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I'm a Canadian student addicted to everything that has to do with the supernatural. My favourite things to write about in fanfiction are (not in order) BtVS, X-Files, X-Men, Babylon 5, Star Trek (DS9 in particular), and I'm starting to very slowly get into Smallville and Angel. Odd as this sounds, I don't actually watch that much TV.

As for 'ships...

BtVS: I enjoy Spuffy, and a great deal of my favourite stories are Spuffy-based, but I hate the way Buffy treats Spike. In fact, I violently dislike Buffy herself most of the time. And as for Angel, well... lets just say that the Neanderthal brow really, really doesn't do it for me. Riley has NO personality, so therefore he doesn't really count as a character to me. My favourites are Spuffy, Spaith, Spike/Drusilla, Spike/Willow, even Spike/Dawn sometimes... heck, pretty much Spike/anyone as long as it's well-written.

Star Trek: I like Odo/Kira (big Odo fan here), that's the only ship which I really care about. :)

My favourite Bab 5 'ships are Garibaldi/Talia Winters, but I've only seen the first two seasons.

In The X-Files, I'm getting into the whole Mulder/Scully thing. I don't really like Doggett and Reyes, together or apart. The show totally tanked during the last couple of seasons. :(

And last but not least, I like Wolverine from X-Men. On his own, with someone--it's all good. I. Just. Like. Wolverine. :)

Being a typical teenager a modern world, I don't have a very long attention span, so you can expect some pretty short stuff from me. I worship the people who can work for hours at a time and actually get something ACCOMPLISHED.

Anyway, better get back to writing, the monkey chained to a typewriter can't cover for me forever...

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