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News as of 19th May 2017

Hello all. As I can not leave news on actual posts attached to the relevant stories, I'm going to use this as where I'll keep updating anyone who is actually following me. The stories -Deep Within the Caverns of My Mind- and -Hermione's Love Life or Lack There-Of- are currently the only ones that I am continuing at this point in time.

I apologise for how long it's taking for me to do any updates. I don't blame for anyone who's still following me to be angry with me. I'll try to explain in the actual further explanations of the stories.

It's been a bad few months for me since I last updated. Nothing that worrying, just a few things happening in Real Life that's made it difficult for me to write.

Deep Within the Caverns of My Mind -

I wish I could state that I'm not having yet another editing crises in regards to this story. I recently re-read it in order to give me inspiration for Chapter 14, only to realize that half-way through Chapter Three, I obviously changed my mind of what the background to this story would be, and what the future plot would be. And then I carried on as if I had fixed the earlier presumptions of the first couple of chapters rather than edit it so that it all made fluid sense. This is leaving me with an itching need to change it around since I can't stand how this story currently is written, and the conundrum that I can either re-start it all over again, and keep on writing from Chapter 14 onwards. Or, I can put the story back on hold again, and re-write it slowly, updating each chapter as they come along. Either way is not in any way reader friendly, so I will be shooting myself in the foot.

I am sorry for anyone who is following this story. Maybe it's not a bad enough problem and it's all in my head, but I can't let it stand as it does. I will be picking either one of these options, but I am open to suggestions from anyone who wishes to leave me a comment.

Thanks for everyone reading this -im-patience while I get this to work again.

Hermione's Love Life Or Lack There-Of -

Due to the various other stories that I have going, not all of them fanfiction, I will be continuing this as a much slower pace and any updates will be sparse. I -will- be keep writing, but I have a better sense of other stories than this one.

In Other News:

-Why Can't I Touch My Memories II- is still being written away in the background. I've got a rough draft done, and a voice. I've always known -exactly- what would occur within the story, just had real difficulty in actually putting it down. I've got a better idea of how to twist it so that it is compatible with the first one, and am hoping that I will be able to Post it up soon.

I've also got two other ideas for stories bubbling away in my mind. I've written down a bit of them, just so that the Plot Bunnies will stop annoying me, but I will be putting most of my attention on -Hermione's Love Life- and -Deep Within- as those are the ones I -promised- I would take care of.

I am currently open for any virtual chocolate to try and get my Muses back into Inspiration Mode. Any kind would be gladly appeciated.

I'm also looking for a Beta, not so much grammar or helping me with spelling/etc, but I feel that it would help if I had someone to bounce ideas of in regards to the two stories.

Thank you everyone.

Lady Twi

Please see above on the current status of this story.

Again, please see what I've written above on this/

As of 2013, I am only continuing two stories: -Hermione's Love Life, Or Lack There Of- and -Deep Within the Caverns of My Mind-. I am afraid this is all down to time restraints, as I do work Full-Time and I'm Betaing Full-Time for two others. I needed to just choose ones that I know I have a good enough idea to keep going, as otherwise I'll peter them out one by one and just give up. I apologise to anyone who wishes me to be updating my other ones, but I will be getting back to them when I can.

And as I've mentioned before previously, -Why Can I Not Touch My Memories- will have its sequel posted when it finally starts behaving itself and makes sense inside of my head. It's at least got a Voice (the character speaking has finally made itself known so I can work from there), and I just need to figure out how to get the story to continue on through their Point of View. I can't promise that this means that it will be posted within the next couple of months, but I am working on it in the background.

Thank you

Lady Twi

Stories I'm currently working on with complete summaries:

-Hermione's Love Life, or Lack There Of-

Hermione has never been able to have what could be called a steady relationship, and most of the time it has nothing to do with what -she's- done or said. Oh no, usually it's because of something one or more of her friends have done in a blind effort to push what they think is best for her. So, any relationship lasting longer than a year is a far off dream, let alone find the wizard she wants to marry and grow old with.

This is the story of her struggle against her supposed friends, her life and her boyfriends, past and present. Love will try and win though, as the fairy tale always has to come true.

-Deep Within the Caverns of My Mind-

Upon losing almost everyone they have ever cared for, Hermione and her Comforts flee to the unknown of Scotland to escape from the War. There, her Comforts attempt to bring life back to Hermione, and prove that there is a reason for her to continue to live. But what they are hiding from won't let them off the hook for long, and so it encroaches closer and closer to the little safe haven they have created for themselves.

