers (I'm a cook and a retail sales associate... I hate people)

What Makes You Sad: Lately, just about anything. Thank you, depression...

What Makes You Angry: Customers, idiot drivers, people who support Donald Trump...

What Scares You: Spiders and people.

Ever Broken a Bone: Nope. I have sprained both of my wrists on multiple occasions as well as thrown out my back.

Last Time/Thing You..

The Last CD You Bought: Elvis Presley's Greatest Hits

Last Book Read: Tricks by Ellen Hopkins

Last Person Spoke To: My little sister

Last Thing You Ate: Two pieces of Trix (stole them from my brother who is visiting) and a protein shake

Last Thing You Drank: Protein shake

Last Song You Listened To: "Kryptonite" by Three Doors Down

Questions to Get to Know You..

Future Goals: To stand for equality and peace for everyone.

Describe Your Bedroom: A good size. My girlfriend and I share our twin sized bed with our dog and cat, our walls are a mixture of my inner otaku and her grunge loving self. Lots of anime posters (mostly Naruto and Ao No Exorsist and D.Gray-Man), Kurt Cobain merch and some purple Christmas lights along the ceiling for decoration.

Most Embarrassing Moment: Having my English teacher reading my fanfic over my shoulder (see Author's Note in Little Lavi Chapter 1)

Favorite Thing to do on a Hot Summer Day: Not work

Favorite Thing to do on a Cold Winter Day: Put on my lucky hoodie and go for a walk along the beach. I like taking walks.

If You Could be Granted Three Wishes, What Would They Be: Wish 1: A genie. Wish 2: Control over reality. Wish 3: The ability to help anyone who needs help.

What's The First Thing You Think When You Wake Up In The Morning: Hm... Boobs... (I have a tendency to cuddle my girlfriend in the morning when she tries to get me outta bed)

Where Were You On 9/11/01: In Preschool.

Have You Ever Been In Love: I like to think I am now.

Do You Believe in an Afterlife: I dunno. Maybe? I do sorta-kinda believe in reincarnation though.

Where Do You See Yourself In 10 Years: Hopefully with a kid or two of my own :D

If You Could Pick You Own Death, How Would You Go: I dunno. When I go, I go. That's kinda how death works, ya'know?

Would You Consider Plastic Surgery: Not for me. No thank you. But if someone is considering it, cool for them.

Funniest Joke Ever Told: Too explicit for here.

Do You Have Any Regret In Life: Who doesn't?

What Advice Would You Give To a 10 Year Old: Enjoy being a kid while it lasts.

Hidden Talents: Super Klutz! I know, that isn't really a talent, but it's all I got.

Last Job: Cold Stone Creamery crew member.

Current Job: Cook/Sales Associate at Wilsons Leather

Dream Job: Author

Who's Your Hero: Anyone who has the guts to stand for someone who lacks the strength to stand for themselves.

Describe Yourself In Three Words: Hard-working, Exhausted, Friendly


Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Number: 10

Favorite Animal: Cat

Favorite Sport (to play): Football

Favorite Sport (to watch): I don't watch sports. I'd rather watch the local news...

Favorite Soap: Whatever is on sale and doesn't make me break out c:

Favorite T.V Show (not anime): Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, (Yup, I am Superwholock trash...) House M.D, whatever is on.

Favorite T.V Show (anime): Naruto, D.Gray-Man, Future Diaries, Blue Exorcist, Hetalia, The Devil is a Part Timer and more.

Favorite Movies: Zombieland, Dawn of the Dead, Shawn of the Dead, Land of the Dead, Resident Evil series, Zombie Diaries (seeing a pattern here? ;D), Mirrors 1 and 2, The Grudge, The Unborn, Orphan, Lion King, Brother Bear, and Tangled. Yes, Tangled.

Favorite Bands: Panic! At the Disco, Halsey, The Weekend, Disturbed, (older) Slipknot, and many others.

Favorite Songs: Brendon Urie from P!ATD covered Halsey's New Americana and it is like an orgasm in my ears.

Favorite Room of Your House: My bedroom.

Favorite Football Team: I don't really watch football

Favorite Football Player: Didn't I just say I don't watch football?

