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I would like to say thank you for checking out my profile, though I have no clue why you are. In all honesty, I really am dreadfully boring... I'm not a huge fan of the "post this on your profile if..." things so I'm not quite sure what to do with myself here... Well, I guess I'll just throw things in as I go, again, thanks for checking me out ;)

'Ships that I like (In no particular order):

Mako/Korra - The Legend of Korra

Bertie/Ariel - Theater Illuminata Series

Sansa/The Hound - A Song of Ice and Fire

10/Rose - Doctor Who

Batman/Catwoman - Batman

Batman/Wonder Woman - Justice League

Question/Huntress - Justice League

Robin/Raven - Teen Titans

Beastboy/Raven - Teen Titans

Zuko/Katara - Avatar: The Last Airbender

Joker/Harley Quinn - Batman

Erik/Christine - Phantom of the Opera

I would like to express my frustration. Every time there is a love triangle of some sort, and I pick a favorite, I lose. My picks NEVER get the girl, even though in my (not so humble) opinion they are the best choice. Take Avatar for instance; Katara is 14 years old. Aang is 12, yet they end up making out at the end if the show. Umm, ew. True Zuko is 16 so the age difference is the same, but there is a big maturity gap between 12 and 14 that is way more daunting than 14 and 16. Zuko and Katara share the loss of a mother and it is obvious that their personalities mesh perfectly. Both of them are stubborn and strong willed but Katara is also gentle and motherly, Zuko is stern but loving. Katara is more of a mother to Aang for most of the series, watching that dynamic turn romantic was unsettling for me and it just did not sit right. I'm getting mad just talking about it...

Who's up for a challenge? Okay here is what I dare (Make that triple dog dare, that's right I went there) I want you to write a oneshot with at least one OC that is a variation of a song fic. Instead of inserting lyrics into your story, I want you to put your iPod on shuffle, hit next 7 times and then let that song inspire your story. You can do any fandom, but put a link to a lyric video of the song. Feel free to PM me if you accept my challeng and just remember the rules:

-At least one OC

-Has to be a random song

-No more than 1,000 words

-Any fandom

-Post link (or at least name) to song

-Have fun and be creative!

Now I am not saying this about everyone who rides a bicycle, but in my town I absolutely despise cyclists when I am driving. I understand that they aren't supposed to be on the sidewalk or whatever but, they either don't know or don't care that they need to follow the rules of the road as well. They can't go weaving in and out of traffic and they do need to stop at stop signs just like everyone else on the road. Not to mention that they just freak me out, if they fall or something there is next to nothing I can do to avoid hitting them (this goes for motorcyclists too). Plus they just slow everyone down. Cyclists irritate me (sorry if you are a cyclist and you're reading this, unless you do these things in which case I am not sorry in the least!).

Is it bad that I find mean characters so much more entertaining? I feel like I see this a lot in OCs (not just Mary Sues) where they are just so sweet and so shy and so damaged that there is nothing interesting about them, and then there are the Mary Sues that are all of those things plus an exotic name and stunning good looks and eyes that are constantly described as "orbs" (That just makes me think of crystal balls, not someone's eyes). It is a much more interesting read in my opinion if there is someone there to be the foil, to be brutally honest and maybe a little selfish and maybe, just maybe, a little bit human. People without flaws are just plain boring, and people who are nothing but flaws are just as boring. It is so much better when there are people in that grey area, people who aren't completely good or completely bad, just like people in real life. I like characters with many facets.

Bands I Have Seen Perform Live

My Chemical Romance

Blink 182

Darren Criss

Motley Crue


Pierce the Veil

Sleeping with Sirens

Falling in Reverse

Memphis Mayfire

We the Kings

The Used

Rise to Remain

Taking Back Sunday

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