Stories Completed:

-Why Can I Not Touch My Memories?-

The War that shook the Wizarding World, and the Muggle World, has ended. Peace and order are quickly on the path to being restored, and yet on the 1st Anniversary of the War, a small group of the witches and wizards involved in it, gather together on the grounds of Hogwarts to pay tribute to the ones who have fallen. One dares to enter the actual building itself, still full of memories that haunt them all, only to be bombarded by what used to be...

I am currently revising this (also in the background) as it doesn't feel -right- yet. No date when to be re-Posted.

-Only Broken, Dry Sobs-

Love can survive anything and everything, even War. That was what Hermione had always been told.

And so as Hermione kneels before the grave of her lover, she curses the loss of her love, remembering the moments of promises, affections and so forth.

Stories I currently have on hold, and oh boy is this hurting me at the moment. Mostly because I have about a million new ideas for more stories and yet I made a promise to myself that I would finish the ones above first. *bangs head*

-Behind These Eyes-

Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley always knew that they would have to fight. Could go up to anyone in the Wizarding World, and they'd know that Harry Potter would be leading the charge with his two best friends beside him. And yet, none of these people know that the circumstances surrounding the three, and their Role in the upcoming War, is certainly nothing close to what has been disclosed to the Public.

This is told mostly from other character's point of views as the answer to when the group should become involved is speculated and carried out.

-Beneath the Exterior-

They had several mini Tasks to fulfill, but the main one; the one to make sure they remained safe and that the ones they protected were prepared for the War remained the most important. It meant keeping their identity secret, who they truly were, along with everything and anything to do with themselves from the witches and wizards they cared for. The prophesy needed to be carried out without a hitch, and it was up to the Guardians, three of the Chosen Ones and their Fighting Partners to make sure that it happened.

And for all of the past years, this has been done under the noses of the Weasley family, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and so on but then circumstances catch up on them. Not so easy to hide the Truth, and so... The hints need to be stronger; to be more obvious. The ones Harry Potter, Fighting Partners and Guardians protect must find out the truth before the War is upon them. They can not lose the ones they love.

Everyone holds secrets, everyone hides certain parts of them; everyone has a facade, and it is only now, that this also pertains to Harry, Ron, Hermione and their Fighting Partners.

Warning: Slash!

May end up as a trilogy, as there is more information than I thought that needed to be mentioned.

-The Secrets of the Marauders-

James Potter, Peter Pettigrew, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin have always been the tightest group of friends. All of them always open to each other about everything. Only for it to be found out, during their Fifth Year, that their true selves is nothing close to what they have always displayed. The secrets each one of them has always held close, never wanting the other three to know, is leaked, and their entire relationship between them tips to becoming impossible to renew.

Along with the never-ending hate/love relationship with a group of girls known formally as Baker and her Lot, nothing will ever be as easy again. The members of these two groups have choices to make, ones that will force them onto certain paths: some will find their way to salvation; while others will be led to the road of never-ending Hell.

This will be a two-part story: one set in the time of the Marauders; the second during the time of Harry Potter.

-The Grey Guardians-

Harry could only hope that with the re-birth of the Dark lord that he could still live a semi-normal life. Or at least, as close to one as possible when he's the supposed Savour to the Wizarding World. Yet when he returns to Hogwarts for his Fifth Year, Harry quickly realises that not only are other students and even the teachers are keeping secrets from him, but his own friends as well. Questioning who's left to trust, who Harry could rely on letting him have some -say- on his life, Harry's life tumbles down further with the new viciousness to Malfoy's taunting, (even that Slytherin seems to be more in the loop than him), the worsening of his dreams and glimpses of a darker and darker future ahead of him.

Added in is a mystery, of a covered form making plans with Professor Snape and a strange girl Sorted into Gryffindor.

On hold. If anyone has an idea of where I can go from where I have left off, please tell me as I have been hit with a huge writer's block on this story. I really want to finish it, as I know what I want to happen in the end, I just can't think of how to get there!

-Kiss of the Butterfly-

How do you remain Light in the middle of a War? How do you manage to let others see why the choices made were the only ones available, and not the reason to be labelled Dark? Harry and his friends can't answer that, and upon losing all of these assurances, the few bits of their lives they had always thought they could be certain of, they disappear into the Muggle World to try and repair what little of themselves they can.

But what happens when the very ones who Banished them realise their mistake, and try to bring them back? Can they forgive?

Do they even want to?

End of list of stories.

One point I must add, most of my characters and scenes are the work of JK Rowling, and I am simply borrowing them. Do not sue me, you won't get much, except for maybe my collection of CD's, except I doubt that anyone would like the range that I enjoy.

Lady Twi

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