Favorite Celebrity: Bendon Urie (Vocalist of P!ATD), Jensen Ackles (Actor), Jack Black (Actor/Comedian)

Favorite Video Games: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Super Smash Bros, Lost in Blue, Harvest Moon

Favorite Food: Mashed potatoes

Favorite Fast Food: Taco Bell or Arctic Circle

Favorite Drink: Sprite

Favorite Magazine: Game Informer and Shonen Jump

Favorite Place: The beach on the night of the full moon

Favorite Cartoon Character (not anime): Stitch/626. I have a tattoo of him on my right shoulder with 'Ohana' under him.

Favorite Anime Character: Lavi from D.Gray-Man. Two years away from the fandom and I still love him.

Favorite Commercial: I don't have cable, so I'm not up to date with commercials.

Favorite Day of the Week: Whatever day I'm not working

Favorite Day of the Year: Christmas

Favorite Season: Winter

Favorite Car: Jeep Wrangler

Favorite Shop: Hot Topic, Pac Sun, and Speak Easy

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite Girl Name: Andromeda

Favorite Boy Name: Xavier

Favorite Country: I've only ever been in America, but I'd love to go to England or Japan.

Favorite Smell: Freshly baked sugar cookies

Favorite Sound: The ringing in my ears after blasting my headphones

Favorite Accent: Scottish and Irish

What Would You Rather..

Coke or Pepsi: Coke

Pen or Pencil: Pen

Day or Night: Night

Cat or Dog: Cat

Summer or Winter: Winter

T.V or Radio: Either or

Brains or Beauty: Brains

Cup or Mug: What, no shot glass? Just kidding. Mug

Tea or Coffee: Coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon

Gold or Silver: Silver

Brush or Comb: Comb

City or Country: City

Half Full or Half Empty: Half empty

Love or Money: Love

Hugs or Kisses: Kisses

Random Questions..

What Are You Wearing: Green 2015 Music in May festival shirt and my roommate's work out leggings. I haven't gotten dressed for the day yet...

What is the Latest News: Donald Trump is a dipshit.

What's the Weather Like: Cloudy and lovely

How Do You Feel: Exhausted

When Was The Last Time You..

Cried: The other day when I had to say goodbye to my dad when he came to visit me.

Laughed: Two minutes ago. I was on the deck with my roommate having a cigarette when a group of freshman looking kids were walking in a line outside (our apartment is literally next door to the high school) and there were children not wearing coats. My roommate, who was bundled in my favorite leather jacket, yelled at them, "Why are you not wearing coats?! Being cold is not cool!" The kids' faces were priceless.

Swore: When am I not swearing? Hell, I just called my friend fuckface as a term of affection.

Lied: Dunno.

Got Drunk: On my girlfriend's birthday back in August. Being someone with two alcoholic biological parents, whiskey runs in my blood. It takes a lot to get me drunk. My girlfriend on the other hand... not so much. I spent the entirety of the night bouncing between folks trying to help them feel better and rub people's backs and hold their hair as they threw up while trying to not stumble into walls myself. Yeah. Great night.

Read a Newspaper: Last week.

Read Your Horoscope: Every day.

Had a Bath/Shower: Showered last night.

Had a Cold: Last winter.

Smiled at Someone: Always

Gave Someone a Cuddle: This morning when I was waking my girlfriend up.

Said "I Love You": Two seconds ago.

The Opposite Sex..

What's a Turn On: Well groomed facial hair.

What's a Turn Off: Anything with 'Yolo', 'SWAG' or any of those other dumb slang word posted somewhere on their bodies. I like men, not wanna be cool boys.

What Physical Features are you Attracted to Most: Tallness, hair, eyes

Best Pick Up Line: There's a problem with my phone. It's missing your number.

The Most Irritating Thing About Them: Guys are immature and have a tendency to view women as lower than them. That drives me nuts.

Could You Live Without Them: Probably not. My bros are who I go to when I need to fuck shit up and not involve my girlfriend or roommate.

The Same Sex.. (For those who are gay or bi)

What's a Turn On: Pretty eyes

What's a Turn Off: Bitchy attitude

What Physical Features are you Attracted To Most: Hair, eyes, waist

Best Pick Up Line: You're father must have been a level 40 thief with black ninja gloves, 'cause he stole the stars and put them in your eyes. ;D

The Most Irritating Thing About Them: How they think that the world revolves around them because they are pretty. No. Just no.

Could You Live Without Them: Sometimes I wish I could, but no.

When I'm writing a story I have to:

Have something to snack on. It keeps my brain awake. I also need an energy drink or a cup of coffee in arm's length away at all times.

Music is nice. Though, I can't have the TV on or else I get caught up in that rather than working on my chapter.

Random Rants..

Yeah, a ranting part! Okay, where to start? Hmm..

1-18-12: I think I'm going to rant about my least favorite pairings in D.Gray-Man today. Why? Because I have no school today (cancelled due to stormy weather here on the coast) and I was bored so I started looking for some good fanfics to read.

I was in the mood for romance so I looked for any romance fics that had Allen Walker in it. I usually read Laven or LavixAllen, but I kinda like Poker Pair or TykixAllen too so I kinda kept my eye out for anything that looked good. So I found lots of pairings. There was CrossxAllen (weird, but I could see it), KroryxAllen (Umm.. o.O), AllenxLenalee (*grumbles* that pairing just bothers me because I don't really like Lenalee. For those of you who are fans, no offense), and yeah. There were more, but one pairing in particular really made me angry. Of course, it's the most freaking popular pairing! Yullen or KandaxAllen. I don't understand why people like that pairing. Seriously, Kanda and Allen are like RIVALS. They are always at each other's throats, yelling at each other, and making it known that they don't like one anther. So humor me this, how is it that the two characters that are always fighting and trying to kill each other are the most popular yaoi pair for DGM? I must be an idiot for not seeing it, but whatever.

So then, after getting fed up with seeing multiple Yullen fics, I switched the character to Lavi, hoping to find something interesting. I prefer to read stories with him and Allen together, but like with Allen, I don't mind him being paired with Tyki (Lucky pairing), so again, I kept my eye out for anything good. Once again, there were pairings that made me ask myself, "What the FUCK?!" (LavixKomui), "Umm, okay?" (LavixMiranda), and "Hmm.. Alrighty then.. *grumbles*" (LavixLenalee). But of course, what did I see almost constantly? LavixKanda. What the hell? Okay, let me try and understand this. So Kanda hates Lavi's guts because he is always calling him by his first name and tries to kill him on a daily basis, and Lavi likes to annoy Kanda as much as humanly possible all while dodging his Mugen. So this means they love each other? *bangs head on desk* I will never understand this..

Well, that's the end of today's rant. Sorry for those of you who are fans of AllenxKanda or LavixKanda, but I just can't see it. Seriously, I even tried to read one of each, but I couldn't make it to the end. Sorry. Can't say I didn't try.

(Update 11-30-2015: I have actually fallen in love with Yuvi and when my Laven stories come to an end, I have a wonderfully tragic Yuvi in mind that I want to write. Since it was originally a roleplay with a friend of mine, I know how it will go and how it ends. Though, getting the time to write it will be difficult... Still can't stand Yullen, though. No.

3-1-2012: Hmm, okay, I know when you start a rant you should probably have one in mind, right? Well, me, being the complete loser I am, can't figure out what to write about xD Oops.

I guess I can rant about why I like to blame Sephiroth from Final Fantasy on all my problems... Yeah, I think I'll do that. It's a fun story anyway. Okay, here we go. I'll even tell it like one of those story book narrators =D

Once upon a time, there was a little nine year old me who loved playing video games. Her favorite was Kingdom Hearts. She became completely obsessed and would play it constantly. One day she found out that there were optional battles to be fought in the Olympus Coliseum. Of course she jumped at the chance to kick some major butt. So, after defeating the Ice Titan and all the other bosses, there was one left. This boss went by the name of Sephiroth.

Now, little me had a little background information about the one-winged angel. After all, her older brother had forced her to watch Advent Children at least twice, even though the story line baffled her. What she knew though, was that this guy was a complete badass and would not be easy to beat. With a smile, she engaged in battle with him for the first time . . . and was dead within the next two minutes (she only lasted that long because his opening was waaay too long).

The humiliating defeat would have discouraged anyone else, but little me was determined to finish off this guy. After spending three hours of dying and rearranging potions and elixirs only to die again, little me finally came close to finishing off the final boss. She grinned at her progress, he was on his final bar of health and she had two megalixirs left. She was going to win and she knew it.

Little me began to jump up and down in excitement as Sephiroth grew closer to defeat. Only one or two hits left . . . the PS2's power went out. For a moment, little me stood there, wondering what the hell just happened. When it finally sunk in that three hours of hard work was completely wasted, all hell broke lose. Younger me threw a tantrum and ran to her older brother to tell him what happened. Like she had expected, her brother merely laughed at her.

Sephiroth was then deemed a sore loser by little me, and she was absolutely hell-bent to make him lose once and for all. A few days later, she returned to the game, knowing that she was going to get back at Sephiroth for being a cheater. Of course, the first few dozen battles ended with Sephiroth being victorious. This only made little me more angry.

After battling and losing for over an hour, little me engaged yet another battle, but smiled with confidence. She felt that she could win this battle. Her gut told her so. After avoiding, taking, and dealing some major blows, the battle was coming to a close, with little me having more health and megalixirs than Sephiroth. At last, justice would be served.

Once again, she began to jump up and down, screaming elementary-safe insults at the television. At last, after a tireless struggle, Sephiroth was defeated. Little me cheered and started to happy dance. She ran to her brother to rub her victory in his face.

After proving her victory to her brother, she grinned and went to save the game, but found that she couldn't. The memory card was malfunctioning. She started yelling and was eventually reduced to tears. "Curse you, Sephiroth!" she cried.

And thus, her hatred for Sephiroth was born.

Hehe, fun little story, eh? ; It's totally true. To this day, six years later, I curse Sephiroth when bad things (especially having to do with technical difficulties) happen to me. It's more of a joke now, but it's still fun. I may add that into a fic of mine. That would be interesting.

Well, that's my rant for the day. Hope you enjoyed! Ciao!

7-23-2012: Hey, everyone. I have another rant.

Okay, so this rant hits close to home for me. I have someone very close to me who came to me and told me that he was gay. This guy is like my little brother, so that's why he came to me. Being bisexual myself, I told him that I don't see him any different and I am thankful that he came to me. That's when he burst into tears.

You see, he is worried about coming out. He has seen what people around him think of gays. His dad is extremely homophobic, and his mom isn't that open to the idea, either. He has seen that his older brother hates those who are gay, and he doesn't want to come out. He is hiding himself because he is afraid. Everyday, he wears a mask to keep the world from seeing who he really is and judging him.

I know that this story is seen a lot. The kid who is gay and is afraid to come out. We hear about it all the time. At least I do. Hell, I've been through it. I went about a year and a half of having secret girlfriends and living in fear of having my parents find out. The day I came out was one of the most terrifying days of my life. My sister had guessed it and told my younger brother. I didn't want my parents to find out through them, so I went up and asked them if I would be allowed to date my girlfriend at the time. Yeah, I think I shocked them, but it was expected.

Ever since I came out, I'm not allowed to share my bed with my friends when they stay the night and my mom questions all my best friends as a possible girlfriend. Whenever the topic of sexuality comes up, things get tense and quiet. Yeah, it sucks, but it's nothing compared to what others have gone through.

People have been bullied because they are gay. They have been beaten to a pulp. Worse, people have died. All because there were people out there who weren't open minded enough to see that everyone has a right to love who they want. I mean, come on! You know the only difference between loving a man and a woman? The sex. That's what it comes down to.

Think about it. A straight man loves women because they are sensitive and feminine. Men can be like that too. The same goes for a straight woman. She may want a man who is strong and can protect her from anything. A woman can do that just as well.

Now, don't get me wrong here, I'm not trying to be like, "ACCEPT THE GAYS OR I'LL KILL YOU, DAMMIT!" because then I wouldn't be any better than those haters out there who are against them in the first place. All I'm asking of those of you who are reading this is to please, if you are against the gay community in any way (which, if you are into yaoi and you are, that is just a big contradiction, wouldn't ya think?) please, don't act against it. I mean, I hate people who act preppy and think the entire world revolve around them, but do I go around insulting them and punching them in the face? No. I grit my teeth and walk passed them without a word. Just because you don't like something or someone, doesn't mean you have to go out of your way to make it known.

Finally, there's one more thing I wanna say. I know that I am just a perverted writer who likes to spend her time writing yaoi and reading hardcore doujinshis, but I like to think I am a pretty open minded person and a good listener. If you are having any sort of problems that are like this and need someone to talk to, feel free to message me. I am someone who does not judge. I have a range of friends going from hardcore Christians to Furries. I really don't mind talking to people and helping them feel better if needed.

One last thing.


Hope I made some of you smile. Remember, I'm open to PMs and don't mind chatting. Always :D

Alrighty, that's it for today's rant. T-T-F-N! Ta-ta for now!

6-26-2013: Damn. It's almost been a whole year since my last rant. That's crazy...

Well. Today's rant is about tumblr.

So, a role play friend of mine asked me to follow her ask blog on tumblr. When I told her that I was tumblr-less, she flipped. I had no idea what the hell a tumblr was at the time, other than the fact that it gave me some fantastic Sora x Riku pictures that are now saved on my iPod. She told me that I had to make a tumblr now. So... I did.

And now I can't figure out what the hell to do with it owo

It's not like I can really do much with it. Who am I gonna get to "follow" me on tumblr? I mean, I guess I could rant on it kinda like I do here, but still, I don't think it would really do much. I am kinda fiddling around with the templates and stuff, but dude. Seriously. $49 for some stupid background?! Are these people nuts?! And what really gets me is the fact that I know there are people out there who are paying that! It's ridiculous!

What has this world come to? Instead of spending $49 on charity or buying something nice for your friend, people are blowing it on a template for their blog that they use to bash other bloggers...

Or maybe I'm just nuts.

Yeah, that could be it.

Anyway. I'm going to go figure out how the heck this thing works, because I have to admit: I'm intrigued.

If there are any tumblr folk out there who are reading this and would like to offer this newbie some advice, could ya contact me please? QwQ I feel like some grandma trying to navigate facebook for the first time...

And if by some miracle you are interested in "following" me, my name is animeobsessed001. Just like here and on DeviantART.

I should really patent my name.

Can I do that?

I'm leaving before I go into another rant XDD

Bye, loves!


Hi there.

Holy crap.




Rereading my old profile, I kind of want to go back and hit my fifteen/sixteen/seventeen year old self.


Anyhow, I told people in my latest author note thing, I would tell you all why I disappeared.

One word: Adulting.

The day after I turned eighteen, I left my parent's house. I moved out with my '95 Ford F-150, a backpack of clothes and blankets, a $25 Shell gas card and $11 in my pocket. I moved 75 miles from Albany, Oregon to the Oregon coast where my friends were. I stayed with a friend of mine for a month before realizing her mother was a passive aggressive crazy bitch and left. At that point, my truck died and I managed to get my hands on a '98 Ford Crown Victoria LX. This car was my home for the next few weeks. I lived in my car with one other friend who was also homeless. Every night, I would park in a different motel parking lot between some cars and away from security cameras, and that's where we would sleep. At the time, I had two jobs and my friend had one full time job.

Somewhere down the line, I realized my friend and I wouldn't work well together. While I hoarded what little money I made at a minimum wage rate, only paying for gas, food, my car payment and for laundry/shower expenses, I would come home from work to see my friend blew $40 on a dress from Hot Topic...

Needless to say, it didn't work out.

I ended up having to drop all my money down to the last penny to drive her to Salem and get her on a Greyhound to take her home to Spokane, WA so she could be with her mom and blow her money as she pleased.

After that, I crashed with another one of my friends (who happened to have the coolest hippie parents on the planet), until I managed to get an apartment with my friend who I originally stayed with when I returned to the coast.

On top of all this drama here, I was attempting to finish my senior year of high school.

Yeah, not easy.

Somehow, I managed it. I graduated. My roommate and I started dating and I plan to have her in my life forever. My other friend who I stayed with moved in with us. We are the three musketeers and we can take on the world if we try. We have settled into a comfortable (if not stressful) routine between work and college. Now that Black Friday is over, we are starting to relax once more and have this cool thing called free time. It's a pretty new concept to us, so we are still trying to figure out how it works...

Anyway. So, the past few days, I've been thinking about all my unfinished stories and how much I want to finish them. So, like I posted, I am working on them now and I will eventually get to them.

Sorry for writing so much, everyone. Just wanted to get this all out.

I love you all.

Thanks for the support over the time of my absence.

I won't let you down.

Kumori out.

Congratulations! You made it to the end of my profile. Don't you feel accomplished? No? Oh, well, that's fine. I'm the one who just wasted an hour and a half updating it!

Until Next Time!


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